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Magic Layers

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Magic Layers

ArtbegottiWhen the weather starts getting cooler, you might dig through your closet to find extra layers of clothing to put on. When it starts getting warmer again, you've got to find a place to store all your extra layers. Whatever you're doing with your layers, Magic Layers is a jigsaw-style puzzle by Lysis Games where you've got to rearrange layers of shapes with bizarre properties to reproduce a picture. It's a challenge that's fun to play and comfortable to wear all year long.

Magic LayersOn one half of the screen is a picture made up of overlapping shapes. Your goal is to reproduce that picture on the other half of the screen by dragging a handful of transparent-ish shapes into place (the game is generous with snapping shapes into place, and often gives you dotted outlines as a guide). That "-ish" is tacked on there because while they often seem clear, they usually have peculiar properties that only become evident when they're stacked on another color. Red and blue don't necessarily make purple in this game; sometimes they make green, or yellow, or even clear once again. That's part of the challenge of Magic Layers. You've got to discover how the layers interact with each other in order to stack them all correctly and make a matching picture.

There's a certain odd sense of observation that becomes crucial when solving some puzzles that doesn't come up in many other jigsaws. For example, you might see a bunch of seemingly identical transparent circles, but they interact with each other in a very specific way, and only one of those circles will mix with another shape in a unique way. While some of the later levels ask you to apply several layers on top of each other in one of what feels like a billion possible combinations, there's often a hidden logic to putting them in place that makes the puzzle quickly solvable; you just need to discover that logic to succeed.

It is unfortunate that a clever game such as this is very colorblind-unfriendly (maybe use simple patterns?). Also, the working space you're given to shuffle layers around in is a bit small and you might accidentally lose one piece underneath another if you're not careful with how you're stacking your reserves. But these hitches aside, Magic Layers is an entertaining puzzle and worth a playthrough once you get your sweaters and swimsuits sorted.

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Alright. 42 is where I give up. :P


Darn! I came here hoping for help with the same level :D


Ahhhhh. I finally got it.

You need to use the "empty" space between and around the numbers.

Two numbers directly over the outline of the 4, one directly over the outline of the 2, two overlapping the right side of the 4, and the remaining two overlapping the right side of the 2.

curiousgeorgie October 5, 2013 2:56 AM

Me three! Thanks genericgeekgirl - I figured out that

you can put things in the middle

but I was stuck with 43 and 45 because it didn't occur to me that

you make them cancel out on the side too.


I'm afraid that I too give up on 42. I eventually made the 4, but that didn't leave enough for the two.

blazetheshadowfire October 5, 2013 3:02 PM

11. 9 and 7 over 4, 8 over 2, 6 and 3 between 4 and 2, 6 and 5 right of 2

shadowmax October 6, 2013 1:15 AM

I was really enjoying this one until the "cubes" level. There just wasn't enough room to move pieces around. I realize that is puzzle mechanic here, but I'd like more room to experiment with combinations.

"42" was frustrating but it was my favorite level. I suspect I would have liked the "cubes" even more, but will save it for another day.

herkkokerkko55 October 6, 2013 9:28 AM

I managed to get 43, but not yet 42. :D

herkkokerkko55 October 6, 2013 9:52 AM

Thanks geek girl, your hint helped me a lot!

�Win does� wath October 7, 2013 6:35 PM

blazetheshadowfire i just realize i'm dumb.


So stuck on the boxes level... So stuck...

I've worked out that the key is probably

To get all the grey sides in first

but it's still not really helped...


I'm totally stuck on the Tetris level. (After cheating on the '42' level.) Can anyone give any hints, at least?


Thank you, Steve! Your hint was perfect, exactly what I needed to figure it out.

Any chance you can give a similar hint for the boxes level? :)


I've just figured out level 14, and thought I'd share.

I'm going to call the faces 1, 2 and 3, corresponding to the number of layers that face will need to be covered by to get the right colour- eg bottom left is 1, bottom right is 2, and top is 3.

To start:

Starting in the bottom left, there's a little hexagon (as I think everyone's figured out).
Face two of this hexagon is covered by part of the star.

Next- finishing the bottom row of face 1's:

Get the horizontal ribbon-y piece- consisting of a face 2, a face 1, and a face 2. This will sit just outside/underneath the star.

The other hexagon sits inside the bottom right corner :)

Next: filling in ALL face 1's.

Sitting just above/to the right of the star is the pieve consisting of a face 1, a face 2 and a face 3, but only connected in the middle where their corners meet (so, the face 3 sits on top of the star, and face 1 to the right).

The next face 1 on the row is the piece that is vertically symmetrical, with a bit sticking out in the middle towards the right. It is formed of faces (going in order from the top) 3, 2, 3, 1, 3. This sits with it's lower side sitting on top of the horizontal ribbon.

The first face 1 on the next row up is another ribbon-y style piece, going upwards and left. It consists of a face 3, a face 1, and a face 3. This just overlaps the 3-parallelogram piece, and extends over the top of it.

The face 1 to the right is pretty much identical, with an added diamond (face 3) attached by a corner on the bottom right. The top face will overlap the top of the vertically symmetric piece.

At the very top will be the last piece with a face 1- it is almost the same as the vertically symmetric piece, only facing the other way and missing the bottom, so that the faces are (once more going from top to bottom) face 3, face 1 face 3 and face 2.

Next: filling in the rest

I'll do this working my way from the top right to the bottom left.

At the very top you want the piece made of a face 2 and a face 3 together, with a face 3 added on the bottom left. In my opinion it looks a little like a snail crawling towards the bottom left.

Overlapping this is the longest ribbon-y piece, which extends towards the bottom right. It is made of faces (counting from the top left) 3, 2, 3, 2, 3 and 2.

Where this bottom right edge of this ribbon ends, you want it to be met by another ribbon-y piece of the same style, which can reach to the actual bottom right edge so it fits neatly. It is made of faces 2, 3 and 2.

Also meeting the edge of the long ribbon will be the piece made of two arrow looking shapes both facing towards each other. The upper right arrow is made of a face 2 and a face 3 (going from top left to bottom right). Placing this should complete the pattern along the right edge.

Next you want to place the little piece made only of a face 3 and a face 2 right in the middle of the shape. It should cover the last remaining space in the outline (but not complete the pattern).

On top of this is a ribbon-y piece, made of a face 3, a face 2, and a face 3. When you place this, it should turn all 3 faces the right colour.

Now, there are only two pieces left, and you SHOULD be able to figure out where these go. If not...

The last ribbon piece extends from the top right edge of the full outline to the bottom, at the part where these are two "cubes" to span.

The past piece (made of two diamonds- or face 3's) will then complete the pattern by sitting in the bottom left, where the face 3's should be.

I hope nothing I posted was two confusing- it's difficult to describe the shapes and their placements!


And.... Apparently this isn't a unique solution, because the game's not realising it looks the same when I finish. (I got so excited when I'd 'finished' that I never checked this.


Aout, very good job on describing the solution!

Anyone know the contact information for the game developers so we can let them know about the bug?


I found another, slightly different solution to the boxes level (14), and the game *still* doesn't consider it solved.

As you've noticed, each "cube" has three faces. The top face has three layers, the front face has one layer, and the side face has two layers. I'm going to describe what pieces make up the three layers of each top face. I'll go from the top down, so each piece should be placed as low down as it will go and still have a top face in the required position. Hope that makes sense.

Top: top-front-top stairstep; top-side-top-side-top stairstep; top-side stairstep

Row 2 left: top-front-top plus a top floating on the right; top-side plus a top floating on the left

Row 2 right: top-front-top-side (vertical-ish piece with a "flag" on the top right); top-side-top-front-top (vertical piece that's symmetric top to bottom)

Row 3 left: flower (one of each face joined at the corner)

Row 3 middle: top-side-top stairstep

Row 3 right: top-side-top-side stairstep

Bottom row left: sunglasses (two tops joined at the corner); hexagon; star

Bottom left-middle: side-top-side stairstep

Bottom right-middle: X-wing (top-side joined at the corner to side-top)

Bottom right: hexagon

This leaves the horizontal ribbon (side-front-side) with a pretty obvious place to go, just to the right of the middle of the bottom row.


The developer has updated the game to accept the alternate solutions for level 14. For now, you'll need to play the game at the Lysis site to see the update.


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