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Miss Teri Tale

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Miss Teri Tale

JohnBMiss Teri Tale is the first installment in a planned series of mystery-themed hidden object games. In a delicate departure from the established formula, Miss Teri Tale takes on more of an adventure guise similar to the recently-released Cate West - The Vanishing Files. The subtle shift from object finding to crime solving lends a lighter focus to the experience, and the game's hip soundtrack, gorgeous scenery and slightly satiric tone complete a surprisingly polished and entertaining package.

missteritale.jpgYou play the role of mystery/suspense author Teri Tale who leaves the big city in favor of small town bliss. Unfortunately, she can't find inspiration to begin her next novel and her publisher is getting antsy. Suddenly her neighbor's prize puppy, Jason, goes missing, and Ms. Tale jumps in to investigate. To top it off, a mysterious person is sending her e-mails threatening to blackmail her if she doesn't solve the crime. With inspiration practically pounding at her door, Teri sets to work looking for clues and evidence in her very own backyard.

Staying with the journalism theme, Miss Teri Tales uses notepads, maps and newspapers to convey all the information you need to find objects and progress the story. A small scratch pad lists items you need to find in each scene, narrowing your choices to just a few objects at once. While some find this limiting, I enjoyed not having a laundry list of items thrown in my face.

Your home base, Teri's office, serves as an information center and can be visited to find clovers that serve as in-game hints. The mystery blackmailer usually has some words of "encouragement" waiting on your computer, too. And what casual game would be complete without a few minigames? Miss Teri Tales integrates them into the story quite nicely, such as using clues to decipher a keypad code to gain entrance to a house.

missteritale2.jpgAnalysis: As you move through the story and environments in Miss Teri Tales, you'll quickly realize the atmosphere is vastly different than most hidden object games. The focus has shifted from finding items to telling an interesting story, and the locations and visuals naturally grow from the strong plot. Environments are almost photo-realistic and feature small, tasteful animations (such as a dripping sink or a ringing phone) that really bring the locales to life. You'll feel just like a snooping neighbor, without the unpleasant guilty aftertaste!

It's hard to find anything other than minor flaws with this game (such as the awkward delay between clicking items). Miss Teri Tales is a light and enjoyable hidden object/crime adventure experience that isn't afraid to tweak with conventions. And it gets just about everything right.

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I liked the humor in this game. I also liked that you could go and get more hints at any time by looking for clovers in your own house.
The clicking delay defnitely needs to be fixed when they make the next one.


I don't know about you guys but I'm kind of getting tired of all these games that you need to buy to play, and/or all these hidden object games. I mean, it seems we're getting a whole lot of them lately. I don't want to sound ungrateful; jayisgames has given me hours and hours of quality casual gameplay, but it's just getting a bit ridiculous. :(


Thanks for your feedback.

You can expect to see reviews for download games on the weekends only (with few exceptions).

Included you will continue to find a selection of the very best freeware and pay-to-pay casual game downloads available.

Hidden object games happen to be the most popular type of casual game download today, so most of the casual game download developers are making them.


I love my new Mac but don't love that I can't play many of the downloadable games posted on this site anymore...at least not without running Windows software which is what I wanted to get away from in the first place. Is there any chance that the developers of these games will be creating a Mac version in the future? If so I'll wait!
Thanks. I've loved this site for years, Jay.


ElizaK - I do expect you will see more and more of these games becoming available for the Mac as well.

As it is, Mac versions for games already released become available from time to time. We will continue to update our reviews with links to Mac version as they come available, so do check back.

I agree with you for wanting to get away from Windows. ;)


i downloaded the game and enjoyed playing until i have come to a halt. anyone else not able to continue after the first two houses? (i did purchase the game, so the 60 min reasoning doesn't work....)

on another note, Jay - thanks for your effort and hard work. it is refreshing to go to a site that i can trust...


Thanks, colkb! ^_^

What exactly is the issue? Does the game tell you you're out of time with it?

Can you send me a screenshot? Did you purchase the game from Big Fish? Have you tried contacting them about it?

Let me know if this continues to be unresolved and I'll try to contact someone about it for you.


yes, jay i purchased the game. the issue is that i have finished finding all the items in two of the houses - there is a big green check on the map over those houses. but now i can't click on any other house. i can still go into my office, but other than that, nothing else opens.

this can't be the end?! i certainly tried re-loading my profile, and of course restarting the program. there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the actual program, i feel like i am just missing something obviously.

ironically, i may just not be able to "see" it.....


thats funny because there is no mac download yet the laptop pictured is a macbook


I am having the same problem as colkb, except much later in the game. I bought the full version of the game and I have eliminated many of the suspects, but now it is at a point where I have completed finding the objects in all the houses for that round, but the game will not let me continue! I cannot click on any of the houses (the ones I have completed have green check marks), and I have received no new message, so I am completely stuck.


I am having the same problem - I am almost at the end of the game - I have two houses checked with the green check and Office which you can click on but it says to click on the map. There is nothing else clickable on the map - am I missing something, or is this a flaw in the game?


So, whats the solution because I am too now having the same prblems.? Can I get a refund?


If you're having trouble with the game, please contact customer service at the place of purchase. There may be a new version you can download that will fix the issue, but in any event, they should be notified of the problem so they can fix it.

If you bought the game from Casual Gameplay, here is the URL to the support department form:

If you purchased it from Big Fish Games, here is a link to the Customer Service department:

Either one will address your problem within a day or two. If you have any trouble at all, please let me know.


Mac users! Miss Teri Tale is now available for Macs at Bigfish. Yay!



I really enjoyed playing Miss Teri Tale. You mentioned this is a planned series....any idea when Episode 2 will be released?




Hi, I am still playing the trial version but I have encountered a problem which unfortunately doesn't allow me to play effectivly. When my hints (clovers) were over, I went to my flat to collect two more, i saw them clearly (they were obvious) but when i clicked the clover it just kept standing there shining, it didn't go to the "clover's place.I tried to click the other one, to drag them but nothing help, so I can't use my hints now which makes the game very dificult to play.If someone can help me I'll be most grateful :)


Hi Ina,

a few people had issues with this part of Ms. Teri Tale, but most of the time, the problem is solved by leaving the office (clover place), going back to the location you are looking for and then back to the office.

If this does not help, try it with closing the game and start again....

In the worse case, you have to un- and reinstall the game.

If this does not help either, you should contact bfg or from whom ever you tried the demo-version.

Greetings, Kayleigh


GREAT fun - I loved the mystery aspect of the game, and the locations were quite humorous (be on the lookout for the bong at the Goth kid's home). I'll definitely purchase Teri Tale 2.


I am stuck. It seems everyone is having this problem as well. I have solved the 3 homes and I see the ticks, but nothing is happening beyond that. Please help. What do I do now?


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