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Missing Colors 1

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Missing Colors 1

Just because you might be busy, doesn't mean you don't have time for a little escape game, right? Just a mini break from your day? By TomaTea, no less! Missing Colors 1 may be bite-sized compared to some of the developer's other work, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth locking yourself up in while it lasts. You find yourself in what looks like a child's playroom, albeit one attended by some curiously melancholy piano music, and faced with a single wall full of things to examine and puzzles to solve. As usual, if you click on one of those puzzles but haven't yet spied the appropriate clue ferreted around the room, you'll be informed that you have no idea how to solve it, so keep searching! Some of those puzzles are variations on concepts TomaTea has played with before, but there's still a surprising amount of them given the game's smaller scale. So kick back, relax (even just for a little while!), and escape from your day... and don't forget to bring your crayons!

Play Missing Colors 1



A lot of these puzzles give clues that will come in handy later once they're solved, so don't forget to take note both to the object a solved puzzle provides and to the visible clues a solved puzzle reveals.

The left picture:

First, note the pattern on the edge of the frame when you swing it open.

It's the left-right mannequin head clue.

Then look at the leaves.

You can change blank tiles, and there are only so many colors on the screen.

Connect the like colors.

Note what is left when you're done with this one.

The right picture:

It's a jigsaw puzzle. How much help do you really need to figure that out?

The candle flame goes in row 3, column 2.

Note the things that appear. In this particular post-puzzle clue, the ONLY things that matter are the things that appear at this point.

You'll have the option later to arrange things according to color, but the color these things are NOT is a red herring. Uh... black herring.

The frames on the floor:

They refer to each other, and to another location.

The rear frame mentions twins, but with a twist.

Twins is spelled with a pair of "v"s.

The clue is the 4 letters that are repeated in the front frame.

The word formed is the yellow cabinet clue.


The mannequin scene:

Check the left picture before coming here. Pay a lot of attention to the colors of things. Grab the blue block.

Note in particular the umbrella and the basket.

The stack of blocks:

Check the mannequin scene before coming here.

Put the thing you got on top of this stack. Tilt your head to the right. Read.

The 3 cabinets:


Or orange, if you prefer. Doesn't really matter. Check the frames on the floor to figure this one out.


Collect 7 crayons. Examine them. Then this one is easy.


Check the stool first.

The stool:

Lift the cushion, then turn it over.

That's not a word. You're staring at what it means. Useful on the green cabinet.

The vase in the left corner:

There's a crayon in the foliage. Examine the vase itself.

W, NW, NE, E. Useful on the left cupboard.

The window:

Pull the blinds. Get the tile. Look for unusual features outside and remember them.

The bowl of apples:

Notice the crayon, the apples, and the placemat.

The cupboard drawers:


Refer to the stack of blocks.


Refer to the vase in the left corner.


Refer to the right picture.

You can change tiles here to brown and to black. Black is not used.

The door:

Beyond noting that this is a door, and there are sunflowers here, this scene is useless.

The easel:

Collect everything else. Notice colors everywhere. Put the canvas from the green cupboard drawer on the easel, then use the 8 crayons to color the scene.

The colors are all things that are in the room. Several of them are things that changed after you solved a puzzle. The next spoiler is the answer, so look around first.

Green grass, yellow sunflowers with orange centers, blue sky, brown fence and table, red basket, yellow apples, pink umbrella, brown twig, orange leaf, purple placemat.


Got out on my own! I think this is the first time with Tomatea. Solved everything except I had to brute force the

blue crayon out of the mannequin's hands.

Where was the clue for that anyway?

Bobo The Bear September 21, 2015 6:44 PM replied to spike21

For the mannequin

opening the left picture (with the connect the colors puzzle) shows the side of the frame, and there are left/right markings that can be used for the mannequin's head.

spike21 September 21, 2015 7:58 PM replied to Bobo The Bear

ahhhhhh. Thanks.


I do love TomaTea games! They have some unique and clever puzzles, and it's always logical game play. I was stumped on

the frames puzzle, only because the W in "twins" seemed to be written as two V's, so I kept thinking it wasn't meant to be read as "twins". Once I realised it was for the 4 letter puzzle, I figured it meant I had to get something from each word on the first frame, and then the rest fell into place. But it was more confusing than it had to be!

Anyway, TomaTea games are always fun and a joy to play.

Patreon Donator Nessi September 22, 2015 10:12 AM replied to Squiddly

Love them, too :) This one was no exception ^_^

When I first came across escape games years ago, I started with one from the "Find the Escapemen"-series (which I now love, too!). And I failed gloriously, lol... XD
There was a lot of pixelhunting involved and I simply didn't know that you reeeally had to look closely at each and everything (the sides of a cupboard, for example ^^). So that was very frustrating and I gave up for a while... :(

But I kinda liked the idea and some time later I tried one of tomatea's escapes. The changing cursor and the "you haven't found the clue for this yet"-hint were nice and added fairness. It helped me learn "the ways of the escape game *strikes dramatic pose*" and really got me into them :)
Today, I still recommend them to friends as a nice and logical introduction to the genre and to get the general idea before trying the various other great escapes (even the "trickier" ones ;))
And of course, every time I see a new tomatea, I'm feeling nostalgic and can't wait to play :D


squidlly... i got stuck at the same spot but cruised thru the rest..
love toma tea games :)


I always look forward to a new TomaTea.

I'm not as big a fan of puzzles that rely on accurately matching colors, though. In this one, when you go to color in the picture on the easel, a few of the correct colors (according to the walkthrough) don't look right to me. Especially discerning the difference between red, orange and brown objects is a little iffy. The table, for instance, looks orange to me, but that's not the correct color for the easel. Similarly, the hook thing looks red to me, but that's wrong, too.


Thorzdad, I have the same gripe! I didn't mention it because I wasn't sure if it was just me. As an example for this specific game:

It was really difficult to tell if the apples were supposed to be yellow or orange, or if the mat they were sitting on was meant to be blue or purple. And some of the brown items often look like they're orange, or even red.

It's a trademark puzzle that makes TomaTea games unique, for sure. But if you're going to design a puzzle that hinges on matching colours of objects in the room, you at least need to make those objects a more saturated hue of that colour to make the differences clearer. It turns a puzzle that should be straightforward to interpret into something that involves way more guesswork than it needs to. At least for me, anyway!


to squiddly and thorzdad...
i had no problem with the colors... could it be your monitors?
i play most of my games on a desktop built for gaming.

Thorzdad September 23, 2015 11:05 AM replied to wyatt

wyatt...I'm a graphic artist by trade, and keep my monitor color-corrected, so I doubt it's a problem there. I think it's simply a matter of how different people perceive colors. In some places in this puzzle, TomaTea used colors that could be seen as one color or another, depending on the viewer.

The brown on the fence, for example, is very obviously brown. Compare that with the table, which is also supposed to be brown, but it's a very orange-brown. It's definitely not the same tone of brown as the fence, yet we're supposed to color them the same on the canvas.

I just think game makers who want you to match colors need to err on the side of using very distinct colors, and not subtle, more complex tones that could be mistaken as another color.


gotcha! i'm a landscaper and do garden design on my computer...
perhaps i was just making assumptions on the color on the easel... i should go back and play it again :)


is there an easier walkthrough? it's not step by step.

hungrytofu January 2, 2016 12:26 AM

About orange drawer code:

I'd placed the cube. No matter how many times I tried to use Y1 G8 B3, the drawer wouldn't open.

So that kinda ended the game for me. Too bad, it seemed kinda interesting.


I've given up after the top orange cabinet (the one under the blocks and mannequin)

I spent more time trying to find the answer to it in the walkthrough, than actually on the game. So I'm kinda with Paul on this one. I don't mind walkthroughs not being in order because it's easier to find what you're looking for. But this walkthrough was a bit all over the place.

After eventually finding the answer in the walkthrough, I tried it and it didn't work. Maybe a bug.

Patreon Supporter Scaper January 23, 2016 12:34 PM replied to hungrytofu

Hungry Tofu:
You might want to try these games in a different browser.
On this site, Internet Explorer doesn't work for me. I have to use Firefox. Also if you have some kind of blocker setting, the door or the puzzle box does not seem to open even if you put in the right code.

Patreon Supporter Scaper January 23, 2016 12:43 PM replied to Scaper

I have to agree with Paul because I did not find this "walkthrough" to be helpful in a few cases. For example, the solution to the green box under the mannequin is "Check the stool first."

The actual solution would have been to show that

the shapes which look like COLO are meant to indicate that you ignore all the numbers crossed out by the C, indicating 6, the numbers crossed out by the O leaves 5, the numbers crossed out by the C indicates 3, then the numbers crossed out by the O again leaves 5.

Thus: 6535. It's not an exacting clue but that's where 6535 comes from.


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