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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 20

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ImokMercedes-Benz Mixed TapeSometimes, when it's raining, I go outside and sit where I'm sure to get wet. Aside from the free shower, sitting in the rain is a great way to de-stress if Yoga just isn't your thing. Unfortunately, unless you live in Seattle, it doesn't rain every day; but rain or shine you can always find something to help you relax in the latest Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape, available as a free download and updated every 8 weeks.

From hip-hop to soul-pop and even folk, you're guaranteed to find at least one song in this eclectic mix that resonates within your soul, and you're far more likely to find harmony with all of them.

Now, along with the bimonthly Mixed Tapes, Mercedes-Benz now features a monthly music magazine that focuses on a theme. Brief but informative narration tells you a little bit about each of several artists in the featured genre, sometimes including an interview and some behind-the-scenes footage, before you are treated to a music video. Unfortunately, the music featured on the show is not available for free download, so don't get your hopes up. There have been 3 music magazines released so far, and you can still view them all:
  1. Modern Vintage (March, 2008)
  2. Soul (April, 2008)
  3. Modern Folk (May, 2008)

So, come in out of the rain and listen to the latest Mixed Tape.

JayJay - If you've been visiting here for quite some time, these mixed tape posts will be familiar to you. And while we have featured many of the previous mixed tapes here at JIG, I have dear sweet Elouise ("Weez") to thank for first introducing me to this very soulful collection of free music.


blieber May 12, 2008 5:52 PM

Whoops, I meant to go to JayisGames, but I accidently went to JayisMixedTapes. While I'm here, do you know where I can download previous mixed tapes? It looks like the site only has the latest one.


Back with the early mixed tapes the MB folks included a note encouraging the free sharing of the tapes with others.

Since then, that note has been replaced by a legal notice saying that the files are copyrighted and may not be posted to any other site.

I do have all of them, I just cannot share them. Sorry.


uh, is this a game?


> uh, is this a game?

No, it's not.

PJFinLGB May 12, 2008 8:11 PM

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the MP3 files? I click the start download button and it opens a second IE window but then immediatly shuts down. I've tried on 2 computers but with the same results.


Yeah, IE seems to have a problem with the mixed tape site.

Use a better browser.

Helmaroc May 12, 2008 9:12 PM

Uh, I never thought Jayisgames would supply me with some car company rambling about music legends.

[Edit: Expect the unexpected ;) -Jay]

Kirkpad May 12, 2008 10:54 PM


Finally! This is excellent!

I've been listening to number 18 (the newest one as 19 was a greatest hits) for months and months.

If you look hard enough on google, there is a German hosted website with a zip file of all the songs from the past. I'm not sure if I should link them here though.

Harukio May 13, 2008 1:20 AM

*grooves to the modern folk* :3
Too bad they don't let you download the sweet music from the music magazine

mattvf16 May 13, 2008 6:24 AM

I'm so glad you started posting about these again. to be honest the latest mixed tapes are what's been getting me through finals season. With one more paper to go and that last Bio final right around the corner it's so nice to have something to just crash and chill to. (the music has also served as a nice reminder to not fall asleep while pulling all-nighter paper writing sessions)


bah, what is all this mercedes benz tv crap? I cannot figure out how to download the MP3s. I just keep getting sent in a loop either to the front page or to more mercedes-benz adverts. Please HELP!!!


mikey - I know that IE seems to have a problem with the download, so you might want to try a different browser.

Better yet, get rid of that blasted browser entirely. Most sites look uglier in IE.


i'm running firefox and have been for two years now, so that's not really the problem. i've clicked on the MP3 download tab, which brings up a list of the music. when I click the 'link' after any song, it sends me to the mercedes-benz tv site and I have to start all over again. what happened to the nicely designed page that accompanied the older releases. i shall say 'bah' once again.


mikey - don't you see the "Start Download" button in the lower right corner of the window? Perhaps you have to scroll to see it?

Kirkpad May 22, 2008 1:44 AM

Wow, you know, mix tape 18 (the last real mixed tape) was my moms favorite CD. This CD is just a failure in my eyes. It's because they had a big survey asking if people wanted mainstream or hidden gems and mainstream got more votes.

I feel bad to say it, but this is just utter failure.

Although, since there's only one good song on the track (song 6), I was actually convinced to go check out the excellent artist who made it and bought the whole CD it came from.

I searched through sites and sites, and only found 2 of them that actually had the CD. Other ways of accessing it would have been Napster or iTunes, both of which also suck.

I thought I should just come back here and say thanks to jay for recommending this series back around Tape 9. But also say no thanks to Mercedes because it's absolutely pitiful...

... I just don't find it coincidental that all the 18 mixed tapes are amazing and this one bombs because it's become mainstream.

Kirkpad May 22, 2008 1:53 AM

I guess I should add that even though I didn't like the CD personally, I'll still be checking out the next one so don't let my comment above decide whether you check this out or not.


I understand what you're saying Kirkpad, it does sound a bit mainstream. But that's not necessarily a negative to me, as long as that's not all we get from now on.

Perhaps they plan to vary the styles of tracks offered each time?

I do enjoy variety, even if in that variety we get some mainstream along with the alternative.

Here's hoping for more hidden gems.


By the way, I enjoyed most of the tracks on #20, but there were a couple I just didn't care for at all.

Claus von Anderen June 16, 2008 3:23 PM

Anyone interested in previous mixed tapes should have a look at http://www.bitte-downloaden.de/mp3/mercedes.htm, where you can download all mixed taped as zip-files for free.

Claus von Anderen July 6, 2008 1:57 PM

Sorry, the correct url is of course:


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