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Mobile Monday

JohnBIt's time for some freebies! Below, you'll see a little game titled Clock Blocks. Thanks to the developer 80d Games, we have three promo codes to give away to three random people! All you have to do is sign in below with a Casual Gameplay account and leave a comment on this page. We'll draw three names at random and announce the winners on next week's Mobile Monday. All you have to do is play some games and have fun!

clockblocks.jpgClock Blocks - Simple, stylish, and challenging, Clock Blocks is a great puzzle game that combines reflexes and planning in a unique package. When a level begins, a ball flies on screen and lands on one of the clocks. The hands of each clock are constantly spinning, and when the ball touches it, the hand starts drawing a gray background. You must tap the screen to fire the ball in the direction the hand is pointing before the circle is complete. After you fire, that clock disappears, so the goal is to lob the ball from clock to clock until the screen is clear. Three modes of play are available, from quest to survival to classic, the former being a more puzzle-oriented experience while the latter two are all about speed and accuracy. It's a wonderful puzzle game that's filled with levels and that simple kind of challenge we love to see in our mobile games. The free Clock Blocks Lite is available, and you can also try the browser version of the game to get a feel for the mechanics before downloading.

blindworld.jpgBlind World - A calm, beautiful sort of puzzle game with one little goal: paint all the walls. Problem is, you can't see the walls, so all you can do is tilt your iOS device around so the ball moves around the screen. Globs of paint coat every surface you bump into, allowing you to see and slowly map out the pattern hiding right before your eyes. A great concept that's superbly implemented on the mobile platform, and the game is so soothing to the eyes and ears you can't help but feel relaxed while you play.

superblast2.jpgSuper Blast 2 - Whew! This one will probably make you break a sweat. An old-school arcade experience to its core, Super Blast 2 is a great-looking shmup that's all about staying alive as long as you can and obliterating everything in your path. Plenty of weapons to pick up, loads of enemies to get rid of (capped off with great boss battles), some seriously stunning visual effects, and absolutely no apologies. Three modes of difficulty ensure you can play with as many or as few fits of rage as you like, and fortunately you won't have to pump any quarters into your iPhone every time you die.

flightoffire.jpgFlight of Fire - Another game from Ferry Halim of Orisinal fame has made it to the iOS mobile platform! Flight of Fire drops you on a magic carpet flying through the night sky. Tilt your iPhone to move up and down, and tap the screen to fire a blast of... fire! The longer you wait to attack, the bigger blast you'll unleash, allowing you to take out whole groups of enemies at once. Pick up energy, more bombs, and shield power-ups to stay in the game, and watch the time meter in the upper corner of the screen. Another very simple game that's got plenty of style!

diceball.jpgDiceBall - The oldest set of dice are dated to 3000 B.C., but they've been around since the beginning of recorded history. Such a simple tool with so many possibilities, it's hard to ignore their versatility. In Dice Ball, you tilt the iPhone to roll a silver ball around the playing field. Dice litter the screen, most of them blue with a single green and red die somewhere in the mix. The goal is to bump into the green die without hitting the red. Touch the green and you get points equal to the die's face value. Simple, no? Each round rolls the dice (or you can shuffle them yourself) and adds new twists, like a magnetic block that affects how the ball rolls. A great way to pass the time!

NOTE: Games listed may not be available outside of North America. Prices are subject to change and are therefore unlisted. Please see the individual game pages for purchasing info.


Lavos would like to be included in this drawing. =)


Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

glowtmickey December 13, 2010 7:55 AM

You know what my very favortie website ever is? Jayisgames.

But seriously, I enjoy mobile monday. Thanks for finding games for us!


Jayisgames is the BEST website in the world! Possibly even the UNIVERSE!!!


In Reverse Order:
DiceBall has been offered free a couple of times and so far it's struck me as just another tilt-the-iDevice-to-control-an-object game and nothing I've seen in any description of it has led me to believe that there is anything in any way remarkable about it. So I haven't bothered with it.

While Flight of Fire does at least sound slightly more interesting and has a better pedigree, unfortunately it sounds like more of the same to me. Skipping that too.

Shoot-em-ups are something that sometimes I feel like and sometimes I don't. If Super Blast 2 had a free/lite version, I'd give it a go but there isn't so I won't.

Blind World does sound interesting and the sort of thing I like to pass away some idle time. At AU$3.99 I don't think I'm quite that interested though. I'll keep an eye out and if it goes on special I might nab it but it's gotta be more than a passing interest for me to pay more than $1.19 for it. (AU$1.19 = US$0.99 according to Apple, despite our dollar doing well. *sigh*)

Clock Blocks actually looks quite interesting. The clock hands mechanic is reminiscent of certain aspects of Jump O'Clock. In fact, I've just played the browser version and it's even more fun than I thought. I was fearing random layouts but they're preset which is going to be handy when it gets to the tougher levels. I can see my wife taking over my phone to play this for quite some time. At AU$1.19 it's not a lot to spend to keep her amused but do I want to spend the money knowing I will be giving up my own playtime to let her play? Will JIG give me a code to settle the debate? Will I be cursing JIG for doing so?

Time will tell! (See what I did there? No? Look closer... time.. clocks.. oh, nevermind it was lame anyway.)

PS No, I won't actually be cursing JIG, of course. I'll just use any freebie code to convince my beloved that there is a valid reason for me perusing these "bloody gaming sites!"


I'd love to be part of the drawing! The chances of winning are looking pretty darn good now too.


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