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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 19

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupArceusCreator Robin Vencel has reached 200 stages of monkey madness recently. Join me in congratulating him on this milestone and once again enjoy four of their latest puzzles in this newest edition!

Stage 197
Monkey GO Happy

It may be the middle of summer, but somehow the monkey has dreamt up a snowscape and needs your help! Or maybe he's in the southern hemisphere...

Stage 198
Monkey GO Happy

Next up, the monkey has gotten itself stuck in a maze again. A suspicious creature in a hooded uniform looms in a corner asking you for an odd sum of money.

Stage 199
Monkey GO Happy

Does "Gobuntas" mean anything to you? Me neither, but perhaps there's a secret code on this giant machine ready for you to unscramble. Go check it out!

Stage 200
Monkey GO Happy
Our monkey is in a forest scene now, gathering pinecones and helping a boy recover his lost shirt favorite shirt.

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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 19 (Stage 197–200)

Stage 197: Winter Magic


The first stage in this set begins with snow falling onto the ground outside a tall building, whose door has a grid of six dotted buttons. A boy asks for a potted plant while some sort of animated tree sleeps on the left. Take the blue potion, wheel and Mini Monkey, then open the windows to find another 2 Mini Monkeys.


Look around to find a clue for the door.

The dots on the buttons remind you of the stars in the sky, which appear in six groups of
1 3 4
6 2 5

stars. So click the buttons that many times and then open the door.

Exploration 2

The inside of the house has two clue panels on the back wall, one on the right wall, and a labeled scale on the left wall above an empty lever slot. You can't do anything with the empty plant pot yet, but you can pick up the wheel and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go upstairs. There are two locked panels on the back wall, as well as a wider slot on each side. Pick up the green seed and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Place the seed in the empty pot, and follow the clue above by pouring the blue potion on it to grow it into a plant.

Give the plant to the boy, who leaves a lever behind as he walks off.


Place the lever in the lever slot downstairs and both wheels in the slots upstairs.

Then use the clue with letters and numbers downstairs to open both upstairs panels.

Each row of the clue tells you how to set all three devices and which panel it opens.

So click the lever twice to put it at C, turn the wheels 1 and 3 times so that they show 2 and 4 dots on their exposed spokes, then click the left wall panel upstairs to open it.

Similarly, click the lever three more times to put it at B, turn the wheels one more time each to show 3 and 1 dots, then click the right wall panel to open it.

Take the red potion, green potion and 2 Mini Monkeys.


The remaining wall clue tells you that you need a yellow potion, so it seems that you don't have the right color…

But you can combine the red and green potions in your inventory to get a yellow one!

Use it on the ent outside to awaken him and end the stage. Pick up the last Mini Monkey from its feet.

For collecting all the monkeys, you get a bonus clue: B=5.

Stage 198: Red Tunnels


You're in a room with exits on the left, right and top (thankfully there's a rope). There's also a locked circular panel with a round hole on the back wall. Move the loose floor tile, then pick up 3 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go left. There's a pig head (with a locked compartment) on the left wall and a hexagonal light on the back wall that cycles through different colored patterns. Pick up 2 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go right twice. This room looks very much like the starting room. Pick up 2 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go right. A hooded figure asks for 27 coins. (He's also blocking some kind of diamond-shaped wall panel.) There's another hexagonal light and another tile on the floor to move aside, after which you can pick up 3 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go left twice to the starting room, and climb up. The circular panel here is on the left, and there's a diagram on the back wall and a panel on the right wall that you can open by clicking on it. Take 2 orbs, a small red eye, 3 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Climb up again. The circular panel here is on the right, and there's a colored grid on the back wall. Pick up another orb, 2 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go left. There's another hexagonal light and a wall panel you can open, after which you can pick up a small red eye, 3 coins and a Mini Monkey.

Go right and climb up. There's another pig head, hexagonal light and wall panel. After opening up, take 3 coins and an orb.

(Check that your inventory is full, and that you have 21 coins and 7 monkeys.)

Two eyes

Place the eyes in the pig heads to get 2 coins, one from each.

Four orbs

Place the orbs in the circular panels, and use the remaining clues to open them.

The map (above the starting room) has a label for every room. Those with circular panels are labeled with letters, and those with hexagonal lights are labeled with digits.

The grid in room D tells you what colors to set each light to to open each panel.

So row A tells you to make the lights in the rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 yellow, red, purple, white by clicking them 1, 2, 3, 4 times. Do so, and then push the orb in room A to open that panel. Take a coin and Mini Monkey.

Do the same for row B, making the lights white, purple, red, yellow. Take a coin.
Do the same for row C, making the lights red, white, yellow, purple. Take a coin and Mini Monkey.
Do the same for row D, making the lights purple, yellow, white, red. Take a coin.


Give all 27 coins to the hooded figure, who walks away and leaves behind 2 diamond bits with jagged outlines.

The diamond hole in the right panel is surrounded by groups of dots.


Combine both diamond bits and place the diamond piece in the hole.

Then use the remaining clue to open the panel.

Each group of dots on the panel is yellow, so set all the lights to yellow and then push the diamond.

You've found gold and a trophy, a golden trophy! Oh, and the last Mini Monkey is there.

Bonus clue from this stage: A=4.

Stage 199: Mystery Language


You start off in front of a huge machine with an unknown word written across an arch at the top. There's also lettered panels and diamond-shaped light buttons with symbol clues written next to them, and the pipe leading to the back of the machine is missing a section. Pick up 4 eyes, a rod, a peg and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go left. A hole in a tree (which has symbol and letter clues) is boarded up, and there's a dial on the right between what looks like two tapered tubes labeled A and B. Pick up 5 eyes, a section of pipe, a peg and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Use the rod to remove the boards, revealing a dial needle, eye and Mini Monkey.


Place the pegs in the lettered tubes and the dial in between, and also replace the pipe at the back of the machine.

Then use the clues to unlock the lettered panels.

The tree tells you that the code for A is 42, so reproduce the symbols marked 4 and 2 on the diamond lights by clicking them 3 and 1 times.

The dial can be set to seven positions, and GOBUNAS has seven letters. Since A is the second-last letters, you need to set the dial to the second position from the right by clicking it 5 times.

Now push the left peg, and you hear the panel open on the next screen. Take 2 eyes and a Mini Monkey.

Do the same for B by clicking the diamond buttons to match the symbols marked 3 and 1, then setting the dial to the third position from the left.

Push the right peg, and panel B opens into an underground entrance!

Exploration 2

The witch on the left asks for 15 eyes. There's also a clue on the ceiling and a puzzle on the back wall, but right now all you need to do is move the loose wall brick on the left and then pick up 2 eyes, a button bit and 3 Mini Monkeys.


You're only missing one more eye. Do you see a spot where it could be?

Use the rod in the hole on the right to drag the last eye out.

Give all the eyes to the witch, who leaves the other button bit behind as she walks away.


Combine the button bits and place the button in the round hole in the back wall, then use the remaining clue to unlock it.

The ceiling clue tells you to enter seven U-shapes in the devices.

For the diamond buttons, you can make that symbol by (resetting them and then) pressing them once each. But there's only six buttons…

The remaining U is the middle letter in GOBUNAS, so move the dial needle to the middle position.

Now you can push the button to open the panel. There's more gold in the shape of a bear, and the last Mini Monkey.

Bonus clue from this stage: C=3.

Stage 200: Pinecone Forest


There's a mouse stranded on the far cliff, half a tree on this side, a farmer who asks for 15 pinecones, and a locked panel next to a clue in the lower left. Click the patch of grass next to the farmer, the bush in the valley and the rock in the lower right, then pick up 7 pinecones and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go left to find a boy asking for a shirt outside a turtle-shaped house with a locked door and a color clue on the side. Click the window, tree, bush, rock and grass patch, then pick up a ball of yarn, 8 pinecones and 3 Mini Monkeys.


Give all 15 pinecones to the farmer, who drops a key and walks away.

Unlock / Exploration 2

Use the key to open up the house.

Inside, there's a locked panel with a round hole surrounded by four colored buttons and a boomerang-shaped one displaying some frieze patterns, and clues that looks similar to the one you saw earlier. Pick up the jellybean, petrol can and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Place the jellybean in the panel on the first screen, then use the clue next to it to unlock it.

The four corner clues refer to the colors outside the house: the colors in those corners are purple, white, yellow, red.

So click the buttons in the house 3, 4, 2, 1 times.

The clue beneath refers to the patterns on the boomerang display. In order to get vertical lines between dots, you need to click it thrice.

Now you can push the jellybean in to open the panel. Take the knitting needles and Mini Monkey.


Combine the knitting needles with the yarn to produce a sweater, and give it to the boy. Take the red button he leaves behind.


Place the button in the house, and use the clue there to unlock the panel.

The colors you need are yellow, red, purple, white, so click the buttons 4, 2, 1, 3 more times.

Click the display above three more times to get the right pattern.

Then push the button to open the panel. Take the chainsaw and Mini Monkey.


Fill the chainsaw with petrol to get it running, then use it to cut down the dead tree, ending the game. As the mouse runs around, pick up the last Mini Monkey.

Bonus clue from this stage: D=1.

Bonus Stage 50

Wait, where's the bonus box?


You're trapped in a dark red corridor with scary music playing. There's some more letter clues written on the walls and floor.

Walking forward down the corridor, you pass circled letters on the walls (those panels don't respond to your clicks) and levers opposite them with their positions marked by dots.

Climb up the ladder at the end to face a creepy glowing skull door with number clues on its frame. There's more letter clues here, and more circled letters and levers in the side rooms.


Use the clues from the maze to set the levers correctly.

The walls tell you that the letters R, S, I, T, H match with 4, 5, 3, 2, 1, but the doorway tells you that those should be replaced with 2, 3, 4, 4, 2.

So adjust the levers in those rooms to show the corresponding number of dots, then push the skull to open the door to the next room, which has a familiar box that you need to open.


Do the math to solve the equation (5+4+3+1=13), then enter the code (1313) in the box to open it!


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