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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 22

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupArceusThe monkeys are back, and need your help once more! Feed the ducks, gather shuriken, and explore a (maybe?) haunted ship.

Stage 209
Monkey GO Happy

The ducks are hungry, so go on and help the monkey gather a LOT of bread to feed them!

Stage 210
Monkey GO Happy

Gather up your shuriken, because a ninja has (somehow) lost them all over the place! Among other things, there's also some suspicious plant growth everywhere...

Stage 211
Monkey GO Happy

Snow has fallen early this year, with some bizarre curved bones in the foreground as well...discover the mystery going on here.

Stage 212
Monkey GO Happy
Finally, a pirate waits outside a marooned ship. What are you to do? Go exploring, of course!


Monkey GO Happy Roundup (Stage 209–212)

Stage 209: Duck Feeding


This house has its door locked and is covered with some weird clues on the right wall. On the right, a duck is asking you to feed it 15 breadcrumbs, and luckily this place is full of them. After picking up the ones in plain view (6 bread bits) and in the flower and grass patches (4 bread bits), and in the windows and under the roof tiles (5 bread bits), you actually have enough! There are also 2 Mini Monkeys.

Exploration 2

Feed the duck and take the house key, and use it to enter the house.

You find a boy at a table asking for a drink. Behind him on the top left, you can open a circular hole to find a Mini Monkey. The fireplace has some wood beside in the form of a log, and there's a locked panel with a rectangular hole in the right wall. Pick up the chisel and another 2 Mini Monkeys.

Climb up to the attic, which has a triangular wall panel with a round hole in the back wall surrounded by 6 symbol buttons on the sides, and 2 Mini Monkeys in the back corners. Is that all?

There's a loose floorboard in the lower left, so use the chisel to remove it and find another log of wood.


Use the chisel on both pieces of wood (combining them using the button in your inventory) to reduce them to a carved peg and carved button.


Place the peg in the right wall panel, and the button in the upstairs wall panel.

Then use the clues from the side of the house to unlock them.

The grid of symbols has four columns of three, with a down arrow on the left and an up arrow on the right.

So copy the left two columns onto the upstairs buttons by clicking those on the left side 1, 2, 4 times and those on the right 6, 5, 3 times.

Then slide the peg down to open the panel, and take a bottle of lemonade and a Mini Monkey.

Similarly for the attic, enter the other two columns of symbols by clicking the buttons on the left 2, 6, 2 more times (3, 1, 6 from blank) and those on the right 5, 4, 2 more times (4, 2, 5 from blank).

Push the button to open the panel, and take an empty glass and Mini Monkey.


Use the chisel to open the bottle, then pour it out into the glass and place the full glass on the table.

Stage Complete! Pick up the last Mini Monkey from the table.

Getting all the Mini Monkeys gives you a bonus clue: (curved E) = 1.

Stage 210: Overgrown Castle


A flaming brazier welcomes you to this oriental castle, which has large clumps of shrubby roots growing along its left wall. You also see four flags attached to the wall, and you can click them to gradually unfurl them. Pick up 4 shurikens and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go right to find a samurai looking for 20 shurikens. After you pick up the torch, two arms in the corners of the room, a horned helmet, 3 shurikens and 2 Mini Monkeys, you can look around the room to see another growth of roots, a wall panel with a hole, two bowls above a cracked circle (actually just a clue), and four clues drawn near the corners of the room.

Go back left and then up the stairs. In addition to another clump of roots, you see four hexagonal plates in the walls surrounded by lines of dots, and a statue in the middle which is missing many parts. Take the amulet piece from the statue base, the samurai sword to its left, 3 shurikens and 2 Mini Monkeys.

(Check that you have 10 shurikens and 6 Mini Monkeys.)

Light up

Light the torch in the brazier on the first screen, and then use that to light both of the bowls, revealing 2 shurikens hidden above them.

Cut down

Use the sword on each of the root clumps, picking up a total of 4 shurikens.

Left, right, up

Attach both arms and the helmet to the statue, and notice that you can now move the arms and push the helmet down.

So use the clues from the hexagonal panels to unlock them.

The six groups of dots on each panel tell you how to set the four flags and two arms, with 1 representing the highest position and 4 the lowest.

So if you haven't touched the arms or flags, pushing the helmet will open the panel with one dot.

After that, click each arm and flag once and then push the helmet to open the panel with two dots, and repeat until all four hexagons are open. From them, you can take a total of 4 shurikens and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Give all 20 shurikens to the samurai, who walks away and leaves behind a tied package and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Use the sword to open the package and get the other amulet piece.

Then combine the pieces to form an amulet.


Place the amulet in the wall panel, and use the clues in that room to open it.

The banners painted on the walls of the room tell you to pull the flags down to the
1 2
3 4

positions, and the circular clue in the middle tells you to set the arms to the 3rd and 2nd positions.

Once done, click the amulet to open the panel and end the stage! You found a pile of gold as well as the last Mini Monkey.

Bonus clue from this stage: (two Es) = 3.

Stage 211: Pinecone Winterland


A man asks you to gather 30 pinecones. For now, you can pick up 3 pinecones and 2 Mini Monkeys, as well as read the clue on the tree trunk and turn the dome-shaped lights in front on and off. While you can remove some piles of snow from the trees to find another 4 pinecones, there's a tree branch, rock and snow mound that don't move when you click them.

Go right. A large stone skull has its eyes and nose (not mouth) cavities closed, as well as a different panel in its forehead with a round hole in it. That panel is also surrounded by sparkles and has a saw blade leaning against it. There's a carcass on the ground with a meaty drumstick sticking out of the bones. As before, you can clear out the snow on the trees and then pick up 6 pinecones and 2 Mini Monkeys, but the rock and snow mounds hold fast and you still don't know how to work the lights in front.

Go left twice. A monster growls at you from within a cave, and you see a safe just outside with nine buttons on its lock, and a clue with light and dark circles on the left. The lamps are here too as well as one snow mound, and you can clear out the snow from the trees and pick up 6 pinecones, 2 Mini Monkeys and the handle in the center.

(Check that you have 19 pinecones and 6 Mini Monkeys.)


Use the clue from the tally marks on the first screen to unlock the box.

The tally marks represent the numbers 5, 3, 4, 7 (that's how many lines there are in each), and so you need to press the 5th, 3rd, 4th, 7th buttons on the box, where the buttons are numbered from left to right and top down, i.e. you need to push the center, top right, left, bottom left buttons.

Do so, and the lid slides off so you can take a Mini Monkey and a spade.


Use the spade on the rocks and snow mounds. Across all the screens, this gets you another 6 pinecones.


Combine the blade and handle to repair the saw, and use it to cut down the tree branch and find a pinecone inside.

Also use it to remove the meat leg from the carcass.


Give the meat leg to the monster, who retreats into the cave. Pick up the pinecone and Mini Monkey.


Use the clue on the left screen to solve the light puzzle.

There are a total of six lights, and the top left pattern on the clue tells you to turn on only the right three lights.

After you do so, you can click the eye on the left side of the skull to open it.

Do the same for the other two clues to open the other two holes. There's nothing spooky inside, just 3 pinecones and a Mini Monkey.


Give all 30 pinecones to the man, who leaves behind a blue round gem for you.

So place that gem in the skull's forehead and use the clue there to unlock it.

The clue around the forehead panel tells you to turn all the lights on.

Do that and then push the gem, and the forehead opens up with a laser light show and a Mini Monkey.

Bonus clue from this stage: (curved E3) = 2.

Stage 212: Evening Fishboat


A man in a coat asks you for 20 sinkers. You can already see 3 sinkers lying around, and you easily find another 2 sinkers after moving the clumps of grass. Pick up 2 Mini Monkeys, then look around at the flagpole missing some parts, the mushrooms on the ground, the anchor mark on the boat and the bird on top.

Enter the boat, where you see sliders and displays which show left or right arrows on the walls. You can also pick up 3 sinkers, a T-shirt, an iki spike (used for killing fish), and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Climb the ladder to find wall panels with rectangular holes, a puzzle with nine picture buttons, and a clue on the ceiling. Pick up a fishing net, a handle, 5 sinkers and 2 Mini Monkeys.

(Check that you have 13 sinkers and 6 Mini Monkeys.)


Solve the picture puzzle by clicking the buttons until the tiles align. (Hint: there's a clue you can reference.)

The finished image should look like the anchor drawn on the outside of the boat, and you can form it by clicking the buttons
9 6 2
5 3 8
4 7 1

Push the button on the side to open the panel and find a greenish piece of bread, a sinker and a Mini Monkey.


Use the bread on the bird. As it flies down to feed, pick up the sinker it was sitting on.


Use the fishing net in the sea to get a sinker.


Use the spike on the mushrooms, and pick up 2 sinkers that were hidden inside.


Place the spike in either wall panel, then use the ceiling clue to unlock them.

The > signs around the top line of the ceiling clue indicate that you need to put the spike in the right panel, and set each display to show a > sign.

Since the formula on that line works out to 5234, set the sliders to the 5th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions from the top.

Then pull the spike down to open the panel.

Retrieve the spike, place it in the left panel, and then read the next line of the clue.

This time, you need to click each display until they show < signs. The formula in between works out to 2352, so set the sliders to the corresponding positions.

Then pull the spike down to open the panel.

From both panels, you get 2 sinkers and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Give all 20 sinkers to the fisherman, who leaves behind a pair of scissors.

Use the scissors to cut up the shirt, then tie it to the flagpole to make the last Mini Monkey appear.

There's just one more thing to do: attach the handle to the flagpole and turn it to raise your flag!

Bonus clue from this stage: (curved M = 5)

Bonus Stage 53

It's time for more math! Work out the hint equations from left to right (1+1=2, 2+3=5, 5−2=3) and then those for the code (3÷1=3, 5−1=4, 2+2=4, 5−3=2).

Enter 3442 in the box and open it!


There seems to be an issue with this game restarting on it's own. Not sure if the game is unstable or if it;s the site. I have played a few games since then here on jayisgames and never had an issue. not sure what the issue is. If someone could check on this i'd appreciate it


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