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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 8

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupIt's about time for some more monkeys! Explore the latest batch of PencilKids' puzzles, especially featuring labyrinth castles/mazes below.

Stage 153
Monkey GO Happy

Don't put the cart before the horse here! Gather some coins and explore some crops to help not only the monkey, but a somber, slouched-over looking farmer.

Stage 154
Monkey GO Happy

Do you enjoy mazes? Because a maze is exactly what you're going to get, with red doorways and walls streaked by candlelight. The monkey looks a bit sad and confused, but luckily, it has you to find the way out and save the day!

Stage 155
Monkey GO Happy

Some strange hieroglyphics adorn the walls of this (underground?) temple. You're going to have quite the time getting the monkey out of this mess!

Stage 156
Monkey GO Happy

It's raining buckets outside this castle and a very unhappy monkey is getting soaking wet, along with a hungry bird not in too much better of a mood. Help them both out in this last adventure for the this set.

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Never fear, the walkthrough is h- that's too cheesy!

Monkey GO Happy Roundup 8 (Stage 153–156)

Stage 153: Farming Coins


This edition of the Roundup starts you next to a horse-pulled cart, a small wheat patch, and a pair of weird stone buttons. Before you proceed to the tower in the background, click on the bush to move it, then pick up the rock and 3 coins (left of horse, under bush, on tower) and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Entering the tower, you immediately find a fat/slightly plump guy slumped on the ground, leaning on a wooden stick of some sort, and he wants 10 coins for some reason. Observe the devices in the room: a round dial with pointer, a locked shutter marked with a symbol, and two buttons/switches that show a square in the top or bottom position when clicked. Pick up 2 coins (on ladder, in bottom-right corner) and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Climb the ladder to the top, where a crow perches in the window. There's another marked shutter and switchy buttons, as well as a note that you can read (and turn over by clicking again), and things to pick up: a walnut, 2 coins and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Combine the walnut and rock (using the Combine Items button in the inventory) to do a little smashing. Now you have walnut pieces.

So use them on the crow. As it's busily eating, pick up the coin it left behind.


Use the clues on the note to unlock both shutters.

The note only makes sense if you read the top half (with 19 on it), even after you invert it (so the top half has 23).

So read the arrows off the top half. For the lower shutter, the arrows are
so click the buttons on the top level twice and once, and those on the bottom level once and twice.

What about the numbers? The dial only has 12 positions on it…

…just like a clock. But you can fit 19 and 23 on a clock…

…if you interpret them as 24-hour times: 7 PM and 11 PM.

We're doing the lower shutter first, so click the dial so that it points at the 7 o'clock position.

Walk out and push the right button. It stays down, indicating that you can check the shutter again. It's now open and has a coin and Mini Monkey inside.

Similarly, set the devices to the other clues on the note: the buttons should point up and down on the top level, and down and up on the bottom, and the dial should point to 11 o'clock.

Push the left button this time to open the top shutter. There's a blade along with the coin and Mini Monkey.


Give all 10 coins to the man in the tower. As he sits contented, pick up the snath from behind.


A snath is a shaft for a scythe. Combine it with the blade to get the scythe.

Use it to harvest the wheat and find the Mini Monkey behind.

Place the wheat in the horse cart. As it runs around, pick up the last Mini Monkey.

Your bonus clue from this stage is (line under circle) = 5.

Stage 154: Red Maze

Exploration 1

Your all-red tour brings you to a maze paved with large red stones. There are paths in three directions, but before you get all excited, you look closely at this seemingly-empty room to find a loose stone above the arch ahead that hides a Mini Monkey.

Let's start from the right side. The path takes you past a room with a crescent and roman numeral 3 marked on the wall, to a room with a pipe under the wall sconce. Moving forward, you come to a locked gate with a hole next to it. Check out the pitchfork clue on the left wall, and then remove the loose stone on the right wall to get a Mini Monkey.

Return (back and left twice) to the start room, and follow the path forward to a room with a rock on the floor that hides a Mini Monkey. Combing this suspiciously bare room, you find a loose stone in the back wall that hides another Mini Monkey. Moving left, you find a room with another symbol and clue. Pick up the button from the floor, as well as the lever in the back wall and the Mini Monkey that it hides.

Return (right twice then back) to the start room, and follow the path to the left this time. There's a room with just a wall clue, and the room to the left is much more interesting: a clue, a pair of lever slots in the wall next to familiar symbols, and a button in the botom-left corner.

Part 1 Map:

Here's a map of every room visited so far:

You should have 5 Mini Monkeys from rooms 1, 4, 5, 5, 6.

Gate unlock 1

Place the lever in its wall slot in the leftmost room, then use the clue from the locked gate to unlock it.

Of the symbols on the gate, the bottom one (skull) is the odd one out, as it's on a dark background.

So pull the lever to the bottom position, and place the button beside the gate and push it.

Now you can proceed.

Exploration 2

You get a little sense of deja vu as you enter another room with paths in all directions.

This time, the exploration is shorter. The room on the right has just a clue and a locked gate. The room on the left has the same thing, but also a rock that hides a Mini Monkey.

The room in front has a large hole in the floor with a button perched on it. Two button devices in the back wall display the symbols you've seen on the walls, and there's a red rectangular marking above them. There's also another lever slot in the left wall.

Other gate unlocks

Follow the same process as before to unlock the remaining locked gates:

Set the lever to swords, then place and push the button on the right gate to unlock it. Entering that room, you find two more button devices, a rock hiding a Mini Monkey and a loose stone hiding another Mini Monkey.

Set the lever to the horseshoe, then place and push the button on the left gate to unlock it. Entering that room, you find two more button devices, a handle on the floor and a loose wall stone hiding another Mini Monkey.

(You should now have 9 Mini Monkeys.)

Six symbols

Set the wall devices to the symbols as indicated on the wall clues.

Left room:
1 = Pitchfork (2 clicks)
2 = Arrowhead (4 clicks)

Middle room:
3 = Crescent (1 click)
4 = Bear Paw (3 clicks)

Right room:
5 = Sunrise (6 clicks)
6 = Scepter (5 clicks)

What else?

Set the lever from before to Rectangle (top position).

Combine the handle and pipe to form another lever for the other slot. Place and pull it to raise a robot from the ground, and then pick up the last Mini Monkey from its shoulders.

Bonus clue from this stage: (circle with line on right) = 1.

Stage 155: Tiny Crypt


The first screen of this room has you facing a door surrounded with a large keyhole over the top and round devices that show dice faces. There's a clue on the ceiling and a loose brick on the left wall that's not quite loose enough for you to remove. However, you can move the round stone on the right wall and the large stone block in the bottom-right corner. Pick up the horn-shaped ornament and 3 Mini Monkeys.

Turn around to view the only other screen. There's a large hole in the back wall (but no escape through there!), and four clues attached to the left and right walls. Push aside the stone brick and the round stone on the ceiling, then pick up the crowbar and 4 Mini Monkeys.


Use the crowbar to pry open the loose wall brick and get another ornament and Mini Monkey from inside.

Combine the two ornaments to form a single round button.


Place the ornamental button in the large hole in the wall, and use the clue there to open it.

(I'm not sure about this clue, but I have no better explanation.)

The single large hole represents the dice face with 1 dot, and the small dots around it match the positions of the dice devices.

So click each device to set them to 1. Then push the button to open up the wall. Behind, there's an ominous-looking skull, a Mini Monkey fidgeting around behind it, and a grid of twelve letters.


Place the skull in the keyhole, and then use the clues from the grids to unlock the gate.

The positions of each device correspond to symbols on the ceiling, which appear on the grids, whose black squares spell out numbers!

From left to right, the numbers for each device are Two, Six, Five, Four.

So set the devices to 2, 6, 5, 4, then push the skull to open the gate and reveal the last Mini Monkey.

Bonus clue from this stage: (circle with line on left) = 3.

Stage 156: Rainy Climb

Exploration 1

Everyone's standing in the rain, even you and the bird who wants 20 seeds from you. Notice the clue it gives you, the clue on the shutter above the castle's door, and the clues on the note attached to the side (somehow not drenched). The door itself has a five-letter lock, and there's a lever slot beside the shutter. Pick up the key, sphere, 4 seeds (including the one on the doorway) and 2 Mini Monkeys, then click the fern bushes to find another 2 seeds hidden inside.

Pass word

Use the clues from the bird and note to unlock the door.

If you overlay the pattern of squares onto the note, you'll find that the letters indicated read TOWER from left to right.

So enter that in the door to open it.

Exploration 2

The inside of the tower is really narrow and boring, with some holes in the wall. Push aside the loose brick on the wall, then pick up the sphere, 6 seeds (3 of them on the ladder rungs) and 3 Mini Monkeys.

Climb up to the top, where there's more round holes and a diamond-shaped hole on a shutter panel. Push aside the loose brick here, then pick up a locked treasure box, two spheres, 4 seeds and 2 Mini Monkeys.

(You should now have 16 seeds.)


Use the key to unlock the box and get a diamond-shaped stone that fits in the top of the tower, then use the other clues from the note to unlock the panel.

The note indicates that the smallest sphere (number 4, because it has the lowest percentage value) should be at the top of the tower.

Similarly, the largest should be directly below that. The two remaining spheres fit in the holes on the tower's bottom screen, with the larger one below and the smaller one above.

Push the button to open the panel, and pick up the lever, 2 seeds and Mini Monkey from inside.


Place the lever on the slot on the outside of the tower, and use the clue on the shutter to unlock it.

The drawing on the shutter indicates that the spheres should be arranged in order of size, with the largest one on top.

So pick up all the spheres and replace them accordingly, from the largest one on top to the smallest one below.

Pull the lever to open the shutter, and take the last 2 seeds and Mini Monkey from inside.

Give the seeds to the bird, who walks away, leaving the last Mini Monkey in the rain. Pick it up.

Bonus clue from this stage: (circle with line above) = 3. Click through to the bonus stage.

Bonus Stage 39

The bonus clues from all four stages combine to form the code 5133. So enter that in the box and open it!


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