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Monkey GO Happy Western 2

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Rating: 4.5/5 (152 votes)
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Monkey GO Happy Western 2

They say there's gold in them thar hills, and in Monkey GO Happy Western 2, the latest rootin', tootin' installment in Pencil Kids' point-and-click puzzle adventure series, it's up to you and your posse of primates to track it down. And with that, I have officially exhausted my supply of Western-sounding verbage. To play, just click to interact and move around the different locations. As usual for a Monkey GO Happy game, you'll find a lot of obstacles in your way, from people who want you to bring them things, to coded locks whose solutions are cunningly hidden in the backgrounds of the areas you can visit. It's just the right size for a puzzley pick-me-up, packed with all the colour and charm you've come to expect from the talented developer.

Play Monkey GO Happy Western 2


Leopardmask February 7, 2015 3:24 PM

It's not working on Firefox for me. It's just an ad and then white.

Oh, nvm, it just took reloading the page a couple times. Weird.


can't wait for the walkthrough to this.


I actually got stuck on the reward puzzle.

Why are the button choices for the answer shown as Roman numerals rather than cardinal numbers?

How in blazes do I write 9999 as a Roman numeral? Silly me, of course they just want the cardinal numbers

Patreon VIP abfdrumz February 8, 2015 12:47 AM replied to Kay Paulson

I know the feeling, though if you think THAT'S silly...

I completely failed to read "REWARD - 1" as "reward minus one" for a good long while, because I read it more like "REWARD: 1...." and couldn't figure out how to represent the four zeroes in Roman numerals.


no walkthrough yet? ok.


Jumping on the "the reward puzzle was not very clear" bandwagon.

"Oh, its reward dash-dash one!"

stupid and frustrating.


Oh yeah... and since when is a pickaxe a crowbar?

TEK123 February 9, 2015 8:57 PM replied to neo1973

How do you knock out the bandit

TEK123 February 9, 2015 8:58 PM replied to neo1973

How do you knock out the bandit?

neo1973 February 9, 2015 10:44 PM replied to TEK123

You have to

use the pan from the pan miner


Monkey Go Happy Western Walkthrough

First thing's first: Collect the three silver coins in the first screen, then move to the left. Collect three more coins just right by the guy trying to earn a living. Take note of the code on the rock!

White - NW
Yellow - E
Black - SW
Red - W

Head to the right two times, and you'll reach the outside of the Bank. Collect three silver coins. (9 coins total so far). Also take note of the symbol on the right side of the bank

Go inside the Bank.

Take note of the colours RED, YELLOW, WHITE and BLACK on the lower right. Seems familiar? Now look at the safe above the robber. There are four circles, but the pattern's the same.

With that in mind, input the code to solve the puzzle.

Get the grey key, then head back outside the bank and move to the right. Collect the three coins (12 coins) and go inside the Cape Town train station.

Inside, you'll find a man who's holding on to a matchbox and pretty much looking for a big bag of money. You'll need to get the one from the bank (just not now). Also, take note of the clock's hands' colour and the numbers it's pointing at:

Yellow = 8
Red = 4

Also, take note of the familiar map on the wall and where the x is. And also of the symbol on the upper right of the building

Go back outside and head left TWICE. Then use the grey key on the jail building. Go inside the jail cell and collect 3 more silver coins (15), and wolf skin. Talk with the prisoner and he'll tell you that he needs 33 silver coins. After that, take note of the symbol on the top with a hat.

Head outside and go forward to the mountain. Collect 3 coins. (18 coins). Take note of the ABCDE = 12345 numbers.
Go to the upper right of the mountain and collect two more coins (20 coins).

From here, you'll see a goat and a weird thingy on the left. Place wolf skin beside goat, and check the thingamajig.

Thingamajig has the word DEAD spelled on it. Remember the ABCDE you found just earlier? Use that on the secret compartment in the mountain.



Take the silver coin with you and head higher into the mountain.

As always, collect 3 silver coins (24 all in all). Take note of the WANTED poster's REWARD. Also check the symbol on the lower right.

Since you can't really do much in that location, head back into the jail cell and check the safe.

Safe says "REWARD - 1". I'm sure I heard the word REWARD from somewhere before, but what's dash 1?

Dash one is *minus* 1. With the Reward in mind, so it's:

10,000 - 1 = 9,999 = ix ix ix ix

Pick up the pickaxe and head back to the mountain.

Once you're inside the mountain (mines), break the boards with your pickaxe and go straight in. Take the three coins with you and take note of the Symbol on the left:

Head to the left of the mine, and take three silver coins. Head to the right TWICE, then take three more coins. You should have all 33 coins by this time.

Go back to the prisoner in the jail and give him 33 silver coins. He'll give you a blue key which is needed at the very top of the mountain. Go to the top of the mountain and use the key on the shed. From there, you'll receive the shovel.

Head back into the mine and start shovelling.
After shovelling up the coal for at least three times, you'll receive the apple from the Miner.

While you're there in the mine, head back to the very left and crack the crack with a pickaxe. One swing will do..

Getting the Matches

Head back to where the jail was and move LEFT to where the man with the pan was.

Remember the map that was inside the Cape Town building?
Dig this portion of the site:

Give the gold nugget to the man and get his pan. (fair trade right?)

Head right twice and go inside the Bank.

Whack the robber with the newly received goldpan.

Get the money bag and head out again and move to the right.

Go inside the Cape Town train station and trade monocle man the money bag for his matchbox.

Getting the Dynamite

Head outside and give the apple to the horse back at the Cape Town building to give its strength back. The horse will move over and there'll be a train that'll pass by.

The train will arrive and there'll be another puzzle, again! Remember that clock we took note of? (The clock from inside the Cape Town Train Station)

Yellow - Red = 8-4 = 4
Y*R = 32
Y/R = 2

Use the pickaxe on the box and get the TNT.

Now for the last part:

Head back to the mines and move LEFT.

In case you haven't done it yet, use the pickaxe on the crack

Put the dynamite in the widened crack and light it up!

Go inside the hole and use the spade on the bunch of coal. Use the pickaxe on the crack and it'll reveal yet another puzzle.

Remember all the symbols you saw with the squares and different objects?


You've beaten the game!!
(I don't think it's a good idea to give a monkey a bunch of gold. You pretty much did trade off a gold nugget for a pan and a moneybag for a box of matches..... Still, congrats!)


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