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Mr.Y's room escape4

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Mr.Y's room escape4Tesshi-e is back, hurrah! This time, lucky Tesshi-e got an invitation from Mr. Y´s to see his new apartment.

Mr. Y moved to a new place with amazing view and, as usual, prepared an escape game for his friend. The three floors´ apartment is great. There is enough place for concert grand piano, huge windows with beautiful view at some mountains´ tops and design furniture. We don´t get everywhere though, there must be some hidden area with bathroom and bedroom...maybe Mr. Y is waiting there until we finish pancakes. Yes, we are supposed to cook some pancakes and prepare coffee, not only to escape. To play, just click around to explore and interact with objects, and click everywhere, because the cursor is not changing. For navigation use the side bars. Don´t forget to change language to English at the beginning.

You have to solve many puzzles to open all cupboards and doors, and find ingrediences for pancakes and coffee. Can you? Also, after you find the key from entrance door, open the door but don´t leave, return to find the Happy Coin.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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You know the drill.

Mr.Y's room escape4

Mr. Y just moved into a brand new house with a breathtaking mountain view, and he's invited you to check it out, make coffee and pancakes, and escape!


Living Room Area

The piano does nothing interesting, but the clock on the piano shows 9:20.

There are three potted trees at the end of the room. The middle pot has a white "8" painted on it, or perhaps that's just two circles.

The magazines under the table aren't interesting, but there's a remote control hidden among them.

Use it to turn on the TV. There's some code with zodiac signs on a cheery painting background.

The signs alternate between Leo(♌) and Cancer(♋), and show up on the top, bottom, top, top, and bottom of the screen.

Long wall

There's a painting over a cupboard with three double doors.

The left and right sides of the painting are clickable and reveal the signs for Cancer and Leo. Right under the sign for Leo, there's a whisk.

Each of the three compartments of the cupboard has a symbol behind it, made from a different number of touching white circles: five, three, six.

The center compartment contains a measuring spoon which measures exactly 30 grams of sugar.

To the right of the painting, there's a small glass rack with a cup of coffee on its top shelf. Well, not quite. The cup is there and the coffee is in the filter, but it needs hot water.

To the right of that, a tall cupboard. The upper two doors are locked by a 4-digit code. The left drawer is locked by a 4-button sequence code involving star shapes, and the right drawer is unlocked and empty. The lower two doors are locked and require a key.

Kitchen Area

The dining table is set with cutlery and a Mr Hippo figure. There's nothing to do here right now.

There's a kitchen counter with storage above it. First, the storage, which has three compartments. The compartments are empty, but the back of the left compartment has a white circle painted on, and the right compartment has a symbol made from four touching circles.

On the left of the kitchen counter, there's a sink with jars of salt and sugar on its corner. Now's a good time to use that measuring spoon to get 30 grams of sugar.

Next to the sink, there's a base for an electric kettle. To the right of that, there's a kitchen scale. And to the right of that, there's a mixing bowl. Clicking on it helpfully reminds us to find some "Flour 200g". But we're in no rush.

At the right end of the kitchen counter is the stove. We can turn it on and off, and the game helpfully turns it off when looking away.

Under that kitchen counter, there's seven drawers. Look through the top row of drawers:
Drawer 1: Locked, needs 3-digit code
Drawer 2: Locked, needs key
Drawer 3: Unlocked, contains pancake recipe
Then the bottom row:
Drawer 1: Secured with screws
Drawer 2: Locked, needs 3-button sequence with white circles
Drawer 3: Locked, needs binary up-down sequence with Mr Birdy symbols.
Drawer 4: Unlocked and empty.

To the right of all these is a fridge, which is oddly empty except for four things. In the main compartment, we can get butter from the center, milk from the left door and an egg from the right door.

In the bottom drawer, there's a cup full of ice. No, literally full of ice, as in full of water which then froze over. But not literally full of ice, since there's a key under all that ice.


The stairs down lead to a locked door. The stairs up lead to a corridor with another locked door at the end of it. On the right wall of the corridor, there's a painting of an oddly familiar landscape and its frame has clickable corners.


Zodiac signs

The zodiac signs on the TV indicate the left and right signs of the painting, and they appear on the top or bottom of that screen in order. Put these two sequences together to get a corner code.

Signs: Leo Cancer Leo Cancer Leo
Horizontal: Right Left Right Left Right
Vertical: Top Bottom Top Top Bottom

Corners:⌝ ⌞⌝ ⌜⌟

The painting opens up, allowing us to get a bag of wheat flour. There's still a safe in there which we don't have a key for.

Measuring flour

Go back to the kitchen. Examine the bag of flour. Open it up and pour out some flour on the kitchen scale. Pick up the whole pan of flour from the scale, and pour it out onto the mixing bowl.

You still have the bag of flour. Check back in the bag to find a club key.

You still have the weighing pan. Examine it and hold down the mouse button to turn it over and read off a clue: ⚪×△

Basic math

The hands of the clock are shaped like a circle and triangle, circle for the hour hand and triangle for the minute hand.

Multiply the hour and minute in 9:20 to get 180.

Enter the code into the drawer under the kitchen sink. The drawer opens up. Take the empty kettle.

Hot water and its uses

Turn on the water in the sink and fill the kettle. Place it on the base and wait for the water to boil. (Step away from the kitchen counter, and look left or right.)

Take the kettle of hot water. Use the hot water to thaw out the cup of ice and take the spade key. Somehow the cup becomes empty.

Then use the hot water on the other cup to make coffee, and use your empty cup on that other cup to get a cup of coffee. Set it on the table.

Using keys

Use the club key on the top-middle locked drawer under the kitchen counter. Take the frying pan.

Go down the stairs and use the spade key on the door, which opens up into the toilet. Check the toilet paper. There's a round key taped to the top of the roll.

Turn around and close the door. There's a clue with an arrow pointing at different numbers of stars:

Top 3, Bottom 2, Left 3, Right 5

Before leaving, flip the light switch above the top-right corner of the door frame.

Use the round key to open up the lower two doors of the tall cupboard. Take the extra virgin olive oil from inside.

Birdy's Special Baking Powder

The glass panels above the stairs have lit up with Mr Birdy symbols, in a checkerboard pattern: up, down, up, down, up.

Use that code to open the Mr Birdy locked drawer. Take the box of baking powder from it, open it up and take one packet of baking powder.

Mixing ingredients

Follow the order in the recipe or as indicated by the mixing bowl: add the baking powder, sugar, egg, and milk (open up the milk bottle first). Use the whisk to mix it into batter.

Now we need to find a ladle.

Seeing stars

Follow the code on the toilet door to open the left drawer of the tall cupboard.

Click the top panel thrice, bottom panel twice, left panel thrice, right panel five times, and then the center white button.

The drawer opens up and we get a diamond key.

But it seems the drawer didn't open fully. Close it and open it again. Then close it and open it again. This time, it's fully open and there's a screwdriver at the back.

Back to the painting

Or rather, the safe behind it. After climbing back up the stairs and re-entering the corner code for the painting, use the diamond key to open up the safe.

There's a four-digit code: 3786. There's also a ladle.

What else do we need?

Enter the four-digit code on the top two doors of the tall cupboard. Take the plate from inside.

Go back to the drawers in the kitchen. Unscrew the bottom left drawer and take a turner from it.

The drawer next to it needs a code with white circles. Where have we seen those?

Center plant pot: 2 circles
Cupboard under painting: 5 (left), 3 (center), 6 (right) circles.
Cupboard over kitchen counter: 1 (left), 4 (right) circles.

Putting those numbers in order, the sequence is LCCRLR.

Open the drawer to get some pancake syrup.

Making the pancakes

Use the ladle on the mixing bowl to get some batter.

Use the frying pan on the stove. Pour in the olive oil and wait for it to heat up. Once it's steamy, pour the batter in.

(Cook, flip, cook.)

Pick up the pancakes with the turner and place them on the plate. Top it with syrup and butter, and place the plates on the table.

Mr Hippo opens his mouth to give you a heart key.

Here's where you save the game because you could still get a Happy Coin ending!

Regular Ending

Use the heart key to open the door on top of the stairs.

Enjoy the lovely afternoon with coffee and pancakes.

Happy Coin Ending

Wow, that was a long game. Just look at the time. No seriously, look at it!

The clock reads 11:15.

Multiply 11 by 15 to get 165.

Enter 165 in the drawer under the kitchen sink. The code panel flips open, revealing a Happy Coin.

Unlock the door at the top of the stairs with the heart key, taking the Happy Coin with you on the way.

Enjoy a warm evening with coffee and pancakes.
A happy coin will bring happiness to you!!


on the painting

it only clicks left and right and not in corners so I don't understand how to solve this.


That's not a puzzle, it's half the clue. See "Zodiac" in kktkkr's walkthrough.


Maybe it's been a while since I played a Tesshi-e game but the directional controls for moving around seem a bit awkward to me. Can't turn when I want to *shrugs*.

Thanks to chrpa & kktkkr for the post & walkthrough!



i'm supposed to do that on the Picture. this picture is the only picture in the room. where else am I to click corners? I don't see anything


oki figured it out

didn't know there were 2 pics.

anyway great game. teshii-e games usually are.


Thanks for the walkthrough, kktkkr.

I never would have noticed the

light switch above the bathroom door

(Among other things ... I can never get through a Tesshi-e game without a walkthrough.)

I had trouble figuring out how to get the sugar. As far as I could tell, the sugar scoop never changed from empty to full. The sugar container just kept playing keep-away. But I guess it was full, because when it was time to put the sugar in, it went in.


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