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Rating: 4.5/5 (248 votes)
Comments (136) | Views (15,456)

FunnyManmutiny.gifLand lubbers best be cowerin' below decks, thar be a Mutiny going on! Some sea dog called Nitrome has riled up the crew with tales of booty and adventure, so grab yer peg leg and cutlass and prepare for a fight!

In Mutiny, you play as a pirate crew using an assortment of strange weapons to blow up or drown the other team. Each unit has a health meter, and if it hits 0 or a blast knocks them into the water below, that unit is dead. The last team standing is the winner.

Select a unit by clicking on them, then choose an action. Drag away from the unit, like stretching a rubber band, and use the aiming line to predict where your shot will go. You move characters in the same way, by throwing them from one place to another, and you get one free throw before that unit uses a weapon.

Single-player mode will put you against 15 maps full of pirates, squid, skeletons, and other creatures. In multiplayer, you can select any of the maps to duke it out with a friend on, but only at the same computer.

Analysis: Fans of the Worms games will find a lot of familiar things here. The basic setup is quite similar, even though the control has switched from keyboard to mouse. The observant will find a few nods to Worms as well, including a banana loaded with high explosive.

The controls work well, and the aiming line is a godsend. There are some annoying, unskippable pauses, like when a crate drops, but a little patience will see you through them.

The enemy AI is reasonable, but seems to fluctuate between flawless play and utter stupidity. One turn you will look on in envy as they bounce a banana clear across the stage to take out one of your units, and the next, they'll toss a cherry bomb right into the ocean. Despite that, the difficulty level seems about right. Early on, you'll have no trouble swabbing the deck with your opponents, but the last few levels may well have you plucking your parrot.

Most of what I would point to as Mutiny's "flaws" aren't flaws at all, just features I expect as a Worms fan. Destructible terrain was always fun, and I miss being able to move after flinging my weapon. Online multiplayer would have been a welcome addition as well.

In the end, Mutiny is the best Flash adaptation of Worms I've seen. It manages to capture many of the most endearing elements of the series in a small, portable package. What arr ye waitin' for? Sea dogs and land lubbers alike should get out there and

Play Mutiny

The game is also available to Play over at the MTV Arcade


Twilitlord July 8, 2008 11:37 AM

You know, guys, I found it before you even got the game up. I agree, it's really cool.


Hey finding it is easy, but we provide reviews here at JIG, which take some time, don't ya know matey! ARrrrr!

Tranchera July 8, 2008 11:53 AM

Eh. A direct clone of Worms (without one of the things that made it great, terrain deformation) plus terrible camera controls = not all that fun for me?

nitromer July 8, 2008 12:03 PM

I am actually not having fun with this one either. It's really difficult for me and there is barely any variety in the levels.


just as the cheese dreams moon in small fry, what does the the parachute bomb look like?;)

Fuzzyevil July 8, 2008 12:42 PM

Hmm.. Interesting. At first it was fine, but now it is incredibly laggy. 100 percent CPU usage???

Visitor July 8, 2008 12:46 PM

YAY! Finally, another Nitrome game! I was getting tired of Small Fry, because stupid Level 26 wouldn't load. Great game, however, how come the voting page hasn't re-opened yet?

Ah, yes, I do have some trouble with Level 2. Any advice?

tenkuchima July 8, 2008 1:03 PM

I think this is the only nitrome game that I really like. (but that may be because i love worms so much) its annoying how the cam pans away form you while your aiming, and the computer seems to cheat sometimes, but other than that a really fun game


You can use the arrow keys to scroll guys.


Hi Jay & all,

I've been having trouble with recent Nitrome games... the game loads but when I get to the level selection screen, no level is available to select (not even the first one).

I got around the problem by loading the offending game on miniclip or another site hosting Nitrome's games (but Mutiny isn't hosted yet that I've found).

I've tried all my browsers (IE 7, FF 3, Safari 3, and Opera 9) bypassing all proxies without success. (See image: NoNitrome.png)

Any thoughts?



Fun little Worms clone. I miss the voices and the real banana bombs, though. Makes me want to play the original.


JDB - I'm not really sure about the issues you're experiencing, but the first thing I would look into is your Flash Player.

As for an alternate link, I forgot to put a link to the MTV Arcade, which this game was created for...

The game is also available to play over at the MTV Arcade.


The best cover of worms ever.
So fun!


Really like the game, but it takes forever for the computer opponent to play! Drives me crazy!

skoodge80 July 8, 2008 2:57 PM

Very disappointing, if you ask me. I love the games Nitrome makes because of their originality. This is something I've already played a million times in the past. Worms and Gunbound did it infinitely better, though. They have good camera control, terrain deformation, and a large selection of weapons. Mutiny has what appears to be eight weapons (I didn't bother to find out what they are). Hopefully, Nitrome's next new game will be something new and interesting.


At first, I had high hopes for this game. By level 5 or 6, I'm afraid I got rather bored... everything seemed to take ages and I agree with tenkuchima about the aiming - getting the cannons to be effective whilst the screen is moving all over the shop made me quit.

@st33d - I realise you can scroll with the arrow keys but not whilst aiming it seems. At least on Ubuntu Hardy/FF 3.0.

Great nitrome gfx/feel to it though.


Wow, forget the sight lines. Everything I threw blew up in my face or killed my friend because it caught on every little lip. Even jumping it seemed like I was tripping on pixels. How frustrating.

Indigo Ferret July 8, 2008 4:00 PM

Beware of the Uber-crabs!

ganondorf champion July 8, 2008 4:03 PM

The multi player option is the best of all nitrome multi players.THe monkeys are easy to kill at first but their impossibly good aim make them immortal.I love the seagull.


For a flash game, I suppose this is possibly the best worms clone you're going to find.

But, really, the subgames and 'training' etc. in the original worms was too good to be able to be cloned by flash.

Effort = 4.
Fun = 2.5.
Originality = 1.

So, I'm gonna give it an average of 3.


Level 11 makes me want to weep...

Those crabs are insanely accurate with dynamite. What's the deal with that!?


this is a good game in multiplayer, but single player is giving me fits. and not the good kind either. on the third level, one guy threw a stick of dynamite, and it bounced off two walls, and blew my captin sky high. every single enemy in this game has perfect aim. i managed to get to the crab, but he is impossible!

Anonymous July 8, 2008 9:24 PM

sorry for double post, but i figured out how to make the crabs (and almost any other sure-shot enemy) in their place!

Hint:there is a reason why you have unlimited crates and barrels in this level!

dedicate the first four turns to use the crates to trap the crabs in a pyramid-like structure, this will stop their dynamite from hitting you, letting you roam around the map without worrying about the crabs attacks!(they can still use the anchor) gather enogh weapons to put them down! add a barrel or two to add to the fun.EXAMPLE:


WHY do the crabs have better weaponry than PIRATES??? AAAGH!!

I love it so much, though. Thanks to JIGuest for the tip.

I already thought of that, but still got finished off by an anchor :P


The only problems I have are that the second battle is tougher than some of the other later ones.(I'm up to those FAB-U-LOUS! pirates.) the lack of weapon list editing for Multiplayer,lack of weapons and finally no choosing what kind of character you want to be.(if you beat them of course.)


Why are pirates called pirates ?

'Cause they just ARrrrre.

( I'll go now... )

Visitor July 9, 2008 7:17 AM

Help on Level 2!

The octopusses are so accurate with the wine bottles.


I must say, Nitrome games have been getting worse from time to time lately, sadly. :/


Hey everybody, I just beat the game yesterday around 5:00. I was stuck on level 12 for a while

(the skeletons out number you 11 to 5),

but I made it. Now I've beaten 24 Nitrome games. 7 to go!


been stuck on 12 for a while now. very tough and frustrating.


For Level 12:

Start from the bottom up and use dynamite to take out as many skeletons from the side platforms as you can. Make sure you keep your captain alive. Then start throwing dynamite and anchors on the guys on top.
When I did this I was basically left with my captain and 3 skeletons trying to chase after me. I blocked them off with barrels so they wouldn't be able to reach any of the high platforms, then got on top and used my tsunami's.

Not exactly the most graceful strategy but I'd honestly restarted that level 20+ times and that's the best I could come up with.


P.S can any help me on level 13?

I tried building a mountain with crates but the screen isn't tall enough :(

Ainegue July 9, 2008 11:20 AM

I am totally stuck on level 9, with the jolly pirates.

My strategy of

trapping the opposing pirates between exploding barrels, so they can't move or shoot, then cover the top with a mine. Later I shoot the barrels with Pieces Of Eight, causing a double explosion, then the mine falls, and explodes again, and making them lose over 3/4th health, then I use the rest of PoE to get rid of the rest of their Health

isn't working. These pirates have freakishly good aim! Before I can do anything, they blast half my pirating team away with a perfectly aimed Banana Bomb. By the time I trap them all, I'm down to 1 pirate with less that 1/5th health, and un-trapping them now would be suicide.


Visitor July 9, 2008 12:10 PM

Please!!! Level 2 is hard!

Does no-one here like me anymore?


how can you kill people if you have no arms?


how do they know how many walls to bounce off


Worms clonery aside, this is a fun little game - the weapons are certainly nice. The Voodoo Doll is a real pain to play against!

My one suggestion would be to allow multiplayer selection of teams... such as playing as the British or Skeleton teams from the single-player.


I'm really enjoying this... except that if I use more than 3-4 crates and barrels it lags like... a thing. a really laggy thing. Which makes it no fun. This is problematic on levels that depend on unlimited crates and barrels for strategy. gr.

Also I have the same issue I used to have with Worms - the enemies are great with banana bmbs, while I? I can't get them to stop bouncing anywhere near where I want them to.


seeing that lots of people are having trouble with this game, i will share a few tips that helped me alot.
#1:keep your pirates apart. the closer they are, the more likely it is for your enemy to get a double kill. also aim for enemies that are closer, as you might get a double kill.
#2:practice your jumping.how good you are wiil determine if you snag that chest, or if youll fall into the water. practice on the second map in multiplayer till youre a master. same goes for aiming.
#3:strategize. play through the level a few times and come up with a strategy dependng on how your enemies move, shoot, and their numerocity.(is that even a word?)spurr of the moment ideas may work, but sometimes its better to stick to the original plan.
#4 dont get frusterated. getting frusterated makes it harder to focus, and you may miss the enemy , only to have the dynamite bounce back and blow you up. remember my motto, stay cool, or you'll get schooled.
#5:perserveer. i know they say this soo much, but never give up. giving up reduces your chances of winning to zippity do dah. so stay away from that red x (unless you really have to leave, that is)

Ainegue July 9, 2008 5:57 PM

Ah, well that stunk.

I got to level I think 11 (fighting the girl pirates), and the game just froze up. It was taking like 10 minutes to jump two turns. I also trapped the last enemy between two exploding barrels, so I had to slowly go over and get them. By that time, it got so laggy I just quit.

Fun game! Reminds me of a game called GunBound, because I haven't played Worms yet...

game player July 9, 2008 7:53 PM

please will someone help me on level 9?

I really really really really need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ganondorf champion July 9, 2008 8:09 PM

This game isn't as much like worms as funorbs archaneist,so any one who wants to complain this is a copy of worms should not comment.Help for 12,


I beat the game. If you need help ask me.

Saddened July 9, 2008 9:16 PM

OK, here goes....

I am a huge fan of what you're doing at Jayisgames... every week you draw my attention to something brilliant and creative and entertaining. I can't thank you enough.

However, I know you're friend's of Nitrome and that, but I'm getting a little piqued at having my attention drawn (by you) towards their games, only to find they get worse and worse.

I acknowledge, they are quirky and look superb, but the gameplay is seriously awry. This new game is sluggish, apparently poorly programmed, derivative, confusing, yet facile, ultimately boring. Please, please, please can Nitrome be encouraged to have some time off, examine the games that inspired them and figure out why they were endlessly playable. I long for them to make something good. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

The fact that Nitrome keeps churning them out, and JIG keeps giving them OK reviews seems somewhat cynical. I'm sure that if Nitrome made a couple of smash-hit brilliantly playable games a year (as I reckon they could), rather than a constant landslide of half-baked ones, they would recoup the costs (ad-wise, etc), and maintain some credibility.

I feel awful that my first post here is a complaint, but I think JIG is so excellent, it saddens me to see sub-standard games so praised, and have to wonder whether there is a corporate/sponsorship deal going on here to compromise your normal high standards. I couldn't imagine why else Nitrome would be allowed to slip through the net with something as shoddy as this.




Is it just me, or did the difficulty level ramp WAY up for level 12? Outnumbered 11 to 5?!


No worries, Steve. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, and to rant a bit when your expectations are not met.

There's two issues here you've touched on.

The first is that not everyone shares your feeling toward Nitrome's games. Sure, we do see similar complaints whenever we review one of their games. I believe part of this is because Mat, Heather and crew have set the bar so high with so many of their previous efforts that the world expects each game they release to rival commercial games that cost many, many, many times more.

Don't forget they are a business, a successful business that makes FREE Web-based games. If their games were being created for retail purchase, then I am sure the release schedule and quality control would be very different for their games.

The other issue is that you also expect that exceptional quality from us, day in and day out. Although we try very hard to filter through the crap out there, trouble is sometimes we have difficulty finding a game that meets our high standards. Throughout the time I've been maintaining this site, I continue to see periods of deluge and drought, but if we don't post something new every day, our traffic suffers and the resources we need to survive decline.

If you look closely you can see some similarities in both issues I've commented on here.


I love this game, though unfortunately I have never played the original Worms.(Though I have seen about 50 clones of it) I think that the levels actually have an excellent amount of variety, despite extreme difficulty in some cases. the one thing I would like to see is a multiplayer where you can select the available weapons and placement of guys, or maybe a "free play" or level editor. Other than that, an A+ game. Or maybe Arrr+.


Help on level 7! The pirate with the big hat PLEASE!!!


By far the best game Nitrome have produced. Just completed it; anyone stuck?

xxxILoveGreenDayxxx July 10, 2008 6:04 AM

Can someone help me with level 11 (the crabs)? Their aim is just perfect while mine is...well, you get the idea. Anyway, I tried the


idea, but they killed me with boulders and anchors...


I need help on level 11 (crabs) I can only kill 3 and they whit one attack kill 2 of my pirates.Also I beated all games on nitrome exept dangle,hot air and muntiny.So I need help on level 11( if you help me I may help you on other games).


Joao level 11:

Try to get the pirate on the left side to knock off the crab above him into the water. Then, next turn do the same to the right. Then I moved the captain up the ledge above him. Knock off the 2 crabs there, and you should win no problem. If they end up killing your captain, ten it's still 3 pirates against 2 crabs.

Hope that helps! By the way, can you help me with Frost Bite level 7?


I feel that the AI in this game cheat very badly, ruining the game for me.


Roadripper - please add your questions about any other Nitrome game on its respective game review page:




At first, I found this game nice. The graphics and animations were wonderful, just like all of the other Nitrome games. However, the AIs became annoyingly hard. For instance, in level 12, the player finds himself vastly outnumbered, with all of his units in precarious positions where they could be easily knocked out by the bananas or dynamite of the enemy. In this case, there is no room for mistakes, because, while any human player's aim is flawed, the enemy's is pixel-perfect. An example of this can be found earlier in level 9, where the large playing field, wider than the game size, can be spanned easily by the opponent's perfectly aimed banana. All in all, this game is partially luck/chance; the enemy can kill any unit, the player just has to wait for them to prioritize incorrectly and kill the wrong pirates first. In my opinion, this game was very disappointing because of the AI's superhuman aim, the fact that the player is outnumbered, and the bad positioning all came together to turn single-player mode into a pixel-hunting war of attrition.

fuzzyface July 10, 2008 4:45 PM

Well actually I like the game. The graphics are original, and the ever changing enemies have their humor worked in.

As some who actually has played the original worms I can say, of course this is a successor to this. But this is IMHO not bad, why do people complain so much 'but this is ****-rippoff' I mean if this games inspired by other games would not happen, how many computer games would we today have, 10? One horizontal scroller, one racing game, one FPS, one adventure, etc.

This game has IMHO actually even much more level variety than the original worms game. The weapons the opponent and you have change greatly from map to map, so the strategy you have to use.

Also I like the pirates moving as kind of 'shooting' much more than the moving of worms and of course the hook, which became a crazy art of itself, players that hooked within one move across the screen, dropped a bomb on you while in air, and hooked back into safety...

The pirates level is indeed evry hart, after 30 or so tries I finally made it,

the strategy is to get the skeletons of the top positions, leave your captain where he starts, he is pretty safe, they will fire at him but most time fail, when you got all the skeletons off the top half of the screen secure your remaining man but the captain on top half, and use the tidal wave. Unfortunally my captain already died in this, because he was pre-damaged, normally he survives one wave to make another. However the remaining skelettons were trapped on the bottom, and with 1 remaining pirate I could unhurried catch some crates, and send some parachute bombs, bananas and finally some bottles at the bottom to kill the remaining skelettons which had only minimal health left after the tidal wave eitherway.

fuzzyface July 10, 2008 4:49 PM

What I forgot to say, the game actually has its caveats and I think it could be greatly improved if they at least user-tested it by say 3 people who didn't develop it. Especially as a commercial company behind this you could expect this.

These simple user tests sure would have uncovered caveats that altough trivial can really ruin your fun. That is for example the screen scrolling while aiming. This is terrible. Or a feedback while the computer thinks, I guess it wouldn't feel so long if there would be some 'thinking' animation. Or being able to switch around the level clicking on the map. Or having some hot key to switch between your pirates... This would be so little edits that would make a so-so-okay game a really great game, and IMHO it somehow shows there really were hardly people actually ever test-playing it a bit longer, before release.


Maybe it's just me, but I often found many occasions where the computer did absolutely nothing on its turn, or maybe just jumped from platform to platform. When they did shoot they, still had killer accuracy, but they shot so little I could beat them easily (for the 5 levels I played, anyway.)

/dev/null July 10, 2008 9:32 PM

Well, this is a great game, truth be told. I like the gameplay and the variety of enemies and such, however, the AI really killed it. Why could they not just delay the release and test it? Surely it would not be hard to give the AI an error margin. Like, 5/8 of the time, move it's aim off a bit. That really ruined the game for me.


Level 7 - how i start off

move the pirate (not the captain) onto the second hilly bit. Place 3 crates on the same level above the blue guy, so he cant jump or bomb you with bananas. on your next turn, get the captain up and put some more crates.

NEVER ever put crates on the blue guy's side cause he'll find a way to bomb you! when you have enough bombs and youre confident to kill him, let him brake some crates - enough for you to bomb him and for him to sleep with the fishies :)

anyone please help me with level 12? skeletons are sure hard to beat.


Is it me or level 9's AI are like superbly powerful with great, accurate aims? I can't really seemed to finish them all at all..

Anyone can help with level 9? Any tactics?


I would like to give help on the skeletons, but i didn't even reach that level yet. Well, at least they ain't dry bones. Those rise from the dead.



lots of barrels and crates. I put gunpowder by all the crabs. then put a crate to protect my remaining guys from boulders and anchors. Then its just a matter of putting a dynamite to the gunpowder.


I start by putting a barrels between the captain and the nearest skeleton. Then its just a matter of killing or knocking down all the skeleton on top and finishing them with the wave


build a staircase on to protect the guy on the right. Use the wave then climb to the top of the stars.


Yeah, this is a good game, but it is definitely flawed.

My biggest frustration is the banana bombs. I have never once gotten one to hit. Not once. i will hit a guy right on the forehead, and the banana will just keep on bouncing.

The computer, on the other hand, has 100% accuracy and a 100% kill rate with them. If I see a banana fly, i know that one of my guys is going to die. This really bites into the game for me.

This was particularly frustrating on level 12, the skeleton level. I would get to a point where I would have knocked off about half their guys, and would start to be very strategic where I kept my guys to stay out of range. But then, oops, bounce, bounce, bounce, a guy on the other side of the whole map would land an extremely improbable banana shot, sending my crucial guy to his doom. Then next two turns, the same thing, game over. They would even hit banana shots from directly under my captain standing in the skulls mouth.

This was very frustrating not just because of the 100% accuracy, but because they would land shots that no human could ever make...


@Sasha: IIRC, you must click again to detonate the banana (like it says in the instructions). Otherwise, it will keep on bouncing. And the bananas have astounding kick, so be prepared for someone to die if you or the computer scores a direct hit.


Dear Sasha.

In order to use the bananas, you have to click the mouse when it is where you want it to hit, to make it explode.

William July 11, 2008 1:27 PM

Can anyone help me on Level 12? Please!! The level is so frustrating. I always narrow down the skeletons to 5 but I end up dying. Any advice please?

Brianna Sullivan July 11, 2008 3:01 PM

I really enjoyed this game but I found that it had several flaws.

One Person:
Having to wait for the treasure chest to fall.
Waiting for the computer to take their turn or even having the game switch over and make it their turn.

Two People:
I found that when it came to vs. on the ships it became very hard to defeat the other person for several reasons.
First, we would end up trapping each other and then it would come down to which person would last and how trapped in barrels we would get.
For one example, I had the person down to just their captain and they were able to hide and last out and wear me down.

Anyways, I found the game very fun but it did get rather tiring and long somewhat.


Yay! I best it on the 8th! Now I have 5 Nitrome games left to beat!

Here's what I have left:

Hot Air (stuck on level 7)
Dangle (stuck on level 13)
Nanobots (stuck on level 5)
Pest Control (stuck on 4.8)
Twang (stuck on level 21)

Ewan Whosarmy July 11, 2008 10:48 PM

So sad on the level with the female pirates. I surrounded the last one with barrels, she could do nothing about it, and yet she still giggled on each turn, even knowing she was about to die. i fell in love with that woman. why lord... oh why must it be this way!! p.s. great game - loved it.


ugh, this game is nearly ruined by one mistake: the AI can take 75+% of even a dual-core computer for at least 5 seconds. Not good for laptops at all (all the heat generated causes the fans to go faster, effectively draining the battery quicker). I never thought Nitrome would make such a cpu-intensive game; they're usually so good at making simple yet fun games that can play on even the most out-of-date Windows 2000 machines. Even for a worms clone, it still seems to run slowly as the computer "decides" what to do. Not only that, but on some levels where it runs slow (as early as level 12, maybe level 11), often, when a treasure chest is dropped, the camera won't let you move it, let alone follow the chest. That problem should probably be addressed, as it can potentially make a player decide it's not worth the wait, and not finish the game


Help on level 10!!

go to sbv-egu.de - now with games and forum


Roadripper, check my comment on frost bite page because I can't comment about it here.


If anyone can help me on level 12(skeletons) I will help that person on any game on nitrome(but NOT dangle or hotair).I really want to pass it so if any on beated or knows how to beat it, then tell me.

kingbling97 July 12, 2008 6:18 PM

hey guys i figured out a way for level 11 but i tried level 12 like 30 times and can't get it, anyone got any ideas? anyways level 11...

First i moved my guy on the far left a little to the right and shot the far left crab and sent him flying off. next i did the same thing with the crab on the far right with my guy on far right(after moving to the left) and from there it is 4 on 2 or 3 on 2 if you're unlucky and then i trapped the next 2 with the barrels and did it enough to the point where i could hit them and the explosion would kill them


Level 12 is so very frustrating!! Help!!!

I've tried all of the above suggestions for it, but I always get killed. Too many skeletons!

Splurge88 July 12, 2008 9:06 PM

With the crabs, I keep building the stupid pyramids, and then I go fine for a bit, and then I get wiped out by a tidal wave! >=<

Needless to say, I do not like crabs.

nitromegamer July 12, 2008 9:23 PM

for level 14 this is what i did...

start out by building a wall of crates on the first level to completely block off the first level. then build a wall of crates between the left and right on the second level, and then on the third. next all of the enemies should gather at the wall that you built and when they do, build a wall of 3 crates around the individual enemies, so that they cannot move. then fill the surrounding area with barrels of explosive. once you have successfully boxed all the enemies in create a sort of chain between all the enemies on the different levels. then finally stand back and send a simple bomb over and the whole thing should explode. you may need to do this twice to completely kill them all, but if you're patient this should work


Finaly I beated it.The skeletons were so hard but I beated the whole game.Here are the characters that appear on all the levels:
level 1:

Normal pirates

level 2:


level 3:

Purple pirates

level 4:

France army

level 5:


level 6:

Old pirates

level 7:

Boss pirate

level 8:


level 9:

Rainbow pirates

level 10:

Girl pirates

level 11:


level 12:


level 13:


level 14:


level 15:

Zombie boss pirate

Hedge Hog July 13, 2008 10:29 PM

Level thirteen is quite easy

Use one cherry bomb on each shark and the force of the cherry bomb is just enough to blast the shark of the platform

Visitor July 14, 2008 7:05 AM


Finally, they've opened their new preview section! And, (surprisingly) I want to see their preview of the new games to come! Even if it is a quick tease, I want to see!


I know what is the next sequel...it's toxic! There will be a toxic 2 because:
In the preview it says: It's yellow (the toxic character is yellow) and it also says that it's a game for MTV arcade and toxic is a game that nitrome made for MTV arcade. It's obvious.

BlackHawk July 14, 2008 1:48 PM

Nice game, but how on earth am I supposed to defeat the guys in level 9? My pirates are placed very unfavorably, and the AI's inhumanly precise aim doesn't help matters in any way.

I tried many possible approaches:

Most obviously, blasting the enemy on the extreme right into the water first, and then doing the same to others in various sequences, with particular emphasis on the one in the lower left.

This failed utterly. Every other turn (if not more often) at least one of my pirates would get a mandatory bath, in some cases being covered in seagull crap beforehand (I kid you not!).

Then I tried...

...protecting my own pirates with crates to prevent them from being blasted into the water, and then firing at the enemies with the cannons.

Well, that was the plan anyway. The enemies blasted through the crates as if they were made of cardboard and I got annihilated well before I could execute the second part of the plan. Worthless.

Another "brilliant" idea involved...

...using the crates to block the enemies from doing anything, then placing gunpowder and mines around the crates, and setting them off with PoE/cannons/cherry bombs.

Which was even worse than the previous one. It didn't matter which ones I dealt with and in what order, because the free ones could always deal a lethal blow with a banana, seagull or something else. I was being eliminated much faster than they were being blocked.

A minor variation of this idea centered on...

using gunpowder barrels instead of the crates, but with the same plan as above.

If the previous ones were totally worthless, then there are no words in English that can describe the inadequacy of this idea. The enemies simply jumped out from the Pits of Doom in which I encased them, and proceeded to devastate me with horrible vengeance for the fate which I had in mind for them.

Finally, all else having failed, I decided to resort to the ultimate violence, and...

...inspect the source code for variables and/or labels to be altered with a memory editor - I don't like such cheating, but I had no other choice.

But even this failed to give any usable results, which caused me to mutter nearly all curses known to me at the piece of crap, and give up unless someone else clarifies on how to get the pirates blasted away without being blasted away myself first.

Visitor July 14, 2008 2:06 PM

Aww. I want a Hot Air 3!!! I'll stamp my foot if it doesn't come by next year, and if it does, boy will I love Nitrome!

Nitrome won't let us vote, anyway. I think the next sequel will be a non-decider. It's obvious.

PS: Toxic is Nitrome's worst ever game! It's crummy, hard, the wall jumping is not too good, and the difficulty curve is extremely steep! (If not vertical).


Can anyone do level 15? After the tidal he just picks my guys off one by one before I can get them anywhere useful.

Fun game though, except when the screen moves and you didn't want it to, and the ridiculous level of accuracy required to not blow yourself up!

Visitor July 16, 2008 5:57 AM

Help on Level 5!

I can't figure out how to use the bananas, and the monkeys are so accurate with them.


I did level 15 3 times and I will try to help you:

Gte the captain to the right side of the right plataform and then throw a cherry bomb to the zombie captain(you must get the captain on the right side).The zombie captain must get hurt then he will move around or he will use the huge wave if he does he dies(he only dies if you hited him whit the cherry bomb) if it dosent hurt him then wait becuse he always uses the hude wave(2 or 3 moves).

I hope this helped.


Yay! A Nitrome game with pirates! Now all my dreams have come true...

But seriously, its a good game... but not without its flaws. I think I'd have to agree with everyone in that the AI is frustratingly accurate... except when it comes to the pieces of eight weapon. It's rubbish with that for some reason.

Also, although I love the game, it does seem to become horrifically slow. Waiting for chests to fall is a right pain in the... well, you get the idea.

Anyhoo, love the game. I'm also currently completely stuck on Lvl 12, the way you're outnumbered is completely unfair...

Oh, and you shouldn't be too worried about when the AI tries to use a boulder, as it treats it as a normal weapon, and instead of blasting it through everyone at full power, it instead uses just enough power to reach you, as it would with, say, a bomb.

And by the way...

Do you not think it might've been a good idea to put about Toxic 2 in spoiler tags? Some people might not want to know :/

I knew already, I was just thinking for people who might want to be surprised...


OK, give me some time. If I'm stuck at a level (6 at the moment, love the new worlds), I'll come back here.


I've found that on level 11 the best way to kill the crabs is

to use your leftmost pirate to blow the leftmost crab off and then use the rightmost pirate to do the same to the rightmost crab, just as roadripper said. But if you do that the remaining crabs use the wave because none of their men are in danger, so what you have to do before you blow the rightmost crab off is use one of your other pirates to move one of the crabs on the top level down a level

I hope that made sense

Visitor July 17, 2008 5:57 AM

Help! Level 10!



Why do the crabs better weapons have?


ok. i dont get level 12 at all
i must have re started it like 50 times by now.
i can get down to like 3 of them and one of me but thats it


thanks =]

this is cool


this is a really cool and funny game!!!!
nitrome 4ever!!!

Rin10001 July 18, 2008 2:34 PM

Ugh. At first, the game worked smoothly, but in later levels, the CPU takes really long to act, and I'm lagging as wow.

I'm stuck on level 12 (skeletons), and ugh, it gets more annoying every time I fail. I tried the above, but it doesn't seem to work, or it works halfway through, but the description isn't detailed enough. But overall, an okay game. Not the best, of course. Nitrome has had many better games. I've never played worms, but it sounds fun, and apperantly better than this, and the concept of this is fun.

Rin10001 July 18, 2008 4:37 PM

Ah! I beat level 12, and right now I'm on the 14th level. This is the best level out of the game (I don't expect much for the unknown last level), as it's rather challenging, yet lag-free (or me), And the level lay-out is great to play on, but that's just my opinion.

Rin10001 July 18, 2008 5:03 PM

I beat it!

I can't wait for the sequal! Hopefully, that one will be improved!

Visitor July 19, 2008 4:28 AM

Never mind. Finished.

mad hatter July 20, 2008 7:37 AM

i love this game and hate this game. its a really cool game, but nitrome have made it really hard. i am so annoyed at the stupid banana bombs. when the enemy throws one, the minute it hits ground near you, it explodes, if you take the same shot, it bounces off the enemy. how are we to compete with this???

Visitor July 20, 2008 1:31 PM

Level 11 is so frustrating! Help!


Phew! Finally finished! Crikey that was hard! I've lost track of how many times I had to restart the last few levels (apart from the very last one, which I did in one go; he blew himself up!)

I've got another minor complaint though; you don't see enough of the special weapons, i.e, it seems that a weapon is introduced in a level, is used loads in that level and then is barely seen again. For example, the voodoo doll. What I mean is, there weren't enough levels with a wide variety of weapons, the levels seemed too... specialised.

That said, it was a great game, one of their better ones. I'd score it 8/10.

Oh, and for the skeleton level, I have 2 things to say:

•1: Good luck! You'll need it and
•2: Try and force the skeleton men together so you can take a lot of them out with one shot. That's how I managed to do it, anyway!


Hi, My first coment On JIG... I'm stuck on level 11. Those pesky crabs are addicted to dynamite... I'd only be left with 1 matey, and 1 crab and then A stick of Dynamite blows me into the water.
How to remove the 2 crabs on the side:

put 2 barrels on the crab facing the water eg.

barrel crab

Then blow it up causing the crab to catapult into the water! Do that to the 2 side crabs.

Hope this helps ;)


The last level was really easy!


Remember people, you can click to make the banana explode, it doesn't need to stop bouncing.


Ugh. Nitrome has become so boring lately, with a game being released every month. It's the 22nd July already. Release something! And the blog has become a little boring, too, with that preview thing not being updated. If it's a preview section, why do they not let us preview their next game.

Press my name. There's a game on that link, and it's fun :-)


The new game (at last) is called "Final Ninja". Go play it!

Horrar! Finally. Beat. Jay.


This game is so infuriating. You'll almost beat the crab level then when it's the computer's turn, it'll freeze ...Argh!


Please, please please can someone help me with lvl 9? It is imp-oss-ible!


im stuck on level 9 of mutiny.. anyone have any suggestions to how i can beat it??? please????


Here's how i beat LEVEL 12!!

Well this could take a couple of tries, but get your captain to the upper islands, and as your second move as you're jumping set up barrels of gun powder by the captain of the skelletons. if you make it to the top of the screen you can use 2 tidal waves to wipe out a large amount of players near the bottom, and use dynamite with the gun powder barrels to kill players at the top.


Well, I have to say, this may be my least favorite Nitrome game. I'm honestly only trying to complete it because it's the only Nitrome game I haven't passed yet. I'm currently working on level 12, but I haven't had much luck yet. Too bad I can't use the cheap method I used on the crabs where I just pile tons upon tons of explosive barrels around the enemies. The skeletons' suicidal tactics are really frustrating.

Anyway, perhaps the thing that most aggravates me most about the game is that you spend so much time waiting. With so much waiting involved, I really can't afford to lose. Eh, maybe I just need to take my time. It took me quite a long time to pass the original Hot Air, and there's really no need to rush.


Hydra? I haven't heard from you in ages! Since you're on Level 12, can you help me with Level 11? Yeah, sorry I had to make a reply like this, but I need help!


Your most useful weapon here will be the explosive barrels. Try to trap the crabs one by one in the barrels so you can concentrate on others. Once they're all trapped, you can trigger a massive explosion to hopefully kill them all either by blowing them up or knocking them into the water.


Thanks, Hydra! I'll go try that.

Erik Stenberg August 2, 2008 6:26 AM

I've finally found a way to beat the skeletons in level 12. Use your captain, put a barrel of gunpowder close to the skeleton next to the captain, then put as many barrels as you can around other skeletons, trying to trap them in pyramids of explosives. *harr harr* Use dynamite (practising your aming is important) to push the skeletons of the ledges (cherry bombs are too weak) and make sure you have at least one pirate high enough to avoid the tidal wave. Use him/them to collect chests and hopefully you'll get some bananas, otherwise you'll have to resort to dynamite. Ok, I admit - you need a portion of luck too. But - hey, me mates - I finally beat them! :) /E. in Sweden


Great strategy for any level:

Trap an enemy with powder kegs or crates (powder kegs are of course better). These can be placed anywhere on the level, even if you are also trapped somehow, but you usually won't even need to blow it up! The AI enemy seems to get bored or something, and blows themself up! This is a great strategy for the


first form.

Invisable August 7, 2008 7:10 AM

Thanks everyone for the help on level 12 now I shall help all who are stuck on level 11.

First move your 2 guys on the edges in a bit so you can knock the side crabs off with cherry bombs,then get all of ur guys 2 put mines on the center platform and knock the remaining crabs onto them.If you still have one left then take him out with dynamite.(trap him first then build it up to about 8 or more then set of with a cherry bomb.)


Hey, cool! I found a game bug! Here's how to do it:

1.Put boxes (#) in a pattern so that if one is blown up, others fall on a pirate (@). For example:


2.Blow up some of the boxes, causing the others to fall. It should cover up the pirate, as if he isn't there. (this may also be counted as a bug, but it isn't what I was talking about)

3.Try throwing the pirate. He should fall through the ground, and become stuck! You may even be able to get him back out again, using a bomb.

*I tested this out on 2-Player "marooned" level.


On level 7, with the guy the big hat, he killed the himself without my help. LOL


On level 10 especially, the CPU took ages to work, and as I was in the middle of trying to climb the middle mountain to get to the last lady pirate on the other side, just climbing up took half an hour, no kidding. And then I fell down the mountain again. But overall, great game so far, I'm stuck on level 12.


Need help with level 12!(12 Skeletons)

amythistfire August 30, 2008 8:23 AM

I see how to win level 12 and 13
Im stuck on 19!



But now the game is giving me a problem;
when it's the computer's turn to go it won't do anything,
and I end up expecting something to happen and I stare at the screen expectantly for a few minutes!
this has happened to me a few times,
it could just be my computer but I wanted to make sure.
Anyone else have this problem?


There have been many, many, MANY complaints about not finishing level 9 (this includes me). This is why I wanted to say - we DON'T want another post about beating level 11/12 - if you do, then ctrl+F your way thru the older posts. But if anybody could write how to beat level 9...many would be grateful. Thanks!


To complete lvl 10

The best thing to do is to go to the end tower. Scroll carefully so you can see one of your team and one of their people. Then throw all manner of bombs, cannons and crates to stop them winning. Keep using that tactic all over the place on every tower, then you'll beat it.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous July 3, 2009 4:17 PM

Extremely late comment, but since it needs admin verification I hope it will get noticed: Is it me, or is the game heavily-glitched right now? When it loads, it just cycles between random menu screens, and if I manage to click on something and get playing, it takes me right to the ending sequence.


I managed to get to the skull pirates, but they're impossible.


Game slows down big time. Makes for a bit of frustration. AI can switch from incredibly intuitive to complete idiot.


it would be cool if you could pick up a enemys weapons when they die
stuck on lvl. 12

cheesecoffee0 September 8, 2010 7:27 PM

my only problem with nitrome is that they make their levels too hard before you even reach lv 10

N I T R O MEfan September 26, 2010 2:35 PM

Level 9:

Use banana bombs. When they touch the ground near an enemy, click it will blast them right off the ship!

Trickster 206 January 2, 2011 11:01 PM

level 14 is hard for me.


OK... I have completed all the levels and I only found levels 10,11 and 12 REALLY hard. So for level 10, the girls, the first thing I did was use my captain's voodoo doll to knock the lowest girl off her perch, and then just use bananas and other staff to blast the others away, although it is good to get your aim right (I found myself constantly frustrated when my men landed in the water instead of plunking neatly on the other side.) On level 11, the cranky crabs, all you do there is to get them to your level, down on the ground. This is your greatest advantage. You can also jump your side men inwards and blast the crabs on the outer bank with cherry bombs. Level 12 was so-o hard. The skeletons were relentless! I just found that you have to give as good as you got if you were to take them out. Dynamite is your biggest advantage. ♥ dynamite!! Just blast them, and try to get up the top. One time I was one man left to my one man. He was on the bottom, I was on the top. Because I was soo terrible at jumping (I'd learnt from experience... grrr!)I just waited, ending my go, and guess what? He dropped cherry bomb after cherry bomb in the water and finally killed himself. The last level is soo easy, all you need to do is knock the big guy off his perch, place boxes around him and bullseye - when he sends a tidal wave through he gets hit too. On level fourteen, work inwards, so with one side, work that way. On the very edge blast them away and keep going that way, if that makes any sense...


Stuck at level 11. Any help ??


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