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Nekonote Escape 7: Doll

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KarmenNekonote Escape #7: DollC'mon, everyone is doing it! Let's tear apart the place, looking through piles of stuff or branches of plants, looking for colorful, small, and oval objects! Eggs, you say? No, no, who searches for eggs anymore? We're hunting for dolls. Ok, just one doll: Lion's doll. But we might just collect a basketful, anyways.

Nekonote Escape 7: Doll is a slight twist on the average escape-the-room game. Rather than looking for a way to open the exit, the goal of this game is to please poor Lion, who can't find his favorite doll anywhere. No wonder; someone has stuffed dolls all over, in the strangest of places. Collect all these joyful little faces and one just might turn out to belong to Lion.

This cute point-and-click game has many features common to games of this genre: a few puzzles, a mini game, and excessive pixel hunting. Most objects are collected and kept in an inventory along the right side of the screen, where they may be examined or combined with other objects. (One exception to this rule is the set of dolls; as they are gathered, they seem to disappear into limbo.)

A simple escape game can be a delight all by itself, but sometimes the greatest discovery is that it isn't by itself. Nekonote Escape 7: Doll is, as the title indicates, the seventh in a series. Each of the other games offers its own unique challenge, while following the adventures of the same crew: Lion, his doll, and a giant pink octopus. The first in the series is fairly primitive in terms of our point-and-click standards. Through the series, the scenery and puzzles gradually improve. So, played in order, it is easy to see both the evolution of escape games, as well as the difference a little practice can make.

By the time the seventh game in the series rolled around, the creators found the right combination: simple aesthetics and maddening frustrating solutions. It will be interesting to see what escapes the future will bring. For now, please enjoy yourself and

Play Nekonote Escape 7: Doll

Or, enjoy any of the other six games in the series:


ChannieChannie March 23, 2008 10:27 PM

BOOM! First comment, I think. Hm. I suck at these, but I love 'em anyway. HELP!


Okey dokey then.

I have the following items:

Abc and Poems book
Cane Knife

I already used:

One puzzle piece
Red key

What do I do now?
Oh yeah and I also have

5 dolls that aren't Lion's

ChannieChannie March 23, 2008 10:53 PM

NE?! I have

the cane, the hat, the book

and I've used

two puzzle pieces

How do you people manage to FIND all that stuff?


Dear lion,

I'm sorry you lost your oddly emotion-having dolls.

Do you want a cookie? No... no you do not. So what should I do with it then?



Koopnut, for the cookie:

something may enjoy eating that

check around the box next to the cookie holder

if clicked in the right way, the box will move

a mouse hole? hmm the mice would like the cookie I bet

1. Place cookie.
2. Wait for mouse.
3. Mouse takes cookie.
4. ???
5. Profit!


What a cute little game, and I like the non-pressure of finding a doll, rather than escaping a room.

Anonymous March 23, 2008 11:01 PM

Does anybody know the combination on the safe?


I have:

cookie (used), hat, two puzzle pieces (used), cane, yellow key (used), game CD (used), book, orange key (used), coin (used) and plastic sheet. I have 8 dolls that aren't Lion's.

I still don't know what to do with

the potted plant, the clock, the three cats on a mat, the cup with the letter m, the seemingly empty drawer, the two pillows on the couch, the books between the couch and the wall and the scarf on the hook. I can't find anything to overlay the plastic sheet onto.


Okay nevermind. I beat it :D

Except I'm missing five more dolls ;A;

queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 11:08 PM

ChannieChannie, just click everything you can find.

I didn't write all of them down, but one of the dolls (not lion's) is inside the cardboard box -just move the stuff inside around- and there's another doll stuck to the back of the frame of lion's portrait.
And I think I found another one under the cushions, just lift them.


Okay, I've got:

cookie, hat, one puzzle piece, cane, 2 keys, game cd, coin, ABC book, and "semitransparent piece of plastic" and 8 apparently useless dolls
I've used the cookie, puzzle piece, cane, keys, game (and passed it), coin, book, and piece of plastic.
I've also found the word "ghost" in Humpty Dumpy using the sheet of plastic.
Obviously, the three symbols on the hat are for the 5 digit code to the safe, but I can't find the other two.
Where is the second puzzle piece?


yeah, I'm missing a few dolls too. A nice game though.

queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 11:14 PM

Oops, sorry I forgot to use spoilers before!

I don't know if they're important to beat the game but I just found another doll

on the left side of the sofa

which you need to cut open

using the sort of cutter in the handle of the cane. Just click about item and press the silvery button on the handle to open it


Yay, finished! I got 8 dolls in the end for 550 points. Anyone get more?

ChannieChannie March 23, 2008 11:18 PM

Thankies, your royal diamond-ness. But I think I have those ones already. But it was really great of you to help me out!


We did it! It was a great game. Thanks for some of your help on the spoilers. We just needed help to find the code.


I think I have ten dolls so far, but I haven't finished the game yet. I'm still looking to open the combination box.


ok, ive been looking for the other puzzle peice forever, where is it?

Anonymous March 23, 2008 11:27 PM

turn off lights to get more symbols for combo

queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 11:29 PM

If you have already put the two missing pieces of the puzzle in place

turn off the lights to reveal the shape of a dog and three symbols (mine were a triangle pointing down, a star and a circle but I'm sure these change with each game)

I suppose I have to use them for the code, but

with the other three symbols on the hat I have 6 total for a maximum of 5 spaces... something's not right


Oh, yay! I finally got out with ten dolls and a score of 840. Nice game.

If you take the angry doll, it's -10 points. Also, each symbol represents a letter of the thing it was on, so you can use these to spell 'Ghost'.

queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 11:38 PM

Aric, the puzzle pieces are

under the sofa, right side

behind the clock, click on the upper side until you find the right spot to reveal a hidden space

use the cane to reach them both.


yea i did it.
queen of diamond
have you found

the book

did you find


did you look at the


use the items to get the code, you wont need all the letters that codes are given for

CanadianWeasel March 23, 2008 11:43 PM

Missing puzzle pieces

Behind clock

Under couch

Getting symbols..

From using plastic overlay in the book, you get 'ghost' spelled out

Looking under rim of hat gets you the symbols for H, A and T.

Examining puzzle with both pieces in and lights turned off, gets you symbols for dog. D, O, G

Don't forget, holding up the sugar bowl gets you the symbol for S

You should now be able to open the safe using

symbols representing G, H, O, S and T

queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 11:50 PM

Thank you tlsims! I didn't know what to use the transparency with!

Yay I finished it now. Lovely game, cuuute lion I really wanted to give him his doll back!



transparent overlay??

I've been through

the book 5 or 6 times clicking everything and haven't gotten anything from it.


finally finished with a little help at the end...

10 dolls, score of 1000!


O K I finish the game I have gotten 9 dolls with a score of 950!!!

The location of the dolls that I got are as follows:

There is a doll behind the picture of lion and his doll.Its names lovely and worth 80 points.

There is one on the bottom left of the sofa. Titled 2 worth 20 points.

Under the pillows on the sofa. Is the one titled 3 worth 30 points

If you find the books next to the sofa on the right side next to the wall if you click around the box with the books they will move and behind it is a golden doll worth 300 points. There is another doll behind the books you can see it without having to move the box I dont think it really has a name but is worth 110 points.

If you keep shaking the tree it will break off and you will find a pirate doll in it. Worth 150.

After you get the disk for the game and play and win it when it open the door that has the coins and stuffed mouse there is one behind the box of coins.Its called the Dance and is worth 90 points

There is one in the mouse hole after you give the mouse the cookie and you have gotten the key click on the hole again and you will be taken inside the hole and in the upper right area you will see a litte pink if you click on it there is the mouse doll worth 100 points.

There is a doll in the box in front of the mouse hole move the stuff around and you will find the sleeping doll which is worth 70 points

I think the only doll that I am missing is the one title angry that is worth minus points. I have no clue as to where that one is located.


That was cute. I finished with 7 dolls

plus the angry one

. I only needed a small clue about how to figure out what the symbols mean :P


ok I have found the tenth doll

if you shake the tree for a bit it will say something fell down and its numbered 5 think and worth 50 points


Here are the locations of the 10 good dolls as lifted from redroobar

1:Behind the picture
2:Click the plant like mad, it will fall behind the pot
3:Use then knife on the plant, again click like mad
4:Right cushion on sofa
5:Cut hole in left side of sofa
6:Click lower right corner of sofa, click right of leg, hiding behind box
7:Pixel hunt on the box till it moves
8:Box under scarf
9:After you get the second key from the mouse, go back and click the mouse hole
10:In locked drawer with coins



What are you talking about with the books on the right side of the sofa? I can't click anything on the right side of the sofa.

And about that last doll:

"Angry" can be found behind the TV. You have to click to the left and below the white box where you put the disc in, and you have to use the cane to reach it. It's purple.


Hah. Nevermind, I just found the dolls...


So my final score was 1000 after I found the 10th not final doll the only doll I am missing is the angry one so have no clue as to where that doll is located. I have put in spoilers all the dolls that I did find above this post. One note on the last spoiler for the 10th doll I found that I fogot to but in the spoiler is listed here

after you get the message that something fell down after shaking the tree look behind the pot and you will find the doll on the ground then keep shaking the tree to find the pirate doll after the plant falls down,

Sorry about all the post realize I left out a important step to find the final doll after I already posted the spoiler on to how find that doll.


Does anyone have a walkthrough for the first game?


It seems the clock in this game displays real time.


That was the scariest escape da room I've ever played. How did nobody notice that the lion was hellishly frightening? And the sound effects were so loud and jarring.

p.s. it's not a knife. It's a shank.

Papachabre March 24, 2008 6:38 AM

The Angry doll is...

behind the entertainment center

Click the left side of it.

Use the cane to grab him.

He's worth -10 points =(



try here:


Though here - and other sites - everyone is complaining that the game is sheer pixel hunting and lacks any kind of logic. And that corresponds to what my thoughts so far about this game are.


Oh, man, forget episode 01... In fact you have to click on EMPTY places to get objects. There's a


, for example that is obtained by clicking on a totally empty place that has nothing to indicate that it's actually a hot spot, exceot that the cursor turns to a hand - but it does that almost everywhere... That's totally against the unwritten rules and customs of point-n-clickers. There's no strategy here except "click everywhere, even if you see that there's nothing there". Who could possibly have thought there's any fun in that??? Or is it a game sponsored by mouse producers???
If anyone goes thru it without help it's either cheating or a tremendous amount of luck.


got through the 7th game... got through the near-impossible 1st game...

now stuck on the 2nd game. if you're wondering it says when you click on the tv, its "i wonder where the remote could be..."
as for the frog... it's "please enter the numbers" but i'm stuck as to what exactly those numbers are >.> i've got 4 already.

my walkthrough for the first game below although i had to look at that link above... and stuff...

screen 1. on the floor to the bottom center-right of the lion, click around, you'll find a stick ;>.> it's invisible.

screen 2. click on the 2nd tentacle of the octopus from the right. you'll find the diary

high-light the diary and click on "about item". then click on the bottom-left of the diary to find a piece of paper with numbers.

screen 3. click on the top of the picture frame near the right corner. you'll find the second piece of paper with more numbers

screen 2. now for the mind-bender. what the heck do we do with those numbers? it obviously has to do with the code for the box.
the paper from the diary had "5245" and the one from the frame had "4133"
the test is 10/10 = 100 marks right? so now we make 100 marks out of the the diary numbers "5245"
100 / 5 = 20
100 / 2 = 50
100 / 4 = 25
100 / 5 = 20
then using the second set of numbers "4133"
4 x 20 = 80
1 x 50 = 50
3 x 25 = 75
3 x 20 = 60
which gives us our code 80507560 which you use to open the box

take the octopus from the box. high-light it and click on "about item".
click on the middle of its head and then horns will appear.
click again and a smaller octopus appears on its head.
click on the smaller octopus again and horns will appear.
click on the middle of the smaller octopus' head and a round thing will appear.
click on the round thing and you get candy.

screen 4. feed the candy to that thing blocking the door. it will move away from the door.

screen 4. after that thing's moved away, use your stick to poke at the top left of the wall the door is on. you'll find lion's doll. the same doll from game 7.

screen 1. give the doll to lion and he'll give you the key to get out of there.

screen 4. use the key on the door duh


you're saying you got thru the first episode all by yourself???

That's nearly as impossible to believe than the game itself :)


lol bioLarzen i said i looked at that link above, that you posted XD used it to piece things together. thanks for the linkie!

i ended up finishing all the games. impatience lead me to look at hints when i couldn't piece things but yeah, nice and short :3


i have solved this game. not bad... cute! i got 7 "dolls" my points is 440.


i have succesfully beaten all of the nekonote games all by myself!(i used a little help on six, but who cares? those digits looked nothing like numbers!) if you need help, ask me! but im gonna be gone for a week so dont ask untill next monday! CAKE!!!!!!


I can't get the key ore something to reach the octopus and the star-coins, help!


Never mind, got it open:)


how do you get a cookie!?


Usually when it comes to room escape games, I'll play for a little while and get stuck. Then I look at a walkthrough of the game and think:"What, the solution is that obvious? I could have figured it out if i just persisted." But that is definitely not the case when it comes to the first game.


Where do you find the key to get to the safe? I found most of the symbals for it, but I can't get to it.

queen-of-diamonds March 24, 2008 7:39 PM

Nekonote Escape 7: Doll

1. Click on the portrait on the shelf to move it. Click on the pink object coming out of the side to get Doll #1 ('lovely').

2. Go right. Click on the big cat to lift it. Pick up the cane.

3. Click on the leaves of the plant repeteadly until 'something falls down' -you'll get a message-. Click on the floor behind the
pot and get Doll #2. Keep shaking the plant (you'll need to click a looot of times) until the leaves fall off. Get Doll #3 ('pirate').

4. On the same screen click on the lower right corner of the clock to reveal a hidden area. There's a puzzle piece there. To
reach it select the cane in your inventory and then click on the piece to get it.

5. Go right. On the coffee table you'll see a cup, a sugar bowl (marked with an 'S') and milk (the one with the letter 'M').
Click on the sugar bowl. Note the symbol on it.

6. Go right. Click on the right cushion to reveal Doll #4.

7. Click on the left side of the sofa. You'll see an area that looks noticeably darker than the rest. Select the cane, click 'About item' and press the silver button on the cane. It has a hidden cutter/knife. Use it on the dark area on the sofa. Get Doll #5.
Zoom out and click on the left leg of the sofa to zoom it in. Then click on the space between the sofa and the wall -may be a
bit tricky at first but you'll eventually be able to- until you can see a green box with something that looks like books in it.
Behind the books you'll find Doll #6. But there's another one here. Click on the lower left corner of the box until it moves
forwards. Get Doll #7 ('gold'). Zoom out.

8. Click under the sofa, right side. The second piece of the puzzle is there but you can't reach it. Select the cane, click 'about item' and close it so that it looks like a regular cane again. Now use the cane to get the puzzle piece. Zoom out.

9. Click on the puzzle painting hanging on the wall. Put the two missing pieces in place. We'll come back here later.

10. Go right. Select the cane, open it. Use the knife on the black area of the green punching bag/toy (you can play a bit with it before if you want to :P ). Pick up the red key. Then look under the cabinet to get a children's book.

11. Go right. Pick up the hat. If you inspect the hat you'll see that there are three symbols under the rim (click to flip it). Write
them down, you'll need them later.

12. Click on the carboard box to see what's inside. Move the contents around by clicking on them until you find Doll #8
('sleep'). Click on the arrow to zoom out. Click on the box to move it aside. There's a mouse hole behind it. You can
inspect it but nothing's gonna happen; you need something to lure the mouse out of the hole.

13. Go right. We're back to the first screen. Click on the portrait again and use the key on the keyhole behind the
portrait. Get the CD.

14. Go right two times until you're facing the tv set. The left drawer is empty and the right drawer is locked. Press the red button on the game console to turn it on. Insert the CD (select it and then click on the vertical black line) and click on the screen to play the game (to beat the game you need to click on the pink octopuses to earn points, -it's reeeeally easy-). When you're finished, click the arrow to zoom out and click on the right drawer which is open now. Behind the box of coins you'll find Doll #9 ('dance'). Click on the coins to take one with you.

15. Go left or right 3 times until you're facing the screen with the mouse hole and the cookie machine. Insert the coin in the
machine to get a cookie. Select the cookie, click 'about item' and click on the cookie to take the wrap off. Put the cookie in front of the hole. A mouse will take the cookie and as a thank you it will give you a red key. Once you have the key, click the arrow to zoom out and then click on the hole again to get inside. Click on the big mouse and get Doll #10 ('mouse').

16. Go left. Use the key you got from the mouse to open the cabinet. Get the transparency from the bottom shelf.

17. Select the book in your inventory. Turn the pages until you find the Humpty Dumpty rhyme at the end. Select the
transparency and put it over the book. The letters G + H + O + S + T will stand out. This is the word you need to open the safe, but you need to codify it to make it work.

18. Go left two times until you're facing the door. Turn of the lights. Go left or right 3 times, click on the puzzle and voila!
you'll see the drawing of a dog and three symbols much like the ones you previously saw on the hat. These three symbols
stand for the letters 'D O G'. The symbols on the hat stand for 'H A T'. Which means we now have the symbols to form the
word 'GHOST' minus the S symbol. But... remember the coffee table and the sugar bowl? Exactly, the sugar bowl gives you
the symbol that represents the S.

19. Go to the safe and open the cabinet to zoom it in. With the symbols you got from the hat and the puzzle you'll be able to spell out the word GHOST using the symbols. When you're done click Enter and get Lion's doll. Zoom out.

20. Go to the door, open it and give the doll to poor Lion!! Woohoo! You're finished with perfect score (1000)!!

The angry doll

The purple angry doll is behind the tv set, but DON'T pick it up if you want to finish the game with perfect score as it's worth -10 points. But if you do want it, use the cane to reach it.


(te key between g and j is missing on my keyboard)


I found only 7 dolls, and ad a score of 440, does something diferent happen if u find all dolls...........


(te key between g and j is missing on my keyboard)

Posted by: AAALALALALALALLALAALLA | March 24, 2008 8:14 PM

It quite clearly isn't. - TE GOSTE "H"I TE DOLL!

Anyhoo. Cute fun this. But. OMG the first of the series was ridiculously impossible. What was with that maths puzzle? Big thanks to erii-chan for walkthrough.

Architectonic March 25, 2008 12:07 PM

The Nekonote games are really quite cute. The first one is a terrible game, though. Note to game authors - point'n'click = good, pixel hunt = bad!

Anonymous March 25, 2008 4:51 PM

I can't beat any of the games.... walkthroughs on the 2nd-5th would be nice!


The touchpad strikes again. I can't beat the stupid "shooter".


hey im just wondering how do u find the knife?
Also, how do you get the coin ?


Just in case you're losing sleep cause you have to finish the other games..here's the walk thru for The Dream (game 3):

Look under the pink pillow, take the brown key

go left..click on that picture by the desk several times until it falls off. Look into the black square on the wall..(hmm..too dark)

use your handy brown key to open the drawer on the desk. Get the notebook and skim thru it. Notice the page with the 4 balls and the direction of the arrow. That's important.

Go left and take the green umbrella. Now look to the top right hand of that screen. Do you see a small hook? (it's kinda hard to notice) use the umbrella to pull the hook down. You'll see this funky, blue box come down. leave it for now

before you leave this screen, take a look behind the umbrellas, you should find a hammer. use this hammer to smash the glass star. the glass should shatter and leave a hole (a star shaped hole)

use the "about item" feature on your umbrella. you'll see the hook comes off and becomes a knife. Even tho it becomes a knife, it doesn't change it's appearance in your inventory so don't get confused. with your umbrella now turned into a knife.. go to the screen with the generic pink flower in a vase by the tv. click on it till you get a pink key. use your pink key to open the locked drawer of the entertainment system

yay..u got a flashlight. turn it on and check out that dark rectangle left by that picture you made fall on the ground. aha!

the picture on the wall (the one by the tv) has a spin dial thingy showing different colors. remember the sequence of colors according to the info you've gotten. Come on people, it's 4 colors! soo not hard to remember!

it will give you a yellow ball. put this into one of the holes of that blue box you pulled down from the ceiling.

use your umbrella knife on the chair by the desk. aaw, cute piggy bank. bust it with the hammer and you'll get a purple type ball. yup, you know where I'm going with this now, right? put it in the other hole of the blue box

collect your red star. put that in the hole..and bob's your uncle! Not a logical one but nekonote did name this game The dream, right?


oops.. I left a step out! LOL!

after you've figured out the color sequence (the 4 colors) go to the scene with the bed. There should be a big, blue ball thing. Pop it with your umbrella knife. It turns into a box. Enter your colors here left to right as said in the book and the dark hole in the wall.. if you've done it right, the box will give you a yellow ball..the same yellow ball that goes into the blue box..


I'd love to play it, but I've tried several times now and it just won't load...


what are the signs !!!??? i don't get it where is the booook

Anonymous April 2, 2008 10:27 AM

I found lion's doll but I only found 8 other additional dolls. Are there more than 8?


Finished my first escape game w/o a sneak at the walkthrough!
9 dolls found and 850 points - didn't get the angry doll...


i did it :) i just couldn't find a thing which i needed, so thanks for the spoilers. i think i'm gonna sign up... bye for now, roby31, italy


i need help 4 the christsmas one

Isola girl June 17, 2008 4:05 PM

Hey i noticed something. The code for the safe is GHOST and painted on the wall of the safe where the DOLL hides is "Please hand this to Lion". All very mysterious aye?
Well when i cleared the game, a little ghost was flying around the "you cleared the game" screen. Anyone see a conection? ;-)


Finished with 690 points...
Didn't get "angry"


I think the links for the other games might need to be updated. I think nekonote made a change to the layout. The links at the top put you to a redirect site.


On the main page of the Nekonote site, for the first game in the series it says:


Translated it means roughly:
"Presently it does not link escape01."

I've updated the link to note that Escape-01 is not presently available.

Guisella May 8, 2009 1:06 PM

I give up on this stupid thing. I clicked the clock, to get the second piece of the puzzle, like 1 million times! and it doesn't work at all or move or anything. They should make this game easier to click.

andr01d May 11, 2017 9:39 AM

This game was going great until the octopus game. No matter how well I do, I get no score at all and the drawer never unlocks. What gives?


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