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Rating: 4.1/5 (48 votes)
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PuzzlelandBecause the Hapland games are so much fun and unbelievably popular, I wanted to post a link to this similar game for you to try. Although not quite as well done as Robin Allen's games, Puzzleland is much easier and there are more levels to solve. Each level details the objectives you must meet to move on.

As with other games like this, the clicking sequence and timing is everything. You may need to reset a level if you do something incorrectly.

The game was created by Hanan Finnerty, and he promises to be working on a sequel with even more puzzles, levels, and a stronger story. In the meantime, have fun with this one.

Play Puzzleland


remister June 28, 2005 3:38 PM

Thanks jay for another great point and click puzzle game. This puzzle was just an easy trial and error game. If you need hints or clues, email me or comment here. Or I can make another walkthrough? Hahaha


im so bad at these...please help..im stuck on the swamp level..i killed the brown monster and the guy in the suit is standing on this blue block..but what now

bobsmith1486 June 28, 2005 6:25 PM

Make a walkthrough?


There's already a walkthrough on the site:


Have fun,



*** SPOILERS ***

"Get Mahoggany Across the Chasm"

Click on the sign. A plane will fly into the tree, the lumberjack will get angry, chop down the tree, and it will fall on him.

Click on the board holding the rock. It will release the rock, which will roll into the tree and knock it onto the chasm, forming a bridge.

"Get Mahoggany Through the Swamp"

Click on the swamp monster. It will eat the frog.

Click on the triangle on top of the building. It will pour stuff on the swamp monster that will make it bigger.

Click on the hippo. As soon as it submerges, click on the swamp monster, it will shoot fire that will bounce off the cliff and hit it in the face, killing it.

Click on the button. A blue platform will appear.

Keep clicking on Mahoggany. He'll hop on the blue platform, then the swamp monster's corpse, then the hippo, then the lily pad, then the swamp monster's head, then the next screen.

"Break the Fortress Door"

Click on the Cloud. It will blow away the guard next to the fire and the fire will catch the flag on fire.

Keep clicking on the bird until the guard next to the catapult gets angry and runs over to kill it.

Click on the catapult, breaking the door.

Click on the guard with the staff. He'll turn around, notice the flag is burned, and call all the guards away to check it out.

Click on Mahoganny to walk to the door. Click on him again to enter.

"Sneak Past the Guards"

Click on the guards to have them walk forward.

Click on the rocks in front of Mahoggany to have the arrow next to the rocks point down instead of up.

Click on Mahoggany to kick a rock down below. The arrow should start pointing up again.

Click on Mahoggany twice more to kick the rocks at the picture, knocking it down.

Click on the button where the picture was to move the bucket of water over top the blue door.

Click on the guards to walk them back to their original position, next to the lever. Notice they trip on the rock and a '!' appears briefly over Mahoggany's head.

Click on the platform holding the horn, which will drop the horn.

Click on the horn, waking the old man with the shot gun, causing him to shoot at the stick figure with the bucket on his head. The shot ricochets off the bucket and into the surveillance camera, destroying it.

Click on the guards again. When the '!' appears over Mahoggany's head, click on Mahoggany. He'll rush by the guards while their on the floor and hide behind the fallen picture.

Click on Mahoggany again. He'll walk forward, step on the horn, and hang off the ledge. The horn will again wake the old man, causing him to shoot. The bullet bounces off the wall and hits him, taking care of him.

Click on Mahoggany again. He'll drop down. Click on him yet again and he'll walk through the red door.

"Defeat Gregory"

Click on the red button on the ledge ceiling twice, inflating the baloon.

Click on the blue switch next to the fan to power it.

Click on the fan to turn it on.

Click on the stalagtite to have water drop off it. The fan will push the water into the tiny plant on the ledge above Mahoggany, causing it to grow.

Click on the arrow until it points up.

Click on the plant and it will shoot... something to the right. The arrow will push it up and into the stalagtite, covering it.

Click on the arrow until it points down.

Click on the baloon to push it into the fan's airstream, which pushes it left. As it floats left, click on the stagtite, causing the... something that covered it earlier to drop down into the flame, making the flame flare up. When the baloon touches the flared up flame, it will turn into a fireball, which will shoot into the arrow. The arrow will direct it downward, making it hit the creature protecting Gregory.

Click on the leftmost green button on the floor, causing the spike to go away. Click on Mahoggany to walk forward.

A creature will appear from nowhere and try to eat Mahoganny, but it will miss. He'll stop at the second green button, which controls a small wall, preventing him from walking into the red force-field that appears as you near Gregory.

Click on the laser gun above Mahoggany's head to shoot through the force field.

Click on the green button to drop the wall in front of Mahoggany.

This part requires timing. Click on Mahoggany to have him walk forward. As he walks over the rightmost button (which is red), click it to release a spring, which will shoot Mahoggany into the air and have him land on Gregory.

Click on Mahoggany to stomp on Gregory's head.

You've won!


Regardless of what i do i cant get the damn spring to pop up


Poor little red bird.
Just another innocent casualty.

Eli Lilly July 4, 2005 12:34 PM

Jay, the javascript window opener is annoying. In the case of this game, the window opened smaller than the size of the game and the maximize button is disabled.


Eli - Sometimes that happens, unfortunately. If you close the window and try again, it will work correctly.

In any event, I've made it so you can scroll the window if that ever happens again.


haha cute cute. I like the "boing" part when you have to defeat Gregory. I also liked that they put the beginning of Tank! from the opening credits of an anime called Cowboy Bebop at the end when you defeat Gregory. [I just love that song..makes you wanna dance!]

Overall, brilliant


that was so easy but i still cant get hapland 1 and 2


Click on the horn, waking the old man with the shot gun, causing him to shoot at the stick figure with the bucket on his head. The shot ricochets off the bucket and into the surveillance camera, destroying it.

(You dont mention anything about realising the stick man and yes i am stuck... Help anybody!!)


I know this sounds farfetched, but I'm the creator of the game! If you found this game too frustrating or short, the second game which I'm working on has 14 levels, more variety in the puzzles and a storyline. Gregory is on your side now in this game, as you two become the best of friends (Not telling how yet)


This is really neat. I guess I'll make another Industry game.

Omnilord August 1, 2005 6:12 PM

When is pussle land 2 coming out?


ya when is it coming out??


I'm now well into the second Puzzleland game, and theres some improvements from the first one- more levels, alternative paths to continue the story and the sound and animation is slightly better. It will be finished soon, probably within a month... (I hope).


Great game!! I have always loved this type and you did a great job. Can't wait to get the 2nd Puzzleland!

Omni lord August 19, 2005 7:50 PM

can you give us a release date?

& will you give the game to major game sites?


holy Crap! its been a month but nobodys posted shame on you Nonposter (Cept jay)


Puzzleland 2 will probably come out next month. Ive been busy the last couple of months but I will have heaps of free time soon to finish it up


That was a wicked game - very haplandesque!! Keep up the good work...


Well I've waited a whole month! Is the second one out yet? Well, is it? I would love to know ASAP! Thanks for the first game! For these knid of games, (point-and-click) I like to grade the game on graphics and art and crap, not the things your able to do in the game. The reason why is because I use cheats from the post list to beat the games, so I need not to figure it out myself! (Yes, i love to use spoilers.) So this game would probably get a low score (duh ) but only because of the art. Hopefully the new one will be better!


Also, I need to mention the mistake in the walkthough above. (even though I passed it, anyway) Yes, Lisa, I do agree that the walkthrough mentions nothing about opening the door to RELEASE the stick dude, you just say to randomly click the shotgun guy to make him shoot himself! Please fix for future players, please!


The game wouldn't load at the link provided above.


Thanks, glommie, they must have moved the game. I've fixed the links. cheers!


there are two ways when you shoot the flower when it has grown.... you can have it upwards, click the flower then the spike up top of roof, or right and do it in one shot


when is puzzleland 2 coming out its been over 2 months


Theres actually a Puzzleland 2 demo out in the gprime forums- but at the same time theres also another Puzzleland game in the works. Expect Puzzle fever and the long wait worth it

coolbetti April 20, 2006 11:34 AM

I can't get the timing right on the sprinfg!!! any hints?

~*lauren*~ April 30, 2006 3:55 PM

help! i need a walkthrough to the game "industry"!! please help


i cant get the stupid bucket onto the stickmans head!!! what am i supposed to dooooo????/


I love this game, but PLEASE tell me how to get the buck on to stick man's head!!!! i want to finish the level


Here's how to get the bucket on the stickman's head:

With the guards back at their original position, click the blue door and then IMMEDIATELY click the lever with the red knob, which will make the bucket fall on the stickman's head.


THANK YOU for the bucket spoiler


'elllo brilliant game we got here make sure to check out the walkhrough if you're stuck but its pretty easy. People who are dieing to see the end see it without the walkthrough its better for yor kar-mah. LOLZ


this is way easier than hapland this is average


ineed help on industry im stuck on 3rd lvl

plz help me


heres the walk through for industry


i need help with destroying the surveillence camera


The game would be infinitely better if each switch could activate multiple times. That way you wouldn't have to start from scratch if you missed a switch.


If, like me, you had any trouble activating the spring in time...

Lower the wall. Hit tab until the wall button is highlighted. Click your mouse on our hero, then hit tab once to highlight the spring and hit enter quickly to activate it. I could never move the mouse quickly enough to the right position to hit the spring in time but it was not hard at all when I incorporated the keyboard.


I want to know when it is coming out! It is more than 2 years ago! When is it coming?!


when will no 2 come out im waiting for it so long

grandpajack June 13, 2009 1:12 AM

I need a walkthrough for industry. Anyone got it?


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