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JayRerunAnother simple idea executed almost perfectly, Andrew VanHeuklon's Rerun is a unique mouseplay game of collection and avoidance. And though we have seen this core gameplay mechanic in other games before, it is the creative implementations of the "replay" theme that elevate this title above others of its type.

Simply click "Play" then choose a level to begin, though only the first is unlocked initially. You will have to achieve at least a bronze medal to unlock each new level in succession, which represents 70% of the total points available for the level you are on. A silver medal is awarded for 80% and a gold medal for 90%.

Competition runner-up award winnerTo play, just collect the 'disks' of the same color as your pointer while avoiding all the other disks. Once you're done collecting the first color, you will repeat the level with the next color—up to a maximum of 4 on the later levels. However, with each new color turn, you will also have to avoid the pointers of your previous turns as they whiz around the play field collecting disks as well. Points are lost (equivalent to 3 disks) if the mouse pointer comes in contact with any of your previous pointers.

It's just that simple. But to do well and to reach the higher levels, a bit of strategy, planning, and perhaps even a replay or two will become necessary. There are also some very helpful power-ups to earn and extras to unlock as well.

For each disk of the correct color collected, a meter at the bottom of the screen increases. Every time you collect 50 disks a "Jaybomb" is awarded. Jaybombs allow you to collect all disks of your color currently on-screen when you click the left mouse button during play. Each may be used only once.

By accumulating medals you can earn a few extras that are very helpful in attaining higher percentages in later levels. For example, earning 15 bronze medals allows you to begin each level with 2 Jaybombs instead of having to earn them first. But even more powerful than the Jaybomb is Prediction, unlocked with at least 15 silver medals, which actually shows the paths of your previous turns before they happen, thus making them much easier to avoid.

Analysis: As with a few other entries in the competition, Rerun approaches the concept of replay from the perspective of replaying previous attempts, or turns, in real-time as you progress through a level. And while most of these implementations took a cooperative approach, Rerun goes the other way and turns your previous turns into additional elements to avoid, thus turning you against yourself.

And while the core concept of collection and avoidance is one that we have seen and played before, the reason it performed better over other more original entries in the competition is due to its overall implementation. Rerun is a full-featured, well-polished game that performed well in every judging metric except for accessibility—the version submitted to the competition did not include colorblind mode. Those lost points, however, were not enough to pull it down below 2nd place, and for that Andrew's competition entry has earned the runner-up prize, and well deservedly.

Rerun is a very simple idea executed exceptionally well and turned into a polished and enjoyable game that not only implements the "replay" theme in a uniquely creative way, it includes several extras and unlockables that serve to increase its replay value as well. Good job, Andrew, and congratulations!

dancemonkeydancemonkey - I'll admit it: I didn't quite get this game when I first played. I mean I understood how to play and played through most of it, but I wasn't quite sure why exactly it was supposed to be fun. After seeing how well it did in the competition (due also to my scoring, which ironically was pretty high; that's the nice thing about scoring based on objective metrics!), I went back and played it again all the way through. I get it now, at least I think I do. You have to just give in to the insanity of increasingly complex and chaotic levels. Let yourself go, live free, collect the colored dots and laugh on the inside as your prior hectic movements are replayed again and again. Seeing my prior pointers collect the colored dots I realized I need to drink less coffee. A well-deserved runner-up win.

zxozxo - Usually, having a great idea for a game is not enough to make it a great game; you also need a proper implementation of that idea. If I could sum up Rerun in 3 words, it would be "high quality implementation." Like dancemonkey, I was a bit surprised when the dust settled and Rerun stood in second place (showing once again how many great entries we received), but looking back at the scores Rerun attained, I see that they were all justified. The theme was well-incorporated, the gameplay was reasonably unique (having to avoid yourself four times over was a nice fresh idea). It may not have had the sheer ingenuity of something like Time Raider, but it was also without all of the flaws, and truly that means something. With the extended prep time for the next competition, I hope that most of the games will have visuals that are as vibrant, audio that is as appealing, menus that offer as much control, and gameplay that is as completely thought-out and complex as these things were for Rerun. And no bugs, no annoyances, not even a perturbation! With his second-place finish here, added to his being the inspiration behind our first competition, Andrew proves that he is one of the premier casual game designers on the web today.

Play Rerun


the game doesn't work, it comes up as "undefined by undefined" in the competition window.


I was just now uploading the files. xD

Everything should be fine now. Reload. =)

And if that doesn't fix it, you may have downloaded an incomplete file while I was uploading. If so, just empty your browser cache and that will fix everything.


thanks, Jay!

I guess I was jumping the gun on that one.


Great concept.....had fun playing it...keep up the good work buddy

Mandypoo July 20, 2007 2:44 AM

I really like how "replay" has been interpreted. It took me a few minutes to figure that one out(maybe it's because it's 2:30 in the morning, lol) but once I did, I thought, now that's an interesting twist. A couple notes: By accident I hit the space bar and it went back to the menu in the middle of a level; odd button for a menu option. Also, I noticed while playing, the Jaybomb didn't always work. Good Fun Andrew! Thanks.


I'm trying to think of how to describe this, and I can only come up with "Fantastically Frustrating". This has to be my favorite entry so far.

I absolutlely loved the CDT series, and I'm happy to see the same style and depth return in a new and simple way. He's managed to add depth to such a simple idea while incorperating the replay theme. The gameplay is smooth and fun, as well as frustrating. The whole game has an inviting feel to it.

I love the "Behind the scenes" look into the developer and how the game came to be, as well as the extras. They make me go back and get gold on every level so I can see all the extras the game has to offer.

I'm only up to three colors so far, and I'd say getting the second color has to be the hardest. Avoiding my first run through and avoiding the third color is quite the challenge.

Great game, and out of the all the entries posted so far I'd say this is a shoe in for first place. The upcoming entries have quite the fight on their hands.

antfactor July 20, 2007 2:56 AM

I dig this game a hell-of-a-lot! I love it's simplicity in graphics, game-play and concept. A treat I keep coming back to - excellent work, Andrew! I must agree with Mandypoo though... I think the spacebar is a poor choice for a return-to-menu button. I hit it thinking it would activate a J-bomb. Oops. ;)

catgrin July 20, 2007 3:17 AM

Nice! Very creative puzzle. It really manages to force personalized game play as your own style of movement will determine how you attack the problem in successive rounds. I also like that the graphics are well done and clean. They don't distract from playability (swirling spirals on the disks would have probably sent my brain hunting for the "happy place"). Terrific entry!


I am red-green colorblind and cannot see the difference between the two orb colors. Please make one light and one dark(er) next time.

kellyhalia July 20, 2007 3:54 AM

I am SO GLAD that we get to click each color circle to start, not just the first one. Gives me a second to re-focus, plus if I want to go super-fast I know every time right where the different color start clicky circles will be. Very nice!


Oh this just SUCKS!!!

Its a great idea, but the choice of colours just SUCKS!!!

Let me elaborate. Anyone ever heard of the term daltonism?

I have slight dificulties separating certain shades of green from certain shades of yellow. Especially if theyre the right luminosity AND moving.

And what do I see here?

First level and I could HARDLY pass it, the green and the yellow are just the right shade make discerning them very difficult for me. So I barely pass the first level, and that was by remembering where each color went by LISTENING whether the cursor accepted it or not. And then the next one comes. Colours? Why green and yellow.

Why is the green so light? I am sure there are other people like me with the same issue, and this really makes me sad...



Another excellent entry. The difficulty (at least for me) increases rather quickly, making it very challenging. But it is a wonderful concept executed quite well. I like the clean look and the amount of care that has been put into creating this game--the extras and behind the scenes info are great touches. In a word, this is what I think CGDC entries should aspire to: a simple concept executed thoroughly and well, rather than an incomplete and/or flawed execution of a more complex concept.

I was grateful for the ability to toggle the music on and off--after about thirty seconds the repetitiveness began to drive me crazy. Some more soothing music (less percussion, please) would be welcome, but being given the choice of turning it off is the next best thing.

nCn raises a good point about relying solely on colors to distinguish elements. Rather than messing with the colors in an attempt to get the right balance, perhaps adding symbols (circles, squares, triangle, and diamonds, for example) might be a better solution.

Along with Timebot, this is one of my favorites so far. I will definitely be playing this game again--so for me it embodies the theme in two entirely different ways! :)

Escapee July 20, 2007 5:36 AM

Love the game - really frustrating though :)

nCn - does changing the counters in the options help at all? I know they're still the same colours but you can get rid of the 'reflection' making them a little more solid...

Anonymous July 20, 2007 5:48 AM

It does help a bit, thanks escapee!


Wowowow! Phenomenal gameplay, best use of the "replay" theme so far (makes you hate yourself a bit though :D), cute graphics and colours, very decent sounds, unlockables... I think we have a winner!


nCn I have a different colourblindness than you, but I too cannot see a difference between the green and yellow.

It even took me two tries at level one to realise to even notice the game was meaning two different colours...


Highest production values so far, but I'm not at all convinced by the replay aspect of the gameplay here (although clearly others feel differently).

The problem I have is that the replayed part doesn't seem to matter much. The first half of each level is most of the challenge and the second half seems almost pointless.

I think it would be more interesting if you had a chance to save yourself from grabbing wrong discs by getting to them before your previous self eats them. That would not only make the second half less dull, but would also add a memory-game element since you'd have to try to remember where and when you'd made errors.


The JIG bar on the top gets in the way in this level. There should be quite a bigger space between top of the game panel and the point where the jig bar needs to pop up.

Other I would like if the game would be more time dependent, like 1st go you accidently eat a green get a bad point and if you manage in the 2nd go to eat the green before the yellow can eat it, you get it back.

Or the otherway around, if you eat all yellow ones, but as green you accidently eat some yellows before the yellow cursor can eat them, you get malus points.


I must disagree with the second part being boring.
The first part you're mainly avoiding the other dots while trying to pick up all of your own.
The last part you have to avoid yourself which can be unpredictable and crazy. I know if I'm playing with a touch pad my cursor tends to jump around a lot (to pick up the dots) which makes it pretty intense when I'm trying to avoid...myself.


Great concept, the element of replay very greatly implemented.

Such a shame it gets boring after a while, so I abandoned the game at the 13th level. But, after all, very user-friendly, levels are not too long.

One thing that bothers me a bit: it's rather easy to see right after the first couple of levels that you just have no real chance of a perfect score... Not a big deal though.


for me, it's not boring a little because I have nothing to do, but, because I have to do the same thing for minutes, nothing new appears, the game doesn't really have a trajectory, and arc, a developement, if you know what i mean.

But, just as I said, it's a great idea and game all in all.


This is absolutely amazing.

...but I suck at it, so I quit on level 3. haha

STILL great use of the concept and graphics, etc.

P.S. Love the Pizza Slice pointer. :)

JoeyJoJo July 20, 2007 9:46 AM

I love this game! Very smart and creative.

Kudos on a job well done!


Very pretty and creative.

I have to say, this competition has produced some really excellent stuff - congratulations and kudos to all the developers. There have already been several games that I will add to my favorites and play again and again!


I agree with all of my color blind brothers (assuming you are male, as almost all of us color-blindies are). These light orange / light green colors are SO commonly used in puzzle games and SO hard for us to see.

And it's not all colors, or even most colors, but these are particularly hard.

10% of the male population has significant trouble with this (enough to fail a flight test, like I did), and 50% of men have at least a little trouble with it. It would be about the same as making a game that couldn't be played at all by lefties.

So, although primary colors may not be trendy, they sure are easier for us.


I declare a winner! :)

Seriously though, I agree with what Kero said, above. Great game.


Overall, I have to say that this game is exremelt polished except for the two things mentioned here; the jig bar problem, and the color regcognition problem.

I mean, I'm not colorblind in any way, and I can't always tell the diffrence between the yellow and the green (because green is just yellow with some blue added in. in this case, not enough. A quick fix that would solve all the color problems is to make the green dots dark green dots. would make yellow/green differentiation easier, as well as red/green colorblind differentiation easier. Perhaps it being a little greener, too.

I love all the options, the extras and the gameplay in general. Totally the most fully rounded game so far, and well polished too. props!


Right, forgot to mention, I've been having the jayBomb problem too. If I get a charge beyond two and a half jaybombs, I simply cannot trigger them any more.


I think the problem with J-bombs not always working (Mandypoo) is due to the icon not being cleared at the start of each level. Also once you 'have' the three j-bombs because of this, the meter that shows progress til next bomb doesn't fill. Slight bug also with collecting too many of the wrong color starting the next round early.
Aside from the little programming quirks I ran into, I liked this game- I enjoyed the challenge of dodging my own frantic pre-cursors :)


Another quick bug I found, the right side of the screen; you can only move your icon so close to the side before your mouse goes off and you lose control (leaving your cursor a distance from the edge) The dots, however, can appear further to the right edge than you can easily move your cursor.

This, combined with the fact that as soon as your mouse leaves the field your cursor stops moving makes it a little frustrating, plus grants you the ability to 'teleport' to any other edge by moving your mouse there outside the map, then dragging it back on. It'd be nice if your cursor followed you off the app (and around the edge to avoid this problem.

Also, augh, level 13! soooo hard!


the_corruptor - that which you describe is not a 'bug' but an inherent characteristic of Flash games in general. Flash loses "focus" of the mouse when the mouse travels outside the Flash app boundaries, and it therefore no longer receives mouse events.


Very, very nice. So far there hasn't been an entry that really stood out to me but I really like this one. Plus, it incorporated the theme really well. Great job. My favorite so far.


Instead of discussing which colors can be viewed by colorblind, how about adding an option that writes (1-2-3-4) or (A-B-C-D) into the coins...

/me still remembers the time when all games could be played on monochrome displays also :-)

mtheminja July 20, 2007 12:47 PM

Wow, lots of complaining about the colours, how about some strategies. I found that assigning a pattern to each colour worked well, for example, yellow hesitates before moving, green makes loops around the screen, and blue dodges out from the corner. That way, you could remember where it's going more easily. What other tips are there?

Supertarman July 20, 2007 12:56 PM

Something that I don't like about this game is that each stage in a certain level gets progressively easier. In the first stage you have to focus on getting just yellow dots and staying away from all the other colors, but then the second stage you no longer have to worry about the yellow dots, since there is no harm in going over them again.

What I think would make this game better is that there would be no harm in going over a green dot when you are yellow, it would just mean that when you where green, you would need to get to it before yellow did or you would lose it. And say that you got 20/20 for yellow at the beginning of a stage, when you turn green and if you ran into a yellow dot then I think it would be much better if your score for yellow went down to 19/20.

On the higher levels, like 10 and 11, once you get to the color red, there is no challenge anymore, the only things you cant hit is yourself, which i find extremely easy and not very fun. Other than that i think the replay theme was implemented really well. Great game.


Hey thanks so much for all the feedback! And I am soo sorry for the people who have a hard time seeing the colors, I had plans to have a colorblind option, but the deadline hit me like a brick wall. I can whip one up real quick and change the menu button to .. [Q] for Quit? Thanks again, I'll start working on it right away, I want everyone to be able to play!

Fuzzbump July 20, 2007 1:30 PM

For those who aren't colorblind, you can take the image from the webpage and convert it to grayscale. You'll see that the yellow-green and blue-red pairs are identical. While not all forms of colorblindness work the same, this is a pretty good test to make sure everyone can play your game.


What I think would make this game better is that there would be no harm in going over a green dot when you are yellow, it would just mean that when you where green, you would need to get to it before yellow did or you would lose it. And say that you got 20/20 for yellow at the beginning of a stage, when you turn green and if you ran into a yellow dot then I think it would be much better if your score for yellow went down to 19/20.


TheSimpleAndy July 20, 2007 4:07 PM

I am working on it right now: I am going to keep the current colors, because they go with the overall color scheme of the game which took some time to keep consistent. Instead, I am taking fuzzygrids idea of using letters (A - B - C - D) to distinguish between different types. Also, when "Colorblind Mode" is enabled in the Settings Tab, the original pointer will have the letter on it you need to obtain. But all other pointers (and the unlockable ones) will stay the same [ex: if you'd like to use the pizza pointer, you'll just have to remember what letter your getting, rather than the pointer telling you] I am changing the quit button from spacbar to 'q' as well. The judging will take place on the original submission, so this is purely for responsive feedback. One thing that I have found out from developing these games is that the it's very difficult to come out with a perfect version the first time! It's hard to make a game from one perspective, so having this discussion is the BEST way to make great final touches that create a smooth title. THANKS to anyone and everyone for playing, and more importantly, telling me what you liked, what you didn't, and what it needs. THANKS! I should have the updated by tonight, if not, then early tomorrow so check back and tell me what you think please 0 : )

mtheminja July 20, 2007 5:01 PM

While you're improving this awesome game, add a meter for how many more circles you need to get to pass the level or reach the next medal, it would help so much and make the last stage SO INTENSE!

TheSimpleAndy July 20, 2007 5:42 PM

A meter huh, I will look into that : ) As for strategies, I have a "holding corner" for each color. When waiting for your next disk, go sit in that corner and don't bother your other ones. Haven't tried it, but when you mentioned strategies mtheminja, thats what I first thought of!


Very good indeed! It's also good to see you taking the points on board and improving the next version.

Probably the best implementation of the "past self getting in the way" idea yet.

A little off topic, the games and game menu seem to be loading so much faster than the last competition, but that could be my connection.


I really enjoyed this game and the dual replay concept. I also agree that having time to pause inbetween colors is great. A 5th color would make higher levels more interesting. The most difficult part is avoiding myself in the 2nd/3rd runs. It does get a bit dull when you get to the double-digit levels (did I abandon too soon?). So far this is my favorite of the entries. One frustrating thing is every time I go to the top of the screen the contest menu pops down blocking my view!


The presentation is really nice. Very pleasing to the eye. I would say that it's always better to choose colors that make sense for gameplay over colors that reinforce an aesthetic, but the game is definitely nice to look at. And the concept was compelling enough to keep me playing until level 13 beat me senseless many, many times. That would be my first criticism, actually - the difficulty curve is all over the place.

I'd say the music is a little too overbearing. I liked it at first, but it doesn't support the gameplay all that accurately. A choice of tunes would be nice.

My biggest problem was definitely how my pointer character would freeze at the sides of the play field whenever my cursor left he boundaries. It feels glitchy, and it interferes with my enjoyment of the game quite a bit.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of the system for awarding bombs. I would sometimes play a level without trying too hard to win, just so I could stock up on bombs for the real attempt. It seems like there should be a set number of bombs per level.

And the random distribution of dots means that much of the time, especially on the slower levels, two dots of different colors will travel right on top of each other, making it impossible to collect either one correctly. I don't know how to fix this, but it's quite annoying when it happens.

Whoo, that's a lot of criticisms. I did like this game quite a bit, and the unlockables and extras are appreciated. There's just some gameplay tweaks that would make it more solid.


Andy! You didn't mention the Jaybomb problem. They don't work at all for me... I haven't tried reloading page, which might get rid of the problem, but still... yeah...


I'm also red/green colorblind. While playing the first level I kept wondering when the second color disks were going to come out! The "convert to grayscale trick" mentioned in a previous comment is a great way to be sure you are designing a game with easily discernible colors. I'm beginning to wonder if colorblind people enjoy casual games at a higher rate than normal people judging from the many comments about it!


Hmm... I kind of thought my idea about using shapes on the discs to distinguish between colors was pretty neat, but it seems to have gone unnoticed. Personally I think shapes would be more aesthetically pleasing than letters or numbers, but whatever works.

TheSimpleAndy July 20, 2007 11:54 PM

Sorry for leaving you all waiting, I have had some errands to run because I am heading to South Dakota (4.5 hours from here) in a couple of hours. I did a test run with letters, and decided that wasn't the way to go, it's too hard to distinguish quickly. I talked to Jay about the overhead bar, and he says I can add a Quit or "Competition Menu" button on the main menu and then he can disable the bar to alleviate that frustration. As for running off the screen, the best I can do is to move the range on the incoming disks towards the center of the screen so there's a little buffer zone.

The JayBomb problem, can anyone get really specific about when it doesn't work? I am looking over my code but it just is taking long to change/test/pinpoint. all clues are welcome!

The "Colorblind Mode" I am tinkering with to keep it as close to the original and not actually change the game from the regular version, this way it's not an advantage. The idea I am going to test out now is just simple shades of gray (White - Light Gray - Dark Gray - Black ) I think this is much quicker for the mind to recognize than having to identify a shape out of the corner of your eye.

I am trying to fit all this into one new version and I will make a post in ALL CAPS when I did it. Sorry to keep you waiting! and yeah find that Jaybomb problem.

I currently have a cheat installed that will give 100% for every level and thus unlock everything so you can see what "Prediction" is and also create your own level.

On the Main Menu click the letters on the title as follows : [R]ERUN, RE[R]UN, RERU[N], R[E]RUN, RER[U]N .

This WILL wreck your score if you are proud of what you have done. You can reset everything in the settings option though with "hold to clear"

HAVE FUN, hope to bring out a new version very soon!


I'd like a higher frame rate (60fps). I don't like when flash games that are cursor based run at under 60fps, they just seem sluggish


I don't think I've ever played a Flash game above 30 fps.

But I do know what you're talking about with regards to games that use a custom cursor as this game does. However, the sluggishness that is usually associated with a custom cursor I did not experience with this game.


I just read the rules about the framerate :-)

I think part of what threw me off is that the pointer for this game isn't centered on the mouse inputs... you sort of drag the pointer/orb around by its edge.

I've played a 60fps flash game, but it was my own :-)

ant_factor July 21, 2007 3:58 AM

Can't get past level 11 - but still diggin' it overall. First wave is always somewhat more difficult but on faster levels I run into myself more often. Evil/clever idea. Would be nice if music varied from level to level - but it's easily tuned out after a while. Not terrible by any means. I really dig the 'blip' sound for dot collection. Classic Telstar sound. :)


I loved it! Nice one!


Great game, probably my favourite so far. Took me a while, but I was finally able to finish it too (with a silver on level 15 no less).


Just wanted to mention that after playing more of this game I'd like to partially retract my earlier criticism. On some of the later level with four colours the final stage is far from straightforward and provides plenty of challenge.

Who's controlling that stupid yellow disk anyway? They drive like a... oh, wait. ;-)


Buttons at the start aren't working. You can click them but they don't start anything.

Ezrabbit July 23, 2007 10:40 AM

In general, a frustrating but enjoyable entry!
Yes, it is unfortunately not colorblind-friendly.
I have some control difficulty in that when I need to move the pointer around near the top I sometimes accidentally activate the drop-down banner. It gets in the way.
Also, if you fail a level and hit replay, I really think you should get back any bombs you used in that level.

TheSimpleAndy July 24, 2007 6:32 PM

NOW COLORBLIND FRIENDLY : ) I spent some time experimenting with different ideas on how to accomplish this, but I think simple shades of gray work the best. Tell me what you think please!

Also, the cheat no longer ruins your scores, just unlocks all the levels and items. Jay is in the process of removing the drop down menu for my game so that it doesn't get in the way. If you see "Exit to Menu", then it's already taken care of. (Thanks Jay!)

- Andrew


Competition UI console menu is now disabled for Rerun. Please use the "Exit to menu" command to return to the game select screen.

(If you have played an earlier version, you will need to empty your browser cache to get the new version. Rest assured, doing so will NOT clear your saved progress.)

Cheers for the update, Andrew! =)


you're going to hate this, but it looks like you spelled it "color bind mode" instead of "color blind mode" in the settings ^.^


This is a lot like the idea I had for the contest, at least compared to the other entries.

I found the difficulty ramped up too quickly for me, and I like the sound of Supertarman's ideas. They might make the game more fun. But overall, it is a good entry.


Red-green colorblind, and couldn't get past the first level before reading the comments. Thanks so much for adding colorblind mode! You might want to automatically switch to it for people who fail the first level. :)


Somehow when I try to load the game it stops at 132KB of 581KB and sticks there!!! :( too bad and it seems like a cool game :(



It sounds like you have an incomplete file in your cache. Try emptying your browser cache and reload. That should fix it.

Out of curiosity, what mirror are you being redirected to when you click to play?


Works Perfectly now Cheers JAY!!!

I really have no idea about the mirrors

Annabananaaa August 2, 2007 12:27 AM

I love the consept.

I was going great till i got to levle 13.. Waaaay to hard from there ..


game was amazing...kinda hard but i love it ^^


The color blind mode is fantastic. Thank you for adding it. It always makes me sad when I can't play a game because the colors look too much alike. I wish more game designers took color blindness into consideration.

Also, bonus points to you for listening to the suggestions posted here... more game designers should do THAT too! :-)

BoboDaHobo August 3, 2007 1:09 AM

Great, fun game. Well-polished, well thought out, and the best implementation of the replay theme, by far.

Although I definitely agree on the green/yellow colors used. Though I'm not color blind, I did have some problems getting used to the lack of difference between the two.

Finally, as mentioned above, I think the game could be more interesting if you could interact with the dots of previous attempts... of course then you're dodging dots and cursors, so maybe not!


Thank you Andy for making the effort to add the "colorblind" feature. I just now came back to this (missed a lot of the dialog... ) but I'm among the group that when I first tried couldn't see the difference between what was apparently "green" and "yellow". The shades of gray are easier to see.

Do casual gamers have a higher rate of color blindness than ordinary persons? Seems like more than 8% of us had the problem! Or maybe, the remaining population just didn't find anything worth complaining about because it was a pretty great game and well implemented.

Christian August 3, 2007 2:15 PM

I was looking at the comments after playing the first level because I'm also red-green color blind and if I tried really hard I could see a very slight different between the colors, but it was almost impossible.

Thank you for adding the color blind mode.

Even though I would not have any problems with colors like blue and yellow, or even red and green, as long as they are different in contrast, I am fine with using just different shades of grey. This way you can be sure that everybody should be able to distinguish.

Unfortunately you have this bright yellow / bright green combination quite often in games. I hope we are just rising consciousness a bit :)



Wow! How did I miss this game the first time? I thought I played all of the contest entries, but somehow I overlooked this one. I think this is the best of the bunch; highest production values, best use of the theme, great difficulty level, but intriguing enough to continue to the end. And the game designer is only 20? Can't wait for more from him. Good job!



the game is really fun!
But I also have some problems with the bombs:

I came back to the game and turned on the 2-Jay-bomb-extra and played for a while and now, everytime I start a new game, first 2 bombs are there but then one disappears and I cannot use any Jay-bombs anymore, not even new ones I earn :(
Also there is another problem: Sometimes, the level is over, although there are still some dots on the display and they keep on moving in the next level... really strange.
If I turn off the extra, everything seems fine.
I already tried going to competition main menu and back, but this doesn't help...


ARGH! I got to level 11 then when I next switched on my computer all my saved progress was lost. Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas? An Opera compatibility issue is all I can think of


gaaaaaaah. Now I tried with IE, got to level 13. When I tried to play again some hours later my saved data was lost AGAIN


This was by far my favourite entry in CGDC3 and imho the most "replay"-related; I didn't even knew the author was the same of the CDT series, which I also loved and it is a pleasure to see also a non-puzzle game from you (even if I'm looking forward to new puzzles too ^.^).
I've also experienced the jigbomb problem too; while playing I wasn't able to use them and I had to refresh the game. If I can give you a suggest I totally agree with Psychotronic; it's really boring to lose time stocking up bombs. Just give a fixed amount of bombs at the start of the level (ex. 3 bombs for very hard levels, 0 for very easy) or at least reset the bomb gauge any time you finish a level. Didn't like too much how that feature was implemented, eheh :P
Criticism apart, even if my pc slows down lots of flash games (ex: TimeRaider and Timebot in this competition), your game works wonderfully here; so thumbs up for your game code ^.^


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