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Robot Wants Fishy

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Rating: 4.6/5 (261 votes)
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GrinnypRobot Wants FishyAh, there's nothing like the blush of first love, is there? Everything is fresh and new, and everything is perfect. But eventually, the bloom fades from the rose and you begin to notice the little irritating things that you overlooked before. Suddenly, your new partner is no longer happy about...well, a lot of things. So, being the good person you are, you try to make things right. Whatever they need, you try to provide. Thus is the life of that loving, action-packed protagonist of the classic retro platformer Robot Wants Kitty. Kitty is no longer happy, you see. Poor robot has tried everything he can think of. He found a puppy to be kitty's companion, but she's not happy about that either. Fortunately, Robot has a plan. Robot has found a companion that he thinks Kitty will really like. So off he goes to yet another dangerous planet, and this time Robot Wants Fishy.

Yes, it's time for another adventure in retro platforming from Hamumu (Mike Hommel). Robot Wants Fishy is the continuation of the saga begun with Robot Wants Kitty, wherein our metallic hero just wants some love and affection, even if it is from a picky pet who is rather finicky about the company she keeps. Robot sets off on his new adventure in an entirely new location, with new enemies and new powerups to be found. Thrill as our Robot hero dodges bats, swims rings around jellyfish and fights some tough bosses on his way to fetch what should be the perfect companion for his precious kitty.

Robot Wants FishyHow, you may ask, will Robot get Fishy? By navigating the topsy-turvy world with the left and right [arrow] keys, occasionally using the [X] key to throw bombs and other weapons at the multitude of nasties he will find along the way. Collect power ups, kill your enemies, and eventually Robot will get that precious Fishy. The object is to get fishy as quickly as possible. Easier said than done. Rather than being a series of screens getting progressively more difficult, Robot Wants Fishy is in fact one vast screen which you will have to explore from end to end in order to find a companion for your feline. Fortunately there are checkpoints to be found everywhere, allowing you to return to those rather than back to the beginning if you up and die. Which you probably will. Thankfully, the game now saves when you leave it, even if you rage quit, allowing you to pick up where you left off in the never ending search for a piscine companion.

What's not to love about this fantastic sequel? The kicking retro graphics, the astonishingly nostalgic music and sound effects, everything adds up to tons of fabulous casual gameplay. Enjoy the new challenge, the new enemies, and the same fantastic warm feeling as you help your lonely robot find yet another friend. And not to spoil the ending, but it turns out that Kitty really wants Fishy too. Maybe the honeymoon isn't over after all.

Play Robot Wants Fishy

Play the entire Robot Wants series...

Thanks to Raeden, Corey, Noah, Funlerz, Manveru, and Andrew for sending this one in!


adam gunderloy August 24, 2010 11:05 AM

can't get past the bat guy. help please?


When Robot Wants Puppy came out, I thought that would be the end of it.
Ah, the sheer frustration of retracing your steps after respawning far, far away.


"And not to spoil the ending, but"

Err I think you did basically spoil the ending.

I got through it but it was heavy going towards the end, not sure it was worth it.


How do you hurt the Battle Bat boss?
I have

Shield, Haxxor, Double Jump, and Lv2 Bomb.


I really wanted to like this game because the first two were great. However, it's got none of the charm of the previous two games, replacing it with higher difficulty and cheap shots. I still played it all the way through, but was left completely unsatisfied.

SkylerF: to beat that boss,

I believe you need an additional bomb level; otherwise your bombs will just clink against him uselessly. You will also need a lot of patience because it's an annoying fight.


You'll need another upgrade.

There's something in the sunken depths that will make your bombs more explosive. You'll know it when you collect it. (You don't need to beat the boss there for it, fortunately.)

Of course, for that you'll need to get an upgrade that will let you survive in the water. I think that's in the Storage Shed?

And you'll probably also want the upgrade that will let you attack underwater as well, which is in the Bat Cave.


Yeah, I just got those.

The explosion didn't affect the Angler Fish, though.

But I liked the "Nothing" item.


Okay, Bat Cave boss is dead.
Do you have to hit the Crystal Cave boss in a certain spot?

The button in the middle?

The Underwater boss as well?

On his angler light?

I have all but one bomb power-up and can throw two bombs at once.

This game has frustration like IWTBTG, even though it's not at that level of too-hard-must-rage-quit.


Yeah, you have to hit them in certain tiny spots.

Crystal Caves boss:

you have to stick to the ceiling and drop bombs on it from above. Because your bombs fall in a slight arc, you have to position yourself almost pixel-perfectly to hit it at all, while being shot at.

Underwater boss:

Yeah, only his antenna bulb is vulnerable. I usually have more luck getting underneath it and aiming upwards, because it's impossible to maneuver and fire forward at the same time.

Now that I think about it, I think the very first boss was the only one who wasn't incredibly annoying to fight.


Neddo, when you are underwater, hold down the direction you want to start shooting, then hold down the fire button. Now as long as that fire button is held, the harpoons will fire in the same direction you originally chose regardless of what you do with the arrows keys, so you can maneuver and fire forward.


Epic, I have been immortalized by receiving credit. w00t!

Very fun, LOVE the series.

It's funny how a direct knockoff of this game (Pedro's Space Adventure 2) was released before the original. Made me sad when I realized they were the same, and I hadn't stumbled onto a new game. When I played PSA2 on the Boy's Life site, I immediately recognized it as a version of the Robot Wants series, but I hadn't seen the one it was a copy of before. Now I know.

adam gunderloy August 24, 2010 1:11 PM

yeah, but to get the underwater upgrade, you have to do something that requires blowing up the storage shed blocks, which requires what i can only assume is the upgrade from underwater. help?


Thanks, melak. If I'd known that, it would have made that fight much shorter!


I disagree with Neddo, I thought this was the best of the series to date. It's true that on the action-puzzle axis it's a bit more tilted towards the former than Puppy was, but it's far from the twitch-fest that Kitty was with its single respawn point. And the only real knock I'd make on the puzzle aspect of Fishy is that when you come upon an obstacle, it's fairly obvious what you need to overcome it, so when you do find that power-up, you know just where to go back to apply it. But this doesn't strike me as lacking charm, just being more clear. It's different, not worse.


I died about 80 times trying to get the final item

what animal could robot want next?

Cat, Dog, Fish....


Cale Gibbard August 24, 2010 1:43 PM

The controls are incredibly sticky for me. I finally managed to finish the game, but I can't even count how many times I died because the controls froze, causing my robot to keep mindlessly moving in whatever direction it was going for a random length of time between about 5 and 20 seconds, usually landing in a pit of spikes or walking into an enemy or two.

I'm not sure if it's the game or the new version of Flash on Linux just sucks (wouldn't surprise me), but it does make the game a whole lot more annoying to play.

It was probably just me, but I also somehow got the impression early on that the shield only blocked the pink shots, and not the snails' yellow fire, which caused me trouble for a while later, as it's impossible to get the last multibomb or key without realising that those shots are deflectable. It might be worth looking at whether it's possible for the shield to be visible but ineffective (maybe for a split second while it's fading?).

In any case, I love Metroid-style exploration/powerup games, and despite the frustratingly sticky controls, I think it's still an awesome addition to the series.


I can't stand that last jump (as demonstrated at 18:11 in the video guide). My robot may be able to

walk on ceilings

, but it still drops like a brick when it detaches from them.


Boss Order and Help:


Found in the Surface (starting area). You need bombs.

Just chuck bombs at it.

Killing it unlocks the Teleport Crystal.

Obtuse Angler

Found in Flooded Depths. You need Autoharpoon and Rustproof (you need Rustproof to get Autoharpoon).

You have to hit the glowing ball by his face.
This boss attacks with a spiral of purple ammo spawning from its angler. There are two full circles per attack.

Killing it unlocks Tri-Prism, a temporary attack reflector that does not work underwater.

Battle Bat

Found in the Bat Cave. You need Tritium Warheads. This boss can be defeated before the Angler, but it just means you have to make an extra trip.

This boss has four forms, losing armor and weapons but gaining speed.
Form 1 fires two purple balls diagonally, one tracker ball, and a lightning/fire bolt to the left and right.
Form 2 is faster than Form 1. It keeps the firebolt attack and one diagonal shooter.
Form 3 is faster still and only has the two firebolts.
Form 4 has no weapons and zips all over the place.

Killing him unlocks Multibomb.

Das Boxen

Found in Supply Closet.

Stage 1 treats the two boxes as a single boss. Just stay in the middle and go around in circles firing bombs.

The box that receives the killing blow dies and the other box (Stage 2) changes from happy to angry, speeding up.

Killing both unlocks HaXXoR.


Found in Processing Station. You need Haxxor and possibly Tritium Warheads.

Go around and hack the four computers in the corners. This will open the gate surrounding the boss. You don't have to kill the turrets, but it helps.
This boss sends three purple ammo balls out of each side and the attack follows you.

Killing it unlocks Mag-Lock.


Found in Crystal Caverns. You need Mag-Lock, Jump Booster, and Multibomb (unless you have amazing accuracy with the one).

Be careful, its attacks will follow you but they don't last long.
Cling to the roof above the drill and drop a bomb down the shaft so that it hits the big red button. The boss will shake the ground so you fall off the ceiling.

Tasselfoot's video walkthrough reveals that you can stand "in" the boss and attack from there.

No bonus power-up here, but you gain access to a long tunnel where you need all your upgrades to get the Super Golden Key for the Super Golden Door.

There is a bonus in the upper left corner of the Supply Closet, but you need to be able to make things explode.

I still haven't finished; I'm stuck on the tunnel.


Well, Kitty now has Fishy, but Puppy has no one. I doubt we will see a Robot Wants Bone in the future, but Robot Wants Skeleton...maybe.


SkylerF, puppy loves kitty just as much as kitty loves fishy.

Joe Smith August 24, 2010 2:48 PM

LTR,1TW: you do Realize that robot wants kitty was updated to have multiple spawn points, don't you? I made the game far more bearable, even though I originally beat the single spawn point version.

Cale Gibbard August 24, 2010 3:26 PM

For the people having trouble with the ceiling walk at the very end, just remember that you have double jump. You can press down to drop from one ceiling and then jump to latch to the lower ceiling (moving a bit to the left of course)


All right, I gave the game another shot, and it is indeed a lot more tolerable if you get the powerups in a certain order. On my first go-round, for example, I fought PAL with single, non-explosive bombs, and it took ages.

adam gunderloy August 24, 2010 3:57 PM

seriously, HOW DO I BLOW STUFF UP!


Getting a pop-up that is requesting to access my computer from astats-analysis.com. Armor Games is aware and they are trying to fix it. Using vista + ie8. Just thought I would let people know so they didnt think it was just them.

Excited to play it when its fixed, though.

randomdude August 24, 2010 4:11 PM

does somebody have a list of how to get the achievements? those name just ain't helpin' me figure them out.


When I saw this, I was like: "A new 'Robot Wants ____' game, a new Grow, AND a new Dismantlement game in one week!?! What could make this better"

I loved this one, but I wish it was just slightly more linear. I got lost trying to figure out what came next.


adam gunderloy: You're partially right. You do need

the underwater upgrade, but it's in

Crystal Caverns. No need to blow up anything to reach it, though I do believe double-jump is required (or at least very very helpful)


Let's take a moment to talk about how great the boss names were. Favorites? I'm a big fan of Baby Drill and Obtuse Angler.


I can't get the final "jump". Once you detach and begin to fall, the double jump is useless.

Not exactly a ragequit, per se, but very very disappointing nonetheless. :-(


I'm having trouble getting the second bomb quantity power up. You appear to have to get past two spikes, and they're too far away to pass the second while flashing in pain. Any ideas?



To get the second bomb quantity upgrade, you have to

Deflect the shot from the snail up to the first crystal that's in the way. It should destroy it, leaving you free to throw 3 bombs at everything!


I posted a list of the order you should do bosses in. There is an in-site video walkthrough by Tasselfoot (it's a speedrun). That shows you exactly how to get the powerups.

However, I still can't make the final jump to actually GET the Fishy.
Poor Kitty. She will just have to do without...


Ok, for those who are curious, these are the awards I've unlocked so far:

"Robot Got Fishy!": get a fishy
"The Friendly Robot": Beat Drillbaby without harming more than 15 enemies
"Time On Your Hands": Find all 50 Chronox Shards
"Fully Loaded": Attain maximum firepower
"Xenocide": Annihilate all life. Except the pesky snails
"Yay Explosions": BLOW EVERYTHING UP!!


The Back at You award is "Destroy and Alien with a Refracted Shot"


Undersea Operation : Get through the spiny tunnel(in Water Area) without a scratch

Grasa Total August 25, 2010 12:03 AM

On my Mac, this is incredibly laggy once more than a few bullets are onscreen. The other two games in the series were fine... anyone else having similar trouble?


Grasa Total: what browser/version are you using? Is your Flash Player updated?


"Rocket Robot" is get fishy in under 20 minutes.

I did it with about a minute to spare.


Still haven't played yet, but I already have a small gripe/request:

It took me a while to figure out how to manipulate the sound in this game. The only place I've found that tells me how to control it is the pause menu (hit P). It would be cool if those controls were included in the instructions (which didn't even tell me how to pause).

I played the "cat" edition and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to playing through this one. =)


This whole series has been a blast and as with any of the good quality series' (Hapland of old, warbears, acheivement unlocked etc...) it's such a joy when a new one comes out.

Loved it, a perfect lunchtime (well.... 90 minute plus) quality casual game.


Despite being rather fiddly & annoying at times found it quite enjoyable. Managed the upside-down jump at the end first time with no problems - but can I do it again? Gave up after about 30 attempts. But for that one issue I'd be playing it repeatedly (like I was with 'Puppy') attempting to get all the awards.

If anyone has some hints for upside-down jumping please say now.

Also went back & replayed 'Kitty' to find the controls have changed and no longer seem to be as responsive as before - had trouble jumping & moving through the air while firing....

Tobberian August 25, 2010 8:55 AM


When you get the gold key, just watch the last 10 sec on the hint video for the end.

The task to get past gold door (top left of map) and play 8 more sec to go to bowl and see end picture is not worth it.
The ceilingdrop+jump restick is HARD!!(gave up).

Robot got fishy! Kitty loves fishy! (fish in it's mouth)


I'm another one who won't be getting the fishy. Rather disappointing to play through the whole game but be unable to finish because of one apparently impossible jump. I've seen it done on Tasselfoot's vid but I can't do it and have given up. :(


"Jelly Toast" Blow up a jellyfish with bombs (as in bombs thrown in the air, not shot underwater)

The easiest way I found to do this one is in the tunnel after drill baby the spot with the lone jellyfish, just stick to the ceiling and bomb around the water, you won't be able to hit the jellyfish directly but the jellyfish does take some damage from the bomb explosions if you hit the bombs on the ground and the little wall hanging from the ceiling. So just bomb till dead while moving to avoid the shots the jellyfish takes at you.


also I thought brave little robot might be something like get fishy without dying but that's not it.


The jump's not impossible. You can still double-jump after detaching from the ceiling.

If you still don't get it, go to the far upper-right of the first area, use the ceiling cling ability to climb left, and then - it takes a bit of timing - detach and then use your midair jump to clear the step and reattach.


@Ryusui. It's not that we don't understand the theory of the jump. We get it perfectly. But after attempting it for two days and still not getting it right then it's silly to waste more time on it. The doublejump isn't always reliable and though I'm sure there's a knack to it I am not getting it. Rather disappointing to have such a difficult jump right at the end of the game when this move isn't used anywhere else. Perhaps the next Robot game will be better.


The jump has been changed for some versions (the Kongregate one included) so now there's a platform so you don't need to do the double jump to reach the fishy.

Oh, all awards have been found:
[spoiler]Robot Got Fishy!: Get a fishy.
Rocket Robot: Get a fishy in under 20 minutes.
Brave Little Robot: Complete the game with only required powerups.
The Friendly Robot: Beat Drillbaby without harming more than 15 enemies.
Time On Your Hands: Find all 50 Chronox Shards.
Fully Loaded: Attain maximum firepower.
Xenocide: Annihilate all life. Except the pesky snails.
Yay Explosions: BLOW EVERYTHING UP!!
Back At Ya: Destroy an alien with a refracted shot.
Super Combo: Blow up 5 guys without touching the ground.
Undersea Operation: Get through the spiny tunnel without a scratch.
Jelly Toast: Blow up a Jellyfish with Bombs.[/spoiler]

Still don't know how the Undersea Operation one works though...

nakied hugging August 25, 2010 7:39 PM

I found the double "ceiling" jump much easier when using both jump buttons at once (while falling; the up arrow + z/x(?))
When using only one button I had problems with getting it to work.

Finished first time with about 90min
second was 60
third was 40
got bored after that

Awesome game/series though

Simone Manganelli August 25, 2010 9:37 PM

Um, guys? You don't need to do the double-jump at the very end as in the video. Instead, jump on top of the ground on the right, and then you can *easily* double-jump and hook onto the ceiling above. Then walk over to the left.

You don't need to do the difficult double-jump-and-hook as in the video.


I had just logged on to say something about that.
I hopped onto the platform and drove over to the fishy, where...wait, what? Where'd that ledge go?

KamenZero August 25, 2010 10:11 PM

Yay I beat the game with exactly 91 minutes!... I died alot.


I'm guessing that jump was changed, since I didn't have any real problem getting to the goal.
Is it possible to get the upgrade block in the crystal caverns that looks like two little bombs, or is it a red herring? I tried just running through the crystals as quickly as possible, but by the time I got to the second one the temporary invincibility of losing my shield had worn off.


@ensoul: You can get there but you need to use the snail's weapon. Position yourself so that you can deflect the snail's shot up towards one of the crystals. That's the only thing that can destroy crystals. Then just jump up there with a protective bubble on. You'll lose it as you pass the other crystal and will then gain triple firepower.


Before you get the double-jump, there are some jumps that are just plain annoying. The game too hard before you get that powerup, but fun once you do.


Checked back to find the upsidedown jump has gone - fantastic!

Now got all the awards apart from 'Undersea Operation'. Navigated the tricky tunnel and picked up the green thing with no hits more than once - but no award. Great game apart from this.

Has anyone managed it?


i got all upgrades execpt the doubble bomb in cristle caverns and i cant find the gold door but i have key
help pl0x

frznskull August 30, 2010 6:17 PM

Undersea Operation how to:

you must not get hit at all from the beginning up to the tunnel. You only have to go in till the end of the tunnel you dont need to come out im not certain if getting hit with shield will count or not.

frznskull August 30, 2010 6:40 PM

super combo how to:

best place i think is after drill baby with all the little crabs. cling onto the roof and shoot down 5 of them.


what are the only power ups you can use for brave robot award?


Thanks for the Undersea Operation hint frznskull - got it now.

Just to clarify you need to

play through right from the start of the game to the end of the spiky tunnel without taking a hit. The award is gained when you reach the end of the tunnel.

Very tricky!


For Brave Robot award

Just don't pick up any of the multibomb or bomb power upgrades. Picking up the explosive bomb upgrade is ok.


I can't believe I'm the only one who can't get past repairing the teleporter.

There's literally no place else you can go, and no "blue pads" to teleport from, at all. Where's the rest of the game, and how the [REDACTED] are you supposed to figure out how to get to it?

Not Getting It September 14, 2010 11:20 AM

Who enjoys games that are this hard? Why does anyone put themselves through this? I can't possibly imagine someone who enjoys anything this frustrating, really.


Well, i gotta say, i got the award "undersea operation" my first playthrough!

I don't know how i did it, i know for sure that i died a lot before i even entered the swimming area.

But the first time i got there, i did the small spikey without taking a hit.. Maybe that's the thing to do it?


How do I get double jump? I can't find it. I have played for 43 minutes and still no progress


How you defeat PAL-1000?

I dont know how to activate the computers


Not to spoil and ending, but I'll spoil it anyway.

Gee, thanks for that.

Hahaha00000 December 5, 2010 9:04 AM

Walkthrough :
I'll only be giving you directions on how to get through the game, other additional features like upgrading bomb levels and the green chards will not be included
Getting the Bomb function

You landed above fishy, with an unhappy computer gate and a golden lock thingy, move all the way to the right, avoiding the crab enemies and jumping onto reachable ledges. You should eventually find the Bomb function for robot.

Repairing the teleporter

Go all the way down to the broken teleporter, there's a big dungeon crab on the left, after you defeat it, you will open up an area to the left, get the teleport crystal and return to the teleporter, then go to the Bat Caverns.

Getting the Shield function

Climb up the rocks while avoiding the bats, you can shoot them if you like, they won't reproduce, if you see the Battle Bat, ignore it, your won't be able to do anything to it until later. You should soon find the Energy Shield function on the far left.

Getting the Double Jump function

Head to the Supply Closet using the teleporter, move into the caves and avoid the Securibots (or something like that), then climb up to the top left area and find the Double Jump (JJ) function.

Getting the Rustproofing function

Head to Crystal Caverns and head down, there should be a Transmatter Computron near a L shape corner wooden platform, move left from the computron through the upper route, you'll soon find the Rustproofing function

Getting the Autoharpoon function

Head back to Bat Caverns and up to the Battle Bat, you still can't defeat it yet, but dive into the pool near the top to get the Autoharpoon function, this won't help you defeat it either.

Getting the Tritium Warheads and Tri-Prism function

Head to Flooded Depths and dive to the right side, then head left and you'll soon see the Tritium Warheads function. Then head right and face the Obtuse Angler, aim at his antenna and shoot spears with the Autoharpoon function (you can hold down X), then get the unlocked Tri-Prism function.

Getting the Multi-Bomb function

Head back to Bat Caverns (again) to fight the Battle Bat for real this time, your bombs now explode, so eventually you'll take out its armor and it'll just fly around like a big bat. Finish it off and get the Multi-bomb function in the lower left section.

Getting the HaXXor function

Head back to the Supply Closet and get to the lower left section, use your exploding bombs to detonate the blocks, you can choose to get the bomb upgrade at the end of the maze. Head down to the Computron and face the two happy rotating blocks, after one is killed the other one will get mad and chase you all around, finish him off and get the HaXXor function.

Getting the Mag Lock function

Head to the Processing Station and go to the left, then battle Pal-1000 and his missile shooting friends, make all the computers happy by standing next to them, Pal-1000 will be exposed so attack him, but beware, he's got weapons too. Get the Mag-Lock function after.

Getting the Golden Key

Head back to Crystal Caverns and search for a sad computer at the far lowest left section. Encounter Drillbaby, attack him by sticking to the ceilings and throwing bombs into the hole on his head, then continue to the right. Use your Tri-Prism function to defend yourselves against the snails, eventually you'll get the Golden Key at the end.

Get Fishy

Finally, head back to the surface (1st room you were in) and climb to the upper right, stick to the ceilings and continue by walking left, you'll eventually find Fishy, make the computer happy and unlock the golden door, then enjoy the short ending !

Hahaha00000 December 5, 2010 9:05 AM

sorry about that spoilers in spoiler thing, can you remove it for me, Jay ?


How do you get to the icon with 2 bombs in the crystal cave?

FishyFishy June 30, 2011 9:58 PM

"Sometimes an explosion is its own reward."

michael_aussie July 4, 2011 12:05 PM

cannot finish the game .. cannot master the step down on the ceiling... frustrating

michael_aussie July 4, 2011 1:09 PM

how to do the final upside down ceiling step jump

Just in case the people having trouble with the last ceiling part of "robot wants fishy" aren't aware, you have to single jump onto the ceiling to be able to double jump once you drop down. If you double jump onto the ceiling, it does not reset your ability to double jump and you will not be able to jump in mid-air once you let go of the roof.

i spent over an hour .. and only learnt this from another spolier site


Just completed the game in 90 minutes. However, the one annoying thing is I only got 49 shards when

you need 50 for the achievement. Anyone know of any hidden ones?


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