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Rogue Legend

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Rating: 4/5 (57 votes)
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Rogue Legend

DoraCreated in about two months, action RPG/crafting sim Rogue Legend by Lance Knifehand (Help I Made a Game!) is meant to be a delicioush mish-mash of a lot of things... Harvest Moon, Minecraft, and The Legend of Zelda, for instance. If that made your mouth water a little but also your eyebrows raise with tempered skepticism, well, read on. As the game opens, you, our hero, are awoken one night by a commotion outside your home, and when a huge black knight bursts in, your mother drags you out of bed and shoves you down a secret escape path they had conveniently built in their fireplace along with an integrated tutorial because reasons. Your hometown in flames and your family murdered, you escape, and one year later you've finally settled down on a farm of your own... so, uh, guess you didn't get any serious childhood trauma or anything. Use [WASD] to move, or just click to make the character follow your cursor. From your inventory at the bottom of the screen, you can just click to equip something, and then anywhere onscreen you want to use it. Select the hammer, for instance, and then click on rocks to break them down. Doing so, and in fact busting up other resources, grants you things you can use to craft... you can make furniture and tools, as you'd expect, but you can also make blocks to build with. If you find yourself at a chasm, just craft some stone blocks, for example, and plop them down to make a bridge! Or more importantly... build a house! Had enough of crafting? Then get out there and start stabbing the hostile wildlife, ya filthy animal! Despite some bumps and kinks, with crafting, gardening, livestock, and adventuring Rogue Legend has a lot of promise, and with some patience, could really prove addictive.

Rogue LegendThere's no denying that Rogue Legend looks a little rough around the edges, and not just in regards to its simplistic story framing. A lot of its sprites are recolours from different games, so not everything feels like it "goes" together, different music tracks can overlap, and the interface is a little clunky. Despite this, Rogue Legend is clearly a labour of love that shows a lot of potential. Marrying the curiously addictive chore-centric gameplay of Harvest Moon with RPG action isn't exactly new, but the inclusion of Minecraft-style blocky-smashy-buildy elements actually works pretty well, even if it means you spend so much time juggling your inventory it's like you're playing a simulation of me trying to pack my purse for a night out. ("Yes I need to take the Kindle and the iPad and this portable speaker and my little My Little Pony and my makeup bag... don't ask silly questions!") It's definitely focused on its gameplay, enough that the initial opening sequence feels strange and unnecessary because the plot is largely dropped in favour of letting you explore and craft as you please. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since Rogue Legend is sort of perfect for puttering around whenever you have a spare moment. The developer already plans on creating a more fleshed out sequel, but as it stands, if you've got a little patience and a whole lot of love for the genres it's trying to encompass, Rogue Legend is still worth checking out.

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How do you avoid dying of thirst?

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone December 11, 2014 10:44 PM

I found water one screen south of my house, but I'm seconds away from starvation. How do I "find some food?" I found a couple berries but they don't last.

Agreed, rough edges etc. But I enjoy it. Do more! Fix it! Quick! I've got money!


About thirst (& hunger),

Use your hammer on a (or any number of) Water tile/s from the field South of your farm, then place them near your house. You can fish from the pond/lake after you've craft a fishing rod.

For exploring,

Keep a water tile in your pack & use as needed. Stock up on fishes too if you want to leave the rod at home.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone December 11, 2014 11:48 PM

Ah ha! Thanks! I'm learning by frantic trial and error.

Is there a forum to post tips or suggestions to the developer? Like a clock so I can tell when the shops opeen


I suggest some patience and being willing to "die" several times. After a few "deaths" you will know your way around. Supplies at the shops change frequently and eventually you can find a convenient water source.

For those annoying insects:

the wooden sword is very helpful.

I love the mixed genres of this game and look forward to playing more. I am almost afraid the more complete version will not have as much sandbox like option. Today I've really enjoyed the Harvest Moon aspect. Tomorrow I might want to do more crafting or adventuring. Great game!

richards.hannah49 December 12, 2014 7:56 AM

Soooooo, awhile ago I worked too late into the evening (in the game), and I got sick.
I've been sleeping, chompin on expensive medicine, chugging expensive health potions, eating a variety of foods, drinking water, resting, etc, but it's been THREE seasons now, and I'm still ill, even when I get my sickness bar down to nothing.

It's super frustrating, b/c I lose hit points, I fatigue much faster, for some reason my thirst bar never ever goes up (Idk, for real), my character eats and drinks when they're not hungry/thirsty, and when my sickness bar gets full again (if I go even two days without medicine it gets full) I start dying. And when dying each time you lose a hit point, the game sorta glitches and makes you drop whatever you were holding (your sword, food, medicine, etc), which makes it really hard not to die.

I need help!!

richards.hannah49 December 12, 2014 7:57 AM

Uh, sorry that I forgot to put in spoiler tags. Sorry guys!

clmunson19 December 12, 2014 9:40 PM


Have you noticed:

on the right side of the screen there are status notes (e.g. cold, stressed) and paying attention to these helps. Also if you stay awake after dark, you will get sick.

I haven't gotten too far into the game, so I am sure there are other tips.


i said this in comments on the newgrounds upload of this, but i'll repeat it here so y'all can remain wary -- i liked this game, i really enjoyed it, but i've had repeated problems wherein every item in all of my chests except maybe one or two will just vanish inexplicably. i can't get them back. and for anyone who's played a bit of the game, you know that is pretty intensely limiting -- resources like ores don't replenish, after all, so if you have to use them all to make new tools, that kind of ruins things. so even though i was having an actually good time with this, i really can't recommend it to anyone in good conscience. a few other people have been having this problem too, according to various newgrounds comments... no response from the creator yet, even though they've replied to plenty of other comments.

richards.hannah49 December 12, 2014 10:46 PM replied to clmunson19

Yes, I did notice that. That doesn't help me get unsick now, though.
Also: how do you drink water during winter? It all appears to be frozen, eating only quenches thirst so much (and you can't eat after your full, except after being sick a long time), you can't drink the blocks once you've put them in your inventory, and even when I made a pond inside my house I couldn't drink from it. I tried breaking up the "ice" or whatever over the ponds, but that did nothing.
Still sick, and now dying of thirst.

richards.hannah49 December 12, 2014 11:03 PM replied to clmunson19

POP. I went over to the Rogue Legend wiki, where the developer posts and responds to problems, and somebody had already had both problems.

Drinking during winter is

only possible via a canteen, which I never saw in the shops and didn't realize existed. Apparently you have to use the canteen with snow to fill it up.

SO, guess I'll have to craft that!

Also, regarding being continually sick,

drinking when full and eating when full also makes you sick. This drinking when full thing apparently also includes eating "high water content foods", which I guess you have to figure out by trial and error.

So I guess that's why I kept being sick. I was trying to get better via IRL methods, and making it worse in game.

throwawayx3t December 13, 2014 6:56 AM

(This comment is intended to be constructive, so apologies in advance if I get the tone wrong.) This game has been featured prominently on major flash game sites for several months. For folks like me who play quite a few flash games, a review is no longer relevant, as I'm very familiar with it. JayIsGames reviews are generally very useful in deciding whether I'd like to try a game, so it would be helpful if games were reviewed while they were still new.

On the game itself, I played it for a week or so and quite enjoyed it. Got stuck on the level with the eyeball monsters. I couldn't find a way to survive more than a few seconds there. The farming is fun and reasonably challenging, but once the farm gets bigger, it's problematic, as I have no interest and putting the time in to manage that big of a farm. Some automation would be helpful.

I understand there is a kickstarter for a bigger game using Rogue Legend as a basis. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

richards.hannah49 December 14, 2014 12:19 AM

Well, crud. How do you make a



richards.hannah49 December 14, 2014 3:56 AM

Nvm. POP


OK this is a loaded question... but how do you get a cow "ready" for the pregnancy potion? I keep trying to give her the potion and it says "She's not ready in this state". I've pet her and brushed her and told her sweet nothings, I put a roof over her head. Nothing.


Also - what's the purpose of the stairs and dungeon floor? I see no option to build another level.


I've played through a year. The game's pretty fun. Tips:

Food and farming:

Each season is 20 days, and after the 20th day, all seasonal crops (everything except hay) will die. Crops typically take 6-10 days to grow before you can start harvesting, so don't plant anything after day 15. For spring plants at least, the strawberries are valuable as food. Everything else should be sold. Scavenging for berries is quite profitable (once survival's not an issue), especially after you clear the wilderness and can travel quickly. For winter, 2-3 chests of food is more than enough.


Whenever you get a bunch of a new ore, the sword and shield are the most important tools to craft (after the backpack and other inexpensive goodies). I suggest saving up and buying the diamond sword and shield, rather than trying to collect enough diamonds. The area that has diamonds also had a very powerful enemy that can move through walls. It's difficult to survive, even with the next best items.

There's also a rare mythril ore in that area. You can build a mythril anvil with eight ores. I haven't collected enough to craft it yet, so I don't know what it unlocks.

If you're having trouble collecting ore (pre-diamond), you can build walls to give yourself a safe path through enemies. However, once you have a strong enough sword and shield, an open area is preferable. Foraging and battling enemies is more profitable when you can do it quickly. Post-diamond an open area is the only way to go.


The Confusing Map resets the wilderness below your house, so you can collect more ore. It's quite expensive though, and honestly I think it's not worth using unless you've already explored as low as you can.

The Recall, as you probably expect, teleports you back to your farm. It's reusable and not too expensive, so it's worth buying early.

starbeamrainbowlabs December 16, 2014 2:48 PM


About making a

canteen - Make a tinker table first. Then you can see the recipe for it.

You need an anvil to make a tinker table

Tips if you haven't stocked up for the winter:

If you have ~3/4 of a chest of food, you can get away with just eating, drinking, and sleeping, so long as you have a


Chickens will still lay eggs in the winter, but you need to keep feeding them.


Farming Guide:

The following are the stats for each plant, including what days they can be harvested assuming you plant them on day 1 and water them every day. Some are repeatable and can be harvested more than once. Others need to be replanted. Note that seed price is not included and is not negligible unless you forage for the seeds. I recommend stockpiling seeds when the cost is low so you don't have to rush and buy them the following year.

Spring (incomplete):

I didn't write down the growing time for each plant in spring, but I think peas are the most profitable.

Strawberries: $30, repeatable (I recommend using these for food. Berries have less nutrition and can be sold for $50.)
Peas: $235, repeatable
Broccoli: $85, repeatable

Cabbage: $200
Potatoes: $???
Radishes: $60


Tomatoes: $60 repeatable, day 10,13,16,19
Corn: $100 repeatable, day 13,16,19

Onions: $80, day 8
Pumpkins: $200, day 14
Cherries: $220, day 14

Conclusion: Corn is most profitable so long as you plant it on day 1 or 2. Remember these are counted by nights, so if you replant onions on day 8, the second batch will be ready on day 15.


Yams: $75 repeatable, day 8,11,14,17,20
Peppers: $110 repeatable, day 8,15

Carrots: $80, day 8
Mushrooms: $80, day 6
Eggplant: $105, day 10

Conclusion: Yams are most profitable.


Used for feeding cows and sheep. You need one hay per day per animal. It grows every season other than winter and doesn't need watering. You can harvest it every other day with a sickle; just be careful not to cut it when it's short. Seeds are expensive and can't be foraged.

Animals (some tips):

Animals give more consistent profits than farming, though it's debatable whether or not they're worth the time. If you have an animal for a long time, it can start producing better goods.

A cow produces small, medium, large, then gold milk. These can be sold for $100,$150,$200, and $300 respectively. It takes around a year of daily feeding and grooming to reach gold. Additionally, after a while, you can give a cow a pregnancy potion. It'll stop producing milk for a while, and you'll eventually get a calf. The calf takes another while to grow to a full cow. It may or may not be worth doing this rather than just buying another cow, but you do get to see a baby cow.

I didn't use sheep or chickens for most of the game, but they produce similar, less profitable tiers of goods.

Other Tips:

Once you get far enough (8th screen), there will be a powerful type of enemy that moves through walls. The screens after that appear to be the same; ore doesn't get more common. I suggest running in circles while clearing out the area so the hoard of enemies don't touch you. These screens are where diamonds and (very rarely) mythril start appearing.

You need 8 mythril to make a mythril anvil. You can use it with more mythril to make a set of mythril equipment, including farming tools. I haven't gotten any of these items, since it would take a lot of time to get enough mythril. It's slow going traveling multiple screens down from the farm day after day, even if they're cleared out. Each later screen has maybe a couple mythril, so in the end I had to clear 5 or 6 screens just to get enough for the anvil.

The confusing map is a bit of a trade-off. It means not having to traverse as many of the later screens, but also having to remake a quick path through earlier screens. Eventually it would be worth it.

If you're trying to get a set of mythril gear, I'd recommend taking a season off from farming and not trying to go back to the farm every day (use the feeding service if you have animals). Be sure to have a full set of diamond gear and the largest backpack. Also, don't attempt it during winter: That's the only season the sickness bar is really an issue. It also doesn't produce berries, so you'd have to rely on meat and a stockpile of other foods.

Paying off your debt increases the size of your farm. You can do this twice, but the second time costs $100,000.


Seems like a great game. Keeps crashing on my tablet though


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