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Room 39

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Room 39

DoraI'm conflicted. On the one hand, TomaTea's Room 39 is as lovely and challenging an escape game as you'd expect, but on the other hand, its soundtrack makes me feel like I should be 85 and back somewhere in the "old country" in the middle of a snowfall wearing my grandmother's babushka. Which couldn't be further from the actuality, since the room our beloved yet fiendish developer has locked us up in this time is all buttery yellows and flowery decor, complete with what I choose to believe are memorial Hatoful Boyfriend statuettes. To find your way out, you will of course need to solve puzzles, and as per TomaTea's usual, the game will inform you whether you've encountered the clue you need to solve them by telling you that you have no idea how to solve it. The tip of the cursor will glow slightly if you're hovering over an interactive area, and items in your inventory will pop up a small "i" icon when you mouse over them, allowing you to view them close up with a click.

TomaTea is one of those developers escape game fans tend to get excited about, and for good reason. With an eye for soothing visual design and atmosphere without sacrificing challenge, TomaTea knows how to make the sort of escape games that relax and engage you no matter what your skill level, while still avoiding being obnoxiously difficult or unintuitive. TomaTea games tend to be more about clues and codes than complex mechanisms, and Room 39 is no different. While it's still a little frustrating to be repeatedly stonewalled by the message insisting you can't solve a puzzle yet, the way the clues are hidden and must be interpreted makes up for it. Some clues do feel like they're hidden a little strangely or even in a somewhat clunky fashion, since at least one of them won't light up the cursor as everything else does to indicate you can or should click something again to get a new view. Because Room 39 is a bit less rigidly constructed than some of TomaTea's previous titles, you might not encounter puzzles, clues, and their solutions in a linear fashion, which would make it easier to solve said puzzles once you realized the "you shall not pass" message had vanished, so figuring out what clues are used where is a little trickier than usual. Though billed as a "five minute escape" (which is debatable depending on the player) like Blue Sunset and Waiting for the Sun, Room 39 isn't easy or simple, but definitely is just as clever and satisfying as you expect a TomaTea game to be.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Here's a walkthrough that finishes the game in 25 steps. I've summarised everything into a single image:


LightWarriorK September 9, 2014 9:49 AM

I hate getting stuck, but this is a tricky one.

The pigeon/egg puzzle, and the black ball puzzle.


Hint for the pigeon puzzle:

pay close attention to which way each of the shapes is facing. Also, the order isn't necessarily numerical but it's important also

As for the black ball puzzle, I am stuck there too. :(

LightWarriorK September 9, 2014 10:16 AM replied to spike21

Thanks! Well, that's one out of the way....


Finally got past the Mondrian(?) panel, but I don't get the clue behind it. Nudge, anyone?

AutomneLiza September 9, 2014 10:23 AM

For the black ball puzzle

You will need the strip of paper to put on the pegs on the left side. Then there is a row of shapes ABOVE the black balls that isn't in the same view but is part of the puzzle

I'm stuck at the block puzzle above that one :/

LightWarriorK September 9, 2014 10:24 AM replied to spike21

Got it!

There are shapes inside the doors which relate to the coordinates in the ball grid. Once you place the two balls in the right places, you're able to open the door.


Not sure if this is a bug, but

the lower right door on the right-side cabinet (with the 4x4 grid) can be clicked even as the message says you have no clue how to solve it. Not sure what I did prior, but I was able to try a solution (which didn't work) without getting the message. When I came back to it, I could click it before the message appeared and cancelled my clicks.

Anybody else see this?


Mondrian puzzle:

Solution from the book-shelf on the left of the door (the "numbered" one). The black corners correlate.

Bug: Yes, it is. Not so much a bug than less slightly programming probably.


Can't access the game, used Firefox, Chrome and IE, and still no luck.


and out! I loved this one. Clever and layered but logical.


That was hard. It took me way too long to notice that there were 6 types of squiggles, not 3.


I think the logo on this game is actually "25 minute escape", not 5 minute.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkqUDG4qLULGO5NTAWRrltPHLuCZMtSqvw September 10, 2014 4:49 AM

can someone help me?

i only have 7 puzzle pieces right now. currently i cant solve the puzzle at the lower-left and lower-right door of the right cabinet, puzzle pieces, black balls and the puzzle at the drawer near the door.



For the black balls

You need a piece of paper to put on the pegs on the side of the black ball puzzle
Paper can be found

Underneath the Chrysanthemum pot which you are able to lift

after you loosened the screw inside the cupboard underneath the pot

The piece of paper and the symbols above the puzzle (which you see when you look at the Mondrian puzzle) act as coordinates for the last two balls. Inside the cupboards you will find two symbols. These symbols indicate where the balls should be placed.
These symbols are used by

combining a symbol from the y-axis (the paper next to the balls) with a symbol from the x-axis

So the one symbol is an X with a horizontal line through it which means the ball is placed in the lower left hand corner. The other symbol is a + which means the other ball goes in the lower right hand corner


A few hints along the way:

The flower posters has to do with the four potted flowers

Giving a four-letter word


The eggs and the birds *do* combine in a code


Yes, the book shelf is a code. Need a wrench to access it, though.

The open green box where you found one of the first puzzle plates can be lifted

and looked underneath

The tricky thing with the black ball puzzle is that there's neither clic nor locking balls to tell when you're right... Solving it requires

a strip of paper, two balls, and two symbols

and gives

the solution to the 4x4-grid puzzle


I lied, the book shelf is TWO clues.

Last puzzle

When all cupboards are opened, combine the colours.


Here's a walkthrough that finishes the game in 25 steps. I've summarised everything into a single image:


Having serious trouble understanding the pigeon/egg puzzle. No combinations I've tried work. Could someone give a more explicit hint on how to solve it?


@ nerdypants

you go in the order of the birds, from top down

more detailed explanation

square, square, triangle, curve, curve, curve. Make sure that the left bump is up, while the right bump is down on each wave


Thanks so much, leslierama!

adam September 10, 2014 11:46 PM replied to expired

thanks for posting such a detailed description of this puzzle, but i'm still not able to follow most of the logic. i get the x and y axes, but why does

the horizontal line through the x in one circle mean to put one ball on the bottom left, and the plus in the other circle mean the ball goes in the bottom right? and what do the forward and backslashes mean on the y paper, and the rest of the icons x axis? thanks again!

adam September 10, 2014 11:48 PM replied to Crouch

wow, seriously beautiful. nice work!

Crouch September 11, 2014 5:20 AM replied to adam

Regarding the black orbs:

You can think of the black-orb cupboard as a spreadsheet, where each cell represents a symbol made out of two parts (as defined by the column and row headers)

The sign in the closet on the left consists of 3 lines (1 horizontal and diagonal ones). To recreate this sign in the cupboard with the black orbs, you can overlap the X (first sign of the columns) with the - (last sign of the rows). You mark the intersection of these two signs (so the cell on the bottom left) with a black orb.

@adam: thanks


Crouch I just loved your image walkthrough, It was just what I needed to give me a nudge in the right direction. I missed one little part

I didn't find the paper strip, I thought I had finished with the plants.


i'm confused on the picture walkthrough. if there is a text one that will be cool

adam September 11, 2014 4:14 PM replied to Crouch

oh my god, after reading your explanation multiple times, i finally got it. i can't describe how painful it had been, or how obvious it seemed was once it clicked. again, thank you!

shjack180 September 11, 2014 9:29 PM replied to Ristina Nielsen

@Ristinia Nielsen

If you hadn't posted those helpful hints, I would never have gotten past the black ball puzzle. I figured out how to solve it on my own, but I thought the lack of in-game indication that I did it correctly meant I was doing something wrong!


I agree with Reka that that's meant to be a stylized "25" (-minute escape)...and amazingly enough, that's exactly how long it took me. As in, almost to the second.

Also enjoyed the visual walkthrough, crouch. I'd never seen one done like that, and it's very cool.


I till can't figure this out. I know I promised only 1 request per game but i'm getting way behind and no one is posting anything on the last few games. I hope someone posts some soon.


Which is the clue for the position of the "waves" in the pigeons/eggs puzzle? Why the left up and the right down??

Oniya April 10, 2016 1:50 AM replied to Hugo López


That's how the waves appear

on the colored eggs on the right side shelves.


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