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Will Wright's Spore

A website for Will Wright's next sim titled "Spore" popped up this week in conjunction with E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, currently happening in Los Angeles. The website has a simple animation trailer that introduces the multi-tiered evolutionary gameplay featured in the ambitious new game, for which a release date has yet to be announced. Also on the site are some very nice high-resolution screenies for your viewing pleasure. Click.

It was an amazing presentation at GDC, and one which I consider myself fortunate for being able to attend. And I am now eagerly awaiting every news-worthy bit of information related to the game and its eventual release. Including this Wired interview with Wright where he discusses Spore in detail.


Sadly, the demos of Spore were behind closed doors and not open to the general E3 attendees ...

Neat stuff -- looking forward to seeing more of it, or better yet, playing it.

tomsamson May 21, 2005 1:18 PM

i¥ve watched a ton ov videos from the e3,the full presentations of the next-gen consoles aswell as all major titles shown for them.(well,mostly just ps3 and xbox 360 thanks to nintendo making a rumor bet till later on the gameside for revolution).
Yeah,both next gen consoles showd impressive graphics and physics (though graphics of ps3 partially make xbox 360 stuff look a bit outdated),funnily presenters foccussed mostly on the graphics horsepower of those new systems (maybe because that¥s what¥s visible on first glimpse) and only rarely did they talk about what¥s gameplay-wise new in possibilities on those new systems. Likewise i didn¥t see many new games showing off really new gameplay possibilities, maybe a much bigger, believable gameworld and more things you can do and evolve to or similar things.
Funnily spore (yeah,funnily its no next gen game,is it? ;) ) showd that in an awesome way.
It doesn¥t have the best graphics by far (though really slick ones) but the gameplay seems to be what a next gen game should really be like.
i can¥t wait to get that one =)
doesn¥t mean i wasn¥t impressed by the next gen console presentations, looking forward to them a lot, too, just noticing this reminds me that no matter how cool the graphics are, gameplay is still at least equally important.
i hope the next gen developers don¥t get into forgetting that while playing with the graphics power muscles


Aaron - what did you see at E3 that was remarkable?

Tomsamson - well said. I agree with your perspective wholeheartedly. So far and at least for this year, the DS seems to have the most interesting software coming out for it.

And I am very interested in knowing more about what Nintendo plans for allowing small independent developers into their Revolution. Click.


yeah,i agree on the ds thing,
funnily i got one myself a while back, now i¥m always playing on my travel to work (meanwhile i use the train to get to work, just more relaxing).
(i completed feel the magic xx/xy the other day, has some drawbacks on some sides but really shows how creativity and fun can be combined in a unique way on a system like ds, nice stuff =) ).
Looking forward to some things on ds, too =)
(i feel a bit childish bout saying that, but yeah, i think i will get myself nintendogs, did you see the nitendo presentation of it on e3 in which miyamoto¥s dog and the one of a female editor (both on their ds connected via wlan) fell in love and started having fun? :D ,too cute :))
Looking forward a lot to the revolution,too,
and yeah,would be wicked if nintendo allowed indy developers to get on board for it :)
We¥d love to make games for it, did you think about it, too?
I actually thought about posting my e3 rant on the stimunation blog, but well, your spore entry made me think about it some more, that¥s why its here =)


I've seen that before, the only thing I want to know is what system it'll be for!


Tomsamson - yes, I would seriously consider developing games for the Revolution, as I feel that will be the killer app for any console to provide an API for independents and individuals to create their own games for the platform. It's bound to happen in this next round what with so much competition and so much at stake. Each of the major players are going to be looking for ways to increase their marketshare and bring more developers onto their platform. And with independent game developers creating some of the most innovative and original content available today, it's likely to be Nintendo who addresses it first. However, I have heard rumblings from Sony's PSP camp that they are considering opening up an SDK for the platform so that independents can create their own content that runs off a memory stick. An exciting time to be an independent game developer. =)

Alex - Similar to most of his other "Sim" games, I believe Spore will most likely be released first and foremost on the PC, and with versions eventually coming out for the consoles. In the Wired interview, Will mentioned that he sees components of the game being released for other platforms such as mobile phones, too.


Very glad to hear that it'll be for PC, don't fancy buying anymore consoles at the moment...


What was remarkable at E3? You mean besides the sheer number of people? (record setting attendance, with over 70,000 people this year, ugh it was crowded).

Seriously, while the new hardware coming soon is remarkable (especially the PS3), so were some of the games presented.

Okami - a beautifully rendered game about a magical white wolf, is fun to play and watch. The texture of the image makes the whole game look like a living water color.

Zelda - beautiful, fluid game play, and epic story. Enough said.

Karaoke Revolution Party & DDR Extreme - blending the DDR dance pad with the microphone & EyeToy (respectively) may be gimmicky, but it may also pave the way to some more interesting games using similar interfaces (certainly it is good to get people up off the couch once in a while).

Indigo Prophecy - called interactive cinema by the guy running the booth, this is a really weird adventure game that places you in the role of the both a murderer and the police investigating a murder -- alternating back and forth between scenes. Normally I would shy away from an interactive movie-type game, but this one really captured my attention because it is extrememly well executed (many, many branches) and has a good interface for making your choices.

Full Auto - on the XBOX 360 provides a good example of one of the things you can do with next gen power, in addition to pretty graphics. The race course on this game is largely destructable, using real-time physics. Arguably just an extension of pretty graphics, but it can help create a deeper level of immersion.

Burnout Revenge - speaking of driving games -- it seems that Criterion listens well to its players, because this new version of Burnout adds great new features to an already fun game -- crashbreaker is now available during races, cars that you crash specifically go after you for revenge, and they added a new traffic smashup mode that is a total blast. Nice to see a sequel that is actually better than the original.

Sly 3 - like old sci-fi movies, the third installment of Sly Cooper allows you to play in stereoscopic 3D, using racoon looking 3D glasses. The game will also be playable without them, for people that don't enjoy headaches, but it is a cute feature that makes some platform jumping noticably easier.

The Movies - Peter Molyneux showed this last year as well, but it has come a long way. Not only does this game let you run the movie studio, it also lets you direct the films (adjusting script, cast, shots, costumes, etc.), then output the finished product as a movie file you could share with your friends. Fantastic idea.

Odama - the samurai pinball game also shown at last year's E3, re-appeared with the addition of a voice input to bark orders to your samurai armies. Really bizarre game that I found frustratingly difficult (I kept rolling the ball over my armies) -- not sure that the voice input is enough to make this game fun. But it is unarguably remarkable.

Lost in Blue - is a survival/adventure game on the DS, that makes good use of the touch screen and seems like an interesting story.

Chibi Robo - is a cute game where you play a tiny robot that enjoys doing chores around the house for its humans. Like Animal Crossing, this seems more like a fun simulator than a 'game' by the traditional definition.

Nintendo's toylike DS games: Nintendogs, Animal Crossing DS, and Elektroplankton - clearly this is where Nintendo's strength is -- making strange toylike things that are just plain fun to mess around with. I expect Animal Crossing DS and Nintendogs will sell a lot of DS hand-helds (especially Animal Crossing DS, since it allows you to share your town with your friends, wirelessly over the Internet).

Many more hand-held games on the show floor than ever before, on the GBA, DS, and PSP. The Gameboy micro will surely breathe new life into GBA sales, but the most remarkable thing about the PSP was the lack of truly remarkable games coming out for the platform. The lack of dual-analog controllers is really limiting, especially without a touch screen. Beautiful device that hasn't found its niche yet.

Also, despite the news reports that this year's E3 was all about the new consoles, there were very few next gen console games on the floor. Wait until next year's E3, when you will be able to see the games for XBOX 360, PS3 and hopefully Revolution -- then buy a PS3 and a Revolution ;)


Wow - excellent report, Aaron. Sounds like you were able to get time with the games despite the crowds. And I agree with your perspective -- I don't think there is any doubt that the best games to come out this year will *not* be on next-gen hardware. It's a good year to be a gamer. =)


Any hope at all of seeing Spore on Mac platforms?

After watching the GDCE lecture, I think this 'game' has incredible potential as a teaching tool for art, philosophy, anthropology, and theology (besides CS and games-theory) courses, especially at the university and above levels.

Near the end of Wright's lecture, the idea of 'getting' through' the goal-oriented portion in order to be able to create and interact with (read: browse like an internet of creation) a galaxy in all its glory as the real 'point' of the game was very compelling. Made his tangent story of his duaghter's microscope and teloscope very relevant!


I'm really looking forward to the release of Spore in the Autumn of 2006! Does anyone know where I can keep track of any demos coming out or release dates???

It would be great if anybody does!


Pheniox87 June 16, 2005 1:30 PM

can somebody tell me where to find a trailer for spore?


Me want trailer too!


You can check out gameplay by going to video.google.com and typing in spore :)


do you have any clue when this comes out? And how much is it going to be?


Do you have any idea what the System Requirements will be for this game?


When is it coming out?


Wow you guys are lucky i am way too far to make it to E3 (australia) so i rely on gaming steve to tell me!

michael July 28, 2006 6:57 AM

THIS IS AWSOMe . . best idea ever . an RTS and an MMO . AWSOMe . but i also live in australia . and i know as soon as it comes out i am buying it . maybe twice :P



anyway, i want it so bad. i am just about ready to literally chew my arm off.

flow though seems oddly similar to the tidepool phase :)


Anyone know when spore or spore demos is(are) coming out?


Spore is set to release "Fall 2007"


i think spore is gonna be the best ever game

fairyup722 April 24, 2007 8:15 PM

help! I can't see verry much of the screen and I can't resize it! What do I do?!


Thanks, fairyup722. Fixed. =)


Ignore any fancy-talk I get into, as a simple reminder.
Ah, finally. The very game I have long awaited, the very dream, shall come true! Now mine long lost, drawn and imaginated creations may come to life. And as myself being a girl, and I consider myself a tom-boy...Perhaps some shall be quite amused with any possible creations?

Okay, so yes. I've watched many-a video, and read too many blogs. As what I have heard, it may as well come out within August 2008, or perhaps sooner or later. And the demo even weeks, I've heard from the very creators, before the release.

Should you search enough, perhaps you've noticed a few words from the editors/creators? They are merely past the big-bad-bugs, and getting a few people to play the game, ask their opinion, ect.. So for now, the bad is gone, but some can be yet to come.

Don't hold the creators and so to their word. Aren't you happy that they are creation such a wonderful game? Aren't you even grateful for this very bit of information? Give them credit, where credit is due. They won't release it for a good cause, and I take it from another site (WolfQuest, having it yet to be created.) ; If they released it now, perhaps there might happen to be a few things here and there that need to be quick-fixed? Or so... Though however, I cannot say that you wouldn't like it, since I'm sure its about complete.

So do be at least grateful. Don't complain about how long they are taking. Won't it be just fun in the end? :D


The-Spore-Masta-Noer-Of-SApore-:D-Spore November 26, 2007 7:24 PM

The day has come my friends: a day we've long awaited. A real release date! Spore will be released on March 3, 2008

How do I know this? because starting today you can really, truly, absolutely pre-order Spore through Amazon. Check it out

I know we've seen lots of fake pre-orders in the past, but this one is real!


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