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Spring Morning

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Spring Morning

SonicLoverTomatea is a developer that respects the time of year with their escape games. In mid-winter they released The Holidays are Over. Around Halloween time came Choco Challenge. So it should be no surprise that as winter turns to spring, Spring Morning graces our computer screens. Navigate by mouse, keep an eye out for the glowing cursor, and hopefully eventually leave the room and greet the beautiful spring weather outdoors. Unless you're allergic to pollen. But with all the flowers decorating the room, you've got an incentive to get out either way.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That is a maxim that Tomatea practically lives by. Their characteristic style has undergone seemingly no changes, and that's for the best. As with any Tomatea game, there are photorealistic graphics, logical puzzles including many old standbys such as the wobbly picture, an "I have no clue how to solve this!" message that pops up until you "know" a puzzle's solution, clues that stare you right in the face but are easy to shrug off, a changing cursor that stops changing once you've had your fun with that location, decorations and miscellany that accentuate the central theme, and a rather familiar string soundtrack. There IS one puzzle that you can fiddle with right away before you have a clue how it works, which is unusual for a Tomatea game, but that doesn't come close to ruining the whole experience. There are few better ways to welcome the spring season than to play Spring Morning. Go ahead; the play button's right there. I won't get in your way.

Play Spring Morning

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Spring Morning Walkthrough

  1. You'll start in the Window View, facing two chairs and a table in front of a window. Zoom in on the table; that looks like a base for something. You can't do anything with it just yet.

  2. Zoom out and turn right to the Clock View. Zoom in on the clock; it's got a panel that's screwed shut.

  3. Zoom out and check the horses below the clock. The leftmost horse has its right hoof raised, the next one raises its left hoof, then left, right, right, left. Code for something?

  4. Next, the cabinets on the left. The lower one is locked with a three-letter code you allegedly know, but don't. The upper one is locked with a four-color code that you also allegedly know, but don't.

  5. The box to the right is locked with one of those sixteen-square puzzle picture locks... but there's one square missing. Take the watering can figurine from on top, though.

  6. Now turn right to the Painting View. Just below the painting is some sort of game board. You can put the watering can figurine on the upper left corner and move it around, but then what? There must be a code we don't have.

  7. Check the drawers towards the right. The lower one requires a four-digit code we don't have. The upper one requires a two-button code we DO have!

  8. Remember the horses? Right-left-left-right-right-left. Then click the center button. You'll get a blue horse and a note.

  9. Examine the note and unfold it. Hm, sixteen flowers and a path? I think we've already seen the thing this goes to, but let's explore the rest of the room first.

  10. Check out the lamp on top of the drawers. Push the button and they light up. Also note the number of rods each lamp is hanging from. 1 blue, 2 red, 3 yellow, 4 green.

  11. Zoom out and turn right to the Door View. The door, of course, is locked. Note the three strange panels to the right of the door.

  12. The left panel is SOMETHING, but we don't have the clue for it yet. The middle one is a wobbly picture; again, no clue yet. The right one involves red, yellow, blue, and green flowers... no, it's not a sudoku-esque puzzle. I tried that.

  13. Below each panel are two arrows and some strange lines. If you put each pair of lines together as shown by the arrows, they look like a letter; the three of them spell H-A-T. Hmm...

  14. Return to the Clock View; we now have the codes to both those cabinets on the lower left. The upper one is the set of colors from the lamp (blue-red-yellow-green), and the lower one is the set of letters from the panels (HAT). You'll get a red horse, another note, a ball with a spring in it, and a red-and-yellow dome thing.

  15. Examine the note. Numbers, seemingly useless. Maybe it's a transparency? But what do we put it on?

  16. Check the game board in the Painting View again. Move the watering can around the board along the path the first note shows (click an empty spot to move the can there), then pick up the wooden disk from inside.

  17. Close the game board... hey, the pattern changed. What is that, a flower? Transfer that pattern of triangles to the left panel in the Door View to get a metal rod.

  18. Now look at the game board again; I've got a hunch. Put the transparency with the numbers on it (if you can't get it, try it on the little circle at the bottom edge of the board). Each number will cover a triangle. That looks like it should be a clue for a wobbly picture puzzle...

  19. Jiggle the corners of the flower picture on the Door View's middle panel in the same order: lower right, lower left, lower right, lower left, upper left, upper right. You'll get a screwdriver.

  20. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw on the clock... oops. Pick up that screw from behind the horses; it may come in handy.

  21. Now that the panel's loose, move it and displace the battery. Some segments will disappear from the letters. And what does "180" mean? Well, turn the letters 180 degrees and they'll look like numbers: 5074. (Remember, turning them upside-down changes their order!)

  22. That goes to the lower drawer in the Painting View. There's a white horse and a picture panel inside.

  23. Obviously, put the picture panel with the others on the box between the Clock and Painting Views. Solve the puzzle and you'll get a green horse. And what's that written on the back? Pairs of flowers?

  24. Those look like the flowers on the right panel in the Door View. There are two of each... the goal is to connect each pair of same-color flowers with small flowers of the same color. Hint: yellow takes the long way around red and blue.

  25. Once that's solved, your horse collection will be complete with a yellow horse... and a crank handle. Where could we use these?

  26. Return to the Window View's table. Put the small wooden disk on the base, then add the screw, then fix it with the screwdriver. Then add the pole, then the red-and-yellow thing, then the ball. Lastly, add the horses, then put the crank handle in place and turn it.

  27. A key! After all that trouble, it had better open the door. And it does! Fresh air!


https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU April 8, 2014 12:18 PM

Actually this does NOT feature the "I don't know to solve this!" feature unless I broke it JUST by loading the game as it let me try to solve stuff from the get go.

lilymay April 8, 2014 1:14 PM

I'm at a stand-still with the flower puzzle. Sorry...the walkthrough was great, but pretty vague (for me) on that particular puzzle.

MtDewed April 8, 2014 1:41 PM

Mine had an ad that kept blocking the game every time I sat a bit. Way too intrusive.

Username April 8, 2014 1:43 PM

This is definitely NOT one of Tomatea's better works, in fact I rank it pretty low. Also, agreed that the walkthrough structure isn't super helpful, but it does the job. I would only rank this game 2 of 5.


The "no clue to solve this" mechanism was a bit... buggy in this one.

  • It should not have let you attempt the four-color buttons until you had turned on the lamp at least once.

  • The flower path puzzle didn't need a clue, and it let you solve it without a clue... but then encountering those pairs of flowers in the corner cabinet was confusing. It certainly sent me on a bit of a wild goose chase — I thought I had to re-use that puzzle to get another part for the merry-go-round, or something. (Turned out I was missing the screw from the clock.)

The other bit that was less clear than it needed to be was

the watering can puzzle. If we were supposed to use the watering can there, why oh why did the puzzle clue contain a flower?


I wanted to add, despite the issues I noted, this was still a pretty good game. Thank you for featuring it!


@SonicLover: WHY did you feel the need to post the walkthrough in the comments in the SAME MINUTE as when you posted it In The Description??!?! It is redundant and useless. I find it very annoying when you authors do that. Please explain why you do it....


@lilymay, if by "flower puzzle" you mean the flower path puzzle, door view far right, then

the object is to draw a path between each pair of like-colored flowers such that (a) the paths don't cross, and (b) every square ends up filled. (Naturally, the color of the path should match the flowers: the yellow flowers should be connected by a yellow path, the red flowers with a red path, etc.) This one is a pretty easy puzzle in the genre, so give it a shot, but if you're totally stuck, here's the solution:

R r G g g
Y r b B g
y r b Y g
y R B y g
y y y y G

(For the colorblind: I believe it's one click for yellow, two for red, three for blue, and four for green.)

chipmunk April 8, 2014 10:36 PM

@Nathaniel Shaw

Chill out, dude. After a user posts a walkthrough in the comments, someone from JIG staff will copy it to the bottom of the description so people can find it more easily.


I agree with Nathaniel, no need to post a WT so early.
It's better to let us finding the solution clues per clues.


I can't seem to

copy the pattern of triangles.

Please help.

chipmunk April 9, 2014 2:13 PM


Nathaniel wasn't complaining that the walkthrough was posted too early, he was complaining that it was apparently posted twice. If you want to find the solutions yourself, just don't look at the walkthrough.


for people that need help with

the puzzle where you swap the pieces to make a picture, is there a way to post a screenshot of the finished product?

Thanks :)


@Paul: unfortunately, the picture disappears the instant you solve it, and there's no way to look at it again after that.


The table's near edge is at the very bottom of the image, and the entire table slants slightly to the right, so at the bottom left, you can see the side of the table, but at the bottom right, you can't. Also, the top left corner of the table end up in the second row, far left. After that, it's a fairly simple matter of matching the pattern of the slats, the cups and saucers, the rabbits, and the bouquet.

kellogshappymeal April 10, 2014 12:10 AM

Complaints of early posting of WT? I thought that was absolutely hilarious.
Have they zero lack of self control that they automatically look at the WT for each little thing?


reka, well how about

all but the last 2. that might work because you know that the last 2 are unmatched, but everything else is fine


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