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Strategy Defense

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Rating: 4.6/5 (47 votes)
Comments (112) | Views (10,391)

strategydefense.jpgJohnBTaking a light-hearted approach to a normally serious and complex genre, Strategy Defense by Belugerin Games is a casual tactics game along the lines of Ogre Battle or Tactics Arena Online. It's your job to defend the king from the incoming enemy. Move your character on the field, attack enemies, raise your stats and buy new weapons with an easy-to-use interface. It's a bare-bones tactics game that is inviting enough even for non-strategy fans to enjoy.

Each time your turn rolls around you can do one of several actions: move, cast a spell (if available), or use an item/attack. The order doesn't matter, which is actually very important for basic strategies. Take your turn, damage your foes, then wait while each enemy does the same. Depending on the goal of the scenario you might have to eliminate all of the enemies, take out the leader, or simply maneuver yourself to a point on the field. Sometimes your task will have several steps that must be completed in a certain order. Either way, it's never a straightforward job.

As you defeat enemies and complete stages, you earn gold and experience points that allow you to buff up your stats and buy new equipment. There are 24 short scenarios to work your way through, each with its own strategies and goal. You won't have too much trouble felling your foes, but a save feature lets you record your progress to resume at a later time. Just in case.

Analysis: Strategy Defense does a great job drawing in non-tactics-game players thanks to its inviting visuals and clean interface. Once you dive into the game itself you won't be disappointed, either. The simple attack options only get more complex later in the game, giving you plenty of time to become comfortable with the game's mechanics. New items are introduced at a slow pace, though, which is an unfortunate side-effect.

On the down side, Strategy Defense does suffer from a bit of repetition, especially early in the game. Until you buy interesting weapons and magic skills it's mostly click, attack, repeat. Enemy AI is surprisingly good, but don't expect Genghis Khan or Sun Tzu to try and outwit you. And waiting for loads of enemy troops to shuffle around and fire can be a slight nuisance.

Can a serious tactics game be cute? If it's Strategy Defense, it can be. This game does a respectable job translating the thrill and challenge of a strategy game to the world of browser-based casual gameplay.

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Cheers to Wouter for sending this one in!



Thanks for posting the game.
I, as I told in my submission-email, am a strategy-noob. I never followed the line from the first c64-strategy games to how it evolved into what it is now, and I must say I find it quite hard to step into the world of this genre. I'd rather learn a new programming language than 'waste' a couple of hours understanding the 'logic' approach I have to take in modern strategy-games.

The casual approach of 'Strategy Defense' I find very delightful. Yes, it's childish, it could be a good Lego-viral maybe, but it's nicely light and clear for the noob I am, to play as a coffeebreaker. I think Belugerin Games intended to make the game like this and I think they scored with that intention on almost every aspect of the game.

I don't know about the slow-pace, that's actually what holds me back to play most strats (can you say strats?), I think that's part of the genre, take chess.

Thanks for the writing John!


Was anyone else reminded of Viewtiful Joe by the enemy helmets?

And I agree that the simplicity of this game adds to its appeal, from the perspective of casual gameplay. Just the kind of thing I enjoy.

I especially like that I can save my game after each mission and come back to it later and pick right back up where I left off.


Just a tad slow-moving but somehow still addictive.

Yeesh, like I needed another drain on my time.

I can't quit though... gotta get them bad guys! Consarn them sidewindin' rascals anyway!


I really enjoy this game, but I've reached a point, where I have a feeling, that I'm missing some more powerful weapons... It's mission 17, with 3 towers, one tank, and 3 big guns, which kill you with one shot. And my most powerful soldier is a rifleman with a gun (it has only one weapon, a simple gun). I do so little damage with that, that I'm killed in just a few rounds. I have two pages of items that I can buy, no bigger gun, or tank or anything. Maybe I went wrong somewhere, or missed something? Any clues?


I am having trouble beating the stage with the three Jeeps and three tanks. Any suggestions?


I can't beat level 23. I guess it might have something to do with how I leveled up (my character was level 11 while I attempted it). Even though I got almost all of the enemies, I noticed that the way you gain XP might vary according to the way you deal damage to them, but I can't confirm this.

If anyone has a strategy to beat that level, please help.

Boston Gamer October 21, 2007 11:54 PM

The levels at the end of each "mission" are just brutal (every 6th level). You're really forced into an all-or-nothing playing style - I don't like the ridiculous ramp in the difficulty curve. I'm also badly stuck on the final level of the game.

The final level is a sequence of playing fields with no opportunity to shop or even recover life points and ammo in between. I made it through the first field of archers/knights, but I can't get past the second phase, which has rifle-men, bombs, and cycles. I've tried this one as both a rifleman and a tank without success. Anybody else made it?


Unless I'm missing something, Level 17 is clearly impossible. And if it's because I neglected to kill a few enemies in previous missions, so that my level wasn't high enough to kill the Bomber on the first turn, I'm going to be pissed.

This game is horribly imbalanced and I wonder whether the author has even play tested it. Once you get the Gunner transformation it becomes a repetitious slugfest where you just alternate shooting the Tanks/Towers and healing every (other) turn. SLOOOWWW animations don't help either.


I kinda agree . . . the tutorial makes a point of the fact that fewer turns = more money, and that it might be a good idea not to try to kill everything. But then level is just about kills . . .

and it's recommended that we use the tank to take out the towers . . . how in the world do we do that? When the tank goes to shoot me - either i'm close enough that it targets me alone, or i'm far enough that i'm too close to the tower, and the exploding tower kills me.

Maybe i'm missing something. I wonder if one of the archer's magic arrows has some effect against towers i've not tried yet.


looking more closely . . . the tower explodes on its own. It has nothing to do with the enemy tank hitting it.


I am confronted to the same situation as Lixivium in Level 17: Bomber Towers have a power of 400 whereas my little rifleman has merely 304 HP.
In order to be able to pass turn 1, I should have the possibility to kill both Bomber Towers with the same shot at turn 1... Which is not possible since those towers have 40 HP while I can deal less with my spells...
I am very far from the next level... If it emans that I have to come back a few levels, I think I will just let go this game... A bit repetitive, though.

Any idea, please?


This is going to be a silly question, but I'm on mission 3 and I have yet to be given a "shop" option. Am I missing something?

pushevolve October 22, 2007 1:51 PM

Lexivium, at some point around level 13-15 you're supposed to get an option to purchase a tank. It sounds like the option might not come up unless you get enough experience maybe?

In the review JohnB says, "You won't have too much trouble felling your foes" but as several other comments indicate this game can be frustrating and somewhat difficult.

While I acknowledge that there is a certain amount of tedium I think that most of it comes from how precise you have to be to beat a level when one volley from the enemies in a round can destroy you before you've had a chance to do anything.

However, I think the fun far outweighs any of the down sides to the game.

Some tips and things I like about this game:

-If you can't beat a level it's a good idea to rearrange what items you have, for instance; if you find you don't need any character switches, (like on the boat levels) you can cash them in for the same value you bought them at and buy something you do need for that level.

-keep track of the enemys' shooting ranges. It disappears fast but untimately thats the only way to beat a level that has such little room for error.

-If you find you have to heal yourself after each round and have no spare rounds to buy amo or use magic the only way to change this is to either get out of range of some of the shooters so you won't have to heal as often and/or eliminate some of the shooters so you incur less damage.

-A good way to distance yourself is by having a knight to change into and then an extra tank to change back into after you're done. Remember to turn back into the tank, rifleman or archer before you end your turn as the knight can't return fire unless he's touching the enemy. If you're going to lose health you want to at least get a few shots in to make it worth it.

I didn't find this game to be "SLOOOWWW" but then again I played Ballistic Wars all the way through before the upgrade.

More upgrades and weapons would improve this game as would having a little less margin of error in the gameplay. Nonetheless I thought this game was pretty addicting and fun.

That being said I'm stuck on level 22 and it's pretty annoying. Damn submarines :P

Anonymous October 22, 2007 2:32 PM

In mission 17, change to Knight, run north away from the bomber towers, change back to rifleman and destroy them from far away after destroying the rest.


To beat mission 17, I used a different strategy than running towards the tank. If you look in the lower part of the map, you'll see a gold ingot, but it's probably just out of reach of your rifelman. I changed to Knight and moved to the gold (which is just out of reach of the bomb towers). From there, you should be able to beat the mission taking on just one tank/tower at a time. Just make sure you bring enough Health+ items.


Ok - if you've missed it you can almost always shop after a level. However, to get new stuff you have to level up. Not that every level gives new stuff, but but I got the tank just before level 17, rather than the 13-16 indicated above. This is probably because i hadn't killed everything on those levels that it was an option not to.

Prior to the tank, magic arrows are golden. If you can stay out of range, you can just keep on shooting with them and never get touched.

With the tank especially, but also with the gunner, observe what does and doesn't retaliate. Sometimes it's smarter to down a heath every turn and just use your own retaliation to attack, then to waste a chance to heal attacking, only to get attacked by a retaliation then by everything taking its turn.

Overall it's a decent game without a horrible difficulty curve . . . unless you didn't level up enough. I DO NOT believe that you can revisit levels. So if you get to a level that you loose on the first turn over and over i don't know if it's possible to ever beat it.

scoobysnack October 22, 2007 5:50 PM

Fun game, and challenging on some levels.

I have killed all the enemies and picked up the gold bricks on each level...I'm now on the 21st mission and have had the tank since mission 18. I'm assuming your level has something to do with what weapons you can purchase.

On level 21 I'm in a tough spot where I can't get away from several boats with big fire-power, and there is no way to destroy them from a distance. I'll try to puzzle it out, but if anyone has a hint that would be great.


This game is great, but yeah, it desperately needs the ability to revisit levels. I don't think Crazy Monkey games are ever updated, so, oh well. Also, do people in this world not know about diagonals? (I'm only up to level 2, so maybe this is just a quirk for archers?)


Brandon: If you're talking about facing and moving, then no; you can fire diagonally, though. This is unfortunate early on, but with bombers in the later levels this quirk can save your bacon.

As for my experience, as far as I could tell I killed *everything* on every level, only managed to reach character level 9, and am now 100% stuck on game level 18, which I think is actually the first place I was able to get a tank on. I *cannot* get away from both of those effing missile towers, and since those two deal over 100 HP of damage by themselves there's just plain no way to handle it even if I do nothing but heal. This limitation of the shop power through character level is *absurd*, and quite game-destroying.


No, Mission 16 is the one where you have to transform into the knight and run away from the towers. I actually thought that was pretty clever. Mission 17 is the one with 2 Missiles, 2 Bombers, 2 Electrics, and 1 Tank.

There is NOWHERE you can go where you won't get hit by the two Missiles. Even with the Tank Transformation, I have to use 2 turns to kill the Bomber, then the Missiles + Tank kill me faster than I can even heal. If someone has managed to get past this level without killing the Bomber on the first turn, I'll eat my hand.


I like this game, It's pretty good!
Contrary to what it says, I find that you get more gold if you are at a higher health as opposed to speed of completing the level, so using health+ on the last turn can be a big boost to money earned.

I find experience and levels much more effective than speed and gold, as stats make a huge difference. And I believe Experience is gained at a rate of 10 experience points per damage dealt.

Levels that you die on very early, you can prolong your life if you use a bomb or other highpowered item to kill a unit on the first turn.

Magic arrows are huge in effectivity against towers and immobile enemies. Counterattacking and healing every turn is also very effective.

For Final Mission 2

, on turn 1 you have to back away from the enemy(DON'T GET THE GOLD YET), turn into a tank, and shoot the bomberman who is up-left of you, then wait the level out from there. (You should have used health and ammo boosters towards the end of the previous level)


Awesome game.
But am having a little difficulty now and again.
And this time i am stuck on level 14. It is the first level with the towers.. I've tried the level like 15 times just get beaten back each time.
If someone could give me a tip that would be great.

Boston Gamer October 22, 2007 10:44 PM

I'm pretty much done with this game, and by that I don't mean that I've quite beaten it, but rather that my frustration has built enough that I'm not going to spend any more time on it. I've mostly figured out all of the strategy for the final level, but I'm fairly certain that I'm just a couple of thousand short on gold for all of the supplies that I need, and there's no way I'm going to play through the whole game again just so I can be more careful about money. As others have commented, it's very disappointing how tight the challenge is on this game - I believe that a couple of the later levels have unique sequences of moves as solutions, which is a little surprising in an action/strategy game.

As for the last level,

There are five stages in a row - knights/archers, soldiers/bombs, tanks/trucks, boats/subs/towers, final boss. The final boss has 2000 hitpoints, and he transforms to an archer, knight, soldier, and tank, which then rapidly gets stronger and stronger. He requires around 150 tank cannon shots to kill, or 50 rockets. You seem to need either tons of health and ammo or tons of rockets, on the order of $20,000 worth.


I'm stuck on lvl 18. Can someone please tell me how to finish it.
It's the one with 2 bombers, 1 tank, 2 missile towers and 2 electric towers.


This gets really, absurdly difficult, really fast. -.-


The FINAL bad guy is impossible to beat. It's 1 on 1 and the guy has 2000 hit points! Whatever weapon you use on him, it only does 1 point damage while his arrows do about 63 damage to you. Anybody found a way to beat him?


Same as DarkWolf, I too am pulling my hair out over lvl 18. I just can't seem to get the edge over the constant bombardment from the 2 rocket towers and the tanks whilst dodging the suicide bomber.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can get back to work :o/


i need some help for mission 21! any ideas anyone?


Since it seems some people are having a hard time on the boss, Here's what I find works pretty well

Stock up on about 9 bombs and lots of health boosts before the level, and use them, the bombs should do excess of 300 damage with each use, and then you can heal after each use.
Also, after tank he goes into "king helicopter" mode, getting crazy high stats, and his health goes up to 1000, I'm not sure if he changes again after that...

scoobysnack October 23, 2007 10:59 AM

Level 18 - the Doven Kingdom Map

How to beat it -- it's really easy. (I'm assuming you have the tank by now...if not, start over and start getting the gold bricks and killing everything on the screen, or see the second tip.)

But first a general rule I use with tanks. I ignore them at first unless in combination with towers and stuff they will help completely deplete my health. You can trade blows with them when they attack you all day long - or until you kill them after they shoot you.

if you have the option at this point get missles and a bomb or two for your tank. Missles go a long way. Change to the knight, run over to the first tank, use a bomb, change back to a tank. Use missles to get the domed things -- two for each will do. Kill the other tank at your leisure, then use missles on the towers - you have a greater range than they do.

If all else fails remember:

magic arrows will kill anything eventually over any distance, buy a ton, stay out of range, and take your time.


It is possible to finish it

you just have to make sure you have the right weapons and equipment, and in the right quantity.

Additional 'hints'

just make good use of the 'counterattack' and your ability to 'heal'

also note that positioning is critical for some levels


The game is pretty good. I found it quite difficult at some levels, but all of them can be beaten by logic, and there is no luck or randomness. Especially in the final battle, where one bad move can lead to re-starting the level.

General strategy

As is written in game help, the more quickly you finish the level and the more hitpoints you have at the end of level, the more gold you get. But as you get experience points per damage caused, it is very important to kill all enemies at level. If you won't do so, you will find at some point thet your level (which affects your armor and power of your weapons dramatically) is too small to survive the firestorm at the last levels.
I recommend killing all enemies and healing yourself before ending the level if possible. You will get more gold by ending the level one turn later with full health.
There is usually no sense in attacking an enemy if you know that it will survive your attack and strike back. If he won't run away, you will kill him on the next turn.
Exceptions are cases when you use special weapons (upgraded arrows or missioles) or magic against long-range shooting enemies.
If you don't see a good target at your move, heal yourself. Especially at the last levels.


It is very important in the middle of game and almost useless in final battles. The magic arrow is the best spell in the game, as it is very cheap, can be fired by every type of unit (especialy important for knight) and can hit enemy in every square of the map. Magic arrow is the best weapon against long-range towers (even if you are a tank) and is very useful if you are a knight running away from bombers.
I found rock and water spells useful only against trucks and riflemen. The armor of tanks is too strong for these spells.

Sea levels

When you fight against destroyers being on land, you need to move as far from water as possible to survive.
You need to use bombs to survive the 'submarine attack' level.

Final battle

You will have to fight 4 waves of enemies - archers/knights, riflemen/bombers/moto, tanks/trucks and sea/towers. All enemies will be upgraded, with minimal power of 113, thus, e.g. archers caused damage of 48 to my tank.
You will fight continiously, being not able to recharge or restore health between levels. Thus you will need to recharge and restore health BEFORE killing your last enemy. This is difficult while fighting against tanks, but the fourth battle is the easiest one if you have about 20 missiles left, as on land you will be unreachable for submarines.
The fifth sublevel of final battle is the enemy king. He is tough, but not invincible.
The King

He has 2000 (really 3000) hitpoints and infinite ammo. His armor and power increase as you hit him. He gradually becomes almost invincible for canon and missiles. He starts an archer, then sequentially turns into knight, rifleman, tank and helicopter (+1000 hitpoints, bad surprize).
He looks unbeatable, but you have BOMBS. And he needs only ten of them to be killed. The bombs can be shot only by a tank, and the tank is unfortunately too slow to catch up a heli.
Thus, the winning pattern is to become a knight, move close to king, turn into a tank and throw a bomb. Then become a knight again, move far away and heal yourself. And so on. Do not forget to restore full health - bombs take 100 hitpoints per shot, and the damage caused by king is big too. Good luck.

Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language.

pushevolve October 23, 2007 3:38 PM

Ieronim, your english is better at a glance than most of the people who claim it as their first language.

Your tips are very well put as well :)

Wait a minute, how is your english bad? Even attempting to use 'e.g.' in a sentence puts you on a higher rung than most Americans!!


I'm running into an annoyance on mission 6- the first one with Riflemen. I kill all of them except the 35 hp Rifleman, I'm on my last leg but am just about to kill him when he gets TWO shots. This is really, really irksome- do the riflemen get the chance to attack twice, and I've just been avoiding that with all the rest?

daniel daniel October 24, 2007 1:48 AM

This game is a good, or perhaps destructive, haha, distraction for a few hours. Once you beat it, though, you'll probably not ever want to see it again.

Some levels are easier than ones that precede it, but towards the end they all involve quite a lot of advance planning, to plot your moves for almost the entire battle. A good mental workout.

The final battle(s) actually are a lot easier than much of the Sea Battles stage. For the first one, which is knights/arrows, you just need to change into a tank, and wait it out. The next one, riflemen and bombers, you just need to make sure to take out the first bomber, move out of the way of the others, and similarly wait it out, basically. The third stage is by far the trickiest, with three trucks and three tanks, each dealing about 90 damage each to the tank. By this stage, I had 475 hp, so I found my winning strategy was to change into a knight early on to hurry to the other end of the screen to avoid some of the enemies for a while, and then wait it out there (as a tank). The fourth stage has destroyers and subs and towers, but it's actually very easy, provided you have a good supply of missiles, about 15. The towers are pretty weak, so you can wait it out, and if you move to the back of the land, you are out of range of the sea stuff, so just missile them from a distance. Remember, by the way, to stock up on tank changes because you revert to archer at the beginning of each battle.
The final confrontation, with The King, was a bit anti-climactic, it's a pretty boring, disappointingly easy level, that doesn't require a whole lot of planning. He has 2000hp, and replenishes himself by 1000hp once. Missiles and cannons become very weak as he upgrades, but bombs remain very effective, about 325-375 in any form, so that's the strategy. Just get close and bomb him. Keep in mind that he will be able to retaliate when you bomb him, and then attack you for his turn, and you lose 100hp for bombing, so make so you have replenished health. It becomes a bit tedious when he changes into the helicopter because he can travel far (and deals about 125 damage per hit) but it's still possible just to chase him down in a tank. Just work towards a corner, it shouldn't take too long.

A bit of an anti-climactic end, but still an enjoyable and challenging game.


MadWithMuchHeart - I'm gonna guess and say your problem is that you moved, then attacked, then got counter-attacked and finally the last rifleman got his proper turn, where he kills you.

I'm about 99% sure that it's impossible for me, with my strangely low character level, to get through mission 18. There's no way I'm going to play through the game again just to see the end; kind of disappointing that the somewhat esoteric process of advancement that carries over from level to level can totally bork your ability to progress.

winterbear October 24, 2007 2:23 PM

this game is very close to being great...

But I am stuck at lvl 18 and nothing I do allows me to get past it. If I dont kill the back pack bomber, he gets me in two turns but in those two turns I am chewed up by the towers...

I am about 2000 points from the next level and I suspect that I skipped killing a few guys early on and that has borked my game. From reading the notes here I should be able to buy bombs and missles for my tank, but those are not available right now for me.

It really blows that skippnig killing some things at the earlier level when it seemed like such a great idea to run is going to compleatly trash my later game. What a shame. I have no desire to go back and replay the earlier levels just so I can beat 18. Its just time to move on to something else....


Solution for level 17:

change into tank; cast water; shoot the bomber;move one field east/forward;cast water (the tank must stay in the southern area); rest should be easy


Items needed to defeat Stardox:

You will need enough money to get the following items for the last level which has 5 parts to it.
Tank (9)
Health++ (11)
Bomb (10)
Magic Arrow (30) (for use in Part 4)
Knight (4)
Magic+ (1) (for use in Part 4)
Ammo+ (6)
*If you have enough money to get missiles for part 4, you can use them instead, but I used the Magic Arrows


Hi all
great fun playing the game - but of course a little stuck at the moment.
it's level 18
four towers (2 of them i can't get away from) two bombers and one tank.
I know a lot of you have finished the game - but if you could give a detail way of getting past this level, i would be very grateful.


help needed on the last sea level

1 heli + 2 boats + 2 submarines

I kill 1 sub with a bomb then what ?

please help me :)

Anonymous October 25, 2007 2:53 PM

That's embrassaring, but I just can't beat mission 7. every time the two bombers were defeated - the riflemen were killing me althought..


For level 18... this is what worked for me.
I moved one space to the NW then used a water spell. They will pound you down to 153 health.
Then I attacked the missle tower closest to me killing it, then moved two spaces SW to the corner. Tank and remaining missle tower attack.
Kill the bomber and move SE 2 space (I think.. you want to line up with the last missle tower).
Health and retaliate both the tank and missle till they are dead.
Health.. then take on the electricals one at a time.


level 21 and 20 help!!!!

captain bob October 26, 2007 11:21 AM

cant beat level 23 2 boats 2 subs and a chopper can anyone help before i go insane


For Level 18 Doven Kingdom Map

Thank you VERY much Shady that worked just fine. :)

I thought I had tried every possible way on this map, but it worked.

If your down to 153 health as he said you probably the same lvl and his tips will work! Thanks again.


You are welcome..

About level 20...

I just went towards the southern tower and shot it the 1st round, then health and retaliate from there. I saved the northern tower for last.

Another good hint...

Move towards an enemy even if youare going to heal, then the enemy will move away. Your next turn you move away and it can buy you some time.


Shady's plan worked perfectly for me, but it is only 1 space SE to line it up. Here is a copy of it:

For level 18... this is what worked for me.
I moved one space to the NW then used a water spell. They will pound you down to 153 health.
Then I attacked the missle tower closest to me killing it, then moved two spaces SW to the corner. Tank and remaining missle tower attack.
Kill the bomber and move SE 2 space (I think.. you want to line up with the last missle tower).
Health and retaliate both the tank and missle till they are dead.
Health.. then take on the electricals one at a time.

Anonymous October 27, 2007 3:22 AM

HELP! lvl 21 Submarine attack is still impossible for me. I have alot of money and heaps of supplies, i have killed everything in every level (except 1 early in the game) and am at lvl 11.

I've used everything from bombs, to chaning back and forth from knights to using health everytime.

Nothing seems to work.

Is my level too inferior? I can't heal after i use a bomb, if i use it the submarine attacks coupled with the tower attack destry me in 2 rounds. My heals arn't sufficient to heal me through all that fire power.

The Sibmarines have crazr range, dsn't matter where i go they can still attack me!

What am i missing? Can someone poast a walkthrough?


First of all, level 21 is not submarine attack, that's another level. The level you're talking about it the destroyer. First of all, move back as far as possible, then attack the tower with a missile. Get out of range of the tower. Then just heal, while you counterattack. Eventually the two tanks will be destroyed.

Now comes the hard part: destroying the tower and destroyers. One more missile ought to finish the job.

The two destroyers are tricky. Move as close to them as possible and sometimes you'll get in a shot. If you can't, use magic arrow while moving backwards.


It actually worked! (for Mission 18)

Round 1: "I moved one space to the NW then used a water spell. They will pound you down to 153 health."
My result: The water did 11 to bomber and 5 to the missile towers, then my retaliations did 47 more. Health at 153. Really, ANYTHING to bomber would be enough to kill it in combination with a cannon attack, which by itself would be 2 pts short (at level 9).
Round 2: "Then I attacked the missle tower closest to me killing it, then moved two spaces SW to the corner. Tank and remaining missle tower attack."
My result: Health at 92. The tank was too far away to attack, and ... I actually destroyed the tower for once! The cannon attack actually does more damage to that tower than the counter-attack. Water + 2 counter-attacks would leave it with 1 health left, which was VERY annoying.
Round 3: "Kill the bomber and move SE 2 space (I think.. you want to line up with the last missle tower)."
My result: Left with 2 health. Also the only time that has happened. (and I think it is 1 space). The trick that makes this combo actually work is that the tower actually gets destroyed, and the tank is only in range to attack you 2 of the 3 times. That's what allows even a level 9 hero to survive the first 3 rounds without healing.

I am happy to learn of this, as otherwise it certainly appeared simply IMPOSSIBLE to defeat that mission without hitting level 10 -- either before the mission started, or at least in the first round.

Unfortunately, that post had not been made until after I started over from the beginning, making sure I killed everything ... but I kept the game I saved at mission 18 the first time.

I find it really strange that the first time, with 99 killed, my EXP was 36709, out of 42244 needed for level 10, and then the second time, with all 102 kills possible, my EXP was only 35709 ... but out of only 36340 needed for level 10! Whereas most games with levels will have comparable EXP goals for the same level (2 different characters of the same class, etc., need the SAME amount of EXP to get to a given level), picking up those extra 3 kills somehow reduced my EXP target by almost 6,000 pts, at a cost of only 1,000.


Regarding experience points: Water, rocks, bombs, & missiles do great damage, but they don't give you enough experience points to get to the next Level. You are given experience every time you hit the target. For the long distance targets, instead of using missiles, use magic arrows. You will get more experience points.


I am stuck on level 13 with 3 jeeps and 3 tanks I have tried several different tactics such as Just using health+ but then i run out of ammo and cannot retalliate. I am seriosly stuck and need your help.


Solution to Mission 13 (3 tanks, 3 guntrucks)

You need about 2 Ammo+ and no more than 9 Health+ for this level.
Move southeast 3 spaces. Attack middle truck. Move northwest 3 spaces. Shoot the nearest truck. Shoot the truck directly to the southeast. Move 3 spaces to the northeast. Move 1 space to the northeast. Health+. Move 2 spaces to the southeast. Shoot the truck to the west. Move 3 spaces to the northeast. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the southwest. Ammo+. Move 3 spaces to the northwest. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the southwest. Shoot the tank next to you. Health+. Move 1 space to the southwest. Move 3 spaces to the southeast. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the southeast. Move 2 spaces to the southeast and get the gold. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the northwest. Shoot the nearest tank to the west. Move 1 space to the northeast. Shoot the nearest tank to the west. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the southwest. Ammo+. Move 3 spaces to the northwest. Health+. Move 3 spaces to the northwest. Health+ and wait if you want more money, otherwise just shoot the tank and get things over with.
Note: if you use a knight you will finish this level faster and easier.

Eric Bloedow October 28, 2007 11:53 PM

i'm also totally stuck on level 23. 2 subs, 2 destroyers, and 1 helicopter.

i start by killing 1 sub with a bomb, but the helicopter always kills me 2 turns later. anyone have any hints? it seems impossible-the helicopter has an attack of 200!


Solution to Mission 23 (2 subs, 2 destroyers, helicopter)

To solve mission 23, you have to be at least Level 11 and you will need about 9 Health++ and 1 Ammo+.
Move southeast 2 spaces and bomb the sub. Health++. Move southeast 3 spaces. Health++. Move northwest max distance. Health++. Move northwest max. Health++. Move northeast max (1 space). Health++. Move southwest max.
Health++. Move northeast max. Health++. Move southeast max. Health++. Move northwest max (5 spaces). Ammo+. Wait. Move southeast 1 space. Canon blast the helicopter. Health++. At this point all you have left is the last submarine. You can Health up before destroying it or get in position where you can bomb it.
If you've done things correctly in the previous levels, you should at least attain Level 12 somewhere in the middle of this level. If you've not reached Level 12 for the final mission, you will have to start all over, because you cannot finish without being Level 12.


Correction to my previous post regarding Mission 23.

You must have already reached Level 12 by this mission. Level 11 is not enough to survive it.


Final battle seems impossible. I don't have enough money to buy 20 missiles, tanks and health. is practically impossible. Any suggestion jeronim?


About level 21...

Another pain of a level..
Stay as a tank for the first round and move 1 space to the SE and wait. You can launch a magic arrow at the northenmost tank, but it is a waste of resources.
After their attack, change to a knight and move all the way to the NE. You should be by the bushes and out of range of the tower. Make sure to change back to the tank then heal.
From there you move SE then NE and then SE again to get to the top of the map. Don't move onto the beach or you will be in the range of the tower.
I basically got up to the northern part of the map, healed and retaliated. The destroyers will come into you range if you move NW and SE at the top part of the map. You move to the NW corner... they move up to you to shoot you... you move down SE and wait to retaliate.
You will kill the tank first, then the destroyers, then move across the top of the map to the gold, then go after the tower.
I gained one level after killing the second tank.
It is a health drainer. I was able to finish it with 11-12 Health++ and an ammo+. I didn't use missles or arrows.

Hope it makes sense and helps...


I am also stuck on 21, Kevin's tip doesnt work because the destroyers can attack you anywhere you go.

can anyone give me advice or a spoiler?


Solution to Mission 21

Items needed: Another tank, knight, 4 Health++, 6 missiles, 5 magic arrows.
Move 1 space to the northeast. Missile the northernmost destroyer. Change to a knight. Move 3 spaces to the northwest. Change back to a tank. Health++. Missile the same destroyer. Wait. Missile the same destroyer to kill it. Wait. Health++. Wait. Missile the last destroyer. Wait. Health++. Wait. Missile the destroyer again. Wait. Missile the destroyer to kill it. Wait. Health++. Wait.
By now all the tanks and destroyers are dead. You can do whatever you want now to destroy the missile tower. I used magic arrows. Use another Health++ to get more gold in the end. You can even pick up the gold before ending this mission.


Thanks for the tip Osiris, but it didnt work.
I beat it though, and for all lvl 10's, here is what i did
Missile northern destroyer, change to rifleman, move 3 northeast
change to tank, missile same destroyer, move 1 northwest
missile destroyer to kill it, wait
heal and wait until you are lvl 11
heal and wait once more
missile and wait, then heal and wait; until last destroyer is dead
supply ammo
destroy tower


With regards to Mission 21. My solution works only if you are already Level 11 entering it.


stupid lvl 23.....its impossible to beat, im midway thru lvl 11, and supposedly i need to be on lvl 12 alrdy to beat it....so wat am i supposed to do? is there neway to go back in the game?!?!?

Anonymous November 1, 2007 9:07 AM

i need help with mission 7. how do i kill the bombers?


on level 17, theres actually a spot you can hide, and the towers wont be able to attack you. pick up the bar of gold on the side. attack the canon tower with magic arrows. that should help.

im stuck on lvl 21. im reading the stuff you guys posted, but its not helping me. my guy is lvl 11, i got everything you mentioned..but the boats constantly gun me every turn (after taking out BOTH tanks). so im like wasting health++ every turn. and what do you mean by.. "northern destroyer" the left one, or the right one?


Can someone help with lvl 22.

It has 2 subs and 2 destroyers. I tried missiling the subs but after turn 1 i have to heal every turn and with 4 opponents taht each dish out 117+ damamge i can win a slugfest.

So i tried missling destroyers first. But there is not enough space to run from the subs before they trap you in the north of the map.



i beat lvl 21 (with some luck), but im having more trouble with lvl 22...

i took out both destroyers, but i just cant survive the next turn...both subs take me out.


This game is annoying. I've wasted way too much time getting to the last level only to get killed by the boss with 2,000 energy points and heavy damage hits.


I enjoyed this game very much, but there is one problem I had. After making my way through all the levels to the boss, I discovered that I could not afford everything that was necessary to beat that level- weaponry, class change items, health, etc. and thus was unable to defeat the boss.

While I may have used too many high-end attacks or taken too long in previous levels, I wish the author had included a way to gain enough money for all you need before that level so that players can be adequately prepared. It's frustrating to play through a game thinking youre doing pretty well only to discover on the last level that you'll have to start all over again if you want to win.

Something like a nice cash bonus, a shop discount, or even a bonus level with a high reward would prevent that from occurring.

Overall though, it was a very enjoyable strategy game and a fun way to spend an afternon.

Anonymous November 8, 2007 1:42 PM

i cant get past mission 17


Any hints on final mission part 3? I am level 11 and have tried it about 5 times. Quite absurd how difficult this level is in respect to the first and second... Aargh!


final mission part 2
Spoiler: 1 square NE, tank, shoot closest bomber - heal++, wait - 2 square SE, shoot closest bomber - 2 square SW, shoot last bomber - avoid moter guy while replenishing health and ammo to full.

final mission part 3
spoiler: 1 square NE, Magic arrow right van - 2 squares south east, heal++ - heal, wait (x3)

theguyfromoverthere November 15, 2007 8:58 AM

hi there, i got stuck in the 18th level, is there any solution for this crappy dificult level?how to use the tank, if i change into it, the"bad" guys towers, shoot me to death in one round.


i cant get past level 22. the subs kill me if i shoot them.


i cant get past level 8 can u guys post what to do


For lvl 22

Start by moving 2 spaces NW. Then use a bomb to kill the first destroyer. Then move 2 spaces NE and use a missile on the other destroyer. Use another missile to kill the destoyer on your next go but dont move. Then heal yourself and move 4 spaces SW. You will retal both subs. Then move 5 spaces NW and use the missile on one of the subs. Use another missile and wait. Heal yourself and move 2 spaces SW. Move 5 spaces SE and use the bomb to kill it. :)


Can someone help me with lvl 7 plz

Justin Gonzalez November 23, 2007 1:14 PM

I'm stuck on level 14! I just can't get around the towers and tanks' long range! Can anybody help me!?

Anonymous December 8, 2007 4:57 AM

on level 22 i follow the strategy given, but the destroyer is left with 1 hp and thusly i cant win...any ideas? im level 11.


It would help if you could beat level 8

Id Game Developer December 21, 2007 1:05 AM

Yeah!! Great game!! Indonesian Game Developers Rocks!!! >.<


Solution to Mission 23 (2 subs, 2 destroyers, helicopter) Level 11

Here is the solution to level 23 similar to the solution above. This worked for me at level 11.
You will need about 9 Health++ and 1 Ammo+. Move southeast 2 spaces and bomb the sub. Health++. Move southeast 3 spaces. Health++. Move northwest max distance. Health++. Move northwest max. Health++. Move northwest max (1 space). Health++. Move southwest max. Health++. Move northeast max. Health++. Move southeast max. Health++. Move northwest max (6 spaces). Ammo+. Wait. Health++. I then began to move randomly. It's simply a Health and move battle at this point. You should take out the helicopter first, then the sub will be last.

That is as far as I can remember it.


Im having trouble with Mission 12 with the 3 tanks and the 3 trucks i can get by the trucks but the tanks just owned me i would like help please

Anonymous January 6, 2008 7:27 PM

LALAL 17 is quite easy change into knight and move down away from bomb cannon and next turn change to rifleerman and continue attacking tank and bomb since bomb cant hit you keep out of bombs range and strike or use magic from far away!!!


HElP!I'm stuck at Level 23!Submarine Attck!I 'm only Level 11 and you people's walkthroughs made me die instead!HELP SOMEBODY!!!!!

Baalzamon January 11, 2008 9:42 AM

I just beat mission 23 on my first try and I'm only level 11. I'm afraid I didn't make a note of my moves but I started by bombing the sub to the south east then moving back north west. It's possible to move around so that the heli misses about 1 attack in 3 and the remaining sub misses maybe 2 attack every 3 turns. By constantly healing and keeping in range of the destroyers so that you can return fire, you should be able to stay alive long enough to be left with the heli (at about half health) and the sub (largely undamaged). I carried on ducking and weaving a little longer, but staying in range of the heli and within a few more turns I was left with just the sub, which was easy meat. I hope that helps other lvl 11s stuck on 23. Now let's see about 24...

Kalos Kaszan January 26, 2008 12:09 PM

Level 24 is impossible for me. I am on experience level 12, I have 13018 money. Please can somenone tell me what equipment I must buy and how much and to finish the five parts of level 24 ? I can only get to part 3, then the tanks kill me every time, please help.


HELP! im stuck on mission 22! heeeelp!


the normal thing to do would have been to be able to buy stuff before the battle with the boss in the end. you accumulate a lot in the final stages of the battle and you can't use that money!
it's almost impossible I guess, and I won't spend any more time in trying.
a bit frustrating as some other have mentioned and the authors should have thought of that...

slice'n'dice February 23, 2008 8:57 PM

i'm lvl 11 and i can't beat lvl 22. the submarines always kill me! i tried the guide robbo posted but the desroyer always has 1 life left. So could someone just make a guide that works for a lvl 11 guy?

slice'n'dice February 24, 2008 11:25 AM

I finnaly beat lvl 22 but i didn't make a note of what i did. but i can give you a hint. once the destroyers are out of the pictures focus on one sub and chase him all around the screen. also heal very often.

slice'n'dice February 24, 2008 12:15 PM

I have tried everything i can at level 23. i've tried bombing. throwing missles. running away. also some people are saying that you need to be level 12 to beat it but other people say that they are lvl 11 and beat it. so how can i do it???


slice'n'dice: I am in the same situation you were on level 22 - submarine attack. I am on level 11, Armor 63, Power 73, Strength 70, Attack 7, Speed 6, Agility 48, Luck 47, Effective 174, Kill instinct 88, Health 475, Ammo 20, Magic 20.

The destroyer takes me about 117 HP, I can take him 58 with missile and 33 with cannon counterattack.

It seams to me I am too low on the Power. I know I could cheat by editing the data files, but I would like to solve it without cheating. Any idea, how you started the level?


I made the level 22!

This is what helped: I started as it is pointed by Robbo: Start by moving 2 spaces NW. Then use a bomb to kill the first destroyer.
However do not follow the next step about sending the missile onto the second destroyer! Instead of that move 2 spaces NE and heal yourself. The destroyer will move towards you, then you move back to him and bomb it. Then it is just healing and following subs.

The level 23 seamed to be easier as

immediately when you bomb the closest sub you gain the level up to 12 and suddenly you are much harder target to the destroyers and heli.

torchered one May 3, 2008 5:45 PM

HELPING MEEEE!!!Please someone post the answer to 21.I'm desperate!
And I dont understand northeast,northwest etc.WTF do you neeed that,theres only 4 directions!!!
and most of the spoilers don't work,of course there are exeptions,but i bef of you,help:-(

torchered one May 4, 2008 5:32 AM

Nevermind.I did it.
The Final Battle is impossible.I die on the tank+trucks part.It's just not fair.You can't buy weapons,your healts are the same when you start next stage and there's just no time and money toheal,get ammo or buy enough stuff...
It's enough for me...I lost half a life on this...


I was going through old games in the new, many-on-one-page archive list (which I like, btw, though the thumbnails were handy, too), and I realized I had completely forgotten about this one! I discovered the secret to the experience point accumulation / level goal progression, but I never posted it (I think I was expecting to play the game through again with 2 parallel saves, one minimizing and one maximizing the levels -- but that experiment didn't get very far).

I figured I'd post it now, in case anyone is first discovering the game, so they might have an easier time of it than some of us who tried it when it first was reviewed here.

Several have suggested that using magic arrows tends to be more effective in terms of experience than other, more devastating magics. The reason for that is not because it results in more experience, at least not directly -- it's because you have more control over how you gain the experience.

The secret is this:

It has 3 parts.

First, you get 1 point for each point of damage you cause. That's easy enough. So for example, if you have two possible attacks, one of which deals 15 damage and the other 30 damage, that's how many points each will get you. The exception to this is ...

When you kill a target:
A - your exp reward is only how many HP the target had left;
B - the exp reward is x5.
So, with the example above, if you are attacking a target with 31 HP, it matters greatly the order in which you use the attacks. Using the stronger attack first (or the weaker one twice) leaves it with 1 HP, which is what you'd get (x5) no matter how you kill it. That would get you a total of 35 points. But if you use the weaker then the stronger, you are dealing 16 damage to it as you kill it, which is worth 80 pts, for a total of 95 rather than 35.

So dealing a killing blow to a target when it has the most HP left gets you the most experience at a time. With most games, you'd ALWAYS want to maximize that. But with this one, that is not necessarily true, because ...

When you level up, your new XP goal to level up again is exactly double. But the thing is, rather than double your previous GOAL, like with most such games, with Strategy Defense it's double whatever exp you have AT THE TIME YOU LEVEL UP!!!

Take for example the goal to get to level 3, based on how you reach level 2. It takes 100 pts to reach level 2. If on the one hand you pass 100, but just barely -- say to 104, then your goal for level 3 is 208 (with 104 left to go). But on the other hand, if you just barely DON'T make it, then get a big exp reward -- say to 140, then your goal for level 3 is 280 (with 140 left to go). That's enough of a difference that the former could even make it to level 3 on the same mission! This continues throughout the game, and goes a long way to explaining how some people reach the later missions with several fewer exp levels than others, which makes the game much more difficult, to say the least.

So, definitely try to pass each level goal (matching it exactly will NOT level you up), but by as small a margin as possible. Otherwise, maximize the kill bonus by finishing enemies off when they have as many HP as possible. That's the true advantage to the magic arrow suggestion -- it lends more control over how and when you finish off the enemies, and how much exp you get as you level up.

I strongly recommend using 2 (or more) save slots instead of just one. That way, once you've saved the mission you just completed, you can immediately play it again if you want. You should especially replay missions that resulted in a level up with a really high margin added to the exp goal for the next level.


I love this game, but I just wish I could beat level 14. I am so stuck!


someone said something about editing the data files? could you please tell me how to go about that?


Strategy Defense 2 is a lot easier than the original


How do you move southeast you can only go east,west,south or north in one turn

Anonymous May 16, 2009 11:20 AM

How do u beat mission 20?

Anonymous May 31, 2009 4:58 PM

if you save 3 times, the first save in file 3 will be a cheat. you will have unlimited money to buy all the supplies that you need to win the game!!!

zht1997 May 31, 2009 5:25 PM

i beat all the level in strategy defense, strategy defense 2, strategy defense 3, strategy defense 4, strategy defense 5.


how do i pass mission 7

LooooooL August 1, 2009 9:21 AM

LVL 8 solution?


I've encountered a bug. I'm on level 22, I am at level 11 and I don't think my level could be higher.
The destroyers' attacks kill me on the first shot, and since there's no way to get out of the range of both subs, I assume this is a bug.
I can kill the first destroyer with a bomb, but then am immediately annihilated by the second one.
I also have unlimited money.
Anyone else encounter this one?


Please help, I'm stuck at level 21: The Destroyer.

I tried to run and heal but took so much damage from Destroyers per turn more than healing.


Can someone tell me how to beat mission 20? I get blown up by numerous cruisers and shot by those turrets that have a huge range. I tried turning into a knight and move to each of the turrets and lay a bomb. Of course, that didn't work because you lose more damage if you're something that only really help in the first 15 levels. Everything fires at me faster than I have a chance to use my Health++.(A fabulous item.)The battle cruisers are waiting by the shore to shoot me at any possible chance. Please, there are tons of reasons this level can be difficult!


I've played so many times I've lost count (with over 6 different saved game slots) I've played in every different style/strategy possible and i am never able to get the tank before (or around) level 17!!!!! please help, this game is "almost great" as someone has said above, but the details were not worked out and therefore is extremely frustrating in the end.....if someone has a tip for me so i can get the tank one of these days, please let me know!!!! (i haven't started hair-pulling yet, but throwing stuff for sure! lol)


Noodley5, I have once passed the level seventeen. You actually earn the tank when you beat level 17. You need to change to knight and run away from the bomb tower once you collect the gold and destroy the bomb tower nearest. Try not to get in range of too many grenade turrets. This level is anoying once you unlock it. But it's still possible. So once you've run away, change to a rifleman and heal as much as possible. If the nearest grenade turret is launching too many times. Kill it first and only worry about the next two. I'm trying to help you, so respond or tell me if this isn't working.


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