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Choco Challenge

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Choco Challenge

elle "Why would I eat candies?" "Because they're good for your health!" TomaTea has a sweet tooth, too, and has opened a pretty new sugar shop to tempt you, treat you and delight you: Choco Challenge. Once inside, though, you can't get out so you'll need to point and click around, assembling tile mosaics, making good use of clues and gathering up handfuls of little chocolates in order to escape this room. As if! The soothing music and lovely aesthetics make this place so relaxing and enjoyable, you might lose track of what you're supposed to be doing.

Choco ChallengeBut, as long as we're nom noming, there's no reason we can't solve a few puzzles in between bites, right? I mean, might as well. Luckily, there's plenty of the usual TomaTea-style puzzles sprinkled among the charming decor to keep us occupied. Which is good, or bad if you don't like subtle color hues or clues too well hidden in the design. A glowing cursor tip points to active areas as well as those items you can pick up, as long as you can eye them first and hover the cursor over them. Access your inventory for use by one-click, or view them more closely with tiny "i" button. There's much to sort through but the "I have no clue" messaging will turn you away from futility and help make this little escape substantial enough to satisfy without gobbling up all of your time—just the right bit of mental stimulation to sweeten up your day!

Play Choco Challenge

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Choco Challenge Walkthrough

  1. When you begin, first look around for all the clues and things you can pick up...

    • Zoom in on the middle of the "Sweet Delight" cakes cabinet:

      • Get TILE 1 (of 10).

      • Get CHOCOLATE 1 (of 8).

    • Check out all the other goodies in the cases. You can't reach them yet until you unlock their doors, but careful observation will be your pal when it comes time to figure out these codes.

    • Turn right and examine the table with the green doilies:

      • Look at the teacup, note the clue: "Delight."

      • Get TILE 2.

      • Get CHOCOLATE 2.

    • Back up and then zoom in on the table with the red doilies:

      • Pick up CHOCOLATEs 3 and 4.

    • Turn right again and look each of the cakes held by the mannequin:

      • Take the middle CANDLE out of the cake in her right hand.

      • While focused on the candle cake, note that there are two burnt candles.

      • Also, look on the chair...here's CHOCOLATE 5!

      • Note that the cursor glows over her heart necklace, but you can't just take it.

      • In her left hand, look at the "Happy Birthday" cake and take off some of the letters: PARTY

    • Back up, go right...and check out the table with the blue doilies:

      • Move aside the doily on the left to find a PAPER with numbers on it; pick it up.

      • Also get the PLAIN CHOCOLATE SQUARE.

    • Last table: yellow dollies. Search this detail view to get...

      • CHOCOLATE 6 which is sitting on a yellow doily,

      • and TILE 3 which is partially hidden under the left side of the table.

    • Finally, move to the kitchen door in the corner of the room:

      • Notice that there are 8 pieces of chocolate missing. You'll need to find them all before you can open this door.

  2. Now you can solve some puzzles; turn back to the cake cabinet and focus on the upper case...

  3. 4-Digit Number Code

    • Enter the correct four numbers then press the little button to unlock this case.

    • A word you saw on a teacup will point you in the right direction.

    • Once you open this case, pick up CHOCOLATE 7.

  4. Now back up and zoom in on the case with the milkshake and lemonade in the lower left corner...

  5. Patterns

    • Change the patterns on each of the four buttons, then click the little button to unlock this case.

    • The way these buttons have a blank in the middle is a clue as to where to find your solutions.

    • When you get this case open, take the SCISSORS.

  6. Now that you have the scissors, go back to the mannequin...

    • Use the SCISSORS to steal her HEART PENDANT.

    • Examine the pendant in your inventory to get two items:

      • a HEART decoration.

      • a STRING.

  7. Now go to the kitchen door. You should have 7 chocolate squares but where is the 8th?

    • Make the 8th chocolate using items in your inventory...

      • Put the HEART decoration (it has a point on its backside) on the PLAIN CHOCOLATE SQUARE...

      • Open up the other seven CHOCOLATES in your inventory, then add the newly-constructed 8th piece to the set.

  8. After you've gathered all 8 squares of chocolate, put them into the grid on the kitchen door...

    • To unlock the kitchen, you need to play a game of concentration. Just in case you don't know the rules, here they are:

      • Click a square to turn it over and see the piece. Then, click another square to turn it over.If they match, they'll be removed from the grid. If they don't match, they'll hide again and you'll have to keep looking for matches.

      • Remember where you see a design and try to find its mate under the other squares.

      • The game changes each time you play it, so you're on your own for this one.

    • After completing the memory game, open the door to enter the kitchen.

  9. When you first enter the kitchen, take a good look at the scene, making a note of everything you see. Then, head to The Refrigerator:

    • The fridge is locked. Maybe you can spell out another word on the door?

      • Use the letters you took off the "Happy Birthday" cake...

      • Re-arrange them to spell: PARTY.

    • With the right word, the fridge door opens up:

      • Get TILE 4 from the top shelf.

      • Take a good long gander at that delicious-looking cupcake on the middle shelf. Then, let's move on.

  10. Step back from the fridge and go over to the stove area...

    • Pick up TILE 5.

    • Study the green number pad. This looks similar to the green numbers on the paper you found earlier.

  11. Move back and examine the drawers under the kitchen counter...

  12. Top Left Drawer

    • To open the top-left drawer in the kitchen, you'll need the right 5-letter word.

    • Change each letter by using the up or down arrows, then click the little button to unlock the drawer.

    • Open the drawer and get a KNIFE.

  13. Let's open another while we're here, the middle right drawer...

  14. 3x3 Grid

    • Click on the buttons of the 3x3 to make them dark or light. Create the correct pattern on the grid then click the little button to open the drawer.

    • From inside this drawer, get TILE 6.

  15. Step back and check the time. Maybe there's something special about...

  16. The Clock

    • The big and little hands of the clock can be moved about its face.

    • Setting the clock to the correct time will reveal a hidden panel.

    • Click the big hand first because it also changes the position of the little hand; then you can click the little hand without moving the big hand.

    • Open the clock's panel and get:

      • TILE 7.

  17. Just below the clock is a brightly colored cake, take a closer look....

  18. Two Cakes and Four Colors

    • First, grab TILE #8 from beside the colorful cake.

    • Insert the CANDLE (from the mannequin) in the center of the colorful cake.

      • Now, turn the dials to form a picture.

      • When it's all properly lined up, the image will give you the code to the four-color code needed in the other room...

      • SOLUTION:
        Image: Cake Design and 4 Color Code

  19. Head back out to the front room, zoom in on the big cake in the lower right case...

    • Enter the four color shape code as seen in the other room:



    • Open the case and use your KNIFE to cut open the cake. Note its colorful layers.

  20. You need to make one more trip into the kitchen now. So head there and zoom in on the lower left drawer...

    • Enter the colors of the layer cake, from top to bottom:

      • Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.

    • Get TILE #9.

  21. At this point, you should have 9 of 10 mosaic tile pieces. The last case needing to be opened is the upper left side of the cake cabinet...

  22. Left-Right Buttons

    • Click the left and right buttons in the right sequence then click the little button below to unlock cupcake case...

      • HINT: the answer is clear and bright inside the kitchen.

      • SOLUTION:

        Look at which side the green glass is located in each pane of the window in the kitchen...
        Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.

    • Get the last TILE (10/10) from behind the cupcakes and slice of tort.

  23. Turn left from the cake cabinet and examine the messed up Tile Mosaic on the wall...

    • Place all 10 TILE PIECES on the mosaic, then re-assemble the picture.

    • Once that's complete, you need to color each part of the picture correctly.

  24. When the picture is complete, it'll slide aside, revealing a set of hinges and a panel in the wall...

    • Use the STRING from the mannequin's necklace to tie the hinges together, keeping the panel open.

    • Now you can take the KEY.

  25. Use the KEY to unlock the front door and escape!

Petite Chocolates Locations

They look like chocolate, so that's what I call 'em!

  1. Middle shelf of cake case.

  2. Table with green doilies.

  3. Table with red doilies.

  4. Same table as #3.

  5. On the chair by the candle-laden cake.

  6. Table with the yellow doilies.

  7. Inside the number-locked cake case.

  8. This one is made with items in your inventory...

  9. Cut HEART off mannequin's necklace, place it on CHOCOLATE with hole in middle. Then, open the other chocolates in your inventory and add this piece.

Mosaic Tiles Locations

  1. Middle shelf of cake case.

  2. Table with green doilies.

  3. Table with the yellow doilies.

  4. In the fridge.

  5. On the stove.

  6. In the middle righthand drawer in the kitchen.

  7. Behind the clock.

  8. By the colorful cake in the kitchen.

  9. Inside the top left case of the cake cabinet.


I'm completely stuck on the number puzzle. I found what I thought was a clue

the list of numbers

but it's not making any sense so maybe I need something else first. Ah well, I'll just have some coffee and wait for either a walkthrough or some clarity.


frickineh - Don't ask me what clue is/was supposed to point me towards it, but if you are looking for the 4 digits to open the upper right dessert case you need to look closer at the sweet delight sign, but getting the answer may have you standing on your head.


somes hints:

1. You might need to see some words upside downs for codes

2. You need to group something together in i tab.

3. numbers are for the number pad, and letters are for fridge

4. Look careful on the candles on you girl friend's cake

But I would like to know if there a second ending and is the girl really your girl friend...


Well I feel dumb. I got so focused on numbers that I didn't even think to look somewhere else. Thanks everyone!


I'm stuck, what's the 5 letter word that goes on the first drawer?


I'm stuck trying to find the last tile to get into the kitchen. Can anyone list the tile locations?


I seem to be stuck pretty early in.


Seven of eight candy tiles

Three of ten lined tiles

Letters from the birthday cake (it's obvious what they spell)

The center candle from the other cake (is the arrangement of the candles around the cake a clue?)

I see some resemblance to a clock face.

A tile with a hole in the middle

A piece of white paper with green numbers on it

I've solved the lock on the display case to the upper right.

I can ostensibly solve the lock on the display case on the lower left, but I have no idea how.

Can someone give me a gentle nudge in the right direction, please?


@Brian Anderson

The final tile has to be made, not found. Compare the tiles you have to those on the door and see which one you're missing. Have you seen that shape elsewhere? What tool do you need to get it into your collected items?



See my comment to Brian Andreson about the last tile for the door.

Your thoughts are in the right direction about the letters and the candle pattern, you just can't apply them yet.

Opening the bottom left cake display is the next thing to do - and this one also threw me for a loop for a while. Take a look at the patterns it wants you to arrange, then look at the other display cases.


I'm stuck on the right drawer in the kitchen.

Does the brown/cream pattern have something to do with the walls in the front room?

A hint would be appreciated :)



It seems like the upper left represents swirlies, lower left stripes, upper right squares, and lower right stars. I tried entering swirl, line, square, star and then swirl, square, line, star, but neither work.

Honestly, it's kind of hard to work out which case is meant to be which symbol. I did have that notion before I posted, but for example, the upper right has bars and squares. The lower right really doesn't look like much of anything. The lower left could be swirlies, could be stripes.


GAH! Never mind...

It just hit me that every little detail is important. I realized the input was blank blank block blank blank. Thus I just had to look straight across the top cases only!

Let's see how far I can get now.


Thanks, elle!
I was totally barking up the wrong tree on that puzzle!


Thanks, elle! Those pictures helped a great deal! I'm out! :-)


I'm stuck on the 'right/left' puzzle for the top left cake display case. I've exhausted every possibility that I can find. Well....every possibility but the correct one. Anybody can give me a clue ?



stained glass


Oh good grief.

Thanks so much jeblis. =)


I have to confess to feeling a little disappointed with this, nothing too tangible, just perhaps one or two of the early puzzles were a tad contrived.

Just my 2cp

ThemePark October 29, 2013 8:50 PM

The cup and gas puzzle ruin this game- Neither of them are logical.

As for the cup puzzle:

The fact that you need to look at delight on the wall, is obvious thanks to the cup. But because some letters are uppercase, some lowercase, it is not obvious that you are supposed to get that code, especially since the D, since it looks more like an O, could easily be construed as a zero, meaning there are five possible digits but you only need four. So I spent ten minutes looking for an extra clue to tell me which ones I needed. And when I couldn't find one, I thought it might be the letters that were uppercase on the wall that could be used for the digits, but with an uppercase H and T that didn't make sense.

As for the gas puzzle:

Because of the way the numbers are written, you are lead to believe that order is important, meaning you have to draw a line between each digit. Since this is normally how these puzzles are done, this would be the common perception. So when drawing the H, I end up with something that I first thought was an R, then an N, until I saw that it didn't look like a letter at all.

Instead, since order is obviously not important, it would have been better to just list the numbers in order, making it more obvious that it's the lit buttons on the stove, and not the lines in between, that are important.

Also, for part 14 of the walkthrough, I think it's supposed to say dining room, since you are in the kitchen at that point, and the puzzle mentioned is in the dining room.

[Did you mean a different part of the walkthrough? Lines 13 and 14 are pointing to the proper clues and puzzles, both in and out of the kitchen. -elle]


Sorry elle, the fact that there was two cakes, made my mind have a melt down. Too much sugar for it to handle. You are right, of course.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkSNRTxZTosLXS5ahMJZRRyrBSn7qg22a8 October 29, 2013 11:54 PM

I never play a Tomatea game until a walkthrough has been posted, because I know I'll get stuck!

The final "cupcake" puzzle was brilliant. Even after I'd stared at the clue for a long time, I never made the connection! Well done.

magic_leopard November 5, 2013 6:50 AM

Boo, i love TomaTea games but that has to be my least favourite so far.


When I re-size the page the game window doesn't.
0/5 on that alone.


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