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The End

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DoraThe EndIn The End, a surreal new puzzle platforming adventure from Channel 4 and Preloaded (with writing by Tom Chatfield and music by Phonotheque), the world goes out with a bang one sunny afternoon and you find yourself trapped in a bizarre shadow realm watched over by enormous otherworldly beings. There, between being sassed by monster-driven flesh golems and exploring the strange, puzzle-laden worlds, you might just discover a little bit about yourself in the process. Parents are advised that while the actual gameplay is tame, some of the concepts talked about might be a bit heavy for younger children.

At the start of the game, you'll create a character to be your avatar, and from then on the gameplay is fairly straight-forward. [AS] or the left and right [arrow] keys moves around, the [spacebar] jumps, [E] turns your special shadow power on and off, and [W] or the up [arrow] is used to interact with switches, open doors, or climb ladders. Most of the gameplay is fairly straightforward; you explore three different realms, collecting stars for special challenges, and answering questions designed to make you think about your personality a little more. After each level, however, you'll have to challenge the realm's guardian to a game of Death Cards, a simple but tricky strategy game where you vie for dominance over a board by placing numbered cards on a grid and trying to flip your opponent's pieces with higher numbers. Win, and you'll be granted an object that represents a philosophical concept and allowed to proceed. Fail, and... well, just try again.

While the game is entirely free and primarily single player, if you don't want to connect your Facebook account to take advantage of the social features, you'll need to give the game an e-mail address to let it generate a unique code to save your progress and continue your game from any computer.

The EndAnalysis: Simply put, The End looks fantastic. The art design by Luke Pearson is pretty spectacular in a way that conjures up memories of old MTV cartoons or Rocco's Modern Life spliced with Doctor Seuss, and does an amazing job of crafting the characters and the environment. But while I've always been a big advocate of using games as a means to make us think about deeper personal emotions and issues, it feels like The End doesn't quite combine its philosophical bent with its gameplay. The bulk of the game is standard run-jump-die puzzle platforming that someone interrupts every once in a while to ask you personal questions without much of a narrative to tie the two together.

This is not, however, a critical strike against the game itself. The platforming puzzles are somewhat let down by some frustratingly stiff movement, but manage to become more creative and challenging as you proceed. The card battle is implemented in a wonderfully simple fashion that, along with the power-ups you'll earn, can lead to some satisfyingly strategic gameplay without overwhelming the player with rules and difficulty. A beautifully presented attempt to get you to consider aspects of life you might not normally think about, The End is both strange and strangely satisfying, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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I like this game however it has incredibly dodgy controls.

Not only that but some levels are ridiculously hard.

For example:
I have already glitched once by standing, then falling through the ground but on the third(?) level in the body area there is this Buddha like statue that you must do something with. Pushing them tastes forever for some reason - and you can spend 15 minutes pushing the head to move a small distance.

I wish you would fix up some of these buggy issues in the following games.

Otherwise very interesting.

Anonymous August 10, 2011 1:29 PM

Is there a way to turn off the awful scraping noise that goes on in the background, without turning off all game sounds?


This looks interesting! Taking a while to load tho, hope it's worth it!

coolo2011 August 10, 2011 2:08 PM

I haven't played much of this game, but it seems like an interesting and unique game. Some of the questions so far have been very philosophical.


I was really looking forward to playing this game and getting utterly absorbed in it - my excitement only rose when I thought I saw Dora's avatar standing outside one of the doors!
However, I'm suffering from obscene lag. It works for a minute, then becomes painfully slow, showing me my jump frame by tedious frame. Is anyone else having this problem?

[I just fired the game back up myself, and I'm not seeing any lag here, Holly. The only thing I can think of is the usual stuff; update your flash player, make sure you don't have any other windows open... try right-clicking the game and setting the quality to LOW and see if that helps you. - Dora.]


Hi, I'm stuck on the third level of the Body room thing, where

you have to pull a switch, then a block comes out of the wall and squashes you.

I'm guessing there's some trick to it I'm missing. Thanks for any help!


Ok, done that bit. I'm now stuck on the bit immediately after, where you have to push things about for an inordinately large amount of time... I'm guessing it's the same thing Ash is talking about.

G.H.Fount August 10, 2011 4:19 PM

icvotria- you just have to be fast.

Jump at the ladder as well, that's how I got out


The glitchy controls, horrible collision detection, and difficulty of some these levels makes this totally unenjoyable to me. I've glitched through the floor and other such things. It's totally disheartening to spend a lot of time on a puzzle/level only to have it ruined because something didn't fall over or some wonky physics happens. There were several times where I got to a point where I didn't know if I just couldn't figure out what to do or if something just botched up because of the glitchiness of everything and there were times where I solved a puzzle in an obviously unintended way ACCIDENTALLY. Because of the bugs, I couldn't trust the game anymore. More often than not, I was stuck on what to do. I don't see how there are this many bugs in this game. They obviously put a lot of work into it but I eventually got to where I wanted to skip the platforming puzzle levels just to get to the game where you place the numbered pieces at the end of a level. :( I reckon I played about a 1/3 of the game and I just can't take any more of it. Hopefully, they fix some of the bugs - especially the collision detection.


I need help on the 6th body room

I only know that I can get the ball to stop bouncing and get it on the platform but I have no idea what to do next


@icvotria & @G.H.Fount:

Take notice the slice cut into the wall to your right on the ladder.

Use your shadow power or whatever it's called do draw a line where the dotted line is on the wall, and the block will stop there, until you switch back to normal or walk through the light in the tunnel.

G.H.Fount August 10, 2011 5:45 PM

Oh. Well, I didn't need to do that.


i need help with the tipsy platform on body room 3. i also need help in mind world three. i can get the key, but at the end of the level there is an unreachable flower that i cannot seem to jump to! i know i need to jump to it, because i need the ball in order to open the exit.

can anyone help me out?


@ Lauren, I'm stuck in mind 3 too.

There's a vine you can jump to from that platform, and from there you can jump to the circular bush on your lower left. Not sure what to do from there, though.



Your shadow power apparently has a time limit. Eventually, even if you do not press the "E" key or wander into the light, your shadow time will end.

Anonymous August 10, 2011 8:42 PM

@Lauren (again):

Those bushes aren't solid -- jump right from the vine to get the flower on your way down. Much easier than what I've spent the past ten minutes trying... *facepalm*


First off, I agree about the bugs/hit detection/wonky controls. They really leave a sour note on an otherwise enjoyable game.

I need some help with the third level of Spirit World:

I can't figure out what to do at the switches in the first part of this level. I can cast a shadow when I turn the closest one, but when I try to flip the other switches they turn on lights above me and I die. What in the blazes am I supposed to do? There is no where to go!


How do I get past the falling rock in body world 2? It always squishes me right before I can get out from under it, and I don't see any way to be faster. Am I missing something?

Interesting game, but my platform skills are fail and the controls are NOT helping.



There's a slight time delay between hitting the switches and the lights coming on. It's just barely enough time to dash out of the way.

So, Once you hit the switch to turn the lights out, hurry and hit the rightmost switch, run left. Then hit the next switch, run left. The Door will open. You can then hit the original lights out switch to make it dark again and make it through. :) Good luck

the author August 11, 2011 1:51 AM


Try pushing the ball, and see where you can take it.

Anonymous August 11, 2011 3:59 AM

I'm going to have to agree with the half dozen other people who complained about the lag and general jankiness.

It was fun to play otherwise, but given all the normal refresh/reboot things that normally make games work didn't seem to make this one NOT want to skip a few frames every few seconds, particularly during precise jumps, I'll just have to pass this one up.


Totally stuck on Spirit World No.3 The ball that drops from the top, i presume you are meant to drop it ontop the bounce pad but i cant seem to get it to work....doing my head in now!


Totally stuck on Spirit World No.3 The ball that drops from the top, i presume you are meant to drop it ontop the bounce pad but i cant seem to get it to work....doing my head in now!


Maybe you're not supposed to push the head.

There are levers near the shoulders.


I'm stuck in mind world level 4. How are we supposed to make the big ball in the scale with all the little balls falling from flowers??? I'm clueless...


I need help with mind level 4

What do I do to get the ball over to the circle after the 1st lantern.. I have already hit the flower and gotten the ball to bounce up but what do I do after that?


I'm stuck on Spirit level 3 as well, with the same problem as Leemdye. (It looks as if you should be able to push the bouncepad over a gap, but it doesn't move as the lip of the left side seems a pixel too high.

Up until then the game was fairly good. The platforming took some getting used to (feels like the player character has oil on their shoes). With practice you can make any jump without difficulty. Time Challenges are all doable, so far, with an average of ~20 seconds of extra time for less-than-perfect play.

The Deathcards game is quite good as well. Reminds me of an old flash game called Proximity. The strategy is exactly the same - get rid of your less powerful tiles early, then 'lock in' your opponent's tiles. I remain unbeaten over 12 rounds versus the game, so far.

Aquilegia August 11, 2011 3:40 PM


You have to use your light power to direct the ball to the pad. Look closely where the arrives on screen...



You need to use light power to make a ramp. I'm still working on it myself but I am fairly certain it is the only way to do it.


Power of posting!!

* Move the bouncepad over the gap to its left - it is not designed to go beyond to the ledge on the left.
* Go up to where the rock drops
* See how the ledge on the right is made up of the main rock and a small floating triangular bit? Position the player character so that you can cast a shadow straight down that gap in the rocks.
* Cast the shadow, then use the shadow character to push the rock. It will fall onto your shadow-ramp, land on the repositioned bouncepad, and knock down the glass tower.

Onward I go...


So, I can't get past the very beginning of the third room in the body world. That platform keeps winning. >.

Anonymous August 11, 2011 7:21 PM

I can't finish Spirit World 1. Every time I reach the guardian, he does his little spiel, presents the Cat, I hit space, the Cat goes away, and then it all just stops. If I hit the "skip to Battle button", it stops on the "NOW... BATTLE!" balloon. Any suggestions?

Anonymous August 11, 2011 8:48 PM

The "death dial" categories are a bit weird -- all my atheist answers (no afterlife, etc.) ironically are in the "Crusader" quadrant.


Does anyone know how to get past the rock bridge on level 2?

SkfyS Day August 11, 2011 10:08 PM

The ultimate pseudo-philosophical question of this game, is the game itself: asking you to perform Lara Croft's tasks with controls that are as responsive and glitchy as a car make in USSR! The designers had showed us the very definition of a living nightmare and the epitome of hell on Earth, which, I'm sure, is the real intention behind the title "the End". How brilliant! But the brilliance doesn't stop there. The exquisite art demands so much computing resources that the gameplay is starved to death even in a land of plenty. Isn't it a reflection of things in the real life, that the most stylish ones usually lack substance, and the most beautiful are often the most deadly?

2 stars out of 5, one for Groundhog Phil and the other for Super Mario, who apparently bit the parents thus gave him the superpower of casting shadows and jumping on clouds. For someone who asks a lot of existential questions, he sure is nimble.

SkfyS Day August 11, 2011 10:31 PM

Can someone confirm that everything in Body 6 is SUPPOSED to be invisible? If that is caused by a bug, I'd wait for a fix. I've finished other 17 stages and don't want to wait time on a bug.


i need help for level 4 in spirit world.

i manage to get a key but totally stuck and cant find any way out/ door.


gah im really stuck in the 2nd stage of the body world!
i have all 21 stars, i can see a flower which should release a boulder, and i see where the boulder should go!!
but i just cant get the boulder!! :(
anyone else stuck here??


I am having a lot of fun with this game, but I am stuck at Spirit World level 3! I am at the room where there is are spikes at the bottom and two levers that let in light when pulled. On the outside is a lever that gets rid of the light. A comment above said that the only way to get past is to

pull the levers, then quickly get out of the room before the light comes in, but the game does not give me that second to move. I just fall and die.

I have been trying for about an hour to do it that way, but I haven't gotten past and all that it has accomplished was making me sad and frustrated.

Is there an alternate route, or am I doing something wrong? Please help D:


Stuck on Spirit lvl 3 where the ball drops from the top to smash the 2nd glass tower. I've tried what others have suggested

using the light power to create a ramp in-between the floating triangle piece and the main rock but this doesn't create a ramp


A: To get through there:

Pull the leftmost lever that gets rid of the light. Press E. Immediately, in shadow form, run to the middle lever and pull it. Immediately go to the last lever and pull it. Immediately run to your right. I bet that you are pressing E before pulling the first lever. Your problem, if so, is that there is a time limit on light power and it runs out. Otherwise there is no reason you would fall right after pressing the lever.

Anonymous August 12, 2011 4:10 PM

Joan, I just finally succeeded at this.


It matters quite a bit where you stand in order to cast your shadow


You need to cast the shadow down through that weird little staircase at the corner that you can't fit through. You also need to make sure you have moved the bubbles at the bottom over as far left as they'll go before you put the ball down there.

Anonymous August 12, 2011 8:46 PM

stuck in mind level 3 also, don't know how to get that last flower. When I jumped on the bouncy bed, I always kept on landed on the "floating bush" that was near the vine thinking that I could jump from there, through the vine, and reach the flower, but nope didn't get it.

Anonymous August 12, 2011 9:00 PM

woops I meant body level 3 with the bouncy bed. not spirit or mind but body level 3 is where I'm stuck at.


That's... not what appears to be going on.

When I pull the first lever (the one outside the room), the lights go out. If I sit there and wait and do nothing, the lights stay out. The problem isn't that my light power is running out, it's that the lights in the room come back on whenever any of the other two levers are pulled. Then since I'm in the light, I start falling into the spikes right away and can't do anything. It doesn't give me an opportunity to jump out of the way, even when I'm hitting jump or run as fast as I can.

Is this a bug or something? I'm sorry if I seem ungrateful, it's just not working. D:

Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 12, 2011 10:14 PM

Experiencing the same dreadful lag that others have been. I found that everytime it lagged, data was being transferred from google analytics. Not happy about that kind of interference.

Looks to be a beautiful game. Before the lagging, I had no problem with the controls.
Love the artwork (that I've seen so far)!


I'm stuck on one of the Body levels - not sure which - 4?

You pull a lever to make a ball (boulder) fall. Am I supposed to intercept it, to keep it on my level?

Also, I'd pulled a lever up on the top right, near the key (I think), and now have no idea what that opened....


To answer my own question:

A conceptual leap is required - that your 'light effect' casts shadows that can also affect other objects.



I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe it is a bug, but it doesn't appear for me. I died repeatedly in that level, but not once was it in the spot you are.

The light directly above the middle lever comes on, about 2-3 seconds after you pull the lever. I had plenty of time to move. Then when you pull the right lever, try going right even during the animation showing you pull the lever. I never ran out of time, so if this doesn't work I really don't know what else to say.

I did experience a bug after a lever in a different game that required me to restart from a checkpoint, does it seem like it is getting stuck?


I have the exact same problem as A, I have been working on it for awhile... I can jump back to the first lever if I keep pressing the space bar after pressing up for the lever, but it doesn't help that I am back on land. I still can't get to the third lever.
...If that makes any sense.


same problem as Alfred : i can't find a way out on spirit world level 4. get the key, collect stars, and then ? Thks.

looking4goodgamesoncp August 14, 2011 11:57 AM

I'm stuck on Body 5, Mind 3, and Spirit 4
Body 5

I don't know what to do after I open the door with the big ball, the spikes with the ladders? idk

Mind 3

I don't know what to do to get the final ball, with the round bushes and everything

Spirit 4

I'm stuck in the beginning, with the difficult shadow moving with the moving crystal. That's just really hard



I really enjoy most of this game but some of the levels are totally destroying that sense of joy. I've made it to the final level "The End" but after several minutes of bashing my head against it have perhaps totally given up on it. As far as I can tell there are no save points in it and with all the careful timing and jumps it is a complete nightmare. The rest of the game is awesome.


I'm stuck on Spirit World 3, but not in the same places already commented on. I have:

made it past the light switches and am trying to smash the 1st glass tower. I have gathered that there should be a ball to smash it, but I can't find it. When I move to the right after the light switch area, I come to a crystal field. There is a platform past it, but it is too far to jump to. I can almost make it, but not quite. If I climb the ladder, see the glass tower and move to the left, I eventually hit a dead end. It doesn't appear that any shadow bridges can be made anywhere useful.

I must be missing something, but I'm not sure what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Deathcards game is great, and game has a terrific concept, but just too many glitches in gameplay causing frustration ... my avatar finally just stopped moving forward after the rock got wedged above the levers (really don't know what level), so I had to quit -- couldn't do anything.


I'm stuck in spirit 1... I'm at almost the end, and there's a weird box thing and a crystal blocking my way. I've tried all the buttons I can think of. Help!


Body 2 help! Giant falling rectangle blocking progress!


Power of posting! Never mind!


@ CJ:

Would you mind posting how you did that? (Or anyone who's gotten past there)

I gave up after trying different combinations of lever order and shadow power, and just plain running. I'd like to see more of the game and I can't finish it if I'm stuck here FOREVER.



I'm stuck on Mind 5. Once you complete another puzzle with balls and scales, a stone door opens and there are vines to climb. I can jump from the first vine to the second vine (even though I start climbing the second vine in mid-air) but I can't seem to jump from the second vine to the third.



May not work for you, but I went all the way down, activated the right lever, went up again, went down the ladder to the right of the first one, stood on the block, jumped around a little (whatever), climbed up the second ladder, went down the first ladder, activated the left lever and went out. (This was the longest sentence I ever made.)


@ CJ:

Thanks. The jumping part didn't work, but the dotted line I got to look at gave me an idea.

Do the right lever first as CJ said. Then you can go back up and get the stars. Then go back down until you see a shadowline following the dotted line. Press e, push the left lever, and head over to the other side.

Thanks SO much.



Very welcome.


I can't get off the tipsy platform on body world 3.. y'know, at the very beginning


Power of posting :)

It takes some time, but tip the platform to the right and jump. It relies mostly on luck, which is unfortunate, but keep trying!


Okay.. sorry for the multiple posts.. but I need help on Body World 4. I can't get the boulders to stay.. I know that you somehow have to get them on the shadow ramps, but it's impossible to do because of the light beams.


@Azrael H

It IS possible. Shadow power+switch.


There's actually a very powerful powerup besides the ones shown

Glitch: Causes the computer to be in endless thinking process and not making a move. Forcing the player to lose like The Game with no way to win

however the website is so glitchy that even I've upgraded to the latest version of flash, it still says GET FLASH PLAYER!

Anonymous August 20, 2011 1:59 PM

Mind level 3! Help!
I get all the way to the end where I jump to reach the vine, climb it and jump to the right to hit the flower and release the ball. Then it rolls off the vine and seems to disappear and an endless number of balls keep appearing to jump and hit. What am I doing wrong?

annabanana August 22, 2011 12:26 AM

can anyone help me with the very last level? the one just called 'the end'
I can make it up to the

falling pillar

but not from there to the final platform.


Does anyone else have a problem when playing on the official site, where it doesn't seem to save after a session? o_o Not sure how I can get the game to save without logging off...


Stuck in Mind World 6. Don't know what to do . . .


Please help with spirit world 4! I can
get the kry, but I'm lost from there.


I'm stuck on mind World 2 help please!


I have solved the 4th level of the Spirit world!! :)

After you get the key, climb up and I'm sure, you have found the glowing bubbles. Now... the key of getting further is to activate those bubbles in the right order.

1st bubble: on the right (over the key)
2nd bubble: on the bottom (just jump down, you won't get hurt)
3rd bubble: on the right side (after you activated the bottom bubble, climb up the ladder, and then activate the bubble on the right side)
4th bubbe: on the left side (this is the last unacitvated..)

It's very important, to do this fast.

There is logic everywhere in this game!! It's very well constructed. I'm a developer too, and all I can say is: "Nice work guys!!" :)


I'm in body world 3. I get all the way to the end of the level but i can't get the last 8 stars. There are 4 of them on the left behind the 2 boulders that move up and down, and there are the other 4 all the way on the right side past the big statue thing. How can I get them??? Help please!!!

Anonymous August 24, 2011 9:15 PM

I have problems with Bodyworld 5. I don`t find the door. After I jumped on this moving stone and collected the stars i die, because i don`t know where I have to jump. Help Please!!! :-)

MorkaisChosen August 25, 2011 12:26 PM

Mind world, Level 5:

How do I get past the bit with the stone door and the scale?


I can't even get the game to load. Even the opening where all you do is walk to the right took about 5 minutes, and after that it stopped at about 99% (I'm assuming, because there's no actual number, just that gear) and did progress. It sat there for about 20 minutes before I gave up and closed it. Is there some huge memory leak or something that's causing this? 'Cause I'd really love to play it, but the internet connection and computer processing requirements are more suited to something off of Steam.

[Try emptying your browser cache and reload. -Jay]


Does any one have any help with the final level? I can get right through it to the end but on the falling pillar I can't see where you are meant to jump to?! Thanks.


Body World 4.
Is here anyone who has idea HOW to get this 2 small boulders onto platforms? I guess it has something to do with shadow but I have no idea what or how to get them there!
Thanks you for your help,


HELP! Mind world 5. After lifting the stone gate. You need to jump from vine to vine and I can always reach the second vine but not the 3rd. what am I missing here?


If you are talking about the stone gate with the scale how did you do it lol

Dread Head August 28, 2011 1:41 PM

I cant get past spirit world 4. I'm stuck at the part in the very beginning where you make a platform with your shadow powers. it doesn't reach far enough for me to jump. what do i have to do?


@JIGuesT: Did you manage to get the ball in the place? How? I'm trying and trying and it keeps diappearing on the sharp things, even when I push it. I'm getting pretty mad...


i'm stuck at body world 6. i've collected all 18 stars and i'm back at the place where the lever releases the round stone. pushed the stone all the way up, raced with it all the way down, but lost it along the way when i collected the remaining 2-3 stars. what am i missing?


@lockwood: you need to hurry to catch up with the ball. At the end you have a mushroom on which you have to stand so that the corridor underneath will close and the ball would pass through and demolish the wall.

I'm still stuck at mind level 3... Help, please!


For anyone stuck on Mind World 3:

When you get to the end with the flower that drops the ball, you have to get the ball rolling towards the edge, then jump over it into the shadows and use your power to create a ramp for it


I need help, please.Stuck in body level 4. I don't know what to do with the rock.I pulll the switch but don' know what to do next.I have tried to push the rock as it falls but it goes too fast and I've also tried with the shadow , but nothing works. Help!!


Miguel, you have to pull the lever and then cast a shadow as it is falling. the shadow will catch it and then you can push it to the right.


For everyone who needs help with the end of mind world 3! I figured it out:

You have to jump on the bounce pad, but right before you hit the top of the bouncing area (i dont really know what to call this) you have to move left or right so you go back down again, then you jump on the jump pad one more time and it should give you enough boost to jump to the floating bush above the walkway that you are jumping to. from the bush you have to jump to the hanging vine, climb up the vine and jump towards the pink flower (you can jump through those bushes there. when the ball comes down, you have to make sure you are on the left of it. push it as far right as you can and then hurry and jump down to the lower level. use your light power as soon as you get down and connect the lower and upper platform. dont worry about going up and getting the ball (you can, there is light there) because the upper platform is at a slight slant, and the ball will come towards you. as soon as it is down, you can roll it towards the platform on the far left and a vine will pop up, leading you to the questions.

Hope that helps!

xMissxMarionettex September 3, 2011 1:51 PM

@ Ultio .. not sure if you'd read this, but I followed your advice while you and CJ were figuring out Body 2.. and yours worked, Ultio!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Oh God I feel so happy getting past that part! Though.. I'm sure that the difficulty is just beginning x_x


Can anyone pls. help me on mind level 4
-On the giant rock how can i put it in the pad?



how do we use the special powers in deathcard game? i simply can't now...


How do I get past Body 4,
I can't figure out what to do with

the boulder that falls when I pull the switch, do I intercept it? if so, HOW?!?!

[Spoiler tags fixed. -Mod.]


@femanon and

I'm having the same problem with mind world 5 as the two of you have posted. To quote Femanon:

"I'm stuck on Mind 5. Once you complete another puzzle with balls and scales, a stone door opens and there are vines to climb. I can jump from the first vine to the second vine (even though I start climbing the second vine in mid-air) but I can't seem to jump from the second vine to the third."

Has anyone found a solution to this? Mind world 5 & 6 are all I have left to complete!


Imnotandrei September 8, 2011 12:04 AM

On Mind 5, try jumping from midway on the 2nd vine, not the top, and jumping with the side-button pushed. It worked for me...


finally finished this game. on the final stage, one has to be a parkour expert just to navigate the stone pillars!


I can make a youtube walkthrough of it if you want :3


I really love this game. It's like a fusion between a platformer, a board game and a dusty old book on philosophy that one would usually find stuffed in the back of my locker at school. The questions are interesting and the Death Dial is sort of like a really mystical moral compass. The physics for the levels are great, no problems there, but it annoys me that I accidentally put a mustache on my avatar. >_>


I solved the very last level "the end" you have to

reach the falling plataform before the time runs out, and the last "door" will be open


Hi! i'm stuck on body world 6!! i dont know what to do with the ball jumping! can anyone help me Please?? :)


Same with Pola, stuck on Body World 6. Get the ball bouncing, knocked it to the left onto the pressure plate, and now there's nowhere for me to go :( any help would be appreciated, thanks :)


I'm incredibly stuck at third level in mind world. please HELP!

i have all the stars, but i got no idea how to transport the ball to the switch - it always falls on the spikes

i wish someone made a full walkthough of this game, some levels are so hard....


stuck on mind world 6, i think, with the giant bouncing ball. i can make it roll onto a platform but i don't quite know what to do from there!


hey, i've decided i'm gonna make walkthoughs for some levels - check my yt channel, masa44mi. they'll be appearing later this week.


Ok, so I've passed Spirit World and Mind World (not without frustration) and found that you could generally work through problems (agree that there are a few glitches) but, I've usually been able to work through things...but i CANNOT for the life of me work out Body level 2 with the massive rock that falls on you...my avatar is just not fast enough...this is killing me and kinda undermining my faith in what has otherwise been a pretty enjoyable game.

Also, I dig the philosophy, bit more epistemology/ontology in there would be sweet...


That feel when you are having problems on a level, but your browser wont let you click the spoiler tags.

Chrome, btw. Anyone else have that problem?

[Chrome doesn't have a problem with our spoiler tags as long as you have Javascript enabled and you wait for the page to load in its entirety. Try emptying Chrome's browser cache and reload the page. I'm certain spoiler tags will work for you after the page loads completely. -Jay]


I figured it out, one of my extensions was attempting to make something else out of them.

dumpsterdiva March 21, 2012 10:17 PM

Does anybody know what's going on with this game? I have been playing for some weeks, but in the last 2 or 3 days, it comes up "unable to connect to server". When I try to enter the site from Jayisgames,it just stays on the "initialising" screen. Please help!


I've got a message into the developer about it. The game communicates with the developer's servers during initialization, and their servers must be down. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, and I expect to hear from someone about it soon as well.


i m stuck at level 3 :(


I can't figure out how to use the power ups in the card battle. Any suggestions?

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkKEpODxIwOpM5cIR5YJi-l13cqyze0uCY August 1, 2012 8:08 AM

I'm stuck on Spirit level 5, I have no idea how to get the last couple of stars!

After I get to the last checkpoint, I'm able to get the stars on the temporary platforms, except the last platform with a star is too close to the wall above it to allow me to jump onto the platform that I need to get onto in order to get to the door. And if I wait until the platform disappears, the next one is too high up to get onto.

Any advice?

panthababy August 5, 2012 11:56 PM

Oh my sheeshus. jfhgsdfghsdjf

I got to the very end level and just can't do it. Not only is it super glitchy/unresponsive, it's timed, and every time you restart the level you have to sit through the screen pan to the end even though every other situation lets you press space bar to skip it. It's the most frustrating ending to what I thought was a pretty interesting game. I literally had to step away from the computer.

With that said, is the ending even worth it? What happens? because I will never find out for myself.


Hi, has anyone finished the game yet? If so, do you know how to get "The Collector" trophy? What are collectibles?


Oops, sorry about that double post.

kokorocomplex September 28, 2013 6:32 PM

It takes forever to load. I didn't even get a chance to play because the loading time is ridiculous...


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