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The Enigma Puzzle

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Rating: 4.2/5 (52 votes)
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The Enigma PuzzleAnother HTML puzzle game, this one has been around a few months so you may have seen it before.

The Enigma Puzzle is a sequence of riddles played in the same way as other games like it: Each of its 34 levels—with another 16 levels soon to be added—presents an HTML page with clues that you must use to figure out how to get to the next one. Use any tool at your disposal, including a text editor, graphics program, calculator, media player, and especially your browser's View Source function. The game was designed and created using Windows and IE, so beware there may be a puzzle or two that requires that forsaken browser. The riddles have logical solutions and are a ton of fun to solve. And while each page may appear to be a separate puzzle from the rest, there are many riddles that build upon ideas or techniques that were introduced earlier.

Play The Enigma Puzzle


Popup needs address bar.


So very, very confused...@_@


doh! Fixed. thanks! =)

MatrixFrog November 20, 2005 7:42 PM

I'm stuck on level 6...


Another great game. Same concept as Not Pr0n and Clever Waste of Time (neither of which i got very far), absolute favorites! This has me stumped though: at the second level no less. Argh!

isee,eyesea,rebus... i've tried them to no avail!


Level 2 hint:

Look at the title of page 2b as a clue, and relate that to "I See"


riitte... thanks! I feel so stupid now. lol


im stuck on level 3... gif...
any ideas?

What does "I SEE" sound like. I had to say it a few times


never mind... six now.


I am stuck on the 'i see' part as well.

I've tried icee, icey, isea, ice cream, i scream and anything remotely close to that sound. So I think..


stuck on 4..I was surprised to get this far..lol


how do u get past level three, what is the url or whatever


I never get these games but this one I think I'm getting. Of course, I'm stuck on level 8 though...

as for level 6...

How many pieces of what specific element did the character missing from the last page collect? Post again if you need more help than this.


what is the url or a hint for level three with the gif, what do you do



try "icy"


for level 3 (the title bar about Gif)

notice the picture on that page is a jpg not a gif?

i wonder if there is a gif version of that image...... ;)


cant do 2 either...






ok i got to lvl 6
all i know that it is:

30 silver

and tahts all. what do u do wiht that number?


Level 8:

Make sure you use IE

PS. Jay, I love your site man.


Stick on level 6

He got 30 pieces of silver, but I still can't get the url...


stuck on 8



Hint for 8:

How could you store 2 images in one picture? What happens when you move the picture across your monitor?

Hint for 9:

Ever played Mad Gab?

Hint for 10:


Currently stuck on 11


I'm confused on the 'deeper' puzzle. What am I supposed to do with it?

I tried filling it in with my paintbucket but it didn't do anything


Stuck on number 3 :( any hints, ive got the jpeg title but alas brain wont put 2+2 or wateva together!


Level 6...

Note the chart... what element does Judas receive? What number is related to that element? Now multiply the two...


Apperently level 7 isn't "exactly" what I thought. Could use a tip.



The paint bucket icon isn't filling the inside of the letters


how is numebr 8 not hockey

it has key in it
and it looks like a hockey player


I actually got to level 6, I'm proud of myself. Julia, for level 6:

Filling the picture with paintbucket should work... I used MSPaint, perhaps what you used doesn't support pngs correctly, try mspaint if you have it and if that doesn't work then here is the answer:



Ahah, I feel kinda smart now for getting 2b. But I can't for the life of me get 3. Some help?


Ben, level seven is silly. I'm guessing you put

55.htm, right? Well, what's another way of saying 55?



For level 11

If you have read any of Oedipus there is a riddle about this picture


Still confused on level 8

I'm looking at it in IE, and it looks the same as in Firefox. I see that there is a reflection of a metal fence, superimposed over the image of the lock. The lock has a buffalo and some barely-readable words on it. Every other pixel in the image is black, making the image overall look darkened. When I move the picture across my monitor, um, it moves. I don't see anything relating to hockey, and I think I'm trying to find out what *kind* of key to use. What in the world am I missing?!


ok... this is so hard... i definetely do not get lvl 4... the one where it says "deeper" somebody please help me



The clue is in the title, hold the control key and click or just drag your mouse so the picture is selected. This reveals another image. It took me a while as it's quite faint.

Level 12 hints, anyone?

I rearranged the letters, but they spell "pink elephant" which doesn't seem to be the next .htm. Is there more?


Yeah, I figured out level 11 shortly after my post. Level 11 is a good time waster.

I'm stuck on 12 now, here is my progress so far:

the numbers in the filename, when translated to letters of the alphabet and anagrammed spell "pink elephant", which is what the picture shows. I have no idea what the a=1 b=two c=3 thing means. They mention iPod and Now_playing, suggests a musical connotation. I assume "shuffle" refers to the anagrammed filename.

P.S. MatrixFrog

Your mouse is the key, right to left or left to right, as long as the key gets through.


Got 12!

The title is the next clue, think back a few pages...


Still need help on 8 after reading through everything above?

You did read through everything right? You're using IE, and know to control a key?

Well, hit ctrl + a This is the same thing as hitting select all.

You should now be able to see a very faint picture within the highlighted blue box where the old picture was.

At first I thought this was a jail, but no, that's not right. It is however a cage.

What's inside the cage?

This is your last chance to give up.


For level 12 I'll just do a starter hint...

Read the title and think back to what you have done before.


I'm stuck on level 7...

I've tried everything, 55, fiftyfive, fiffyfive, 60minus5, LV (roman numerals along with hex and binary), 144minus89, 21plus34 (you know, the two numbers after and the two numbers before in the sequence), and nothing is working :/.

MatrixFrog November 21, 2005 1:08 AM

Okay, got level 8. Thanks.


Yourface - Level 4 help:

you need to download the file as a PNG. Simply doing a screenshot of it won't work because that won't be a PNG with alpha levels intact.

Then use the paintbucket in your favorite graphics program, but if it has a tolerance setting, make sure you turn it way down to one (1).

I used Fireworks and it didn't work for me at first because the tolerance was set much higher.

To All: the comment approver is now going to bed, so if you want your comments to show up immediately for help from others, I suggest you log into the TypeKey authentication service. Otherwise, your comments won't appear until morning (MY morning). =)



Does anybody have any other hints for level 9? so far i've got:

"the next riddle is NEWK html." what the hell is NEWK?

the flying monkey November 21, 2005 1:30 AM

help for level 7 anyone?

i know its 55 but that wont work, ive tried typing fifty five and even LV (roman numerals but this does not seem to work.

the flying monkey November 21, 2005 1:32 AM

nvm, my god thats dumb


Oops.. now i feel stupid... I just had to say the word over and over again.

but if you still don't get it

what do you do to a potato? still don't get it?

short for nuclear



Nvm on the level 7 for me too.

Yea, that was really dumb, so dumb that I hope to spare someone else when I say just put a dash in the written out version of the number.


12 is impossible!!!

i know that the numbers when spelled out & "shuffled" says pink elephant, and that if you put in now_playing.m3u the songs going down say numbers, so i tried spelling out pink elephant in numbers, then i tried spelling out pink elephant in numbers with the evens spelled out because the source says a=1 b=two c=3. I STILL CAN'T GET IT!!!

help me!!



Look closely at the m3u. "numbers" isn't talking about pink elephant.


thx, that helped a lot, but i still can't seem to get the right combination.

do i use just the band names or the numbers in the songs or both?


Drea: That should be kinda obvious, but

The numbers.



Use all the numbers there.

Now I'm stuck on level 15.


help for level 9 plz?

i've gotten "the next riddle is in HTML?

so lost


Mmkayz, I can't get 5 XD I have no idea who it is o_O

automaticidiot November 21, 2005 9:12 AM

ok im sorry guys but ive figured out all the other puzzles and im sure when i figure this one out im going to feel dumb cause the answers are usually just looking me right in the face but I see for 12 you say

look at the numbers refering to the playlist numbers .. and the pink elephant but i am stil not making the connection i hate to ask but help please


Has anyone figured out level 6 yet? Silver is element 47 so I have no clue. Tried everything but the real answer.


interesting game, although I cant get further than level 6.

I multiply 30 and 2 and type sixty or 60 - nothing...


Im still very very stuck!!! level 7 is a nightmare I get the obvious answer but that just isnt it, and Im just not getting the hints, ok so its not-exactly the answer what is it then?? I have a feeling Im missing somthing really obvious too! Sorry for being so dumb! Please Help me!! I still love ur site Jay its the best I love point and Click!

Hint for 6

This one confused me you have the number for silver and how many pieces of it the guy in the painting got? so look at it like an equation "how many" multiplied by "chart number" (47)

Just got Typekey too, very quick to register is worth it!


Hi folks! I'm energythief, the creator of the puzzle, and I'm happy to see everyone enjoing the puzzle so far!

The levels current end at 34, but the next 16 levels will be up very soon.

If you're interested, there's an official forum set up at the site as well.

Don't give up... logic (however twisted) can solve all the puzzles!


So..i've looked at all the clues for level 7 and I got the obvious answer, but I can't figure out another way to type the answer.


What about number 15. So far all i can come up with from the title is...

Were you to dense to see the way?

Can someone give a clue?


Im racking my brains trying to remember the name of the first game I came across online like this. Zebulon? Zed? something. Levels included basic look-at-the-source code, through to a Turing-test-a-like where you had to convince a bot that you were Overlord? the further you got through the game, the more site priviledges you had; free webhosting, free email addresses, etc, etc...

is this ringing any bells for anyone? Google doesnt want to be my friend, but then, it doesnt have a button for "Im vague"


This would be roundabout the time "The Stone" was sweeping the net as a novel and supercool idea, by the way.


I still can't get 10! What does M3U mean, Mike?

Clark Pinyan November 21, 2005 3:11 PM

New responder. Long time reader.
I have been fascinated by the 'notpr0n' type games, but don't have enough computer knowledge to solve most of them without just cheating my way through. This one is going a little better, because it seems to rely more on general knowledge and being a good computer user, rather than being a comp. professional. So far up to level 7 on my own, and loving it!

Thank you for reducing my job productivity for several months now.


OK... still stuck at lvl 3 :(

i downloaded it, made it a gif, saw something in the side of it but couldn't read it D:


scramble125 November 21, 2005 3:50 PM

Man, what a great game.
I'm stuck at level fourteen. Any help?

Lara -- for level 10

You don't really need to know what an m3u is, just try typing it in the address bar as an extension (.m3u) along with whatever else you have found. still having trouble?

Look at the source. my_playlist looks like it could be a file that you'd attach an extension to.

hope that helps!


YAY!!! got 6 and going to 7^^

how many silver did Judas get? how many electrons are swirling around one atom of what Judas got???

Mendeljev was ever so smart...

If you didn't get it by now, it's 47



.m3u is a file extension, I'd never heard of it before. Even once I figured out what it was, I still had a hard time figuring out level ten, though.



.m3u is a

mp3 playlist file, usually used for streaming songs

scramble125 November 21, 2005 5:02 PM

More level 10 help --

only click if you have actually downloaded my_playlist.m3u:

this is a little spotty. Unfortunately, Itunes won't let you open the playlist unless you actually have the songs. try windows media player -- it'll give you an error message but it will still have the playlist listed off to the side.

level 14 is hurting my brain! burky, maybe you could help? it looks like you're at level 15?

i've gotten to where it tells me "wrong extension" so i've got http://members.shaw.ca/energythief/toad/civic.htm but i've got no idea how to fix it! and i've read the source quite a bit!

thanks to anybody who can help (and even if you can't, thanks for trying!)


I'm still stuck on 10...

I've tried putting in my_playlist.m3u in place of nuke.html but Windows Media Player gets an error when it tries to play it.


Oh, I got level 10, it just wasn't easy, although even having solved 10, it was easier than 12, which was darn similar.

I'm now on 16. Level 15 wasn't too tough for me, but it was one of the most complicated insofar as gathering the info required.

First of all, the source on 15 says there are no typos, and obviously, the title is made up of homophones as burky said.

Try and find a homophone for something else on the page.

I'm not going to say anymore, except that you had to find info from a lot of different places to get this one.

My immediate impression of level 16 is: I have no idea.


I couldn't do the .m3u's either, so I downloaded them, and looked at them in notepad.

level 16 turned out to be much easier than I thought. Although frankly...

I don't understand what "Fahrenheit" had to do with the answer. Maybe it comes up later?


Same here Nemo07. I even tried using the error code in the url, but no luck. Guess the error code isn't really meant to happen....


Can anyone help with some more clues on number 10? I have the list but I have tried putting some of the names in the .html and they don't seem to work. Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time.


Can someone pass on a spoiler for number 9? "New cage"


Ok, now I feel really stupid!!! I need a serious spoiler for level 3..jay i didn't understand a thing you said above...when I try to right click and do save as it only says I can save as .jpg or .bmt and the file name is notquite...i have no clue!!! PLEASE HELP


Ok... i'm STILL stuck on 12.

four questions:

1/ do i have to retranslate the numbers into letters?
2/ if i have to just put in numbers, are any of them spelled out?
3/ how many numbers do you end up putting into the file name? (and please, don't say ALL of them give me an exact number)
4/ are there underscores in the file name like there are in the picture name?


Bryan - I don't believe I gave a spoiler hint for Level 3 above. For Level 3, you do not need to download the file, as the solution is found using the clues provided.

The title reads: "GIF me a break" and yet when you view the source, the picture showing is a JPG.

Why don't you try viewing the image by entering the image's filename directly into the URL?

Change the extension of the image to .gif and you'll see the solution

scramble125 November 21, 2005 6:19 PM

Drea: Level 12.

Hint 1 -- I assume you have the playlist already. See how it spells numbers? that's useful in a way, but there's another use for the bands and songs.

Hint 2 -- use ALL of the numbers that you can see in the bands AND songs, including the numbers spelled out.

Hint 3 -- The numbers you get are not in the correct order. Find an anagram for their corresponding letters that is fitting to something like "pink elephant".

Hint 4 -- Still not getting it? Google an anagram finder and when you find a good one, type the letters in. It works amazingly well.


My first post...yay!

...level 11 is a riddle? I just don't see a riddle anywhere, and I haven't read Oedipus, but what does that have to do with anything?

btw for lvl 10:

put the playlist in window's media player, even though it may not play...

you really need to look at the playlist

like how the title of the webpage sugests

it says "Going Down?"...next spoiler gives away answer

if you read the first letter of every song, it says "hunters.htm"


Grrr! I still don't get #10. I have tried all the names, and none work. Not the bands or the songs. Track 8 is just . which doesn't tell me anything, and since they won't play... Help!!!


Ummm...never mind. Duh.


i'm having some issues with #15... i'm sure there's just something simple i'm overlooking.

i found the picture and i think it says GO BACK FIVE AND FIND CAP WORDS. if i click the back button 5 times from this picture, it takes me to the sphinx one... but i'm not sure what to do if that's the one. if i go back 5 from #15, it takes me to #10, the one with mp3 player and the my_playlist.m3u file. the only cap word in the playlist is THE, right? what am i missing?


Drea, regarding level 12:

When I was reading the clues others were giving you, I thought it was referring to the playlist on level 10, but "now_playing" implies that there is a new playlist (and the name should be obvious.) Are you making the same mistake I was at first?

Lara, for 10:

You really need to look at the whole playlist at once, not the individual songs.

Anybody made it to 19 yet?


As for 14 ...

(1) The name of the picture is a big hint

(2) Convert the money (or numbers) into ...

(3) When in Rome ... do as the Romans do


Again on level 14...

URLs are case sensitive ...

scramble125 November 21, 2005 7:14 PM

Lara -- level 10

Check out the page title. Now look back at the playlist. Specifically, the band names. Notice how #8 is just a period? strange...

Well, I can't really give you hint other than that it has to do with the band names. Specifically, reading the band names down...pay attention to their beginnings. next hint pretty much gives it away, try it on your own first!

Their first letters. Read 'em down.

scramble125 November 21, 2005 7:16 PM

Burky, on level fourteen, i had everything you said, but my problem is with the case sensitive part. For some reason,

the .htm part doesn't matter whether it's .htm or .HTM, and putting a + after civic isn't doing anything either. am i way off?



I can't get number 5 either, please help me with a spoiler....

scramble125 November 21, 2005 7:43 PM

okay. very strange. 14 finally worked. i KNOW i have tried that several times. very weird. VERY weird.

on to 15!


Hey scramble125...

You are super close...

I think you only need to change one thing...

If you view the source for 14 it shows:

You need to put the "toad/" before the answer.HTM (don't include the +)


Okie dokie i can post up to level 10 in help wise :)

Level 1

Click red thingy

Level 2
Eye Sea? say it alot whats it sound like?


Level 3
Not so hard but,


Level 4
take this image and put into paint and paint the backround which gives password


Level 5
Very annoying one


Level 6
Very annoying took awhile


Level 7
dumb XD

fifty-five (dash is very importent!^^)

Level 8


level 9

nuke.html (the html is extreamly importent and is needed to pass!)

And unfortunatly iv gotten to ten and opened the my_playlist but none of em work as a password help me plz :)


Need more help on 15...
I am truly stuck.

The only other homophone I can find (besides the title) is the picture name "cap it all".
I tried all caps CIVIC.HTM and CAPITAL.JPG

Please give me a little shove...


I just can't get 12. I've collected all the numbers in the playlist, turned them into letters, and plugged them into anagram finders. None of them come up with words that make any sense regarding elephants, pink or otherwise. Any more tips?


Ah, on 10 you can still look at what the song titles are if you click the plus sign.



you're almost there for the first part

use the name of the image, but with a different spelling.
Still unsure?

another way Of spelling capitAl


o_O 12 has driven me insane...

The song list is thus...
Nine Inch Nails - The Wretched
U2 - One
Matchbox 20 - Unwell
Blink 18 2 - Adam's Song
Extreme - Everything Under The Sun 3 : Who Cares
Rush - 2 1 12 Overture
Satriani - Dreaming
I'm getting 9,2,1,20,18,2,3,2,1,12 which translates to ibatrbcbal, but all the anagram solvers I've looked at gave me nothing of interest. Do I have to include the numbers they're ordered in in the player (1-7)?


for number 12...the anagram solver didn't help me either...i had to get my friend to help...now EVERYONE i know is stuck on 15...

just try to rearrange the letters...the 1-7 (order numbers)don't count....

GAH!!!! 15=me going crazy!!!


Harry -

Here's some hints for 10

Try looking at the names of the bands/artists.

still stuck?

Read down the list

last hint

Look at the first letters of each item in the list.

stupidcheeseboy April 16, 2008 8:51 AM

A nonny moose
It could mean you are highly strung

do you mean level 15?

its just a pic of the White House


I am having an absolute horrible time with trying to figure puzzle #39. I've tried to search these comments trying to find any sort of decent clue to the answer but I've found nothing. I beg of anyone, please give me clues that are easier to follow up on then some of the crap I've been reading here.

Anonymous June 2, 2008 8:02 PM

please... someone give the the answer to level ten. i've been at it for hours... and i`ve looked at all the hints on different sites, tried different programs and browsers... help me out here

priyanka June 9, 2008 11:52 AM

LEVEL 12......
the playlist


it wnt open ......
my computer problem...

so pleeaasse....i need d final answer.....
its eating my head!!!!

darkrift June 9, 2008 6:28 PM

ok this is irritating me...
level 17, the one where u have to say whats common about the 4 pictures, i dont see ANYTHING else in common other than the fact that the first movie has "willow", 2nd movie is from "warner bros", 3rd movie is from "walt disney" and 4th movie is from "wes craven" (in other words, they all start with "w"). I've already tried movies but apparently its too easy....'-_- help please!

darkrift June 9, 2008 6:52 PM

Level 17
oh never mind found it, just a note this is plural
for anyone thats stuck:

1. write down all the titles (yes its the titles...) and have a good look at their names, if you still can't find it...


anyone notice anything funny thats common with the first and third title? (i picked the third one cause the third one has a VERY obvious clue with its picture) that should give you a hint as to what's in common among the rest of the titles


if u REALLY can't find it...well the answer is trees

priyanka June 10, 2008 2:01 AM

LEVL 12....
i need the answer...
i wana proceed to d next level..
all sooo intresting...

priyanka June 10, 2008 8:18 AM

finlally level 12 over...
now im stuck at 16.....
i think im nearly there...

i converted the source codes to dvorak keyboard and got -- opposite the pic and latitude

i know the picture is of capricorn

is it something related to tropic of capricorn

??? plese help

Anonymous July 8, 2008 9:13 AM

Still can't figure out the stars on level 27. I have been very careful to match the pairs, but the word doesn't make sense. I've read the hints up to now, and I still can't get it. What am I doing wrong?


Has the game been took down? i cant access it any more...


i think it's been taken down :[

specialfred0 March 14, 2009 1:33 AM

not taken down, just moved to here


has it been taken down or what i cant get into it from any links


@TK: Looks like there is a problem with the hyperlink on the title page. I'll fix that tonight. The first level of the puzzle is at http://www3.telus.net/enigmapuzzle/energythief/startpuz.htm and the rest of it all works fine from there.


94 and 95 are now up. 5 to go!

Garythesnail August 29, 2009 12:47 PM

I know 39!

You sure? it's thebox.htm


for some reason, i was playing this at 1:30 AM, and when i was doing level 14 and imput


the resulting page scared the hell out of me


Please help im stupidly stuck now on 22
I've worked out some stuff which i'll hide in oe of these clever grey boxes

I uncoded the crazy letters and got the answer is between the stratospere and the thermosphere...
well then i googled and found that the mesophere was between these two.
so i've tried rip/mesophere.htm
rip/meso.htm and im not geting anywhere am i on the wrong track with mesophere?


please help me on level 22!

i got the question decoded fine

but he only nswer i can think of is mesosphere help me please


HELP!!! On level 27, I have done the


But have no idea what the word is supposed to be! I keep getting

letters: d;a;h or n;t possibly I; again, t or i; e or i; and r

I have tried:

dahtter, janitor, daughter,danfir,dantier,dahtier,dantter etc.

And I have no idea!
This has been killing me for 3 months! HELP!
For the love of

jeshickah January 1, 2011 5:48 PM

I have read hints for 27 but don't know what url.I am to go to I haven't seen a pic please help totally stuck


How do you beat #12?


Umm... it appears the link doesn't work. All I get is a 404 error.

[I'll look into it. -Jay]


@Polydunami, you are right - I lost my hosting! I'm working on getting it back up soon - very sorry.


UPDATE: Jay has come to our rescue! The game can now be found at: http://enigmapuzzle.fizzlebot.com !

Thanks a billion, Jay.


help needed for no. 11!

how do you move the L!


lolman - Help for #11

What is the picture ?

Did you get "the riddle of the spinx ?

GOOGLE for the answer .... 3 letters.

BTW ... welcome to The Enigma Puzzle .... have fun !


NOW ... can someone help me with #42

I have 4 clue pages which give me 4 numbers plus the clue on the victim's page.

I can't get anything that looks like a safe combination no matter how I juggle them.

What am I missing ?


Guys anyone still playing this game?
I stuck on 68 i translated page title from latin to english i know who is the father but nothing fits in url.I could use some hint please.Thanks


Anybody still here? I haven't done this puzzle since it first came out and am running through it again trying to actually finish this time. Wasn't sure if anybody was lurking and just trying to complete it.


Don't let the username fool you. It's the real energythief. Looks like Jay has stopped hosting the puzzle (and I don't blame him, I essentially abandoned it for years.) I've re-hosted the puzzle at: https://theenigmapuzzle.000webhostapp.com/

Welcome back - I finally have the concepts to finish the final 6 levels and get this bad boy to level 100 once and for all.


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