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The Escape Hotel 3: Remake

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The Escape Hotel 3: RemakeThe new Tesshi-e game is a remake of The Escape Hotel 3 released in summer 2011.
This remake is very close to the original version. Most of the puzzles are the same. But this version is more polished and complicated. So if you did not play the original one or if you do not remember well the puzzles, this version is for you!

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Patreon Donator talanpoe July 1, 2016 3:07 PM

Puzzles are slightly different than the earlier version; but if you could solve the previous version and are familiar with Tesshi-e puzzles, you should have no problems with this one.

A couple of places I got stuck:


Use the "Sea" remote on the painting of the Sea behind the seating areas to the left of the desk (behind the Othello board).

Locked box in 2nd Staff room:

The arrow above the hint for the unlocking number simply points you to the box; it doesn't indicate the order of digits. Use the digits as shown in the hint, not in the direction of the arrow.

Fun escape!


Can I get a hint for the desk needing a 4 digit number?

I understand that the markings relate to the books. Based on the markings it goes red, green, brown, blue. I tried using the numbers from the books of each color in those positions. But I'm getting nowhere.

zejoro July 1, 2016 11:01 PM replied to zejoro

POP! Amazing how that works.

The pattern on the drawer does give the order of colors. For each color trace the position of the books in number order. This will form the 'shape' of a number.


hope there will be a walkthrough soon :)



Exploring the room:

View 1: Reception

From left to right, we see a locked door marked Staff Only, the reception desk, and an alcove with a bookshelf.

On the reception desk, there is a notepad with an imprint we can't read, a box with three call bells on it, and a framed 7 of diamonds.

In the book alcove, we can zoom in to look at each shelf of the bookshelf separately. Notice the pattern of stripes and roman numerals on the spines of the books. The picture on the right wall wobbles when we click on it.

View 2: Lounge

On our left as we face reception is a seating area. It features a TRUMPET which is missing two keys, a board game in progress, and a coastal landscape painting.

Click on the upper left corner of the painting to see that there's something out of reach on top of the frame.

To the right of the seating area are the hotel guest letter boxes. There is a card slot and we'll need a code.

View 3: Elevator and Fish Tank

The Elevator is out of order and the doors won't open. The Staff Only door is locked. The desk below the fish tank has a locked drawer which needs a key.

View 4: Entrance

Turn around to face the entry doors. There is a writing desk with two drawers. The left drawer needs a code to open it. Note the pattern of lines below the code boxes. The right drawer is open, and has a paper with a ladder game in it.

Back up and look at the ceiling above the entry doors. There is a balloon on the ceiling, way out of our reach.

Ok, let's solve some puzzles!

The writing desk drawer code

Look at the lines below the code boxes. Where else have we seen lines like that?

On the books in the bookcase. Note the patterns on the spines of each color of book.

Brown: one stripe top and bottom
Red: two stripes on top, one on bottom
Blue: one stripe on top, two on bottom
Green: two stripes on top, two on bottom

Look at desk drawer and note order of stripes:
Red, Green, Brown, Blue

Now look at

the roman numerals. Take one color book at a time. Trace lines between books of same color, starting with #1 and working consecutively. Each path will trace a number.


Green: 2
Brown: 6
Blue: 7

Take the pencil

The wobbly picture frame:

The clue for the picture frame is the notepad on the reception desk.

Use the pencil on the pad to reveal the imprint. Click on the corners of the picture, following the number order on the pad


Upper right, upper left, lower right, upper left, upper left, lower right, lower left

Take the key. It opens

the drawer in the desk below the fish tank

The Landscape Portrait

Unlock the drawer below the fish tank. Take the mop. It has a nice long handle that can help you...

reach the item on top of the picture frame in the lounge area. Take the remote control marked SEA.

Use the remote

on the picture you just took it from. It reveals a code box and a wooden box with a screwed-on lid. Take the elastic from the top of the wooden box. Note the clue on the code box: Bell X Diamond

Bell box and Ladder Game

To get the "bell" number from the code box behind the painting, you'll have to solve the ladder game you got from the drawer in the entry view writing desk.
How to solve a ladder game:

Begin at the red dot and follow the line down. Follow each rung as you reach it. Take note of whether you are on the left, center, or right as you pass each numbered line.


1. Left
2. Center
3. Right
4. Right
5. Center
6. Right

Take the coin and note the number: 1074

Now where did we see diamonds?

The playing card on the reception desk

Now you can solve the bell x diamond code.

1074(bells) times 7(diamonds) = 7518

Open the code box behind the painting and take the spade key. It opens

the locked Staff Only door next to the elevator and fish tank.

Staff Only Door #1

Let's look around the room. The first thing we see are a couple of Mr. Birdies and a code box on the shelf. There is a screwed-on panel on the left wall.

To the right we see a Mr. Hippo on the ledge of the fish tank, 3 sets of circled letters on the wall, and a paint can on the floor.

The paint can:

We don't need a can opener for this. We've already picked up something that will help...

Use the coin that we got from the bell box to pry open the lid. Take the "part".

The code box:

Note the black and white circles on the box. Where else have we seen those?

The game board in the lounge. Note the

spaces between the game pieces. They form numbers


Open the box in the staff room and take the screwdriver and room key card

The Letter Box

Now that we have the room key card, we can open our letter box.

Look at the number on the card. Put the card in the slot below the letter boxes and enter the room number.

After entering the code, back up one step to see which box has the green light. Open it and take the "part"


The two "parts" are trumpet keys. Zoom into the trumpet and insert the keys. For the order, see the clue in the staff room.

Look at the circled numbers on the wall. Each circle represents one of the trumpet keys.


center, left, right, left, right, left, center

Take the club key from below the trumpet. It opens

the staff door next to the reception desk.

Staff Only Door #2

Use the club key to open the door. Look to the right. Note the Mr. Birdies in the wall alcove. Look a little further along the alcove and find the arrow.

Now turn back to the door you came in. Note the code box on the wall to the left of the door. Zoom in and note that you can't enter a code yet; it needs a battery.

Finding the battery

Take a look at the arrow you got from the reception area. You can put something in the tip.

Put the pencil in the tip of the arrow.

Now you need something to shoot it with. Time to use the screwdriver!

Unscrew the lid of the wooden box behind the SEA painting.

Make a slingshot. Take the part from the box and tie the elastic to it. Add the arrow and you're ready to shoot

the balloon above the entry door

Can't find what fell out? Look

under the writing desk to the left of the entry doors.

The Reception staff area code box

Put the battery in and see the code box light up. But where's the code?

Take a step back and

close the door. Note the clue on the wall: Birdie, Hippo, Lamp. Time to look around the room and count them.


Mr. Birdie: 5 behind the reception desk. 2 on the shelf in the staff room. Total: 7

Mr. Hippo: 1 on reception desk, 1 on desk below fish tank, 1 behind fish tank in staff room. Total: 3

Lamps: 2 on reception desk, 1 in book alcove, 2 on desk below fish tank, 2 on writing desk by entry doors, 2 in lounge area. Total: 9

Not working?

The right to left clue can be misleading. Just put the numbers in the order of the pictures: 937

Take the handle.

Elevator (Finishing the Game)

Now we can get the elevator working. Head for the staff room next to the elevator.

Use the screwdriver to open the panel on the left wall. Use the handle to switch on the power to the elevator.

Once you have the power on, the elevator doors will open! Click on the elevator and you'll be asked whether you want to get in and end the game. Say yes for the regular ending. But if you want to look for the happy coin, don't get in yet.

Happy Coin

Open the elevator doors, but don't get in. Notice the number painted on the back wall and the green laser light shining out.


It would be nice if you could keep the doors open long enough to see where the light is shining, wouldn't it?

Use the

mop to hold the door open. Now you can follow the light...

One last code to solve:

The light on the letter box says "Elevator +1234". Use the number from the elevator wall to solve the equation and open a new letter box.



Take the Happy Coin and head for the elevator for your well-deserved happy ending. Congratulations!


If this game was posted 7/1, why isn't it on the front page as a new game??


have a question regarding:

the coin after the ladder puzzle. I don't see any coin. please help. maybe I just don't see said ladder puzzle to begin with except for a sheet of paper

KayC July 6, 2016 12:20 AM replied to Paul

The sheet of paper

is the ladder puzzle. See the pattern of lines on the paper? That's the "ladder".

It says "bells" at the bottom of the paper, which is the hint that the ladder will give you the solution for the bells on the reception desk.

I've explained how to solve the ladder puzzle in the walkthrough, but here it is again:

Start at the top where the red dot is. Trace a line down from there to the bottom, following every crosspiece you come to on the way. Your line will wander back and forth across the ladder on the way down. Now notice the numbers written down the left side. Notice whether your path is on the left, center, or right vertical lines when you pass each number. This tells you the order to ring the 3 bells on the reception desk. When you ring them in the right order, a little drawer will open and you will get a coin and a number.

If this still doesn't make sense, I suggest you google images for "ghost leg" or "amidakuji". That will give you pictures of how to play a ladder game. Hope this helps.


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