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The Happy Escape 11

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Rating: 3.9/5 (92 votes)
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The Happy Escape 11

Tesshi-e is back in a locked room again! In The Happy Escape 11, you are locked up in a music room, with nothing but music instruments and clever puzzles inside. Can you open the mouth of Mr. Hippo? Can you solve the mystery of Mr. Birdie? Can you escape from the room with a happy coin in your hand? It's all up to you to find out.
This game is available in English and Japanese, and you can change the language mid-game by clicking the button right below the save button. The cursor will not change when you are hovering over things you can interact with, but Tesshi-e is not fond of pixel-hunting anyways, so that should not be a great issue.
And there is enough talk for me. Time for a great escape!

Play The Happy Escape 11


kguy152000 June 13, 2016 3:56 PM

Thank goodness I keep checking back, just in case you guys keep posting games. Thanks JisG.

Rgandum June 13, 2016 4:08 PM

Same here... It felt like Christmas morning when I checked it yesterday.

Ernest June 14, 2016 9:10 AM replied to Rgandum

A quick hint through for those that just need a little nudge.

After looking around the room, you should have in your inventory:

  • Pink book

  • A guitar pick

  • Clear file

  • Screwdriver part

  • 2 happy coins

Solving puzzles
I solved the puzzles in the following order:

Open the wall safe behind the piano

Solve wobbly painting

Open glass case with hippo

Unlock guitar case (under the mini-cello)

Open trumpet glass case

Press trumpet keys in the right order

Open metronome

Get code for box with 5 pictures

Place 5 objects into the box with cutouts

Unlock blue doors

Get code for Mr. Birdy

Get THE happy coin and exit

Hope that helps!


can someone provide me with a full walkthrough? thanks.


This is my first walkthrough! I think I went overboard on the spoiler tags >__


Piano side

Note the number 502 on the piano. Click on the sheet music
to add to inventory. Note that the metronome requires screws.

Back out and see the wall safe to the right requires a number input. Entering 502 here does nothing.

Painting side

The music on the left has a secret!

There's a tiny key hanging from the bottom on the left side. You can't get to it now.

In the display area there's a Mr. Birdy puzzle, a trumpet, and a Mr. Hippo puzzle. The trumpet has a Happy Coin and requires screws.

The painting wobbles when you click the corners. Classic Tesshi-e.

Window side

On the table is an instrument puzzle. Entering 502 here also does nothing, but you figured it was worth a shot.

The smaller table has a display that's missing some small items, a place to insert happy coins, and an instrument case that requires a key. Click on the tiny cello above on the happy coin box to find a guitar pick.

Did you check the plant in the corner? 2 items here.

There's happy coin 1!

There's also a clear file behind the pot.

Door side

Click the white arrow to see the front of the music stand. Collect happy coin 2. What can go on this music stand?

Put the clear file on first, then the sheet music

Now back out and take a look at the back of the music stand.

This will show you the code for the wall safe AND a clue for the painting puzzle.

The trombone has the number 215 on it. There's a screwdriver part in the mouthpiece.

The wall safe

Enter the code from the music stand here. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

You had to put the clear file, then the sheet music onto the stand, and then look at the back.


Collect happy coin 3 from the slot. Looks like you could put something over those white lines? Note the suit symbols.

The painting puzzle

To open: Look at the suit symbols from the wall safe. Where have you seen those before?

The back of the music stand.

Each symbol corresponds with a corner of the painting.

The clue from the wall safe tells you what order to touch the painting corners.

Bottom left-Top right-Bottom right-bottom right-Top left-Top right.

Collect the capotasto (a device clamped onto strings to uniformally raise the pitch). More importantly, the hippo is trapped! We must free him.

The five white buttons are arranged vertically. It looks like you'll have to press them in some order. You already have the clue for this.

The music notes.

If you number the notes and white buttons 1-5 top to bottom, the order is

235 145 13

You got yourself a hippo. Congrats.

The instrument case

To open it:

Since you have freed fine and goodly Mr. Hippo, you decide to put him between his friends. You press the button and get a code and happy coin 4! Hmm...but did you really catch that code the first time...?

Press the button again to get a box cutter.

Use the box cutter to free the tiny key hanging from the music notes. Use said tiny key to open the instrument case.

The contents

Congrats! You found a guitar. It has the number 454 on it. The bottom panel reveals guitar pick 2 and happy coin 5. The top panel has a screwdriver base. You know what to combine this with. If you don't, you haven't looked around the room enough.

It’s in the trombone mouthpiece.

Time to get unscrewing!

The Metronome

Unscrew the metronome to reveal happy coin 6. Check the back of the cover to see a white line. Hint:

It's actually not just a white line.

It's a minus sign.

The Trumpet

Unscrew to get happy coin 7. Note the small “+” under the the piston valves. You can enter a left-middle-right code here. Where have you seen that before?

The Mr. Hippo code.


Enter the code to get guitar pick 3.

The instrument puzzle

By now you should have found clues on all of the instruments shown. What happens if you put them all together? Hint:

It's a math equation


You could have easily googled this -___- 741

Enter in the code and retrieve the tuning fork. You now have everything needed to fit into the display.

Opening the door! ....lol nah jk

Put the tuning fork, capotasto, and guitar picks into the display. Retrieve the club key.

Use the club key on the door. Get happy coin 8 and a Mr. Birdy panel. Where can you put this panel?

Mr. Birdy

Put the Mr. Birdy panel over the white lines in the wall safe to get a 3 number code and happy coin 9.


Enter the code under purple Mr. Birdy to get the happy coin 10!!!

Happy coins --> Escape

Enter your 10 happy coins to get the One True Happy Coin and the heart escape key! As far as I can tell, Tesshi-e doesn't have a "secret escape" in this series anymore, so there's nothing to do after opening the door. Enjoy your meal! ;D


Cool puzzle. I haven't played an escape game in a while. And as usual I required the walkthrough for most of it.

I'm curious about the situation of the site though. Is it going to continue more, well, casually?


Yes Diego we hope to continue. We need for that to hit our first Patreon goal.

Thanks to Ernest and Joy for the walkthroughs :)


Oh, cool! I did not know there was a patreon.


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