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The Happy Escape 12

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Rating: 4.3/5 (58 votes)
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The Happy Escape 12 I know Christmas is over, but there is one late Christmas present from Tesshi-e for you all - A new game!

Tesshi-e´s games are not so frequent as they used to be, so for Mild Escape fans every new game is a small feast. You may feel some déjà vu in their last games, but also the satisfying feeling of a well known place associated with good memories.

This time you have to escape from another Santa´s room with brick walls and wooden floor, and find 10 Happy Coins. And make a cup of tea for Santa, not coffee! (I spent about 15 minutes looking for a pack of coffee in vain effort). There is a familiar rocking chair, a familiar fireplace, a familiar relaxing tune, Mr. Birdy, Mr. Hippo and of course, there are puzzles. Satisfying puzzles.

A language button to switch between English and Japanese is in the bottom right corner, so don´t forget to switch for English if you can´t read Japanese. Cursor is not changing but there is no pixel hunting, and to navigate, use the side bars. The game has only one end, with a small present from Santa.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play The Happy Escape 12


Currently stuck but have the following items. Firestarter, corkscrew,unlit candle and a kettle. I think the next step is solving the suites code but I have no idea!


I got the suits code

guessing that heart="+"


But that just gave me the slingshot, so I'm basically stuck in the same place.

It's odd that you can't interact with the chairs or floor lamp.


It took me a little while to get through this one. The candles was the first thing I solved after the bird. The picture took me the longest.


how did you manage to do that?


ohhh the fireplace tools are related to the candles code

just punch in the height of the tools with the height of the candles


If you're having trouble with lighting the candle

after you solve the candlestick puzzle you can light the candle on those and look at the clue under the bed


I found a


But would love to know where to find the

corkscrew! And the kettle?


hope someone does a walkthrough soon :)

justsomegirl January 20, 2017 7:59 PM replied to Stephan Haagensen

The kettle is

in the farthest right of the three cabinets, which you can open with the exacto knife, found

by spelling the words ESCAPES on the purple bird

The corkscrew you get

out of the hippo once you type the word WATER, and the battery is

in the teapot!


I'm out! :-) That was fun. As required to leave the room, I found 10 happy coins for Santa -- was there an additional happy coin I could have found to get an extra reward at the end, as Tesshi-e often puts in his games?




not yet huh?

ThemePark January 21, 2017 5:23 PM

Time to shut up, Paul. You are constantly badgering for walkthroughs. We are not here to do your every bidding. If you're having trouble with a game, it is quite possible to find walkthroughs on other sites, you should try actually searching for them.

Maybe if you actually had some patience, and contributed with something instead, people would be more inclined to write walkthroughs. As it is now, you're just acting like a child, not getting what he wants.


no. you are the one that needs to shut up. I was being nice and asking for a walkthrough. you are the one acting like a child and complaining and whining. No other site has walkthroughs and even the ones that do have videos and I don't feel like pausing 300 times or more to see what I'm doing. All you had to do is lead me in the right direction as far as text walkthroughs, or post one as well. no need to get nasty.

justsomegirl January 21, 2017 8:37 PM

If I were to write a walkthrough, how do I post it??

ThemePark January 21, 2017 8:50 PM

No Paul, you are not being nice. You are being incredibly impatient, and you are rude in expecting people to just jump for you, and posting every few hours, just because you don't get what you want.

This game and many others do in fact have written walkthroughs, you just haven't bothered to try and find them.

And if you can't be bothered to pause a video walkthrough or just use it for the places where you're stuck, then don't expect people to be bothered to write you a walkthrough. Make an effort first, contribute. You never even say where you're stuck or what you have tried, you just post "Walkthrough?"

And if you do fail to find a walkthrough and ask for one, then put the game away. You don't need to play through it straight away. Come back another day, so people who actually want to jump for you, can have the time to do so.

I am not going to point you in the way of anything, because you haven't even tried to find a text walkthrough. 2 mins on Google would find you one. And if you're not gonna bother, neither am I.


just the way you are doing now only on spoiler parts like "the code is 4532" for example you would type

underneath that the spoiler ion question then

underneath that. do that with everything though including the turns and how the puzzles relate etc.


yes I have tried to find a walkthrough/ you just hjump all over me for nothing. that is what is not nice. "is there a walkthrough?" that is nice, which is what I did. I contributed a few times in these boards. try doing that.


The complexity of this game does make writing a good walkthrough more difficult, but here are the locations of sets of items.

Suit symbols:

Spade: Side of the table.
Heart: Side of the cork removed from the hippo bottle.
Club: Behind the painting.
Diamond: Back of the left-most tool (shovel?)

Santa figures:

1. Display left of the fireplace, behind books.
2. In the box after solving the candle code.
3. Top shelf, or under the bed.

Happy Coins:

Five of them are reachable without solving puzzles. They are
1. In cupboard behind fire starter
2. Under pillows on bed
3. Under potted plant next to fireplace
4. On back of shovel
5. In Christmas tree
Other five, in order of when you can first pick them up:
6. Inside right cupboard, under kettle.
7. Behind painting, on the right face of the white box
8. Middle cupboard, under bottle
9. Inside the Santa Claus box
10. Back of your present


There is only one ending, but Santa randomly gives you one of five (?) presents:
Happy Coin set
Key to Happiness
Mr Birdy wine bottle
Mr Birdy
Mr Hippo

justsomegirl January 23, 2017 10:28 PM

This is my first time writing a walkthrough, I hope it is helpful.
Click "English" in the bottom right corner of the game screen unless you speak Japanese :)

You start out facing a wall with a door (locked), a wobbly picture puzzle, and a table and chairs.

The picture puzzle shows the word ESCAPES with two purple birds.
The table shows a spade and the number 2016. There is also a table set for two, and a box on the table we cannot open.

Turn right to view the bookshelf and bed.

The bookshelf shows us a Santa figurine we can't reach, a box (locked), a hippo puzzle that needs a battery, a platform that reads SANTA CLAUS, and a cabinet (unlocked). Open the cabinet to

take the Firestarter, and behind that our first Happy Coin. Yay!

The bed shows us two pillows -

Under the pillows is Happy Coin number 2!

and underneath the bed, a space in which it is too dark to see anything.

Turn right to see the shelf set into the wall, a woodburning stove, a rack of stove tools and a wooden box.

Zooming in on the recessed shelf, you'll see some books, a purple bird puzzle with the word SPACE, and a little plant.
Click on the books to

reveal Santa figurine 1 of 3. Pick him up.

and the plant to

find and collect Happy Coin number 3.

The purple bird puzzle:

If you remember, we also saw purple birds on the wobbly picture puzzle, with the word ESCAPES.

Typing the word ESCAPES using the letters on this puzzle will give you an exacto knife

You'll also notice

that when you click on a letter, the bird's eyes move in a given direction. As you click the letters of the words ESCAPES, note these directions.

Clicking on the stove reveals that it opens, and there is an open space on top of it, and clicking on the box reveals that it needs a screwdriver to open.

Clicking on the set of stove tools reveals

a clue to a future puzzle (in the length of the tools, read from left to right according to the arrow). And if you

click on the farthest left tool, you'll find Happy Coin number 4, along with a diamond symbol and the number 3.

Return to the wobbly picture puzzle (two screens to the left)

Use the directions associated with the bird's eye movements from the purple bird puzzle, as you spelled the word ESCAPES

Click the corners of the picture in the following order:
Bottom left, Top right, Top left, Bottom right, Top left, Bottom left, Top right

Opening the picture reveals

A white box which needs a hexagonal wrench to open it, a club symbol with the number 110, a black box which we can put our Happy Coins into (now or later), and on top of the black box is a candle. Take the candle. There is also

Happy Coin number 5 on the righthand outside edge of the white box, so collect it too.

Back out and move three screens to the right to the final wall. You'll see the rocking chair and the Christmas tree, and a long set of cabinets and puzzles.
Click on the tree to

collect Happy Coin number 6

The cabinets and puzzles from left to right:

The Santa face puzzle shows the spade/heart/club/diamond symbols, over a cabinet that needs a key to open.
Next is a candle puzzle over a cabinet that needs a 3-digit number code. We can actually solve the candle puzzle now:

It uses the lengths of the stove tools, in order from left to right, applied to the height of the candles.

You will click the 4th square, the 2nd square, the 3rd square, and the 1st square, followed by the white button.

Take the second Santa figurine (2 of 3).

Once you solve this puzzle, you will see that the candles on top of the puzzle are now lit.

Use these with the candle from your inventory, so you now have a lit candle.

Next is a 3 x 3 puzzle (open circle to closed circle), over a cabinet door that is tied shut.
Good thing you have

an exacto knife to cut the string holding the doors together. Take the tea kettle, and Happy Coin number 7 below it. And don't forget to

open the tea kettle and take out the battery!

Now you can move two screens to the right and click on the bed.

Click on the space under the bed and use the lit candle to light up the space. You will see a clue that we need to translate.

Just put an E on the end of each of the words on the bottom line (as indicated by the +E above). You are left with Five One Nine.

Return two screens to the left and zoom in on the middle cabinet door.

It requires a 3-digit number code.

It's 519, then the white button

Take the water, and don't forget Happy Coin 8 underneath it.

Now is the time to move two screens to the right to the hippo puzzle. First you'll need to

put the battery into the puzzle.

Then you can solve the letter puzzle:

The clue is on your bottle of water.

Just press the letters W-A-T-E-R,

And the hippo will give you a bottle opener.

Time to examine some of your items.

If you double click on the water in your inventory, you can

use the bottle opener to remove the cork

Then double click on the tea kettle, and

use the water to fill it up.

If you examine the cork you took out of the water,

you'll see a heart symbol and a plus sign.

Let's go back two screens to the left and zoom in on the Santa head puzzle.

The symbols are spade, heart, club, diamond. You know the heart is a plus sign.

Spade=2016, Heart=Plus, Club=110, Diamond=3

2016 + 1103 = 3119, so enter 3119 and hit the white button.

Take the slingshot.

Back two screens to the right, we're going to get that Santa figurine down.

Double click on your slingshot, then add the cork from your inventory. Use the slingshot to shoot the Santa from the top shelf,

You'll now need to

click on the bed, then the space beneath it, and use the candle again to see. Now you can actually collect the Santa figurine, (3 of 3).

Back on the bookshelf, there is a platform that reads SANTA CLAUS.

Place all three of the Santa figurines on the platform. Yay, a screwdriver and Happy Coin number 9!

Head one screen to the right to the wooden box.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the lid. You can then collect some wood, but you can also

click on the wood in the box again to shift some aside and reveal a hexagonal wrench. Pick it up.

On this same side of the room is the woodburning stove. Let's get it set up.

First place the wood into the stove, followed by the firestarter, and then use your candle to light it up. You will also want to click the top of the stove and

set the kettle filled with water on top.

As you back up, note that an image has appeared on the glass of the stove, with a white line tracing a path from an open circle to a closed circle.

Move one screen to the right and zoom in on the box on top of the cabinet with a 3 x 3 panel.

Apply the path indicated by the image on the stove glass.

Click the squares in this order:
9 2 1
8 3 4
7 6 5

Take the cake server.

Move one screen to the right, and behind the picture

You will recall a white box that needs a hexagonal wrench to open it. Use your wrench, and take out a cake!

Double click on the cake, and use the cake server to cut it up.

If you look closely, you'll see you have uncovered

a key on the cake platter!

Zoom in on the table set for two.

Use the cake server to put cake on the plates.

Move one screen to the right, on the bookshelf is a locked box.

Use your key to open the box. It's a tea strainer already filled with tea, it just needs hot water.

Move one screen to the right and collect your kettle of water from the stove.

The water has now boiled. Double click the tea strainer, and use the kettle to fill it up.

Two screens back to the left, to the table set for two.

Fill the cups with tea. The box springs open! Take the key.

Move one screen back to the left, and zoom in on the first of the three cabinets.

Use this new key to open the cabinet. Take the bag of gifts from Santa and don't forget to

Turn the bag around and remove Happy Coin number 10!!

Return one screen to the right, behind the picture.

Put all 10 Happy Coins in the black box!

A key! Use it to open the door. Enjoy Santa's thank you and he'll randomly choose a gift for you. Great job!


Fantastic work! Thanks a lot!


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