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The Secret Garden

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Rating: 3.7/5 (26 votes)
Comments (41) | Views (5,463)

The Secret GardenThe awe-inspiring Flash graphics of Yenz are combined into a creative and original point-and-click adventure that has you solving the mystery of the Secret Garden.

You see, the garden is in great danger and it's up to you to solve the mystery and to save it, if possible. There are several easy puzzles to solve and several screens of unusual yet fantastic and beautiful art to enjoy while doing so. Mostly eye candy, but with light story and puzzle elements mixed in that make it fun.

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i finished the puzzle and i clicked to get the queen's reward, and it just said in blue letters on a black screen:
"How could you believe that you can save the world?"

What the... ?:\


I guess the journey is the reward with this one. =)


where is the inverted pac man


It's the fish's eye. That is possibly the worst ending to a click and paly game I have ever seen.


I cant believe the ending! I was a little confused...but i eventually got it. I did enjoy the little games u had to play to get the clues though.


Wow... the main problem with that game was that I finished it in five minutes, because all you had to do to finish was click four buttons in the right order and it gave you the first one to click. So really, there were only 6 possible ways to click, and then you won and got the weird final message.

Rhinestone Kevin May 17, 2005 1:06 PM

Not good. Overcomplicated intro, and awkward interface.


is it the game's fault that some of you did it the easy way?
personally, i think this was lovely. the graphics were beautiful, and the method of gameplay- making use of the flash drop-down menu- was interesting and refreshing and the ending ironic- and true. i got through it fairly fast, but it's not an instant gratification sort of game- so don't expect that of it.

Katherine July 1, 2005 6:15 PM

I liked that a lot. It's so...strange. But very nice. Definitely leaning toward the "art" end of the spectrum, since it's so very easy, and it's so beautifully done.

Minveital July 31, 2005 10:08 AM

I like this game because the womans voice says Chinese some times, but what does the ending means???


hahahaha that's such a weird ending. I take offence to the fact that they think I can't save the world. I CAN SAVE THE WORLD, I SWEAR I CAN!

Great games jay :)


It was really interesting. I've never played a game that's used the "zoom" option before. Very clever. However, the game itself, though interesting, was a big easy and very short. If they could make it longer and have the interface be more interactive, other than simply "click on this button then click on this button".


I played this game a while back, through a link from another blog/site. It's a pretty interesting thing to play when one is up way past one's bedtime with nothing to do. ^_^" The ending was indeedly odd though... >.>


Wow. Dodge ending, but the use of zooming in with flash and stuff was something I haven't seen before!


What an...odd and kinda depressing ending... ^_^;; Fun...but the intro was WAY overcomplicated.


I FINISHED IN 30 seconds!! easiest game ever!!!!! the ending was horrible...very dissapointing ending..but otherwise fun..strange though


I thought that this game was very beautifully made. Quite simple, but the ending was bad.


ugh....too much reading up-front. i got bored with the help screens....i don't have patience for this game right now :( maybe someday later when i'm reeeeally bored. or at work. :P


hello here??

i dont even know how to start the game! plz tell me...

thx(belive me, im in angry tears!)


it's a beautiful point-and-click game, but i don't really reccomend it. it was kind of short and easy, and the ending was kinda...


I don't think the ending is supposed to be depressing. It's probably just a poor translation of
"Can you believe it? You saved the world!"

I think this would be a great game for young children with a parent, and not so much for hardcore gamers.


wow, beat it in like 2 minutes, even though i didn't know what was going on. ok game though, the ending was wayyyy to wierd also


what the heck .. youmiko is japanese, yet she said "ni hao" which is hello in mandarin - - i didn't actually play the game .. the beginning was so confusing?!


hey. i liked the game

it was pretty easy. i finnished it in like ten. but yeah.

so didn't get the ending.

and yeah. great site jay.

kisses and hugs. kit

pinguino_ann September 3, 2006 1:23 AM

The intro was long... it made me feel like I was getting into an epic! And the repetition of how to use the hand was misleading, too. I did enjoy it, though, but I would have done so more if it was longer.


Actually there s no need to play the whole game.
Theorically we know 1 is C so there r only 3 letters left.
And Mathematically it equals to 3!=3.2.1=6 probable combinations...
So we can solve it in a minute without playing the whole game...
But I liked the end.


The way to input the symbols can be confusing. Note that the numbers and letters are useless at the gate. Only the symbol they represent( see the matrix). Basicaly, if 1= c then you find the symbol c represents and enter that first(cue the 1)


STOP DISSING THE ENDING .omg some of you are so shallow well obviosly they dont mean it in a good way like never knew you could save it BECAUE THERE WAS A LIL IMAGE OF THE EARTH FREEZING OVER AND THE EXPLODING .... (which i addmit is weird cas it said it was goign to over heat but still) any way your all looking for congargulaitions but wouldnt that just make the game all the more boring isnt it good to have a twist

aslo did any one notice that it was a very small sort of thing did any one acturly try ZOOOMING IN -.- i dont mean to rant but maby thers more .... maby thers a differnt way to complete it there where a few litle conflicting messages in there . perhaps the game was meat to be easy made to make people think huh this iss tooooo easy i could do this any time .... then it sticks you in the face and tells you you were not good enogh the world is destroyed i think thats why so many people hate the ending becuase that litle msg offended them.....


I FOUND SOMTHING .... alas so late but in the last sceen the diploma of hounor theres the link to that yen guy well if you click it it takes you to a page in outlook and it is adressed to [email protected] ooooooo maby he was expecting complaints XD


i hope at least some one reads these last 2 coments if you do plz lleave a msg so i know my blabing wasnt FOR NOTHING please...............

Johnny Elfred January 7, 2007 5:03 PM

What a mean ending. I really liked that game until that happened.


omg I agree with motzo. The ending is cool with a twist! They should make another game like this wuth better images(the people are ugly). If they made another, I would definatly play it.


It was okay I guess, it was original
but not very satisfying


seriously, quit taking the ending so personally, guys. it's an innovative little game.

Rendall July 29, 2007 7:25 PM

Yenz is down :(


Hmm... I guess it was okay. I was looking at the explanatory and I was like okay, this could be a while and when I go in... It was short... I guess you could say.


Re: Reward

really... what DID you expect, when you're trying to 'save the world' from squirrel tears?
A GIANT Golden Acorn? (maybe you have this confused with 'Ice Age' - - - I think there's a golden acorn in Ice Age II) ;)

mono99099 August 5, 2009 4:30 PM

this is funny

if you right click and then uncheck play at the end the world doesn't explode! Yays!


worst ending since Shadow of the Collossus


Easy. I know and wrote down the order. Of how you click the gate



Uhh... so, basically, the message is, no matter what we do, we're gonna destroy the Earth?



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