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The Storage Shed Escape

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Rating: 4.3/5 (125 votes)
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The Storage Shed Escape

A call from your mysterious buddy Mr. Y telling you that he's done some more remodeling can only mean one thing... there's somewhere new to try your escaping skills! Tesshi-e's The Storage Shed Escape, as the title may imply, takes place in a storage shed that's a bit less "random junk you should really donate to charity" than "puzzles are the new 'shabby chic' for decorating". After clicking the language button in the bottom right corner to change the text to English if you can't read Japanese, playing the game is as simple as clicking around to explore the room and using the arrows at the edges of the screen to navigate, though the lack of a changing cursor means you'll have to figure out what is interactive and what isn't on your own. With a jazzy soundtrack and a tidy interior that holds a satisfying chunk of puzzles, The Storage Shed Escape blends cryptic clues with rustic style that's worth rolling up your sleeves to solve.

Play The Storage Shed Escape


That was a challenging one but a lot of fun and out with the happy coin.

VoxPopuli42 April 6, 2016 12:02 PM

Okay, I felt like I was making good progress, and then I got stuck!

I have

A blue hexagonal key (used), a magnet on a string (used once), a hammer (used on the floor), a ladder (used once, and I can't seem to use it in the other place i want to), a screwdriver (used once), a bag-thing that now has two holes and a piece of wire in it, lumber, and pliers (used once).

I have a code

involving Ms, and some hint referring to the Us on wheels that need to spin somehow. I can't see into the mini room in the corner, and I can't collect water.

VoxPopuli42 April 6, 2016 12:13 PM

POP is real! hooray!


As with most Tesshi-e games, don't forget that this game has

A happy coin ending. Please save before you leave.


Well, that's where I'm stuck too; little hint?

Coffeeteamix April 6, 2016 6:00 PM replied to Dave Hill

@ Dave Hill:

What did you get using your screw driver?

Combine that with

your "bag-thing".

ellie309 April 6, 2016 6:59 PM

a little stuck... i'm trying to

fill the bag with water

but it doesn't fill. am i missing something? i've got the

wire through the holes already

Deusovi April 6, 2016 7:12 PM

I've got everything but the Happy Coin and I've figured out

that the water level lowered


none of my items work on the hook.

Any tips?

Also, @Ellie: You can't

fill it up because it doesn't reach far enough with just the wire.

KayC April 6, 2016 7:28 PM replied to Deusovi

To get the Happy Coin

Unlock the exit door, but don't leave.

What did you get when you unlocked the door?

Use the padlock to attach your bucket chain on the side of the well so you can climb down.


I have a drill, but where #&!!** is the screwdriver???

frobenius April 6, 2016 11:56 PM replied to Hugo López

Its on the back of the door to the small room in front of the motorcycle.

WillYum April 7, 2016 5:44 AM

About the happy coin...

I figured that you would need to use the lock that you get from the exit door.

I also figured that the hook on the side of the water well was important.

And I realized that the chain would be a possible way to climb down and see what was down there.

But I didn't realize you had to put the lock on the chain FIRST!

I tried to put the lock on the hook on the side of the well and it didn't work.

Then I tried to put the chain on the hook. No luck.

But it wasn't until I read one of the hints that I thought about putting the lock on the chain and THEN putting it all on the side of the well.

Also, did anyone notice that if you click on...

box of nails after you use them that everything gets dark?

Twas odd.

And to reach the thing that is high, you had to...

construct the table. That was very tricky.


Re: thing very high

Building the table was a bit tricky, yes, but compared to the other insane contraptions Tesshi-e has made us build in the past? Not so much.


Ah, I had missed getting the screwdriver.


I'm stoked to see what Mr. Y has up his sleeve this time!


I think I know what looks to be a paper bag is for:

to breathe deeply and slowly into if I start to feel faint

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 7, 2016 11:47 AM replied to BD

I don't think that's a paper bag, BD...

...mainly because paper bags generally don't make good water containers.


Thank you (too small for my vision!!!)


That was a good one! Thanks to Tesshi-e for creating, and to JIG for posting link.

I think I will have to:

throw some goodies on the grill tonight


Tried every possible combination I could think of with the wheels and missing spokes on the safe in the closet. Pretty sure I'm not understanding completely. I tried

turning the dial the number of spokes from the 'u' shape in the direction from the floor

and then I tried

turning the dial to point to the missing spoke in the order from the floor.

What logic point am I missing?

Coffeeteamix April 7, 2016 4:45 PM replied to James E Myers


I think your 2nd logic is correct. Maybe you're not using every aspect of the clue?
Make sure you

are following the order and directions correctly. And make sure you're counting the spokes correctly (ie. there's 3 spokes between each cardinal direction I think).

So, to reiterate the whole process:

1) the patterns on the floor give you a) direction to turn and b) the order in which to look at the wheels.
2) Now go to the wheels in that order and note the location of the missing spokes
3) Now go to the safe and turn in the direction prescribed by the 1st symbol on the floor until the pointer is pointing at the missing spoke location of the 1st wheel. Then turn the other way until it points at the missing spoke location of the 2nd wheel, etc.

Hope that helps...

Bertdanger April 7, 2016 4:51 PM

I do not like games made by this coder. Its always the same thing with the 3 birds and the puzzles logic games etc. are never intuitive. I'm a huge escape game player and I never can get anywhere with this coder's games. Maybe I'm just stupid but I don't think so. I have an IQ of 131 and still, its not enough. Thus, this coder is making games for something like .09% of the population of the world if the premise is that I'm too dumb. Personally, I think his puzzles are just not designed well....I'll bet less than 10% of the people who play escape games, probably far less ever can get through one of these games without the walkthrough. I do not mind walkthrough's and not too proud to say I do use them. However, its the fact I usually can barely even get started before I need a walkthrough that makes these games not fun for me. If you can't even get started, then you might as well watch the walkthrough as a video than try to play their games. Can you guys either make your games easier or at least change them up? The whole bird thing over and over and over again get's old. Plus, I've never once understood how to get the birds to face in the right direction or what have you to get to the next step anyway. Not even once.


The only question I have is, what the heck is Mr. Y grilling? Lovely T-bone steaks, OK, but what are those round things? (Also, dammit, now I'm hungry.)

ms484 April 8, 2016 12:44 AM replied to Bertdanger

OUT! I love Tesshi-e, they are one of my absolute favorite game makers.

odyssee April 8, 2016 1:50 AM replied to Bertdanger

This is precisely why I love Tesshi-e's games : challenging !

BD April 8, 2016 9:57 AM replied to Reka

I thought the same thing. :)

Banana slices? Grilled plantains?

chapel204 April 8, 2016 4:43 PM

You're all way better than I.

I have

crowbar, string and magnet, pipe (or maybe handle) off the button puzzle, and metal "bag"??

What am I not seeing?

KayC April 8, 2016 9:08 PM replied to chapel204

Chapel204, your next move is

To use the pipe handle.

It opens the lid on the cistern in the corner (the raised brick square in the corner to the right of the shelves)


If Mr. Birdie failed to make an appearance in a Tesshi-e game, I think there would be rioting in the streets. I am actually sorely hurt that Mr. Hippo isn't here. Tesshi-e games are indeed challenging, but the same? No No. My line of thinking is often different than Tesshi-e's but that too makes them amazing fun. That bird and hippo make regular appearances is one the the things we have come to love and expect in the best of Tesshi-e games.

nerdypants April 9, 2016 10:11 AM

I am very stuck.

I have a bag with one piece of wire in it, lumber, crowbar (used), drill (used), screwdriver, ladder (used), hammer (used), pliers (used), magnet on string (used), and hexagonal key (used).

I think I'm in need of something to unscrew, though I can't for the life of me find it.

Can anyone help?

Coffeeteamix April 9, 2016 11:16 AM replied to nerdypants


you're missing a view

of the shelf

on the right

MmeTurbulence April 9, 2016 12:29 PM

Text walkthrough!

I've tried to be super conservative and given loads of layers of spoiler text with increasingly explicit hints before just laying out the answer outright.

General Hints

  • Make sure to examine items you picked up in your inventory. Double click to examine. Single click to activate items to use in the scene.

  • Look closely for areas you can zoom in on in the scenes. Often there is helpful flavortext when you click on interesting items.

  • To combine inventory items, double click on one item. Click once on the item you want to use and then click on the open inventory item.

  • In this walkthrough I've bolded items you can pick up.

Looking Around

Double door scene

Left wagon wheel

  • You can click on the words on the wall. Note the arrow pointing down along the list of words.

  • There is a smaller arrow close to floor. If you zoom in you'll see metal glinting but you can't do anything with it yet.

  • The wagon wheel has a U pointing up, and a missing spoke eight spaces counter clockwise from the U.

  • There is a piece of string hanging from the wheel. Pick it up.

Double door

There is a padlock here. You can't open it yet

Right wagon wheel

  • The wagon wheel has a U pointing right and a spoke missing two spaces clockwise from the top.

  • The bench has a dot with the word Start.

  • On the floor in front of the bench is a different-colored tile.

  • There is a stack of five oil cans with a plus sign on them. Click on the top right one to zoom in, and click again to turn it around. Take the magnet

Right Window Scene
This is the scene with a window and the stack of oil cans. Zoom in on the window

  • There is a glass jar with something inside, but you can't reach your hand in

  • There are markings on the floor where you can put something, and a rock with a funky marking that looks like the letter I over the letter H.

  • There is another wagon wheel, with a U pointing left and a missing spoke four spaces counter clockwise from the U.

  • There is a handle bar attached to supports on the ground. There is a panel with three buttons and a missing space, and some lines that start with a dot.

  • There is a cement block with an eight-pointed star.

  • You can look up. There's a Mr Birdy up there but you can't reach it.

Shelf scene

Things you can see after you zoom in on the shelf

  • There is something on the top left shelf but it is too high for you to reach it right now

  • There is a box on the left middle shelf that requires a three number code.

  • There is a box on the left lower shelf that is nailed shut. Would be awfully useful to have a crowbar, wouldn't it?

  • There are markings on the floor where you can place something.

  • There's a glass case that says Mr Birdy and has two empty holders. It requires a key.

  • There are two more of those cement blocks with eight pointed stars

  • On the right side of the shelf is a long chain, screwed to the wall. Guess we'll need to find the ubiquitous Tesshi-E screwdriver.

  • On the floor to the right of the shelf is a metal canister you can pick up.

  • Also another rock with the weird H-I symbol

Other things in this scene

  • The wagon wheel in this scene has a U pointing down, and a missing spoke six spaces clockwise from the U

  • There is a raised brick platform with a cover of some sort. There are two holes in the side of the cover. You could maybe lift it if you had a handle

Motorcycle Scene

  • There is a door that is locked.

  • There is a motorcycle. You can zoom in on the cargo compartment, which is locked, and on the ignition, but you probably need a key before you do anything there either

  • There is another of those cement blocks with an eight pointed star.

Where to find various useful items
Under the first level of spoiler text is just the location. There is a second layer of spoiler text covering up the exact hows and whys of getting the item.


From the double door scene, zoom in on the left wagon wheel, then zoom in on the tiny arrow near the floor.

Combine the magnet and string. Use the magnet and string to get the crowbar

Missing Button

In the box in the lower left of the shelf scene.

Use the crowbar to open the box


On the floor on the right-hand window scene.

Use the missing button on the panel in front of the handle. Starting at the top right, follow the order of the left hand symbol, then start again at the bottom right and follow the right hand symbol. Top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right, bottom right, bottom left, top left.


Under the cover of the raised brick platform.

Use the handle on the cover, then zoom out. Now you can open the lid. Zoom in on the hole. The ladder is on the left.


On the top left shelf you can't reach without help.

You'll need the ladder to get up.


On the top left shelf you can't reach without help.

You'll need the ladder to get up.


Under the different-colored tile, on the floor below the bench.

Hit the tile with the hammer to collect it.


In the box with the three number code on the shelf. Full details under puzzle solutions.


On the top left shelf you can't reach without help.

You'll need the ladder to get up and the pliers to cut the wire.

Hexagonal Key

On the top left shelf you can't reach without help.

You'll need the ladder to get up and the pliers to cut the wire.


On the inside of the closet door, on the motorcycle screen.

Use the hexagonal key to get inside the closet.


On the right side of the shelf.

Use the screwdriver to get it.

Diamond Key

In the glass jar, with the item you can't reach by hand.

You'll need to fill the jar with water to float the ball to the top. See the puzzle solution for what to do with that weird metal canister thing for full details on how to do this.

Motorcycle Key

In the water inside the raised brick area (to the right of the shelves)

See the puzzle solution for what to do with that weird metal canister thing for full details on how to do this.

Box of Nails

In the compartment on the back of the motorcycle. You need the motorcycle key. When you zoom out the key will return to your inventory.

The Board

Inside the safe inside the closet. See the puzzle solution for the closet for full details.


Okay I cheated. You don't find this. You assemble it.

Get the wood, nails, board, and hammer. The game will automatically put the wood, nails, and board in one inventory item for you. (Examine the green box of nails and click on it a few times open it and remove the nails.) Use the hammer on the assembled items to make the table.

Mr Birdy 1

Inside the safe inside the closet. See the puzzle solution for the closet for full details.

Mr Birdy 2

Over the window, in the right hand window scene.

You'll need a table and the ladder for this one. Place the table on the floor on the markings, then put the ladder on the table.

Round Key

From Mr Birdy's Case

You'll need the diamond key, two Mr Birdy, and the solution to the Mr Birdy Case puzzle

Puzzle solutions

The four button panel

Remember the dot and the word "Start" on the bench?

There are some symbols here with dots. You'll need both of them.

Top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right, bottom right, bottom left, top left.

The three-number box

Do you have the ladder yet? If not, go get the ladder first.

On the underside of the lid to the brick platform are some symbols. Do they look familiar?

No really, you need the ladder, not just the information on the cover to where the ladder is stored.

Place the ladder in front of the shelves. Zoom in on the shelf you can't reach. Take the wood and hammer. There's two more of those rocks with the weird I-H symbol, and another cement block with a star. There's also a wire and hexagonal key but you can't get them yet. Zoom out and take the ladder back.

Count up the number of rocks with the H-I symbol, cans with plusses, and cement blocks with stars you've seen and enter them on the box.

From top to bottom left to bottom right: 5 - 4 - 5.

What to do with that weird metal canister thing.

Your metal canister might hold water, but you don't want to dip it into the well by hand. You don't know how clean that water is!

You'll have to attach something long to it that you lower it down by.

Actually something flexible enough to lower it down might not attach directly to it. You might need to attach a thing that you can attach a thing to.(Next spoiler text has full solution!)

Use the drill, wire, and chain on it in that order. Lower the canister into the water inside the raised brick area on the shelf screen. When you pull it up you can collect a ball with a red key. You can also use the water on the glass jar under the window, to collect the diamond key

The Closet

Awfully dark in here. We'll need to find a light before we can start solving the puzzle.

Hmm, the motorcyle has a headlamp. Wonder if it works?

Zoom in on the motorcyle handlebars and use the motorcycle key on the ignition. Don't worry, you can get it back later! Click on the key to turn on the lights, and back out without taking the key back into your inventory.

There's a safe in here with a dial and some arrows pointing clockwise and counterclockwise. Where have we seen things that are round and things with clockwise and counter clockwise directions?

The markings under the bench (use the hammer on the different-colored tile on the floor to see them) and the wagon wheels are our cluess for this puzzle.

Take the wagon wheels in order based on the direction their U faces. Turn the safe dial to the position of the missing spoke on each wheel.

6 clicks clockwise, 10 clicks counter clockwise, 6 clicks clockwise, 10 clicks counter clockwise.

Opening Mr Birdy's Case

Well, we'll need to unlock it first, won't we?

Use the diamond key to unlock it.

What?! I found the key! What do you mean I need a code?!

Hmm, the letter M. Where have I seen any letters at all in this room?

The key is the column of words, to the left of the double door.

The arrow next to the words is important.

Find the position of the letter M in each word. Click the buttons in that order.

Counting from the left, buttons 2, 3, 1, 4, 3, 1 in that order.

Exiting the Room

Acquire the round key and use it on the padlock on the double doors.

Exiting the Room - Happy Coin Ending

Hmm. We've opened the padlock with the round key, and the padlock went into our inventory. Wonder what we can do with it?

The padlock was attached to a chain. Wonder if there's something similar I can attach it to?

Attach the padlock to the chain that is attached to your metal canister.

I think I saw a hook or something like it inside the well. . . (Full solution under next spoiler tag.)

Zoom in on the well, and zoom in on the right side. Attach the canister/chain/padlock assemblage to the bracket. You can now zoom in on the bucket and take the coin.

nerdypants April 10, 2016 4:05 PM

Thanks so much, Coffeeteamix! That's exactly what I was missing.

chapel204 April 11, 2016 4:16 PM replied to KayC

Bless you KayC, once I read

To use the pipe handle

I was off and running, I can't believe I didn't see the connection before.


Sunuvu.... I had the combination right, but it'll continue to turn if you click the twister thinking that'll open it. I didn't touch the handle until the 4th time trying.



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