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Thy Dungeonman 3: Behold Thy Graphics!

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Rating: 4.6/5 (42 votes)
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JohnBThy Dungeonman 3: Behold Thy Graphics! is a parody of the old 5¼-inch floppy text and graphic adventure games. Made by Videlectrix, Homestar Runner's fictional software design company, Dungeonman 3 sports "state-of-the-art amber monochrome visuals" (circa 1980), real-time simulated medieval English text, a parser that talks back to you, and enough mocked adventure game cliches to fill your beer stein twice full.

Thydungeonman3.pngYou start at the most noblest of places: a dungeon cell. After escaping certain doom, you find the very FLASK you have been questing for. But as the fates would have it, as soon as you reach for the vial the dungeon collapses and transports you to a strange crossroads in a meadow. In your never-ending quest for the FLASK you must gather clues, steal from monks, seduce an old hag, enter the street that doesn't have a FLYER on the GROUND, and put up with CAPITALIZED WORDS. Thy life is torturous. But hey... behold those graphics!

Like most Videlectrix games (see Peasant's Quest), Dungeonman 3 is short but very well-written. It never takes itself seriously and pokes fun at common adventure game conventions at every turn (Westerberg is in the east?! Forsooth!). It's done in the style of old monochrome computer games, complete with simulated load delays and the sound of the disc drive reading the media. Awww... Videlectrix, you make me weep with nostalgia!

It's not the puzzles, the ending or even the game itself that makes Dungeonman 3 worthwhile, it's the parody at every parser input. Get more information and some trivia at the wiki, plus a turn-by-turn walkthrough as well.

What wouldst thy deau if thee were trapped in a dungeon most despairingly dark? If thou art feeling worthy of partaking in an adventure most noble, take ye courage and ye shall partake in Dungeonman 3. Ye. Playeth.


Does the parody make the game amusing, or does the parody make it even more hackneyed as a never-ending example of cliches? The problem with parody is that it often veers very closely to being a sarcastic, or even worse, monotonically ironic rehash of the past.

The pictures are great, though.


I just finished the game. The game wasn't hard but it did make you ponder sometimes. Some of the jokes weren't that funny and the graphics..sucked. Other then that great game keep them coming Jay :).

benetnash April 27, 2006 6:31 PM

Beef...have you ever visited homestarrunner.com? You gotta understand the humor. They're all about cliches and tongue-in-cheek inside jokes; nobody who visits and appreciates H*R would analyze the humor and what the parody means. Check out the site; it's just stupid humor that nobody takes seriously and this game fits in perfectly.

Naymlis...the graphics are supposed to suck. It's a homage/allusion to the early adventure games. And like I was telling Beef...it's all based on the site's humor; a lot of inside jokes and character sayings.

UnknownGuy April 27, 2006 8:49 PM

Do I have to do anything other than

"You take ye flask"




need help.

What do you do with the ketchup and what do you do with the full stein?

Mordecai April 28, 2006 2:02 AM


I believe you use the ketchup for the hag in the woods. I think it was "Use ketchup on self" or similar to dump it on you to make it look like you had died. And the stein was just used to get Kigalonian's name from the bartender. I love that name :)

Hope that helps...


The game was very easy, but I liked it.

The character pictures just cracked me up.


Your argument, benetnash, reads as: "If you like this humour, then you'll like it". But what if you don't?


Then, uh... you won't like it. I think he was just pointing out that it's not really supposed to be a deep commentary on the nature of text games, but just plain silly like the rest of homestarrunner. :)

benetnash April 28, 2006 2:27 PM

easy....don't play it

benetnash April 28, 2006 2:28 PM

yeah...thanks em!


Just like in the old days of my dad's 8086! I love it.


Beef, I think the guy's point was that calling this game a "parody" is a bit like calling Looney Toons a searing social commentary, and calling it "hackneyed" or "cliche" is like criticising South Park for its animation.


very good comparisons justdig


this may sound stupid since you all found it so easy, but I am stuck. I cut my ropes with the spikey claws, but now am clueless. Can anyone help?

stitch42 June 4, 2006 11:00 PM


Type get bone, and then type Use bone.

And don't feel silly about asking, there are plenty of games that seem easy to everyone else but not to me :)

the_hoodie July 13, 2006 5:24 PM

Whenever I talk to Kigalonian, it freezes, and I can't type anything! Is this supposed to happen?


OK um....I got pretty far:

I got the stein from the monk,
used the stein in the pub to get Kigalonian's name and description,
talked to Kigalonian and got the map,
went to the sub shoppe and got the ketchup,
talked to the hag and got the glove,
got the gold out from the log,
bought corn with the gold,
went back by the bird and used to corn (although it says I ate it myself)
and keep getting only so far as a 'bribery is the sincerest form of flattery' message with the bird, but cannot figure out what to do. Please, help?

the_hoodie, no it's not supposed to freeze. Since you posted that two weeks ago, I imagine you've figured that out and it does you no good. Hopefully there will be more prompt response to my question. ha.


...and of course, just like always, I figured out what to do almost immediately after posting.

Do you wanna know?

Do ya do ya?

Are you suuuuuure?

No turning back, and I pretty much gave you the whole game up to this point...

type something stupid like "give corn to bird" or a similar type. If you phrase it right, eventually you'll feed the bird. If you can't figure out

to take him to the troll and give the bird to the troll, you're out of luck. Oh wait...guess I told you that part too.

When the time comes, don't forget your glove!


KILL THE BIRD !!!!!! ..... oh overpowered...... by a ugly bird ...... WELL THEN STEAL THE CORN..... stupid dungeon man cant even do that with out getting arested. im starting to rleise why this guy is called dungeon man lol


Wanna see how far I got?


The thing is,...



















Tell me all about the Annoying Whiner Bird From Thy Dungeonman 3 for me please? Tell Me all about it from birth as a hatchling to his later years? Tell me what the annoying whiner bird look like in the game and in real life? Please?


Hey, The_Hoodie, you just have to type in a number.

Timothy Robert McKenzie March 14, 2007 7:43 PM

I LOVE THE ANNOYING WHINER BIRD! Describe your encounter with the Annoying Whiner Bird and tell me what the bird might look like in the video game, Thy Dungeonman 3 and in real life. OK?


I hope that HomestarRunner is capturing commonly entered yet not-so-obvious commands to make the game more funny.

hwarhwar April 14, 2007 9:36 PM

I feel double stupid asking, but when you're answering the hag's questions, she asks what she'd been given for her birthday

none of the answers seem to work

is there another answer?


To the person above:

The old hag has a SCRAPBOOK with her. (I think. I can't really remember this too well since I beat it a while ago.) If you can somehow LOOK at the SCRAPBOOK, it contains all the answers to the questions she asks you. Some of the answers require you to pay attention to those pictures in there. Stay sharp!

I hope that helps.

hwarhwar April 20, 2007 8:59 PM

Oh, I know

But when I answer her with N64 Paddle she just becomes angry
And any other comprehensible version of that answer doesn't work



I THINK THAT YOU SHOULD PLAY THE GAME. it is entirely pointless, you gain nearly nothing from it, and that is why you should play it.


thou has some corn, a stien, and years of emotional baggage. lol

ipawnyou July 18, 2007 9:43 PM

YEAH h.r is all about inside jokes and humor you have to watch the stuff there to get it.


I stink. I broke the ropes, but am stuck in the dungeon


use the bone


i cant get the hag to

give me the glove

the answers wont work 4 me... she hates me


Just for the record, that game was awesome. Clever, humorous, exciting even. But for those that wonder what was given to the hag as a present I will tell you. For I was stuck there forever and finally figured it out myself.

Type "frog" not toad


Note: The things that appear in her scrapbook are randomized every time. So you may not have the same answers as other people.


My head asplode playing that game


The answers for the Hag are
Blood Area


The answers for the hag change every game

you need to find them in the book


i just played this game, and thought it was the funniest thing i have done all day. i especially liked how the narrator spoke, and how he reacted when you wanted to do something impossible (like go east when there is no path leading that way). in my opinion, it was short but extremely funny.


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