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JayTicketTicket is a brand new game from the talented room escape designers at Gotmail. Like so many of their games to come before, this one features the same highly detailed, gorgeous pre-rendered scenes and the same point-and-clickery puzzles one would expect to find in a game of this nature. The only downside? There is no English version, so that will surely turn off a few. We can only hope an English translation will appear for it someday soon. If you're a room escape fantatic, though, you won't want to wait to dig your nails into this new Gotmail release.

Grab your mouse, it's time to

Play Ticket


stuck on it
so far got:

red container from under the table,
flash light from behind the alarm clock in closet,
got wash bottle, put water in it from the carnivore plant, and washed the gardening shovel from behind the plant on top of the book shelf. used shovel to get the screw driver handel from flower pot in closet.

Anonymous October 3, 2008 12:15 PM

Open the flashlight, make the screwdriver, open the desk, get batteries from clock, charge cell phone (all in japanese)

stuck here

[Edit: If you want your comments to show up immediately, please create a Casual Gameplay account. Sometimes it can take a while to approve comments throughout the day. Thanks! -Jay]


use the shovel on the pot in the cabinet, get screwdriver handle, open the flashlight, get metal part, join metal part and handle to get a screwdriver, zoom on the green clock on the wall beside the cabinet, look behind it, unscrew the compartment, get the batteries, put the batteries inside the red thing... and what now?


I'm stuck too -- I'm exactly where you are. WHERE IS

the metal part of the screwdriver?



Once you've found the flashlight:

Opening it will give you the rest of the screwdriver.

That will let you:

open the desk drawer and get the batteries out of the clock on the wall.


seems like being able to read the japanese on the phone screen might be necessary in order to continue.


The other bit of the screwdriver is inside the flashlight - click on the bottom of it to open it. You can use this to get batteries from inside the clock and a mobile phone in the top drawer in the desk. I've put the batteries in the red thing and the red thing in the phone. But now I'm stuck :(

edit: Too slow. But I typed all this out so I'm posting it anyway : )


anyone have any ideas what to do once you

remove the light bulb from the lamp?


Oh wait -

that charges the phone! But I don't read japanese....


I'm out! Got the ticket :D

use your phone on all the stars in the room, gives the code to the safe, use phone on safe


Now that I've got

the phone charged... does anybody read Japanese?

potatoface October 3, 2008 12:33 PM

anyone figured out what's up with the stars?

3 stars on the tiger painting. 3 stars in the underwater painting. and 4 stars on the floor beneath the books between the file cabinet and bookshelf

found with the working flashlight




First Collection

  • Move the chair, collect the red item

  • Turn right

  • Look under the couch, collect the spray item

  • Open the left closet.

  • Click the clock and collect the flashlight

  • Double click the flashlight, open it and collect the screwdriver head (cross)

Use some stuff

  • Head to the pitcher plant

  • Use the spray item in the leaves (collect liquid)

  • Move to the bookshelves and the top left plant

  • Use the spray on the brown item and collect the shovel

  • Move to the left closet, use the shovel in the soil, collect the screwdriver handle

  • Double click the handle and insert the screwdriver head.

Use more stuff

  • Move to the large green clock, next to the closet

  • Click it a few times until you see the back and screwdriver holes

  • Use the screwdriver and take the batteries

  • Move back to the desk and use the screwdriver to open the top drawer, collect the phone

  • Remember the first red object? That's a cell charger. Double click it and put the batteries in.

  • Double click the phone, click the charger, then click the phone. If the phone opens, close it and try again.

  • Once connected, remove the charger and then the batteries

  • Check the phone, you have a message!

  • It says you need to find 12 stars

Find some more stuff!

  • Look at the 2 paintings, 3 stars each

  • Look at the bookshelf and the dresser next to it. There are some books you can focus on and open, that's 2 more stars

  • Double click the flashlight, insert the batteries then turn it on.

  • Use the flashlight where the books used to be, that's 4 more stars, 12 total.

  • Use the phone, click the screen and send the message. You'll get an answer

  • Move to the left closet, look at the safe

  • Use the cell phone on the lock and collect the pliers

Nearing the end

  • Look at the desk, then the lamp to the left

  • Open the lamp, use the pliers to collect the next screwdriver head (flat)

  • Assemble the screwdriver

  • Use the screwdriver to open the right closet (remove top & bottom panels)

  • Use the pliers on the container

  • Collect the note and the key

  • Use the key on the door you came in

  • Open the door and get the key on the handle

  • Use the key on the dresser that is locked and collect the metal pig

  • Double click the pig, use the screwdriver to open and collect the ticket

  • Head to the door and you're out!


What's up with the 3-stars motif?

If you move the red & green books at the bottom of the bookcase and shine the flashlight where they used to be, you see 3 stars in the floor.


There are 3 starfish in the fish painting.


There are 3 stars in the tigers painting, with a fourth hiding in the nebula-thing above them.

But none of this seems to be helping at the moment. :-(

Anonymous October 3, 2008 12:37 PM

Found Star

behind coloured books with torch


I so want to see in the trash can next to the desk... but can't get over there. Ditto all of those shelves. And if I were really stuck in the room, I'd bash right through that flimsy-looking right-hand closet door. Grr!

Stuck where eveveryone else is, with probably a hint about the stars on the floor behind the books, but in Japanese. Poo.



i can't read japanese either, but if you count the number of stars


you can go back into the phone and send a message and they will reply with a code


i don't know where to enter the code though


Seeing Stars?

use the Flashlight where the books once were! count 5 on floor.


1 star in the phone too.


I finished it and made a Walkthrough!

click desk
move chair
get charger
go right
get bottle from under armchair
open left closet
get flashlight from behind blue clock
unscrew flashlight
get the philips head screwdriver
go to the pitcher plant
use bottle on water
use bottle on top left plant on bookshelf
take trowel
use trowel on pot in closet
get handle
use screwdriver on handle
use screwdriver on green clock
get batteries
put batteries in charger
use screwdriver on top desk drawer
get phone
charge phone
take charger off phone
put batteries in flashlight
turn on flashlight
go to bookcase
remove red and green books
use flashlight in space
use phone on all the stars in the room
3 on tigers
3 on ocean
1 in dark space
random # in between red/green books
keep pressing phone buttons until you get the safe code
use phone on safe in closet
80020731 for me
get pliers
pull up lamp by desk
use pliers
get flathead screwdriver
use flathead on handle
use screwdriver on right closet locks
use pliers on chest lock
get paper
get key
use key in door by the tigers
get new key
use key on desk drawer
get bank
use screwdriver on bank
get ticket
leave the room!


I also found

3 stars in between the red and blue books, with a link that takes you to a Japanese book on amazon.co.jp (the link opens in a new window/tab)


what to do with stars:

if you count the number of stars all over the place


you can go to the phone and send a message and it will return a number


but i don't know where to enter the code.


I see one star where the books used to be. I see two stars if you click on the red and green books once or twice. I also found the stars in the lion painting. I was wondering if the number of stars would become a code.

Hornybearskin October 3, 2008 12:46 PM

Out at last

The stars relate to the phone

If you keep opening the phone and clicking on the screen you'll eventually get to a message with a star in it. No idea what it says but once you've got it click on every star you've discovered in the room



for the stars in the phone

It seems:

The more you find the higher the number next to the "star" in the phone goes up. (you may have to open and close the phone a couple of times to see it.. My count is at 14 so far...)


I wonder if the number of stars will become a phone number


manu japan words. ???
somthing with stars i think. hmm
i dont get it


I've gotten

15 stars, which gives an 8-digit number on the phone.

Can't find anywhere to use it tho.


I only have 9. Three from the starfish picture, three from the lions, two from the books, and one from the floor where the books were.



I got the 8 digit code on the phone now too.. no more star count..

80020731 is mine

still not sure how to use it.

Hornybearskin October 3, 2008 12:56 PM

Ellis, for the number

I'm not sure why it worked, but selecting the phone once you have the number and clicking on the safe in the cupboard opens it

It's plain sailing from there on in


After I got the number on the phone (80020731) I clicked on the safe in the closet and got a cutters/pliers


once you've got the number

use cell phone on safe in closet


Then you can use the pliers in the




Once you click on all the stars (I think it changes for each game, I had to find 11) you get that text message that has the number on it. Then you click on the safe in the cupboard, click on the phone and click on the safe (on the keypad) again and it should open


then use the new screwdriver to open the

other closet door where you can use the pliers to get a note and a key


Yeah! Thanks for the collab effort! Got out too!

got the premium ticket also w00t


Out! Thanks Hornybearskin. Figured one should open the other, but it didn't occur to me to use it in that particular way.


This game started out so well - almost on a par with the really excellent games like Vision - but then it totally and absolutely shot itself in the foot: why on EARTH should clicking on a couple of books cause my computer to open a friggin' website??? (And to make it worse, as far as I can tell you have to click on the books so you can see between them.)

Gah, such wasted potential.

Another issue I have is

the screws on the desk drawer are clearly standard heads, i.e. they should take a slotted screwdriver, not the Philips screwdriver you get initially. If the game is going to make the distinction between screwdriver types, it ought to get the screws correct. (The only screws in the game that look like Philips heads are the ones on the clock. I thought initially that the white closet had Philips head screws, but if you angle your screen just right, you can see that they're slotted.)


I found it a bit disapointing. Probably it had to do with the language-problem. But the fact that that website opened for about a hundred times (because I tought I was missing a star, I kept clicking on it), really enoyed me. The graphics are nice though.

Littleghost October 3, 2008 1:57 PM

Weird question. I've been playing these games awhile, and I've never really found out too much about gotmail that was available in english. Does their name apply to anything they do, or is it just the phenomenon of Japanese using random english words like fashion magazines named "kettle"?


I never got a number on my phone. I just tried it on the safe, however, and it worked. Weird.


Hey Jay, anyone posted a walkthrough yet? If not, how can I do so?


Here is my first walkthrough - sorry it's really long.
Read this only if you do not want to discover all the secrets yourself!

click foward x 4 after the load to "enter" the room

click on chair two times to move it

grab the red phone charger from under desk

Click Back

Click right

Click under chair

Grab Water Sprayer

Click Back

Right two times

Click on the plant with orange hanging flowers.

select the water sprayer and click in flowers to fill with water.

Click back two times

Click Right

Click on plant on upper left most side of bookshelf

You should still have sprayer selected, spray dirty handle of the shovel

Collect the shovel

Click back

Click Left

Open Left closet

Click on pot and use shovel to dig

Collect handle

Click back

Click Little Blue clock on upper left most shelf two times to move it.

Click black line behind clock (this is a flashlight)

Collect flashlight and view the flashlight then click on the back of it

This opens flashlight and exposes the steel rod

Click steel rod and collect phillips screwdriver end.

look at handle then use the screwdriver end with the handle (you have to click the hole)

Back out of the closet.

Click the big green clock on the wall two times to filp it

Use the screwdriver on the panel in back of clock

Collect batteries.

Click back 3 times

Click Left once

Click on the metal plates on Right desk side two times to zoom in

Use screwdriver on the metal plates

Open top drawer to collect red phone.

View the red phone charger in inventory, click its middle

use batteries on the phone charger now that it is split open.

View the red phone in inventory

Use the phone charger on the phone

remove phone charger from phone and remove batteries from phone charger

View the flashlight and remove the back again.

Use batteries on the flashlight and turn it on

Open the phone.

Click the grey email at the bottom, open the message and then continue til you see a white square in the bottom Right of screen

Click little white square in email

Close phone

Half-way!!! now the stars!!

Click back, then click on the fish painting.

Click on all the sea "stars" in the painting

Click Back, then click the lamp to the left of the desk

Lift the Bowl off of the lamp, and click inside the socket

Click back, then left

click on the tiger painting

Click on all stars on tigers

Click back then Left

Click on the books between the shelfs (red and green)

use flashlight on the spot between shelf and dresser on the floor

Click on all the stars on the floor

Click on the books til they open (kill the popups)

Click on the stars in the books (kill the popups)

Open the phone and click through the menus until the number 80020731 appears

(if the number isn't there you haven't found all the stars) or you may have to open/close the phone a few times

Go back, then left.

Open the left closet and Use the phone on the safe(somehow the code opens the safe)

Collect the Pliers

Click back, then left

Open the Lamp on the left side of desk and use the pliers on the center of the socket...**ZAP**

Your Dead - ROFL

Collect the flat head screwdriver end.

Click back then right

remvove the philips screwdriver shaft from the handle, and insert the Flat head

Use the flat head screwdriver on the metal plates holding the right closet shut.

open the right closet door

Click on box in lower right, and Use pliers on latch.

Open Lid, collect paper and key.

go back 3 and right 2 times

read note, Use key on door

open the door and Collect the key on the doorknob

go back and left

Use key on topmost drawer on the dresser (you must click the keyhole)

open drawer and collect piggy bank

Look at piggy bank and use screwdriver on piggy bank

collect "Premium" ticket

Click back click right, click out the door... your done!



GotMail ROCKS!

Billy Nitro October 3, 2008 3:08 PM

The e-mail you read in the phone tells you that you have a new mission and need to find stars hidden around the room. The only places they seem to appear are the underwater scene picture, the picture of the tigers with the night backdrop, the two books to the right of the book case (click on them twice), and the space where the books were (must use flashlight to see). You also have to use the phone on each star in order for it to count. Once you have found them all, you are emailed a code to the safe, and you have to use the phone on the safe.


The language barrier in this game really hurts.


So good to hear from GotMail. I was getting worried. I love their games. The language barrier is a problem sometimes but does not stop me from playing anyway. I was confused by how many stars. It was funny my eyes just couldn't see the ones on the tiger painting. I think because my mind could only see the "real" stars in the sky behind them. :)

Good Game


There seems to be something strange. The walkthroughs say you're supposed to find

4 stars under the green and red books if you use the flashlight there. Well, I only seem to see one star there. I mean not the one star on the back of the green book, but one star on the floor.

Am I doing something wrong?

momo monkey October 3, 2008 8:41 PM

Dear bioLarzen,

It changes every game, so don't fret!

DarkOrion October 3, 2008 9:15 PM


All (Most if not All?) GotMail escape games have at least one link to an external website. Often there is some clue there to help with the game. However, as there was no translation yet . . .

I also suspect the needing to find the stars would be much more clear if I could read the language.


I've never been a fan of the GotMail games... too much pixel-hunting, and I find the graphics draw away from it all... But I'm probably the exception to the rule :P


I cannot get the handle and the screwdriver to merger. Any ideas? Or is there a trick i would not know about yet?? Thanks


Looks like the stars change slightly between games.

I had 4 between the books, 4 under the books, 4 in the tiger painting (I didn't notice the ones actually on the tigers for a while, too!), and 3 starfish. But I think the stars between the books only counted as 2 because my count only went up to 14 and those were the last ones I needed.


Iceebear -

Double click on the screwdriver handle, click on the metal screwdrivery bit of the screwdriver, then click on the end of the handle that the screwdriver bit goes into

Sorry that was a terrible explanation!


Always amuses me how they know enough English for the title, and for the rest of the game.....oh noes! I forgot how to speak English!


This has to be the easiest escape game from Gotmail, if you remove the language barrier that is.


A great game, as always. It seems much less involved and complicated than the previous Gotmail games, though. Or maybe I'm just getting better at these escape games.


Looking up a single word in another language is easy. It's called "a Japanese-English dictionary". Probably takes about ten seconds.

Translating an entire game from one language to another is NOT easy.


somewhat of a gotmail fan usually...as for this one not-so-much. Maybe it was the language barrier but it just didn't have the same feel as the others.
And yes, it seems the star count changes every game. I got five behind the books and four in them. As for the code I'm pretty sure it stays the same 8 digit code.


I can't make head nor tail of this and don't want to use the walkthrough because I would pretty much have to follow it step by step. I can normally stumble my way through games in Japanese but with this one I think I'll wait and see if an english version comes out. Hope so mind, it does look to be a good game.

houseworkisevil October 7, 2008 11:43 AM

Yes, agreed. I can't say this one did a whole lot for me. I tried to copy and paste some of the Japanese into a translator, but it wouldn't copy for me, and the whole thing just became tedious. I tried it twice and gave up.

mitomo606 October 7, 2008 2:00 PM

For those of you wondering about the Japanese:


the mail message on the phone says something along the lines of: "You've made it this far, I have a new mission for you. There are star marks hidden around the room. Count them, and if you send the correct number, I will give you a reward"

light bulb

"there is something there, but my fingers can't reach it"

wooden box

"it is being closed by a wire"

paper note

"There is a ticket for your favorite artist's premiere hidden somewhere in the room. If you find it, I will let you have it."


Help! I can't even open the spoilers! lol

[Edit: Spoilers require Javascript to be enabled in your browser. Check your browser preferences. -Jay]


Very average, milquetoast, mediocre escape game...


After reading the comments i realized that...

apparently the number of stars required each time is different...


Have they made any new gotmail games yet??


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