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To Nothing

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SonicLoverTo NothingAt first, To Nothing sounds like a misnomer for SuzumeDr's newest escape game. You start out in a somewhat sparsely furnished room with nothing in your hands except a black-and-white sports bag. You dump out the bag's contents and instantly all the slots in your inventory are full.

You navigate around the room by clicking the edges of the screen when the arrows appear, and clicking on anything worth investigating. You manage things in your inventory by clicking them to select them for use, or double-clicking to examine them more closely. The catch? As you go around and solve puzzles, every object in the room and in your inventory will... disappear, one by one. That nightstand by the bed? First thing to go. The TV on top of the minibar? Try not to grow attached to it. That pair of pliers? Its minutes are numbered, too. The cabinet by the door? Poof. The pack of chocolate candy? Hope your sweet tooth wasn't aching.

It's hard to be original in a well-established genre like the room escape, but SuzumeDr is definitely good at his trade. As with his previous works (Triangle, Lift for Life), the puzzles are well-designed (albeit a little obscure in one or two places), the graphics are clear but not distracting, the sound effects are fitting, and the theme's execution is simply perfect. The game's a little on the easy side, but there's nothing wrong with that. To Nothing is a game worth playing through for your weekday buzz. Just be careful, there's no telling what will vanish from the room next. Possibly even you!

Play To Nothing

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

An Airy Walkthrough

  • You'll start facing a computer desk and a bed. Note the bag in your inventory; examine it and open it, then dump everything out. I'll go through everything in your inventory item by item first of all.

  • A now-empty bag. A magnetic keycard. A key. A corkscrew. An odd metal card with a rectangular hole. A shoelace. A remote with a dead battery (turn it over and note that it plugs in). A 5-kilogram barbell. A pair of pliers. A rope ladder. Two thumbtacks. A bag of chocolates (open them; they're a bunch of different colors).

  • Time to start using things. Turn right and check out that nightstand by the bed. The key opens that drawer just fine. Push the button inside and the world is now one nightstand poorer. Well, now you can access that panel on the side of the bed.

  • That panel's buttons look a lot like the chocolates, don't they? Try one and note what color it turns, then look for all the chocolates of the same color. There should be six, one in each row. Once they're all set, hit OK.

  • Hope you didn't want to take a nap. Oh, before I forget, use the thumbtacks on that poster to keep it in full view. The Ska-letons, eh? I wonder what their music is like. Well, never mind that for now. Look at that corner where the bed was.

  • An outlet! Plug the remote into it, then zoom out and back in again; it charged in record time. Grab it and back away, then turn right again to see the door.

  • The door won't open (typical). There's also a cabinet with three doors: a 5 in the top door, a G in the bottom door... and the middle door wants a three-digit code. Darn. Turn right one more time.

  • A TV. Use the remote to turn it on... uh... looks like we turned it off instead. Or... turned it... gone? You know what, forget it. There's something behind it, but we can't make sense of it yet. You can try the magnetic keycard on the wine cabinet, but it won't work.

  • Look at the computer desk. Open the laptop; it wants a card. The magnetic keycard will do. Snap it in and you'll unlock the drawers. Then look at the laptop again; it wants an ID and a PAsS now. Weird.

  • The drawers. The top one has half a word and a hole. The middle one has a note. The bottom one has half a word... wait! Open the top and bottom drawers and read the "ID" word in full. Write it down.

  • As for the note, it's a hint for that thing behind the TV... and the code for the cabinet. Go back to that thing and press the button a bunch of times. It loops after six presses.

  • If you watch the spinning thing carefully, you'll notice that it rotates upwards. Sketch it out; the green lines should resemble digits, and each of the three sun/moon/star symbols should correspond with an area where no green lines are present.

  • Pick a symbol, find the area where there's no green lines, and start reading downwards. Figure out the three digits (it's easier than it looks) and transfer them to the cabinet by the door. It opens... revealing a K and a dark area?

  • Wait. The other doors had a 5 and a G. 5-K-G? We've seen that before, on the barbell! Stick that puppy in front of the K and it'll sink down. Now go assess the damage in the bottom cabinet.

  • Another PUSH button! Press it like you're Phoenix Wright and it's a stubborn witness, and the cabinet goes away. It reveals a few things. On the wall on the left is a handle and a locked hatch; to the right is a light switch.

  • The locked hatch is, well, locked. The handle pulls out the section of wall, but it slips right back. So let's try the light switch. Look around in the dark... hey, that poster looks different!

  • You may also notice that the metal card with the hole is glowing. Hold it up to the poster (don't examine it, use it); line it up with the glowing blue area and note the letters "P-A-s-S" correspond to.

  • Turn the lights back on and go back to the laptop; you've got the ID and PAsS now, so put them in. Mind that it's case sensitive. Once you're done, it'll want a card again; the one you used last time will do.

  • It did something... and then the desk disappeared. It didn't reveal anything, though... maybe it altered the card? Try it on the wine cabinet again... success! It opened the cabinet this time!

  • Use the corkscrew to open the wine... what? Who puts a key in a cork? Well, go try that key on the hatch on the wall section. It opened... nothing besides an odd knob. Weird.

  • Hey, I just had an idea! If we could hook something between this knob and the door handle, we could stop the wall section from sliding back after we pull it out! But the shoelace is too small and the rope ladder has too much utility to waste...

  • How about the bag all our junk came in? Hang it on the hook, then pull the wall section out again. It'll stay; step back and admire your handiwork. There's gotta be something behind there; look behind it (click high).

  • SCHxD? What the devil does that mean? Well, I know those letters; they're the four card suits (Spade-Club-Heart-x-Diamond). But we haven't seen any card suits anywhere... what haven't we checked yet?

  • Check the corners of the room's carpet. You can peel each corner up to reveal a suit and a number. Put them all together in the equation; they're a three-digit number times a one-digit number.

  • Do the math and input the result. The wall section vanishes, taking the bag with it... I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little paranoid now. Hit the PUSH button that's revealed to get rid of the door, then see what's behind it.

  • A clamp and a drawer. Let's make something out of that clamp. Stick the metal card in it, then bend it with the pliers to make... some sort of hook. It'll be useful later, but for now take a look at the drawer's contents.

  • What a mess! Looks like pages from a flipbook. Use the shoelace to clean it all up in a flash. Now, take a look at the flipbook's animation... looks like a sequence for those three buttons on the wine cabinet.

  • Try that sequence... it works! And the button inside makes the cabinet fade away, revealing yet another button that steals away the carpet. I think this is a means to an end...

  • Whoa, where did that hole in the floor come from? Look down there... your rope ladder would probably be handy for getting down there, but there's nothing to hang it on and that loop is too small.

  • How about the hook you made out of that metal card? Snap it in place and hang the rope ladder on it. Congratulations, you've emptied your inventory! Now go down there and see what's up with that panel.

  • A skull and an arrow, plus four switches. Huh. Well, what is there left to toy with in the room? How about the light switch? Turn it off. There are four switch positions marked on the floor.

  • Like the arrow indicated, start facing directly away from the Ska-letons poster, then read clockwise from there. Once the switches are set, slap the ENTER button. Hm... what disappeared this time?

  • Go back up and HOLY #@&*$ THE WHOLE ROOM IS GONE! Take a look around. Take the oars from the tree and the compass and map from the rock, then use the oars on the boat.

  • Escape complete! Oh, and look on the back of that map for an incomprehensible message from the developers.


ThemePark February 7, 2012 3:47 PM

I'm rather stuck in this game items #4, 11 and 12. I have a good idea of how to use most of the items but I'm missing a step for each of them.

Here's my thoughts on how to use each of the items. Only read the spoilers if you've completed the game and can help me.

Key card:

The wine cupboard won't accept the card. Since I have used it on the laptop, I think I'm supposed to cut off the magnet stripe and put it onto the white card with the hole in the middle. But the pliers can't be used to do that.

Paper code:

Seeing as it says OK on the bottom of the paper, and also on the middle cabinet, I'm thinking it's the password for that cabinet. I've tried the number of letters in the names, in the colours, and the number of points. None of them work.

It could also be the password for the laptop, the user name for which I already have. I noticed that the password has a small S, and that the poster mentions third single, which could possibly be related.

I also thought of trying the same system on the cabinet next to the wine, but with no result.

Now, I don't need to know if I'm right about my hunches, all I need is the tiniest of nudges so I can carry on my merry way by myself for now. Could someone poke me? :D

ThemePark February 7, 2012 3:50 PM

Umm, that was supposed to say that I have used items #4, 11 and 12.

ThemePark February 7, 2012 4:06 PM

SonicLover, thanks. Yeah, I meant #3 of course. And I knew I had to do that but I had clicked all over the remote, and I thought I was supposed to get another item for doing that.



I've got the bed and TV to disappear, but I'm confused by how to get the red sun - moon - yellow sun code. I keep on turning the thing on the wall where the TV once was, but I don't know which green lines are supposed to correspond with one another. I can't really go down from each symbol and the green lines are everywhere.


Jade what do the green lines remind you of.

Check the cabinet

ThemePark February 7, 2012 4:26 PM

Stuck again :(

I got the wall moving now, and I see what looks like a handle at the bottom. Surely I'm supposed to tie it to something so it doesn't roll back. But whenever I select an object and click the handle, it just rolls then rolls back

ThemePark February 7, 2012 4:30 PM

Okay, I found out how to continue with something else, so I'm not stuck at the moment.

As for the laptop, username and password must be entered in uppercase.

ThemePark February 7, 2012 4:47 PM

SonicLover, thanks but now I'm REALLY stuck.

I unlocked the knob on the wall, and I should be able to tie either the ladder or the skipping rope to the knob and/or the handle, but instead the knob panel just opens and closes, and the wall moves as I mentioned before. I can't see anything else to do either.

ThemePark February 7, 2012 4:53 PM

Okay, POP. Turns out it was neither of those two objects that I needed to use. That was...unusual.

ThemePark February 7, 2012 5:01 PM

He, thanks SonicLover but as you see I had another POP moment at the same time you posted.

But I do need help again.

I've noticed the 4 suits and the corresponding numbers at each corner of the room. But I figure that's for a bit later in the game.

So all I'm left with is the cabinet with the 3 buttons. I suspect it's related to the paper with the sun, moon and star on it and the roll on the wall, but I can't figure out how. And I only have 4 items left, which I can't seem to do anything with, including the white card which I have already used to get the laptop password so I'm surprised that it isn't gone.

I promise not to have another POP moment this time, in fact I won't continue playing until you've posted. :P



Did you look behind the wall you just managed to pull out?

Think about those suits and numbers.

ThemePark February 7, 2012 5:17 PM

Oh! Thanks luthy, I hadn't clicked up that high so I hadn't noticed it.

merchantfan February 7, 2012 5:19 PM

How exactly do the

candy bar clues



can someone give me a hint on how to get the password for the computer? I also can't use the remote on the tv - is that a low battery indicator in the top right corner of the remote?


@merchantfan use the candy bar clue on

the bed. Only the blue dots (there are three sheets of dots in the package)

merchantfan February 7, 2012 5:23 PM

Oh, OK, I got the candy bar clue.


thanks @Soniclover! I tried and tried before and

couldn't find the right hotspot to turn it over.


ARGH! I'm at the very end.

Can't for the life of me figure out the clue for the 4 switches with the skull. There's a clockwise arrow, so I'm sure that's something, and I still haven't done anything with the sun, moon, and star clue.



Oh wait, I think I got it.

Turned off the lights again on a whim. w00t!


Thanks SonicLover! I'm out, yay :)


Yeah...I used it without realizing I used it. If that makes any sense. I guess the note was just indicating that you had to read the green lines going downward to get the 3 digits?


Ha, sorry about that. POP is a real thing, I guess.


Can anyone help me with the ID for the computer. Have the pass but getting very frustrated with the username!


Here, SonicLover, you can give me a clue about the

Sun/Moon/Star thing, because I'm fairly certain the POP won't help me this time. I've drawn out the lines, entered every possible permutation I can think of based on those lines on the cabinet by the door, but I'm obviously doing something wrong because none of my efforts have worked. What the heck is the dang number?

merchantfan February 7, 2012 6:01 PM

And now I'm stuck after

making the bed disappear



Now that was fun, especially laughed when I thought I was

out and wasn't and then was and then

wasn't and finally finished


I don't know whether to cry or throw my PC out of the window!!!...

My ID was

SELECTER....so when i opened the drawers it read as ID SELECTER...i assumed it had something to do with the middle drawer's clue for the rolling numbers thing

Thanks sonic, you made me go back and look at the right place for the clue!


Thanks, SonicLover! That helped!


What a great game! Thanks again @Soniclover for all the help. Now I've got some rowing to do...

paradox28 February 7, 2012 7:03 PM

I think I'm stuck near the end. The items I still have left are

card with slot in the middle, ladder, and pliers.

I've also opened up the

door in the floor. I keep trying to use the ladder to get down there but nothing is working. I've tried to use the pliers on the ladder but this doesn't work. I've noted that when I turn off the lights, the trap door glows in the dark and different parts of it have a square inside it when I rotate in the room. Does this correspond with the vice thing in the secret room? I'm stuck!

merchantfan February 7, 2012 7:08 PM


you have to click the top of the remote to get it to turn over. I kept clicking the side and below it and it wasn't doing anything.

paradox28 February 7, 2012 7:12 PM


Thanks! I cannot believe I didn't try that item on that thing out of desperation yet. I'm so glad I finished the game.


hey @soniclover, if you're still around can you help n idiotic gamer with a question? How do i

open the wine cabinet

and also

get my password for the computer type thing-y?


merchantfan February 7, 2012 7:32 PM

OK, so the

numbers on the dial behind the wall represent S=Spades C= Clubs H= Hearts times Diamonds. However, I didn't actually notice any of those suits in the room. I saw a 5, an F, and a G. What am I missing here?

. Also, sorry SonicLover. I did read your previous posts to figure out the spinning dial.


know what? never mind. I'm gonna give up and maybe come back when I have more time.


I'm pretty stuck guys:
I managed to vanish the bed, but now I'm lost
I found the ID to the computer but no password.


Thanks SonicLover. I finally got to the part with the moving wall. Just figuring out the answer


I cannot for the life of me figure out the computer password.

I did find the light switch, and looked at the poster and the white card, but I can't seem to get the password to work. the password appears to be "KOT(space)" or "KOT_" but both of those make the computer make angry fail noises at me. :(


POP is real! And here I was a non-believer.

I kept zooming in on the white card, so it looked like the arrows were pointing to the word on the bottom of the poster, and then I realized that I could move the card around on the poster if I just selected it instead.


Alright I've found

the 4 suits and their corresponding numbers and the panel behind the wall with SCHxD written on it, but nothing I've entered in there seems to be working. I've tried (S)pade (C)lub (H)eart (D)iamond and I've tried SC(H * D) but neither of those work.

I've only got 4 items left and none of those seem to do anything either.



You've made a mistake in getting the password.

Don't double-click the silver card, just select it and (with the lights off) place the empty square over the glowing light on the poster.


@lord You're going to kick yourself for this one..

Think digits.


Out and loved it!

I found a few different ID's:

Awesome...and I suspect MADNESS is probably one as well!

The poster was a dead-on parody, as were the checks everywhere and the scooter. Wish the end music was a little skavoovier, tho.


Oh, and there probably should have been a sign pointing to a tiny item saying, "Pick it up pick it up pick it up!"


Made it out eventually, with help from here a few times. May end up making a walkthrough as well XD

Also, (for those that have beaten the game only)

Does anyone read Japanese well enough to translate the note on the back of the map at the end?



I nearly missed getting off the island, I thought that was it and just randomly clicked around

River Cat February 8, 2012 5:43 AM

Am I missing an item? Can't figure out what

to stick in the knob hole


River Cat February 8, 2012 5:49 AM

Please tell me where I can find the

tiny item


i seem to be stuck on the

bed panel. the walkthrough says to match the colors but yellow and white are the only 2 colors they turn and no combination works

anyone know what i'm doing wrong?


Did anyone else find it impossible to use the ID and password on the computer? I:

found the ID in the file drawers easily. Lights off lined up the card with the hole over the poster with the blue light right under the hole. I used the 4 letters that corresponded to PAsS that were immediately below the arrows on the card. But they didn't work as a PW on the computer (and I made them case sensitive) Tried 2 games w 2 different PWs.


I've been used to playing escape games with photo-realistic graphics, so I wasn't expecting much at the start of this game. I was pleasantly surprised.

The underlying theme is very original, and the puzzles aren't too hard or too easy, so the game works out beautifully. I especially liked the ending.


I cannot see the spinny moon stars thing. POP does not help. I ended up with two "H"s and a plus sign. Obviously NOT numbers. Now I am frustrated and hate this game and the word POP!



I was confused as well because I thought that PAaS was a hint that the password case sensitivity should follow the same pattern. I ended up putting user and pass both in the case written (in my instance: all uppercase) and, voila!



Thanks for replying but I was unable to visualize the change in movement of the lines. So I just gave up. I tried to write them down but as soon as I clicked to get the next set up lines, I lost my place and could not see where to place the next set of lines and ended up with two "H"s and a plus sign. And the only solution offered here was POP.


can someone explain the sun/moon/star puzzle again, I just can't figure it out.

someone said "look for where there are no green lines and watch that space" - but which space? on the moons there are 3 possible places with no green lines.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary February 11, 2012 8:39 AM

Love the

flip-book animation clue


Patreon VIP Chiktionary February 11, 2012 8:45 AM

For the Sun Moon Star reel, what worked for me was:

Clicking the button really quickly. First I focused on the left side of the reel and clicked through really quickly, turning the reel completely a few times until a number became apparent. I then repeated this for the middle number and then the number on the right. The numbers are shaped like the elements on digital numbers, broken up into lines.
The numbers I saw were


Hope that helps.


sorry for waiting a bit to respond. anyway i found out later what to do but now i can't figure out the

6 time loop thing. it's supposed to show numbers but i don't see it.

anyone have an idea?


For the password, make sure you _don't_ double-click on the

rectangular thingy

to view it. Once you have the

lights turned off

you can single-click on it and you'll be given the opportunity to

move it into the right position



This is a fantastically original escape game. And that's saying something after all these years of escape game crazes.

ellaellacarmona April 30, 2012 10:50 PM

I am having the same problem as everyone else seeing the digits. I thought I had the right ones and it does not work at all. Unfortunately, the walkthrough didn't help me solve it. Do the digits change for each player? Or would someone be able to tell me where I'm going wrong with my code?

I had 6 2 3, but clearly that's not it.

I'm all for challenging games, but only when the challenge is in the logic of the puzzle and not the visualization. Sometimes these games just don't work for those of us with vision problems. :(

novascottch June 25, 2012 9:18 PM

I think the link is broken. Every time I click it I'm brought to what seems to be the Japanese equivalent of Yahoo!. Am I the only one having this issue?

lycyfyrsam July 11, 2012 1:34 AM

dead link, absolutely. but it does lead to the wonderful google-translated article, "When eating bamboo fxxxing" to Mr. grandson."
rather mesmerised, i clicked the link but i still have no idea what that means.

elle July 11, 2012 3:06 AM replied to lycyfyrsam

Apparently taking its own title too seriously, it has disappeared off the internet. We'll keep an eye out for it, though.

Thanks for the heads up, lycyfyrsam!


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