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Troll Adventures

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Rating: 3.4/5 (51 votes)
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Troll AdventuresYou were ecstatic when you received a flyer in the mail for a free trip around the world, so naturally you packed up your bags and got going. It turns out, though, that the one expense is laughter at you! You'll have to use your smarts to outmaneuver the trolls hellbent on ruining your vacation, whether it's shattering the silence of your meditation, knocking over the Eiffel Tower, blowing a bank vault to smithereens, hiding elevator buttons in the strangest of places, or other sorts of mischief. A troll's work is never done! Many of the levels require you to think outside the box, but if you're stuck, worry not - a video walkthrough is at the ready should you require a hint.

Troll Adventures is just the right length, with enough levels and clever pranks to keep things fresh and not get stale. There's even a little bonus if you find all ten flags tucked away in various places throughout the levels. The game is played entirely with the mouse, which you use to click and drag objects in the right places to complete each level and torment your tormentor. If you want to mute the sound and music, there is a button for that too, in case your laughter isn't already drowning it out, but I'd highly recommend leaving it on. Hopefully you'll enjoy this little gem and its unique twist on troll faces as much as I did, but if not, I guess I trolled you so!

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BubbaJoe June 6, 2017 6:46 PM

Wow, that game was annoying. If you want to just blindly fumble around looking for non-intuitive "solutions," have at it.


i'm gping to guess and say no walkthrough?

BubbaJoe June 7, 2017 11:36 AM replied to Paul

Hard to do a text walkthrough. There's a video one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpscbrPYGxY

jcfclark June 7, 2017 11:43 PM

Even with the video walkthrough I cannot get past Level 11 -- the falling dots.

jcfclark June 7, 2017 11:45 PM

Oops - spoke too soon. Finished Level 11 and have no clue what I did right.

barbara June 18, 2017 2:07 PM

Some of the levels were fun, some were lame, and some were frustrating. Here's a walkthrough.

General hint: Sometimes you can do more than just click. Dragging is also possible in some levels.

1. Hotel counter

You can

  • Turn both lamp on and off

  • Move the left lamp

Turn off the right-hand lamp then move the left-hand lamp to the left.

2. Time bomb

There are five wires to cut. Don't cut any wire if the time left on the clock is less than :30.

You can click on the timer to increase the remaining time to over :50 to cut the next wire. (Maybe less than :50, I'm not sure)

3. Leaning tower

Wouldn't it be nice if you could hold up the tower to prevent it from being pushed over when you take your selfie?

You can! Your arm moves.

4. Boxing match

You can click on their feet, but it doesn't do anything. Is there something that can slide?

Yes! Slide the platform to the left.

5. Portraits

Click on each picture and then click on the place where it goes in the middle picture. I forget the full details, but the right-most picture goes in the bottom left and the next one goes in the bottom right.

6. Fruit

Put them in the bowl in order. Apple, orange, lemon, banana, ...

For the last item that's not crossed off the list yet ...

click on the word in list itself

7. Bridge

Open the bridge just before the boat gets there

8. Beach

There are two trees that can be shaken to bring down a coconut.
Bring down the one on top of the bad guy's head, not the one on top of our hero's head

9. Lions

Click on the hammer

10. Statue

Stop the bad guy from blowing out the light by

knocking him off his perch with

the paper in the statue's hand

11. Dance

Wait until each ball hits the lower line before clicking on the matching coloured square

12. Men in armour

You can do more than just click the men

You can drag one of them over to knock them all down

13. Pyramids

Wouldn't it be nice if the sun was over on the left so our hero was in the shade?

Make it so!

14. Bathroom

Click the ball for the cat to play with. But how to get rid of the cat?

Flush it. Ew.

15. Gong

Look behind the right-most pair of shoes.

It's earplugs. Once they're installed, it doesn't matter if the bad guy hits the gong.

16. Elevator

There's a suitcase facing forwards in the centre near the bottom.

It has two latches on its top that can be clicked. Then click on the button inside the suitcase.

17. River

He needs a vine to get across.

Sixth vine from the left.

18. Airplane

There's a compartment towards the front of the plane with a wire that needs to be reconnected.

Then, click on the button that ejects the bad guy.

19. Motorcycle jump

Don't let the bad guy jump over the wall.

Raise the height of the wall.

20. Beer

There's some glue near the left-hand edge of the picture.

21. Snake charmer

There's another flute in the pile of fruit on the left

22. Ice

Knock down the three icicles

3 hits each

23. Guard

If only he couldn't see our hero take a picture

Pull down his hat

24. Farm

Make the mule kick the bad guy

Just click on the mule's ear

andr01d July 8, 2017 6:49 AM

This game succeeds in what it aims to do, which is to troll.
In other words, it is terrible.


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