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Tsure Game 7 Escape

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Rating: 4.2/5 (44 votes)
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Tsure Game 7 EscapeYou wake up in an unknown room, a room without windows, locked door and blocked exit. Are you a prisoner? A special guest? Or both?

In the new Tsure game you find yourself locked in a building lost somewhere in endless desert, and getting out of the room is only a beginning. Soon you find, that escape on foot is not possible, the end of the desert is a hopeless cliff. But there are some puzzles around, so start collect clues and items, and at the end you find your way! And meet your friend, the penguin (this part is not very clear to me but there is definitely a friendly penguin at the end)!

A map of the strange place in bottom right corner teleports you to the spot which you click (only if it´s discovered already). The game is fair, the clues are clear and sometimes you even get a small hint. The cursor is not changing, but you don´t need it. Developers really though about us, players, and made the playing comfortable and fluent. Near the end you must make a choice. In case you are wrong, game returns you to the moment before action and you just simply play in another way. Design is polished and clean, and the sounds of opened boxes and locks satisfying.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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Please note that your map will allow you to warp to any area you have already explored.

You wake up staring at a kidney-shaped skylight. Might as well get out of bed.

The Cell:
There's a bed here. Examine the bed.

On the 'rear' side of the bed you find a notecard that says "God saw the left", "Devil faced downward" and "I looked up to the sky". There is also a symbol with an I, G, and D arranged in a circle.

Rear Wall - there is a closed door.
Left wall
There's a shelf with a glass an a carafe of water.

Fill the glass from the carafe, and take the filled glass.

There's a panel that requires a four-digit code.
Right Wall - There is a glass-fronted box with a mechanism inside. There's a opening on top, but nothing you can do yet.
Front Wall - There is a door way sealed with bars. The panel to the right of the doorway has three hearts with arrows that can be rotated.

Arrange the arrows as indicated by the card on the bed. The panel will slide open. Press the white button to lower the bars.

Outside the cell - There's a flag on a stand in the sand.

If you move the flag, you will see a panel bolted in place.

Turn around and see the outside of the cell. There is a stairway on the right.
The Roof

The kidney-shaped skylight is set into the roof, and a wind generator is on top of a pole. The wind generator is secured in place with a padlock.

A code is visible on the skylight

Front Railing

If you look over the railing you can see six apertures in the roof of the passageway. There is also a clue to a location on the circular section of roof.

Rear Railing

If you examine the railing, there is a strange coupling on the upper left . There are two mounts on the edge of the roof.

Behind the cell

On the stair side – There are four symbols on the upper outside walls of the passageway
┓ ┏┓ ┏ ┓
There is a ladder, pick it up.

On the other side – There are four symbols on the lower outside wall here. and a picture of the same section of passage way wall.
⊐ ⊔ ▭ ⊏

There's a boulder blocking the end of the passageway.

Solving Puzzles

Opening the panel

Combine the upper symbols and the lower symbols from the outside walls of the passage

Take wrench.

Go back outside, move the flag, and open the bolted panel with the wrench.

You get a key, and a box that requires a four digit code, with a circular symbol.

Go to the roof, and unlock the padlock with the key.

The vanes start spinning, and the mechanism in the box downstairs starts operating.

Go inside the cell, and pour the glass of water through the port on the top of the box.

The door in the rear of the cell opens.

You enter a circular room. On your right as you face down the passageway, there is a puzzle on the wall, with five asymmetric buttons and a down arrow.
On your left as you face down the passageway, there is a puzzle on the wall, with four buttons arranged in a square.

Press the buttons in the sequence shown on the passageway wall
upper left – lower left – lower right – upper right – upper left – lower left

You receive an oddly shaped blue tool.

Go Back to the roof. use the blue tool on the coupling on the rear railing.

You can now open the railing.

Examine the open coupling

There is a code

⊲ ⊳ ⊲ ⊲ ⊳ ⊲

Attach the ladder to the mounts and climb down onto the circular roof.

Remember where the picture showed the location of the button? Go look again.

The bars sticking up from the holes in the roof have numbers on them.

4 8 7 1 3 2

But we don't need a six digit code, we need a four digit code

Remember the symbols on the skylight?

delete the third and sixth digit


Go back to the red box beneath the flag, and enter the code.

You get matches.

Go back to the passageway roof, and walk to the end. There's a locked box with two arrows.

Use the code from the coupling on the rear railing

⊲ ⊳ ⊲ ⊲ ⊳ ⊲

You get dynamite! And an index card with a hint on the back

Hint: blow up the lower boulder, not the upper boulder.

You can now try to blow up the boulders, and there are lots of ways to fail at it. But only one way to succeed.

Go down the outside of the passageway on the side opposite the stairs, all the way to the end where the boulder is. Use the dynamite there, and the boulder is destroyed without destroying your hint.

At the end of the hallway you can now see the solution to the remaining puzzle in the circular room.

Enter the pattern and press the down arrow

And you're out!


something isnt working

the red box under the flag according to the walkthrough says the code is 4813. I typed that and it didn't work.

can someone help?

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 12, 2017 1:11 AM replied to Paul

@Paul: Have you viewed the necessary clues, both the

six digits on top of the iron bars, once they have closed up

and the

six symbols on the skylight (as in the article screenshot)?

This game is quite particular about making you look at the clues.



when I pressed the button to look at the bars after they were closed, I clicked from top to bottom,and I could not see any numbers on the poles themselves, nor could I look yup at the ceiling or anything. I do see the skylight on the roof though with the X's and o's.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 12, 2017 11:11 AM replied to Paul

Ah, okay.

Once the bars are closed, walk or warp back to the rooftop and look over the railing to the left (click it 3-4 times).

The numbers will be on the same screen as the diagram that shows you where to close the bars.


i tried that too. I just don't see it. wished it had a save so I could go back later but it didn't.


I was having the same trouble as Paul, and had to go to the youtube video.

There's two ways to control the bars on the door in the bedroom. Closing them from within the bedroom makes the roof inaccessible. So we have to close them another way.

Starting from the place where we opened the gap in the railing, go forward down the ladder.

There's a square outlined in black. Press that, and it will show that the bars on the door in the bedroom are now up. But we're still on the roof so we can move around. Go back to the place with the 6 hexagons, and now they have the 6 numbers sticking out of them.


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