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Twin Shot

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Rating: 4.5/5 (158 votes)
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ArtbegottiTwin ShotOn February 14th, some people celebrate a day of love and romance, where a little fellow named "Cupid" flies around shooting arrows that cause people to fall in love. Then again, if you're not big into Roman mythology, that might sound like just as much hoo-haw as a groundhog with annual meteorological tendencies. (Not that I'm bitter. I just think he wouldn't see his shadow if there were fewer paparazzi flashing all these lights at him, but that's a debate for another day.)

Regardless of whether it's for the holiday, Nitrome has just released Twin Shot, a new platform adventure full of Roman architecture and archery a-plenty.

You play as one of two cherubs (orange or purple), armed with a bow and arrow. Your goal is to eliminate the enemies on the screen by shooting them. But what if an enemy is in an area you can't reach? There are two ways to go about getting there. First, note all the different types of terrain for you to walk on. You can jump up through some blocks, and fall down through others. Other stones are solid from all sides, while some crumble beneath your feet, or materialize at timed intervals. If the terrain fails you, remember that your primary weapon can also double as a handy instant wall-mounted footstep placement device! (In other words, shoot an arrow into a wall and you can stand on it.)

Fifty levels await you, o intrepid dealer of arrows, but why not grab a friend to play along with you? Twin Shot is designed so that two players can partake in the platforming glory, each with their own sets of keys (player one uses the [arrow keys] to move and [Ctrl] to fire, player two uses [WASD] to move and [F] to fire). You still have to eliminate all the enemies, but with a second player, you get the chance to choose between co-operative play or all-out warfare against your "ally". At the end of each level, a running tally counts the number of rounds each player has dominated. Who will be victorious? (Answer: the archery shop down the street, selling arrows like hotcakes.)

Analysis: Twin Shot is a beautiful platformer, with creative nods to Taito's Bubble Bobble. While the levels might be a bit on the easy side, that's partly why you can get so quickly wrapped up in this game. In the grand tradition of Bubble Bobble's 100+ levels, you have many places to explore, and you should be allowed to go far without too much difficulty.

The sound effects and music also take somewhat of a retro cue, with a bit more of a bleep-bloop sound than some recent Nitrome games. The graphics are quite stunning, with very detailed character designs and backgrounds from Markus Heinel, who also illustrated Ice Breaker. The end result is a game that's aesthetically compelling and soothing.

On the whole, Nitrome brings another excellent platformer to our attention, perfect for playing with a friend or taking the solo challenge. And even if that groundhog says it's going to be cold for a while yet (not that I'm bitter!), this game should help to warm your heart. Awww.

Play Twin Shot

Thanks to too many of you to count for submitting this game!


It was a bit easy... I managed to beat it on the second day. But it was another amazing Nitrome game nonetheless!


I beat it in one day and I only took one try for each level. Way too easy compared to other Nitrome games.

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 9, 2009 7:54 PM

Bubble Bobble meets Kid Icarus... nice game. I just got KO'd on Level 32, so I'm quitting for the day.


Question: why can't I fly?

Other than that, it's sort of fun. And the music is nice.


There is a power-up that lets you fly. It's kind of rare, though.

By far, my favorite parts of the game are when enemies interact with each other. That big blue guy who picks up the shadow men and throws them around is great, and I "like" the fellow who's so bloated and sick that he just vomits up deadly jumping spike blobs all the time, and has to be carried around by a little shadow slave.

Good stuff. Borderline creepy.

It's also neat that the jumping enemies can stand on your arrows while they're still sticking into walls.


Have you ever jumped off a ledge to chase something down a perpetual hole and realize that you'll never fall fast enough to catch up to it?


Unless your cross-sectional area is smaller :p


Having trouble with level 13...any suggestions?? please??


help. level 37! stuck.


This is a good game. It is a bit easy, but not all of the games need to be frustrating. It carries on the cat theme (I think), as the angels look slightly like cats.

Well done Nitrome, for all those highly-placed games.

And weirdguy, it happens quite often :(


Help, level 10 is killing me.

strayerrrr February 15, 2009 5:45 PM

i lovedddd this game! :D i spent a whole day playing--and beating it! it was refreshing from all the other nitrome games that are wayyyy too difficult in the early levels. i thought it got increasingly difficult nicely. it was awesome. nitrome to this day remains my favorite game site.


How do you get past level 49?


i beat the game.It is very easy compared to nitromes other games


How do you get past level 36?


For level 36:

You have to kill the blob thrower-upper very quickly. move fast, and keep jumping from those breaking ledges to the next highest set of them. when you end up on the bottom of the screen, jump and shoot the blob thrower-upper. Then, return to the conveyor belt and shoot all the blobs. Remember, you can't spend lots of time on the breakable blocks.

For level 49:

Basically, look for large spaces in between the blobs.Then, go on the conveyor belt where the blobs are (in the big spaces) and keep shooting at them.

Hope that helps :)


For my Bubbly-Bobbly fun I prefer Hammerfest. But then again, you have to pay to play Hammerfest, while this one is free.. :)

One thing that bugs me about this game is the rather inert controls. It feels there's a slight but noticeable delay which kinda ruins the experience. Also, the game is TOO easy. Still, all in all it's a rather nice retroish game, a bit on the average side, but still worth playing.


how do you get past level 28?


level 37, please?


level 37?


Anonymous April 1, 2009 6:52 PM

I love this game. Beautifully done. Very good, nitrome.


Any idea how to beat level 36


Twin shot sequel coming :)

Joe Gona July 9, 2009 1:02 PM

sequel... i just had to say it...


Can't get level 9, but it's still an awesome game so far


Level 9

First shoot the blobs. When you step on the crumbling rocks hold the left key. Then press up and shoot the knight. Do the same with the other side.


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