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Vintage Card

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Rating: 4/5 (52 votes)
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Vintage Card

There's something about the slightly old fashioned yet cozy aesthetic of most TomaTea escape games that feels a little like receiving some sort of hand crafted artisanal gift from a relative, and Vintage Card is no different. It's a bite-sized game compared to some of TomaTea's grander efforts, and this time you're trapped inside a tiny but well decorated sitting room with a lovely view. To play, just click to interact with things and explore your limited environment. As usual, the tip of your cursor will glow when it passes over something you can click on, and, also as usual, if you come up against a puzzle with a hint you haven't yet locked eyes on, the game will tell you that you have no idea how to solve it, so keep peeping! There's a solidly satisfying chunk of puzzles here despite the smaller scale, though the musical/note puzzles might give some players pause.

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Took a while to get started but soon fell in to place.

Canoetripper February 29, 2016 10:20 AM

Hint for those who don't understand piano keys:

The lowest (left) key you can play a note on--just to the left of the gold thing--is a "C".


That's the only puzzle I've been able to solve, however!

Canoetripper February 29, 2016 10:29 AM

POP: I just figured out the arrows puzzle. No idea what to do with what that gave me, however.


The painting on the left wall has clues for two puzzles.

FACE is a clue for the piano keys and the notes are a clue for the piano pedals.

pantrybear February 29, 2016 1:58 PM


WillYum February 29, 2016 3:06 PM replied to Canoetripper

At Canoetripper:

Are you talking about the puzzle to the right side of the center table?

If so:

What you get looks like a handle.

Where is there a missing handle?

The middle drawer of the center table needs a handle.

The handle can be added only after you have solved both the left and right sides of the center table.

Hope that helps.

WillYum February 29, 2016 3:10 PM replied to Indie Gee

At Indie Gee:

For those of us who read music, that picture was a bit tricky indeed.

I went with the more superficial interpretation of the information and it worked just like you point out in your hint.

I do like how one drawer has...

A scale with the notes labeled so to help those who don't know which notes are found where on the staff.

Canoetripper February 29, 2016 6:30 PM

Thanks Will Yum, but actually I meant the

LP from the other side of the table!

Also wondering if there can be a bug in this: got frustrated at not being able to solve one puzzle, but it still didn't work after looking at 2 walkthrough videos!

I can't figure out what to do with the 3 pedals, or link them to the notes (only two). The videos showed a sequence of 13132, but each time I tried that nothing happened!

Or does Tomatea just detect and punish cheaters?

ginganinja63 February 29, 2016 7:19 PM


On the picture (left side) there are sets of 3 notes, like the 3 pedals, in each set, one note is lower, that is the pedal that is depressed. So it goes 131322.

it's a good thing they don't punish "cheaters" or I'd never be able to play!

Canoetripper February 29, 2016 11:11 PM

Thank you!! Now I'm out and can go to bed! :)


Happy to see a new tomatea game! :) *grabs coffee mug and a cookie (or two)*

Btw: As far as I can see, the escape-tag is missing (or just hidden very well XD).

billyswong March 1, 2016 9:21 AM

Watched walkthrough video and I still can't get the piano key puzzle...

In video, the player took a look at the music score picture, then go to the piano and play a 4-key sequence. But where come that short piano-play sequence from that picture?

billyswong March 1, 2016 9:52 AM

Posting power! I got the piano key trick now

it's plainly written in alphabets, forming a 4-letter word



There's a clue in a drawer which I guess is supposed to help the non-musical player, but I got to it way later on in the game than where it would've been needed, and I don't see how it could've been gotten to any sooner!


Ah, I see now: if you do the non-musical parts first, and take it all as far as you can, then the clue in the drawer actually comes at a useful point.


As someone already pointed out, the picture on the wall offers

two clues: one for

the piano pedals,

the other for the

piano keys.


Don't think of it musically.

It's groups of three, one of which is lower than the others.

Just press the pedal corresponding to the low note in each triplet:



if you ever took piano lessons, this one's almost too obvious. Otherwise, you can leave it until later in the game, when you'll get an additional clue in a drawer.

The clue labels the piano keys with their corresponding note letters.

Those letters can spell things,

such as FACE.


Vintage Card: Basic outline (order of operations).
I suggest taking a thorough look around the room first. Locate all of the locked drawers, identify the type of lock (puzzle), and explore the other clickable objects/areas. Once you've done that, everything should be fairly straightforward.


See earlier comments.



I think my choice of label should be sufficient clue for this one.



The thing you got in the previous step is the slider thingy for the metronome.

You need to stop it swinging, put the slider thingy on, then start it up again to see the pattern.



There are actually several steps conflated into one here, but they're all fairly obvious.


The horses rise in the order green, yellow, blue, red; the colors on the lock are in the order green, red, yellow, blue.



OK, no, it's not actually a tangram puzzle, it just kinda looks like one.


Piano keys.

See earlier comments.



Each piece can only move in the direction of its arrows. You want to get the one with the heart-arrows out through the exit (dark square).


Spare part.

Again, I've skipped some fairly obvious steps. It'll only let you apply your spare lever-thingy after you've pressed the other two levers in the side drawers.

Patreon Supporter Scaper March 1, 2016 12:58 PM replied to Juli

I have to object to the sheet music clue. How is one to know

to use only the note below the staff in the set? This is not a clever clue; just not a helpful clue.


Scaper: I just replayed to check, and the music clue in the drawer only has

the lower C. Thus, the question of "which C" only comes up if you play "out of order", applying real-world knowledge rather than game clues.


Someone has already mentioned this, but it's still not fixed: the game is missing the escape-game tag, so it doesn't show up for people who filter by that tag and/or use the Escape tab.


There *is* something in the horse drawer.

Over to the right. Keep clicking ...


been 11 months already, eg24 reposted this games...


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