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Viridian Room

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Viridian RoomMore Flash fun coming from Japan this time, Viridian Room is a place from which you wish to escape, but have you the soul to withstand the challenge? Muha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

It's another point-and-click puzzle, and very reminiscent of Myst. Nicely done with eerie sound effects. The game was created by Toshimitsu Takagi and appears as a shareware game on the Fasco-cs.com site.

Play Viridian Room

The introduction to the Viridian Room game makes reference to a previous and similar puzzle, Crimson Room. In fact, as a note of trivia, if you look through the keyhole of the door in the Viridian Room you will actually be looking into the Crimson Room. If you like games like this, you may want to try to escape from this room as well, though Viridian Room is the better of the two.

Play Crimson Room

With thanks to Robert for the link. =)

Update: If either game appears in Japanese when clicking on the image above, simply close the window and click the image again to play the game in English.

If you liked these games, be sure to check out Takagi-san's latest escape game: White Chamber

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Viridian Room Walkthrough

  1. Put the light on...

  2. Click to the right...there's a fridge...open it...click on the shelf...below the meat is a 'small ecard'...you can leave the beer can in the fridge for the moment (the beer needs to stay cold).

  3. Next to the fridge is a 'trash can'..there's a white sheet with black hair in it. Click on the new found 'white sheet' in the inventory on the right...(for some reason this is necessary to find the lighter).

  4. Go back and click the trashcan again...it will go up and you'll find a lighter.

  5. Go to the left by clicking and click on the green shoes in the red cabinet...the will go up and you'll find another e-card.

  6. Now click a little lower (bottom of the cabinet) and you'll find a Photo frame (click on the frame to get it).

  7. Go to the left by clicking and click on the brown thingies on the ground in the corner...they will go up and you'll find another ecard.

  8. In the middle is a red carpet...Click on the red carpet...it will move to reveal a skeleton..zoom in by clicking...the skeleton holds a blue medicine can in the middle.

  9. Click on the left hand of the skeleton...it holds a key.

  10. Click on the red blanket and you'll get it.

  11. Now go up and go to the grey cabinet...open the cabinetdoors and you'll see a yellow book. Click on the book and you'll find 2 photos.

  12. Go up one shelf to the red diary...use the key you've just found on the skeleton to open the diary. Read the diary and note the birthday. Keep clicking the next page until you are at the last page...you'll find a CD (click on the CD to get it).

  13. Zoom out by clicking...click on the top drawer of the grey cabinet...the view will zoom in...next click a little to the right and you'll find a bundle of incense sticks.

  14. Now do the same on the left side and you'll find another ecard.

  15. Now go back and turn around by clicking...on top of the wall is another ecard (it's on the wall right of the fridge, not the fridge wall).

  16. Now turn around again, make sure you're standing in front of the door to the previous Crimson room (the one with the keyhole)...take a look at the wall....there's another ecard.

  17. Now click on the lamp (you're still standing in front of the door which leads to the previous Crimson room -- the one with the keyhole)...click on the lamp...there's a small ecard on the lamp itself.

  18. At this point you should have collected all items.

  19. Now click on the CD case in the inventory. Next click on the CD and put it in the CD case (just click on the CD and then click on the CD case...it should go in).

  20. Now click on the white sheet with hair (you're still in the inventory)...click on the lighter to burn the hair....keep on clicking and some 'dice' will appear at the sheet. This is the code to use the ecards (explanation follows below).

  21. Now click on the red blanket in the inventory, then click on the lighter, next click on the blanket to tear it apart, you'll find a green paper. Click on the green papet to get it.

  22. Now click on the green paper in the inventory.

  23. Now you've to put the ecards in the right place...if you click on the medicine bottle in the inventory, first you'll find some pills, keep on clicking and you'll see a sheet pop up with some Chinese characters on it

  24. The sheet is in the same 'form' as the 'hair' one

  25. The numbers on the 'dice' are corresponding to the characters on the sheet in the medicine bottle.

  26. Now put the character (ecard in the inventory) which corresponds with the character on the white sheet on its place on the green sheet...(apparently the number on the green card are random).

  27. Do this for all six of the ecards, first put the right character (ecard) on number 1, then the second on number 2, etc... until number 6. When you complete the dice any other way it won't work, though the look of the dice is the same. If you have completed that, you'll get the 'soul' box.

  28. You can also put one of the photos in the photoframe, but I don't think this is necessary to complete the game.

  29. Now you're done in the inventory...

  30. Go back to the skeleton and click on its feet

  31. A number lock comes up

  32. The code changes depending on the date that you play the game, and is the birthday referenced in the diary. It's equal to 4 days before today's date (in MMDD format -- eg. 0425 for April 25th).

  33. Go back to the fridge and grab your well deserved can of cold beer...(make sure the beer is cold!! otherwise it won't work...you can check if it's cold enough by clicking on 'about item' of the beer can in the inventory)

  34. Now go the grey cabinet and put the CD case, the bundle of sticks, and the beer can in it...click on the lighter, next click on the bundle off sticks on one will start burning...now click on the red thing next to the golden bell....a soul will be released.

  35. If it doesn't work:

  36. - make sure the beer is cold!! otherwise it won't work...you can check if it's cold enough by clicking on 'about item' of the beer can in the inventory.

  37. - remove the photo frame if is says there may be some unnecessary items.

  38. And you'll escape from the Viridian Room

Crimson Room Walkthrough

  • 2 rings: 1 falls from the curtain (keep opening and closing it), 1 ring is on the bowl next to the stereo

  • 2 keys (gold and silver): 1 key is on the window, 1 under the pillow

  • CD Case: In the drawer, you don't need it

  • Note: In the drawer, you don't need it, except it points to a webpage that's supposed to hint a secret code for later on.

  • Power-Chord: Use the keys to open the drawer

  • Mystery Box: Use the other key to open the drawer

  • Ordinary Key: Plug the power chord into CD player and open the cd slot, there is another key

  • Metal Rod: Lift the pillow and on the bed, there is a metal rod

  • Battery: On the far side of the bed

  • Cassete: Below the desk which supports the CD player

  • Fit the rings & metal rod on the mystery box.

  • Open mystery box, fit in cassette player and battery, play the movie

  • The dancing man points to a spot on the screen. Mouse click that point. [Wait till the movie stops playing before you click!]

  • Open the rectangular slot. The code is 1994, use the key open the safe

  • You get a screw driver in the safe

  • Use the screw driver to crack the door and go out.


I am still stuck in the Crimson Room. I think I woke up there sometime last year. help!

Charmaigne July 30, 2004 11:40 AM

I am stuck in the crimson room and I don't know how to get out can you help me?


Sure, what have you been able to find so far? If you tell me where you're stuck I can give you a hint on how to proceed.


i have escaped all of the rooms, email me if you want help but please be specific

[email protected]


i need help on blue room

Neko (Rosie) November 24, 2004 11:21 AM

Ummm.. I've done all rooms but the crimson room.. i've got all the items n opened the red box.. but the projector video means nothing to me?!!.. theres a small star that appears but i try clicking it n the video goes off... V_V.. i'm sooo stuck...


You are very, very close Neko. In the video, the person is pointing to the spot you need to click, and as many times as he points to it. I hope that helps. =)


Oooo well!.. It did.. kinda! but it stills takes the vid off.. n i can't make out how many time he points.. =(


Hi Neko,

Wait until the video finishes playing (put the mouse over the star) and THEN click slowly. If you click while the video is playing (which I did many times) you'll just get the CD player.


hey does anyone know where he would have created a game like this, cos im thinking of making one myself. maybe someone can name a program he used?


The program is called Flash by Macromedia, and it is used to make many of the games you see on this site. If the game description says it's a Flash game, then it was created with Flash.


I cant build the soul box in viridian room please help me


@Ricardo : you must burn then scrape the white paper with black hairs, and you got a map for building the soul box ;)


I can't get the red box open in crimson room! someone help me!!!


I can't pick up the trashcan. I was able to pick it up yesterday but was forced to quit before I could finish. I've tried starting the game over and still can't pick up the trash can. Any hints.


Can someone give me some helpwith assembling the dic thingy in Viridian room?I'm clueless....


Here is an excelent walktrough for viridian room http://nordinho.com/vbull/showthread.php?t=3391, altough it isnt helping me! But not because it's wrong.. it's just that my game is a spanish version, and i cant see the chinese words. Instead, i only have question marks that all look the same and i cant figure wich one goes where.. if u have the english version, this would be heaven 4 ya.. bye


can somebody please help me i have done the crimson room and the blue room and imint he viridian room and i have gotten everything except the lighter for some reason i cant pik up the trash can. can someone please help its so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emma, you need to examine every item you have first. Click each item, then click the button "About Item". You need to do this for all items, and you need to have all items before the trash can will raise up.


how do you burn the scrap with the hair on it in the Virdian room?


Becca, use the lighter to burn the paper with the hair on it. First click on the paper, then click the "About Item" button. Then click on the lighter, and then on the paper once again. Continue clicking on the paper for the image to be revealed.


What do I do with the safes numbers.


Im stuck in the crimson room.. i cant get the red box opened! how do i do it!! please help !!!


I am stuck in the Viridan room. I cannot find the lighter or the hair. Help Please!!!!


help i cant get the safe to open whats the combination


I am stuck in the crimson room... I can't find the combinaison to open the safe. I thought that the URL (on the sheet) can give me a hint but the site has move for 3 days. Does anyone can help me?


It's been a while since I played, Pouicky, but if my memory serves, the answer is in the diary. Try a special date.


the safe number for crimson room should be 5817. its either this or you have to rotate the numbers around. you still need to use the key to unlock the safe.


no the code is 1994

how do u make the soul box?


I am having trouble getting the 6th chinese character which is placed on the lamp? how do i get the card?


what is the code for the safe in crimson room!?!!?!?! PLEASEEEEE help me


Where do i find the 4th chinese symbol in the viridian room??... and i still cant get the code in crimson

Emma - Lou January 2, 2005 9:58 AM

I need 2 know where the lighter is. HELP ME PLEASE.


i got the map, but i don't know what to do from there. also i believe the light is under the trash can if i remembe correctly


you have to look at all your items or somethign liek that before you can get thelighter.
the code for the bicylce lock can be found in the diary , look to find the girls birth day it varies form game to game
the 6th thing on the lamp is a little difficult you have to look towards the door at a distance then click on the lamp it should be on the top left and be a red square, it may take a few tries but you will find it
the soul box vareis again form game to game you have to look at the list of characters and the piece of paper that had the hairs on it, you then have to look at which character is in the same place as which number . then you get the green soul box and put the character on its corresponding number. its wierd explainign but i hope ive been of some help


i have all 6 chinese symbols
a can
cd case
2 photos
the burned paper and the medicine bottle
what do i do now?:S
plz help


The previous site (The one with the URL in crimson rool) has been deleted, i've tried 1994, 4991, 5817, 7185 and any number of combinations, but all to no avail. if anyone knows where I CAN find the combination, blease let me know.


how do u know the code for viridian room? iv tried 3112 and 3104 - the girls bithday - but doesnt work - please help.


try 1231... the code is the date 4 days before you play the game. (so if you try it tomorrow, try 0101)


the date has to have the month first then the day.
also it will oopen automatically as soon as the number is typed in, you dont have to click it again to make it open or anythign like that


The code for the crimson room is 8568. I used this code today so i know it works.

Now: i am really stuck and need a walktrought. does anyone know where i can find one?


The code for the safe changes daily, you have to go to this room to find it out:



How do i open the red box in the crimson room?
I have the stick and ring, what else do i need?

yummi_cookie January 4, 2005 9:44 PM

what is this soul box? where do i find it?


to open the red box you need:
2 rings!!!
and a stick

BriTTstEr January 5, 2005 12:30 PM

I want to play the blue room but i cant find it.. what other rooms are there. Can Someone PLEASE help me out?


i am so confused where is the 6th chinese symbol and where do you find the soul box. I have 5 symbols a lighter, a map, a can of beer, a medicine bottle, 2 picture, a frame and a cd case.. what do i do next? [i found the symbol that on the lamp]


i just did the crimson room succesfully with code 1994. For the red box you need 2 rings (i in the dish the other you get by shaking the curtain ---just click it a bunch of times) and the stick behind the pillow.


help me get out of the 1st room on crimson room. e-mail me who-ever has some help to get out.


the code is not 1994!! is not 0101 too... OMG...


When your going to put the code in, it is MM-DD. It is 4 days after her birthday so like if i was playing on 0106, and you were to read the diary and it said jan. 1st her birthday is the day after tomorrow which would turn out being 0103...that isn't the code. Count 4 days then,The CODE would be, 0107.


I have escaped all 3 rooms!! w00t
if you need help email me!
[email protected]

these games are awesome!!


What items do you need when you like the things and do the banging of the pot and so on...lol...


ok, i am stuck in the crimson room at the safe. i have tried all combinations everyone has suggested and i still tells me the numbers are wrong. also, in virdian room, where do you find a black pen? that would help me alone for a while. please help me...


i dont understand how to find out what the bysicle code is, how do you find it?


yeah, in the crimson room, the safe numbers doesn't work for me either. I've tried the url, and all the numbers everybody else has said, but it just doen't work ! Argh...


how do you make the soul box? I've done it before but I don't remeber how...


hi...where is the key in the viridian room? do i need a key really? to the diary?


please help me i have collected 4 characters,cd case,insence,lighter,scrap that i,ve burnt,beer,medicine,2pics and frame wot is a soul box and were might i find it i've looked every were!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!


wherte is the sole box in VR?


help me please
I have eveything, but what to do with the pictures? And the green "cross/cube" thingy??? The one with the numbers on it??? Whom do I place on the shelf in fornt of the bell and the incense sticks????


i used 1994 on the safe in the crimson room and it opened. but can anyone tell me how i would have figured it out without cheating???


where do i find a picture frame in VR?


I got the bike combo and all the items but i don't no how to make the spirit cube plz. help.


How do you get the soul box? and open the diary?? what is this bicycle of which you speak??


someone plz help im in the viridian room and i have the can,6 chinesse symbols,insence sticks,hair,medicine bottle,cd case,lighter,picture of male and female,picture frame, do i need to get anything else or do anything else plz plz plz plz HELP!!!


I finally made it! Even though the site with the walkthrough wasn't available.

Blake: The skeleton holds one more secret. ;) (Hope I didn't spoil it too much there) :P


can anyone help i cant get the card in the lamp i keep trying but its not working


I gotta 2 photo, completed soul box, a jewel case with a cd in it, the lock on sketeton's feet is unlocked, lighter, key, beer can, medicine bottle. What now?


Where is the pic frame!!!! i cant find anything else im totally stuck


Ok now... How do i find lock on skeleton

Also where is the pic frame? Please help


the picture frame is under the little red stand that the slippers are on. Click on the floor just beneath the stand.


how do i assemble the soul box and unlock the lock on the skeleton

jhake (JBP) January 11, 2005 6:45 AM

what should i do w/ the soul box, i had already assembled it (thanks to your tips!), pls help me!


The Crimson Room Combination is 1994


The lighter is under the garbage can, put the bear back in the frigde and click the side of the garbage can. hope that helps u some.


No codes work for me on the safe for the crimson room. I need help.


plz help ive got the 6 characters the lighter the beer can the medicene bottle cd case 2 pics photo frame inscense and i dont no what to do next plz plzplz help me


ive completed all the rooms email me for help at [email protected]

And Chester at the moment the code is 8261 if it dosent work u have to open a new page and try again thats wot worked for me


hey i need help i cant seem to find the map , i have the 6 symbols , beer can , 6 symbols , incence , lighter , male picture , female picture , frame , and the hair what do i do now someone help please im doing the viridian room


I'm in the blue room- I found the pen, the money, the piece of paper, and the capsule. I sent the money and piece of paper through the chute. I also drew on the piece of paper to spell help me, and when I sent it, there was a skull and cross bones. I also drew on the money. I don't know what to do next...What do I do with the phone?


im in the blue room and i need as much help as i can get. i have the pencil and and paper. ive already written help me on the paper and sent it. it came back with a skull and cross bones. thats as far as i can seem to get. any help is appreciated.


How do i get the battery in Crimson Room?


How do you get out of blue chamber?

Items found: Money, Paper, Pen, Yellow capsule


ok i need the characters for the soul box i only need 1 and 3 sum1 plz telll me were they are


Help! I can't get the money out of the picture of the blue chamber, i can't even see it. Please help, i'm desperate, and also i can't arrange he things on the shelf in viridian. wot do you put there? AND i can't get the combination for the safe in crimson, even though i have been to the URL it told me. Am i really so rubbish at this?


ok so like I have every thing for the richual( the thing were you put the sticks and c.d and beer at) and I have the lock on the right date and I have the soul box but I have no Idea were to put the -censorted-ing mother-censorted- at!


Crimson room: I can't find the other battery for the projection box. Can anyone help me, PLEASE!!!


In the VIRIDIAN Room:

I believe I've done everything but I'm stuck at the final ritual.

The soul box is completed. The skeleton unlocked. The CD is in its case and placed on the shelf with the cold beer. The incense is lit.

When I strike the bell, it says "something is still missing".

I'm able to put either photo in the frame but can't seem to then get the frame on the shelf.
Same for the soul box-doesn't go on the shelf.

What am I doing wrong?


Got my answer!

The photo of the guy needs to be placed in the frame before placing the CD in the case; then I could finish the ritual!


Crimson Room: I cannot figure out the combo. for the safe. I tried 4 days before I played the game, which would be 02/02, 1994, and all the rest of the combos. suggested here. I can't figure it out. Can anyone PLEASE help me???


PS, this diary that has been mentioned, is that for the Crimson room also? If so, I haven't found that. Items I have:
1)red box 2)battery 3)empty cd case 4)script
5)gold,silver, and regular key 6)thick and thin ring.
What is done with the empy cd case?
Are there any items I am missing?


Blue chamber:

Too easy :(

I'll post a little tip:

Don't look at the phone's keypad...

Look at your MOBILE phone, instead....

Don't you see .... the letters?


HURRAY!!! I got out of the Crimson Room!!! :)

Thank you, Thomas and Megan :)


Rombo, I understand but, what am I supposed to type out through the numbers? And, how in the world do I get the money out of the picture frame? UGH!!!! I'm going crazy. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.


Crimson Room - safe code

I do not know if this will help anyone - but my boyfriend and i were playing on separate laptops - what i think is that when you go to the url on the memo from the crimson room, it gives you a code and it also recognizes your ip then uses that in the game - i am not sure, but i think you have to refresh and start over for it to recognize it when you go back to the crimson room -


Aha, that works.. try restarting the game after going to the URL.. worked for me!


this game is very easy just to let you know.


i just beat the crimson room with the safe combination 1994!!!:)....good luck all

yoyospencer February 13, 2005 1:53 PM

please tell me what to do for the ritual in VR
i wnat the direct cheat..i've been playing for hours


i found every thing, and made the box to collect a dead person's soul, lit the incense, ring the bell then a message says "something is missing" what?! i am going nuts, help! :(

Hollywood90277 September 15, 2007 12:11 AM

Ok.... here's the deal with the "one more thing" message when you have everything you need on the shelf. If the beer isn't the last thing you add, it will not be chilly. If you leave to put it back and "chill" it, your incense will burn out. The beer DOES NOT need time to chill, just has to be taken out and placed in the proper order (last). Put the beer back in the fridge, go back and light the incense, then get the beer and put it into inventory. Once in the inventory, look at about item and it will say it's chilly. Go and place it on the shelf, then ring the bell. Presto!


Where do you find the CD to the empty cd case? I have looked every where and can't find it and it says I dont have everything and thats the only thing i think i could be missing....


The CD is in the

That doesn't mean that you need to have the CD in the CD case to finish though. Is your beer cold?


Thanks for this. It was nice and easy. :)

The blue chamber was easy. I Beat in 1 min. 2 sec.

Blue Chamber Walkthrough

1.Go to the shelf under the phone and get the pen. 2.Lift up the red pillow on the chair, and get the paper. 3.Use the pen to write "HELP ME" on the paper. 4.Go to the tube and get the capsule. 5.Put the paper inside it and send it up the tube by pressing the red button. 6.Go out and come back to the tube, and get the capsule back. 7.Open it and take the paper out. Looks like your not getting any help! 8.Go to the picture and click the right corner, the left corner, then a bottom corner until it falls off the wall. 9.Get the money and draw on it with the pen. Keep drawing on it to get a full wierd face. 10.Put it in the capsule and in the tube DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON! 11.Go to the phone, pick it up and dial 4357*63. A scary voice will say "O.K." 12. Press the red button, go out, come back and get the key in the capsule. 13.Open the door and escape!

billie.jean September 20, 2007 3:08 PM

gaaaaaaah, i finally got it!!! in the viridian room...

you dont need the frame with the picture in on the shelf..only the chilly beer, cd in the cd case and the incense burning

hahahahahah, feel so good when you're done :D


for those who the safe code don't work... try 8258 that's what i got... =] hope it helps...


Alright...im in the crimson room and have everything but a rod...it says under the pillow but i found a key under the pillow...and i cant go under the bed....what the heck???


Crimson room
The rod is

between the matress and the bedhead.


The sound when you click at the blue door sounds like it has been reversed... interesting..


ok, i have everything and tried 1994 and 8258 for the combo and nothing works.


how the heck do you lift the bin?
it worked the first time but my computer crashed.
second time it doesn't work.


How do i get the CD in hte CD case, It won't work for me? Also how do i burn the hair? I have the incense going but i can't get the hair to go on it.... THanks

chiiiiiii October 9, 2007 10:31 PM

how can i open the sefety box in crimson i dont know the code i tried the 1994 and 8258 nothing happend.... help please


The code to the bicycle is 1007. It's related to entry wen he lost his bike. '

Question tho. I have erything but one of the Chinese characters. I believe there's one by the lap but I can't find it. Any hints or clues to help? Each of the character mean somein too. If yall want to know what they mean, go to www.kanjisite.com. Look for "young, navigate, many, and wave." The other one I don't recognize and the last character I haven't found. Hope this helps yall

Anonymous October 11, 2007 9:01 PM

oh my god the skelaton scares me

Anonymous Guy October 13, 2007 1:45 PM

Okay, well I have a guide up, so I won't need any help for this, but this room is freaking me out! The strange voices,

what the guy writes in the diary

and I bet the ending will be really freaky. The only reason I bothered typing here was to get my mind off of it for a few seconds. Who else got scared while doing this?


burn the paper after you have burned the hair off, i got the code


I didn't get that at all!
I couldn't find the hair, the incense, the lighter, and all the other things people talked about on here.
And I was getting just a little too weirded out so I quit.
And now I'm regretting that decision.


What is the Code for the n=bike lock ive tried 1007 and 1994? plz help!


the metal rod is not under the pillar it is between the head board and the mattress


Is there a link to a walkthrough for Viridian Room? The walkthrough on this page is for Crimson Room only.


How do you get the code to open?


what the heck is the code to the safe?


can any one tell me how can i unlock the bicycle lock from the skeleton leg .. i know its related to the date of the diary .. my diary starts an Nov. 10 & ends on Nov. 17 .. i tried all the possiblities .. please help


To the guy above me, the code for the bike lock is

the date of Sandra's birthday


where is the lighter??
please help


ok i found the lighter but i still need the code to the bicycle lock!


what do u do with the
green cross i no u use those symbols but where do u put it??
please help me thank u soo much

Code.cracker November 28, 2007 3:08 PM

everyone the code to the lock should be



That would be true today, Code.cracker, but come tomorrow your spoiler (now preserved here forever) will be wrong.

The code to the lock is always

3 days prior to the day's date on which you play the game. Example for today (11/28) would be 1125.


can someone please tell me where the incense and frame and number four tile thing are


how do you lift up the trash can in the viridain room????

Anonymous December 8, 2007 8:23 AM

where is the cd not the case ???

On the viridian room



Where is the lighter please tell me I can't stand it anymore


The lighter is underneath the rubbish bin.


the code for crimsom room is in the url


the funny thing is i have the code from the page and it doesn't seem to work... :S


you have too click on the white sheet with the hair and view it (large) before you can lift up the trash can, and the CD is in the very last page of the diary. i understand that the beer has to be chilly, but it WONT LET ME PUT THE FRIGGIN BEER IN THE FRIGGIN FRIDGE. i have clicked on the beer in my inventory, so it has the yelow circle around it, and then i click on the top shelf on the fridge door where it originally came from and it will not go in the fridge, and hwen i click on "about this item" about the beer it says "this beer isnt cold at all!" but it wont let me MAKE IT COLD! ARGHH help meeeeeee!


where are the incense??


Why is the link that points to the "viridian room" walk thru pointing to the "crimson" room walkthru?

As far as I can see, there is no walk thru for the viridian room.


Something else really annoying is that even if you click on "English", the only things in "English" are the game buttons. The text within the game is still Japanese. So important information is not available such as

Sandra's Birthday

- I am assuming that this clue goes with Viridian room but am not sure. As it is I cannot complete the game because I don't understand Japanese!

The next thing that is extremely irratating is that there are two games talked about here at the same time, Crimson and Viridian. I am getting them mixed up. The link to the walk through is for Crimson only. There is NO walk through for Viridian.


Okay, English, at the bottom left corner in small letters are the words English and characters I assume are Japenese. When you click on that --- then you have english in the game. Just clicking english at the beginning doesn't work. The problem is that the game starts over. And now I can't get the trash can to lift up so I can get the lighter.


Okay, I found the BEST walk through I have EVER seen for any game. But it is for this one. I was stuck on the symbols and the "cross" which turned into a ...

Anyway, if you are so totally confused between crimson and viridian... here is a link to a viridian walk through only:


scary game lover December 30, 2007 7:52 PM

tx for the GOOD walkthrough marian *looks at beto*


I got really freaked out the first time I played this especially since my name is Sandra...


where is the key?!?


oaky, im in vr and i have everything except for the last two chinese letters...where are they?? igot the one from the pillows,slippers,rotten meat,and bookshelf...

this is driving me crazy!!!!!


YES!!!I totally just got out!!!


I was having the same trouble with the beer and..

You have to click it in the inspection window to see the temperature message. Otherwise you just see 'a can of beer'.

Having the same trouble with the trash can this time arounx :x


I've done everything,
i can't actually get the green cross on the paper,
Help us


i need help on viridian room, what do i do with the voices in the door

klikkerdeklik February 20, 2008 9:44 PM

About the crimson room;

for the url/code routine to work, you need to;

1. play the game
2. go to the page where you can find the 'unique' code
3. replay the game

This is the only way to get the safe to unlock.


Step by step blue chamber walkthrough:


open the drawer on the end table


get the pen


go left until you face the red chair


lift the cushion and get the paper


double click the paper, then click the pen to write HELP ME


face the painting, and click the top right corner, the top left hand corner, and the bottom right corner to make the painting fall


get the foreign money


face the tube thing on the wall and open it


get the capsule, open it, and put the HELP ME paper inside


close the capsule, put it in the tube, close the tube, and press the red button


wait a while, and you'll hear a noise. open the tube and take the capsule out. open the capsule and get the paper


a red skull and crossbones should be on the paper


go to the telephone and pick it up to hear the dial tone


in text and phone language, HELP ME translates to 435763. the skull and crossbones stand for *. so dial 4357*63.


the phone will ring, and a creepy voice will say OK and hang up.


go back to the tube, put the money in the capsule, and send it off.


the capsule will come back with a key inside. use the key to open the door and




queen-of-diamonds March 23, 2008 2:13 PM

In Crimson Room I had to do the same klikkerdeklik said: play it again to get the code to work... but this didn't happen the first time I played Crimson Room like a year ago... seems to be a new bug or something.


I'm up to the safe bit in the CR and I have tried the code that the walkthrough says to use: 1994
I've also tried the special code: 8258
It's still not working!
Please help me!
Lisa :)


the code: 0417
it is sandra's birthday.
the incense is on the self (one from top) and then click right.


For Crimson room code:

When you get the paper with the html on it - go to that address. In the yellow room is a table, click on it. You will see 4 rectangles. Click on each one. That is the code. Return to Crimson room and start over. When you get to the safe the code should work.

MuffyGirlBaby May 2, 2008 9:03 PM

I cant lift up the garbage can for the life of me!!! where EXACLY do u need to click? I have tried everywhere!!!

Anonymous May 7, 2008 7:53 PM

To lift up the trash can

look at the hair on the piece of paper first


Neither 3 days prior date 1125 or 1994 work in the crimson room work on the safe get you facts right if your going to make a walk through people !!!


OMG i keep clicking and clicking on the bottom shadow of the trash can and it WONT LIFT!! somebody help me

[Edit: the trash can won't lift until you have examined everything. -Jay]


someone playing CR? the web page gives me a code that dosen`t work!! (6080)helppp!


For those of you having trouble finding the character piece on the lamp in vr:

look at the bookshelf and go one screen left, then click on the small piece of lamp still in view

if you still can't find it:

its to the upper left of the gre part of the lamp and looks like a red square


The code to the safe in the crimson room is 2677. This is to all those people that still need it!


I clicked on the "viridian room walkthrough" (https://jayisgames.com/archives/2004/05/viridian_room.php#walkthrough) a few times, but it only goes to the "crimson room walkthrough."


Whoa! The code was my Mom's birthday... Creepy...


The blue room was easy.

Start by getting the paper under the chair cushion.

get the pen out the draw

draw on the paper until it says help me

send it off - you will get it back with a death sign on it

go to the phone

dial " 4357*63 " spellig HELP*ME

the phone will ring and say "OK"

Go to the picture frame, press upper right, upper left, lower left and money is on the wall behind it.

Draw on it

Send the money in the container, a key will be retunred



Oh man, I dislike games that give me a pain with angles and stuff. Especially since my friend and I were going nuts since we were missing one tile which was the one

on the light if you look at it at the angle were you can see the blue door but not the whole gray cabinet.

It was a pain at a few times and my friend and I had to use the walkthrough (we're slow), but it was okay. I remember we kept trying to put the tiles on the hint paper from the trash can. "It's not working! LOL!

I had no sound the first time but when I played it the second time by myself, it was pretty creepy. It was funny since it only played when there were specific areas with items you can pick up. The fridge of doom with the rotten meat of stinky doom! *cue creepy music* LOL!

This game made me laugh more than shiver actually. I loved it. My friend twitched at the end (she doesn't like things that creep up behind you) but I burst out laughing, especially at the credits.

Seriously, skeleton with a weird dice and a beer while floating in the sky. The last thing I expected. I loved it though.

Sure, this game was a pain at times making you have a head+desk moment after you peek at the walkthrough ("What?! How was I supposed to know to check there!" for example...), but I liked it overall. I'm pretty sure people will probably need to bust out the walkthrough (especially escape game mundanes like myself... :c) but it wasn't horrible to the point of closing the window and shaking my head saying it was a waste of time. I guess I would recommend it, but it definitely doesn't come close to some of my other top favorites. I'm giving it a 5/5 still since I was entertained and since I laughed at the end.


I officially hate the creator of the Crimson Room!

I followed the link on the note in the game and got the code: 1297. That didn't work. I tried various things, like clicking the buttons "1" time then "2" times etc. instead of entering the actual numbers, which didn't work. Then I began reading comments and using codes suggested, also not working. Someone mentioned restarting the game after you got the code. I did this. Still didn't work. Then someone said something about not flipping the cards over until the new game was started. So I opened the code window up, restarted Crimson Room, then flipped over the cards to reveal the same code I'd gotten every time: 1297, except this time, it worked. That doesn't make any sense at all, and to make a game that works like that is ridiculous. And then, if you don't click on the exact right spot on the screwdriver, it takes you out of the safe and you have to watch the whole dancing video and enter the code in again to open the safe. So stupid.


i cant semm to get the lighter, or the key in the skelitons hand what do i do?


For the life of me I cannot find the last two items in the Viridian room, I think they are both cards. I'm supposed to examine the wall with the blue door and the lamp and neither have a card. They just aren't there. I've tried clicking a million things and it's not showing up. Please help!


Safe combo is random y/n???

My code from the Yellow Chamber did NOT open the safe and was not 1994. wot gives?


THANK YOU, BNBN! I know it's been years since you posted exactly where to click to find the battery in the Crimson Room, but THANK YOU! By the time I got to the 4th page of posts, I was starting to lose hope. You renewed my faith in the goodness of humanity!


Where is the picture frame? I've been looking anywhere!


i have everything but it won't let me escape on virdian room! I have everything in place!

The Logical Ghost November 11, 2015 6:48 PM

Just FYI, the links to these games no longer work.

What's worse, Crimson Room is now impossible to solve without checking a walkthrough since the

url on the memo leads to a broken link.

Considering these games are often considered THE classic grandfathers of Escape Games, I feel like it would be wonderful if JiG were to preserve these games on their own site. Just a thought.


okay the game is not there anymore i will use wayback machine


There is a copy on kibagames. But I've never managed to play with Takagi's White Chamber. If anyone knows a place where i can find it, share me the information, please!!

RRicci May 6, 2017 6:17 PM

The links above are dead. Do a search to play the game. Aministrators, PLEASE update above links.

RRicci May 6, 2017 8:24 PM

The links above to play the games are dead.

For viridian Room try,


For Crimson Room, try



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