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Virtual Villagers 3:
The Secret City Walkthrough
and Strategy Guide

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Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

pineappleWe have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for
Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City. This Hint-through guide will provide gentle nudges in the right direction to help you get the most from your experience with the latest Virtual Villagers game. Be warned: This guide does contain some spoilers, so proceed with caution and as a last resort!

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For those who require more than just hints and nudges, you will find a more complete walkthrough and strategy guide available in the comments section below.

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

General Play Tips

  • If You've Played VV2, a few things are the same as far as game functionality:

    • You can still zoom around the map by using your keypad.

    • If you pick up a villager while he or she is in the midst of something, they will drop what they are holding or forget what they are doing.

    • Only children can pick up collectibles and mushrooms. If a child can't pick it up, then maybe it isn't actually a collectible, hmm? </yoda voice>

    • Teenagers can still start working around age 14; adults still have to be 18 to make babies. I was able to get a mid-40's female to make a baby, but no older. Your Parenting May Vary.

    • You can still occasionally get an older child to start learning a skill earlier than 14, especially if he or she was born with an aptitude.

    • Fire still affects health, and to get it started and keep it going is very similar to VV2.

    • No totems this time.

    • Swimming works the same.

  • Food

    • In the Short Term

      There has to be something immediately available to feed your villagers, right?

      It's buzzing right in front of your face.

      There's honey in the beehive by the beach.

      You just have to find a way to get rid of the bees to get to it.

      Convenient how those torches are just lying there, isn't it?

      With a flaming torch, you could smoke the bees away.

      But a dead torch won't smoke, so you need to light it.

      To start a fire, you need a safe place to do it, some fuel and some kindling.

      The wood in the pile by the beach is always nice and dry.

      There is some "very dry grass" near the waterfall; sounds like a good firestarter.

      Warning: the hive runs out eventually, so you should be on the lookout for other sources of food.

    • In the Medium Term

      You'll need more than one little hive of honey. And those sharks ruin your fishing chances.

      That nice big loamy area seems to be suitable for planting.

      And there's rain in VV3, so you won't need to worry about irrigation.

      If only a seed would appear, so you could grow produce!

      (It will. Right on the topsoil.)

      Keep an eye out for other seeds in this spot. You can plant a couple more times.

      The good news is that later you will get a tool to help you harvest seeds for planting.

      The bad news is two-fold: it takes fruit trees a while to mature, and eventually, they will stop producing fruit, so you better be on the lookout for additional food sources.

    • In the Long Term

      This will require you to get further into the game; you need to have completed Puzzle #3, and also have Level 2 Faction. I suggest you wait to read hints till you have just about maxed out your orchard and are doing fairly well at alchemy and tech points.

      Solving your long-term food problem is also Puzzle #11, so go to Puzzle #11 hints.

  • Fire

    • Starting It

      To start a fire, you need a safe place to do it, some fuel and some kindling.

      The wood in the pile by the beach is always nice and dry.

      There is some "very dry grass" near the waterfall; sounds like a good firestarter.

    • General Fire Tips

      • Click on the fire and check the status bar to see how long it will burn.

      • You can't burn a villager, so don't worry about putting them on or near the fire.

      • The fire might signal to you for some interaction; keep an eye out.

      • After the first time, the torches don't behave like you would expect. You'll have to use the villagers and hope they remember how to use the torches.

      • A fire can be replenished with firewood, or restarted, at any time.

      • There are two ways you can get rid of a fire, should you need to do so: let it burn out, or put water on it.

  • Parenting

    • General Tips

      • Remember that a nursing mother won't do any other chore but care for the baby, for two years -- so choose your mothers wisely.

      • If you check the Parenting skill box for a male villager, you run the risk that he'll just go around breeding with all the villagers he encounters, which eliminates your control over who's tied up with childcare. Let the ladies make all the first moves!

      • If there is a particular couple that you are having trouble getting to "go indoors," some alchemy can help you if you've reached that stage (you'll need Puzzle #3 completed:

        There is a "feeling romantic" potion and a "feeling fertile" potion. Use wisely! The romance potion drinker will rush out and try to mate with the first adult he/she sees. The fertility potion seems to encourage immediate babies. Get the recipes from the Potion Recipe section.

  • Skills

    • General Worker Tips

      • Always toggle on the activity preference for any particular job you want a villager to keep working on, or else he/she will lose interest and wander off. (Well, they do that sometimes anyway... but they seem to get the hang of things more quickly when their preference is set.)

      • Giving your villagers multiple abilities will insure that you are covered for the puzzles where you need two or more of a particular type of skilled worker.

      • If a villager has mastered a skill, but refuses to work on a project with that skill, there's a reason. Usually, it's that you need to level up with tech points in some category.

    • Building

      • Builders seem to learn faster if you rotate them onto different projects occasionally.

      • Any restoration project will go faster if you put more builders on it, and faster again if they have higher skill levels.

    • Researching

      • Keep an eye on the health of your scientists. Testing too many potions can weaken them. You can always test potions on other villagers too. }:)

      • If you can't get an untrained villager to stick with the researching, try sending them for herbs for a while. It keeps them occupied and returning to the lab.

      • Master scientists always earn more tech points for the same work.

      • Use children to collect your herbs; they're lightning-fast at delivery!

  • Collectibles

    • General Tips

      • If you've spotted a collectible but don't have a child handy, the space bar (which pauses the game) is your friend.

      • Be aware of camouflaged items. Some collectibles are hard to spot in their natural environment.

      • If you find a collectible that a child can't pick up, try having an Adept or Master worker do it.

      • Duplicate collectibles still earn tech points.

      • The collectibles that are produced by nature will be found all over the place. But the collectibles that are man-made will only appear in one area, and won't start appearing immediately. So don't sweat those.

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Hints for Specific Puzzles

  • These are numbered as they appear, left to right in the puzzle grid. You can open the puzzle spoiler and check what prerequisites are needed, before reading the whole hint.

  • Puzzle #1

    Prerequisites: None.

    Some of the Puzzle symbols in the grid are easy to identify, but this one doesn't match anything you can see.

    But it is something that your villagers can do right away, at the first of the game.

    In fact, it's best to just get it over with.

    The answer is already among them, and merely needs to be identified.

    The villagers need to figure out who their leader is.

    Johnnie Cochran might say, "If it doesn't fit, you must not be it."

    Check out the amphitheater.

    Have the villagers try on the robe till you find the chief.

    Click the mask to the left of the status bar to give you hints about the chief's abilities. Be sure to read the Leadership detail on the Tech page also.

  • Puzzle #2

    Prerequisites: A fire. If you've got any food in the bin, you've likely already solved this puzzle.

    If not, you better hurry, so the villagers don't starve. It's buzzing right in front of your face.

    There's honey in the beehive by the beach.

    You just have to find a way to get rid of the bees in order to collect it.

    Convenient how those torches are just lying there, isn't it?

    If you could light them, you could smoke the bees away.

    Warning: the hive runs out eventually, so you should be on the lookout for other sources of food.

  • Puzzle #3

    Prerequisites: An Adept Scientist

    If you've tried to pick up any of the flowers and herbs lying around, you've been refused, along with the message that the alchemy lab is in ruins!

    And have you tried to pick up those weird pots and other manmade items that are lying around? They aren't collectibles.

    You need an adept scientist to gather those things up and put the lab back together.

    There are five items total. You'll have to drop a villager on each one separately.

    They are: a plain brown pot, a yellow and white pot, a red and white pot, a gray bowl with spoons, and a multi-colored stick-shaped item. No help on location -- the items are in a different place in each game.

    Once you've found them all, watch your scientist put your lab back together.

    Now you can use those herbs!

  • Puzzle #4

    Prerequisites: None.

    It involves something in the grassy area to the far right of the village.

    And not the orchid.

    But there's only one other thing over there for a villager to see or notice.

    And there's only one thing you can do with it.

    Any villager can help clear leaves. The more you put on it, the faster it will go. It will take a while but you can watch the status in the bar.

    This is also a great way to add builder skills to your villagers. There's nothing for you to do when the job is complete. Easy milestone!

  • Puzzle #5

    (Warning: this one is slightly frustrating -- because without seeking hints, it's impossible to be aware of.) Prerequisites: Level 2 Leadership, at least 2 Adept Farmers, and a completed Puzzle #1. You can come back to this one if you want, as no other puzzles are dependent on it.

    What would you do if you were a primitive tribe and needed some rain?

    Pray to the gods, maybe, or show some sort of sacrifice. Your chief would probably lead you.

    Where would the chief do this kind of ceremony? Check all the places that a nature ritual might happen.

    Drop your chief on the fire. He'll start to do a dance.

    Of course he needs some villagers to help him.

  • Puzzle #6

    Prerequisites: Level 2 Restoration and 3 Adept Builders.

    It's time to fix that broken machine in the orchard.

    The better trained your builders are, the faster this will go. Also, if you bring your chief over to supervise, the builders won't get distracted.

    If they are having trouble getting started, drop a builder so he sees the broken machine or lift.

    They can repair the lift, but they can't operate it. It runs on nature's schedule.

    The lift runs on gravity... and there's no way for your villagers to fill the bucket with weight.

    When it starts to rain, you can put a villager on the lift's platform. When the bucket fills with rainwater, it will raise the villager to access the tree above.

  • Puzzle #7

    Prerequisites: Level 2 Restoration

    Have you noticed those loose stones to the right of the staircase, by the broken bath? (number 2 on your keypad)

    It's rubble that needs to be cleared. The better trained your builders are, and the more you use of them, the faster this will go. Also, if you bring your chief over to supervise, the builders won't get distracted.

    It takes a really long time. But something exciting happens in the interim:

    Collectible tablet pieces will start to appear.

    When you're done clearing the rubble, you should have a big hole in the ground. Send someone down to check it out.

    Don't worry if you forget part of the story: you can "replay" it by sending someone into the cave again.

  • Puzzle #8

    Prerequisites: Level 2 Restoration and a Master Builder

    By now you've seen the broken bath, a project "too difficult without plans."

    So have a builder draw up some plans.

    There's only one good place to really draw up plans:

    the chalkboard in the lab.

    Drop a Master Builder on the chalkboard.

    Once he draws up plans for the bath, you can put your builders onto this project.

  • Puzzle #9

    Prerequisites: Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, completed Puzzle #8, a Chief, lots of trained builders

    You need a Master Builder to draw up some new plans.

    And you'll need the Chief or a Master Builder to do some site preparation.

    What happens when you fly a Chief or Master Builder over the top of the path?

    They will "see a good place to anchor the statue." Drop a Master Builder on that spot.

    He or she will build the scaffolding.

    Then, you can start bringing builders onto the statue. They need to be supervised, though.

    Make sure your chief is there to direct the work. It takes a really long time to execute this.

  • Puzzle #10

    Prerequisites: Completed Puzzle #6

    If you have a tree growing in the dark soil already, you've begun this puzzle.

    If you've had a villager plant the other two seeds that fell after using the lift two times, you've done all you can on this puzzle.

    Now you're growing an orchard. When the trees mature and bear fruit, you've completed it.

    You can keep sending villagers up on the lift if you want, but they won't plant the seeds that fall; they'll just put them in the food storage.

    Sadly, the lift can't be used for anything else.

  • Puzzle #11

    Prerequisites: Completed Puzzle #3, and Level 2 Faction (Nature or Magic)

    It's time to tap the ocean for some sustainable food source.

    You can deal with the sharks via alchemy.

    Specifically, with a potion.

    And one of the ingredients is the magic 6th herb that was revealed to you after you leveled up in your faction.

    The potion recipe is Orchid + Orchid + 6th herb (for Nature Faction), or Rose + Rose + 6th herb (for Magic Faction).

    Have a scientist make the potion, then use it.

  • Puzzle #12

    Prerequisites: Level 3 Medicine, a completed Puzzle #8, and a Master Doctor

    It's time to use those odd receptacles around the top of the bath.

    Put a Master Doctor near or in the bath, and let him/her work.

    Ah! Pretty lotus blossoms near the bath!

    Only, you didn't get a "completed puzzle" pop-up, so clearly there's more to do.

    Turn the flowers into incense.

    By burning them.

    Yes, it would seem to make sense to take your doctor back to the torches by the beehive. But those don't work anymore.

    But how can your villager get fire to the bath?

    Apparently, the good doctor is carrying a torch in his pocket (ahem). So, just drop him on the fire.

  • Puzzle #13

    Prerequisites: Time. There's nothing else you can to do to bring this one on.

    Have you noticed that your fire appears to be sparkling?

    If not, you're not ready for this one. You can't go looking for this; it can only be found by accident.

    One way or the other, your fire needs to go out.

    You could let it die out, or you could put it out somehow.

    If your fire is sparkling and you don't want to wait for it to go out, or if you just want to see if your fire is ready for this puzzle,

    drop a villager onto the waterfall. If they just get a drink of water, you're not ready.

  • Puzzle #14

    Prerequisites: Completed Puzzle #3

    So if you had something up high that you needed a villager to reach...

    And you couldn't use that primitive ol' lift...

    How could you get them up there? They won't stack up on each others' shoulders.

    But maybe a really bouncy villager could jump.

    There is a potion that makes a villager better at jumping.

    It's Rose + Cactus + Lotus.

    Have a scientist make the potion, then have a villager use it.

    Once he or she feels "light and springy," drop him right under the pink gem on the cliff by the orchard.

  • Puzzle #15

    Prerequisites: A Chief, a Master Builder, a Master Scientist, and a completed Puzzle #9.

    Once the statue was completed, did you find anything of interest?

    It looks like a collectible. Only, a child couldn't pick it up.

    Under the statue is an "irregular pearl" that needs to be shaped.

    A skilled builder could do it... possibly with the help of some water.

    Have a Master Builder take the pearl to the waterfall until it's smooth.

    Now you've got a nice round light blue pearl.

    But it isn't very shiny. Could you have someone polish it?

    Someone with the appropriate chemicals and tools to clean it up?

    Have a Master Scientist pick up the smoothed pearl to polish it.

    Now what? There is a round hole remaining in the green door at the top of the path. Is this pearl the third key?

    Doesn't seem like it... but could it possibly be a *decoy* for the third key?

    That giant clam has a pearl too... but it's kind of a mean clam.

    Maybe a leader could talk it into swapping.

    Have your chief take the new blue pearl out to the clam on the reef.

  • Puzzle #16

    Prerequisites: Completed Puzzles #13, 14, 15

    [I am very sorry to report that I played a test version of VV3, which had a bug that prevented one from reaching the final puzzle. I can't help you with hints here; all I have is a walkthrough tip... which might spoil your experience by revealing the ending. I am currently trying to re-play to the end in order to correct this. But, proceed at your own risk from here! ~ pineapple]

    Once you have the three keys in the door, a special room will appear.

    Put a villager on the farthest left position of the sun dial.

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Important Potion Recipes

  • These are the potions that will be helpful to your villagers, or necessary in order to solve puzzles in the game. These are not hints; it's an explicit recipe list along with effects. If you want to experiment and find the important potions yourself, I recommend using an Excel spreadsheet to track your work, as there are 56 possible combinations of herbs.

  • The Shark Solution

    Orchid + Orchid + Pitcher Plant (for Nature Faction), or Rose + Rose + Berry (for Magic Faction)

  • "Light and Springy"

    Rose + Cactus + Lotus

  • "Much Healthier"

    Cactus + Cactus + Lotus

  • "Feels Romantic"

    Rose x 3

  • "Feels Fertile"

    Rose + Rose + Cactus, also Rose + Lotus + Lotus

  • "Much Healthier"

    Cactus + Cactus + Lotus

  • HUGE List of Potions (major spoilers!)

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

"Argh! What's the deal with..."

  • (You might be able to get a "quick fix" here without scrolling through the whole chronological hint guide)

  • those light blue flowers with green leaves, sprinkled all around the village?

    Nothing. Sometimes a pretty flower is just a pretty flower.

  • those white flowers with yellow centers, sprinkled all around the village?

    Nothing. Sometimes a pretty flower is just a pretty flower.

  • the mountain?

    Nothing. Just a mountain.

  • rainy season?

    Nothing, really. This is a notice that doesn't always appear, but when it does it simply signals lots of rain. It's a good time to collect seeds from the lift, but otherwise, is of little consequence.

  • the fifth item for Puzzle 3?

    The colored stick can be very hard to spot. It's mostly gray, and it's long and thin. It won't be under anything, but it might blend in to the background.

  • Puzzle 4?

    Don't feel like you missed something (I got all the way to Puzzle #15 before I finally solved 4) -- there's no real way to spot this one. You need to get the chief and some farmers over to the fire, so they can lead a rain dance.

  • Making Potions?

    While the Awards list in the game says you should make over 50 (you can actually make 56 total, I believe), only a handful are really necessary to advance. Check the potions recipe list for the critical ones. But, making potions is a good way to train your villagers while adding tech points, so keep at it if they've got nothing else to do. Besides, a couple of them are funny: try Rose / Rose / Tiger Lily.Also, if you need to make a new potion but an old one is still in the pot, just collect the new herbs, and then drop your scientist onto an herb-filled table. He or she will empty the pot.

  • that weird stone area with the face statue and three piles of hay?

    Piles of hay like... bedding? And with bowls nearby? Could it be...

    an area for people to rest? Maybe heal?

    It's a clinic. It won't look like much till you get some doctors in training, and buy higher Medicine Tech.

  • those bowls on the bath?

    They're not nothing. It's a puzzle for you to solve.

    But you'll need to have accomplished some stuff first.

    Those bowls are part of Puzzle #12.

  • 'Too hot to touch'?

    There are two ways to cool off the diamond you found in the fire: wait long enough, or have the villagers pour water on it. Drop a villager on the waterfall and she will bring a bowl of water over and pour it on. This has to happen a few times (probably at least 10). I just left the game overnight and when I came back the diamond was cool.

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Thoughts on the Order to Buy Technology

  • This is merely from my observations; proceed at your own risk!

I would go in the following order for spending those precious tech points.

  1. Level 2 Alchemy. Yes, Level 1 Faction is cheaper, but it doesn't provide all that much benefit, plus your scientists will accrue more tech points faster if they can successfully experiment with potions. (Disclaimer: I never waited to earn 7,000 before buying tech... but I can see also where Level 2 Restoration would be good to buy first as well.)

  2. Level 2 Restoration. Not much room for debate here. You really can't start to repair anything until you have this. This has to be your first or second purchase.

  3. Level 1 Faction

  4. Level 2 Faction. Trust me, you really need that special herb.

Then at this point, I'd say it's a toss-up and you should pick based on your villagers' needs and what your play schedule will be:

  • Buying Level 2 Science or not doesn't affect play too much, but it does help your scientists accrue more tech points while you are away from game.

  • Buying Level 2 Medicine is good if you have sickly villagers - but that's also probably a symptom of a problem like not enough fire, food, or shelter. You can train doctors faster with higher Medicine. You can have a scientist whip up a health potion if you need to squeak by for a while on Medicine.

  • Level 2 Leadership comes in handy for when you want to get through Puzzles #7-9 quickly, as the Chief can supervise the building work; it's kind of a waste as far as educating children, though.

  • Level 3 Leadership and Level 3 Restoration are both necessary to complete the game, so be prepared to let your villagers accrue points.

  • Level 3 Faction lets you play a long time with multiple generations of villagers, but doesn't directly affect your completion of the puzzles.

Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Stuff You Can Do Before You Absolutely Have to Buy Technology

All of the following can be done before you've spent any tech points (although certain skill levels might be required, or elapse of time):

  • Solve Puzzles 1, 2, 3, 4, 13, 14

  • Create heat and light

    (i.e. build the fire)

  • Build shelter

  • Procreate

  • First food

    (the honey)

  • Second food

    (the first fruit tree)


Nice hint-through, Pineapple!


Very helpfull. One thing though, I found I could start building the bath in puzzle 8 without having restoration 2.


loving the game. hints very useful. but can't find berries for shark potion


Potion to make everyone work faster
-cactus, Black Orchid, Lotus
Potion to increase skill
- Rose, Lotus, cactus


That might be it,pineapple. My furthest tribe is also on easy.

Tina Pyle May 29, 2008 4:52 PM

Where are the berries I need to make the shark potion? The spoiler says I can make the potion before buying tech but I can't find the berries. I have level 1 nature faction.

mack121210 May 29, 2008 5:29 PM

how do you find these 'berrys' and the 'locust?

Anonymous May 29, 2008 5:36 PM

Where in the world do I find the lotus herb? I have drug a villager everywhere. please help. THX

george avgeris May 29, 2008 10:13 PM

Once a day you [supposedly] can put chief on cliff's edge next to door and chief will point to a rare collectible.

Instead of pointing, my chief just turns in a circle, gets a rainbow overhead.

Please, how does this tell me where the rare collectible is?



Where can i find the cactus? I've tried just about every single plant out there and still nothing?


The cactus is right next to the labratory.

chandenee May 30, 2008 12:00 AM

To find the cactus:

It is to the right of the amphitheater

I was watching one of the kids and he went to examine it.


where is the locus plant located?

Anonymous May 30, 2008 1:11 AM

I tried that potion to increase skills and it is the same as the light and springy potion, It does nothing for skills


Help!! My fruit tree and honey are almost out. I bought level 2 nature thinking it'll help, but nothing changed.


My fire went out and I can't get the villagers to pick up a torch to re-light it. I have dry grass in place. What am I doing wrong?


Anyone know what any other potions do? I tried making the health one, but it blew up and said I needed a higher level of alchemy.


I Started the game twice already and my people are going to die again. I planted one banana tree but I can't find another and it is going to run out soon. Please help me.

Anonymous May 30, 2008 10:46 AM

I have no food left from my fruit tree and no more honey from the bee hive, but dont have enough tech points to buy level 2 restoration or fraction....please let me know what to do before my tribe starves

mdnitesky May 30, 2008 11:08 AM

I have exhausted the honey, and am running out of food. Where is my next source of food?

Anonymous May 30, 2008 11:44 AM

Ok, this is starting to get on my nerves, lol. Why won't my villagers praying to the gods work? I have tried a million times with adept builders and master builders. neither work, they do the weather dance but no rain will come. UGH!!! what am i doing wrong?


Hey Guys, I've got one question: What's about this shell at the reef with the pearl inside? Everytime I drop a villager above it, it's closing and I don't know what to do with it... Please help me!

Anonymous May 30, 2008 2:26 PM

To get more food (it still takes a while):

Fix the machine
When it starts to rain, put a villager on the platform
the water will gather in the bucket and raise the platform
The Villager will knock down some fruit that will either be put in the food bin or be planted


What I do for food when I'm out of honey and the fruit tree is use the Chief on the food hut. He/she will creat magic food. They can only do it once every 24 hours so if you need more food go to the menu under options and pause the game until tomorrow when your chief can do more magic food.

Toxshock May 30, 2008 5:03 PM

Hi There,
I have read the recipe list for light and springy, and have repeatedly made it. However all I get is a yellow puff of smoke. I am on the easy setting. Any ideas? Many thanx in advance.


Can anyone tell me where I should start looking to find pieces of the tablet for the collectibles? I haven't seemed to find any of them and I have been playing this for 4 days. I thought some should have popped up by now. Do I need to have a certain level of something? I'm on easy mode. Thanks for any help!

Toxshock May 30, 2008 5:14 PM

No Worries
To make the springy potion you need a expert scientist.

marie beech May 30, 2008 6:14 PM

hi all
i have completed all my tech and have done all the puzzles except the statue the pearl and the last one. i have a chief i have master builders but for some reason my builders have pushed the statue to the bend near the door but won't do anything more with it and so i can't get it to complete. please if anyone can help what am i doing wrong.
thanks marie

Toxshock May 30, 2008 6:23 PM

Would say a bit more on the lift. I have it restored and have level 2 restoration, and I have waited for the rain, for the bucket to fill up. I am having problems getting any of my villages to stand on the lift, please could you give me a hint as I'm really starting to need food. Many Thanx Again

twilightluv0214 May 30, 2008 6:34 PM

i found a minor health potion here it is:

Cactus x 3


umm. i am totally out of food and i don't know what to do! i had over 300 food but then i ran out of honey and i dont have enough Restoration to fix the machine and my villagers are gonna starve! help me please!


To anyone needing food:

Mushrooms are food...and thats why the kids are there. (lol)
I've had 0 food and mushrooms keep appearing..send the kids to pick them up..mushrooms appear more often during and just after rain storms.
Also your adult workers do more work with less food (under 300)when the food gets to 300 or more the adults do more walking around and less work...if the adults can be kept busy your tech points also build faster (don't let them "worry about food"...put them to work.
(just call me slave driver)

Hope this helps

Anonymous May 30, 2008 7:09 PM

Ok, I did the waether dance with my cheif and 2 master farmers and 2 adept farmers and it started raining but it didn't give me the puzzle. Is there something else your suppose to do?

kyrider May 30, 2008 7:13 PM

Ok, i used my cheif, 2 adept farmers, and 2 master farmers on the weather dance. it started raining but didn't complete the puzzle, i am lost. Please help


I have emergency question..

For get a key,it writes u need to mix up rose+lotus+cactus.

When I mix up all this , potion explode.What to do??


What does it mean when my villagers are "worried about food," aside from the obvious? It seems like they interrupt other tasks to go worry, but don't end up doing anything useful.

Nikki G. May 31, 2008 10:08 AM

I have come to the point i need a master Dr. How in the world do I train someone to become it. I know in the earlier games they could study the plants.....does not work in this one

Isola girl May 31, 2008 11:27 AM

Hey haz any1 tried this potion? Rose+cactus+tiger lily it haz crazy results! :-p


where is the 6th herb?
i tried looking where u told me to
but nothings there
and...i do have level 2 nature faction

kyrider79 May 31, 2008 12:03 PM

Yes, i bought leadership 2 I have lvl 2 of everything.


i have a question. me and my mom have a tribe that we are working on together and we cant figure out how to get a lot of tech points. can anyone help? thanks

Anonymous May 31, 2008 5:11 PM

I don't know if anyone noticed this or not, but he CHIEF if it is a woman, she can be pregnant and be Chief at the same time.

ALSO.......up above it says something about the kids can gather herbs they can also do several other things as well besides herb gathering and collection stuff gathering. I will put it in spoiler tags in case you don't want to know it.

they can help pour water onto the fire when you are trying to get the gem out of the fire cooled off


they can also heal others who are sick.


pineapple, does it matter what potions that we make?

boandtrentsmom May 31, 2008 5:25 PM

PS on my post about the CHIEF WOMAN being pregnant. She can be pregnant, but she won't "oversee work" and stuff so I guess she won't "act" as chief until the baby is through nursing. bummer.


What is the diamond thing that everyone is talking bout? We cant find it in the fire. whats up???????

Anonymous May 31, 2008 8:39 PM

how can i get nature lvl 2 realy fast and i have troble with puzzles will any1 help me


what happens at the end and what's the point?

[Edit: Virtual Villagers is an open ended game in which you can keep playing for as long as you like. Although there are goals and objectives along the way, as well as puzzles to solve, the point of the game is to have fun playing while taking care of your villagers as you watch them grow and prosper on the island. -Jay]

geniegamer May 31, 2008 11:52 PM

I found that I needed 3 adept builders for the lift and not 2. Also, I can't figure out how to train a healer, I've tried placing someone in the clinic and it just doesn't work. Please help.

geniegamer June 1, 2008 1:52 AM

*Kaja: To get the Cliff Door key-

Make the potion of rose, cactus, lotus. Have your person drink then drag him to the bottom of the cliff where you see the pink door key. They will get high enough to reach it. You must have a Master Scientist make the potion.

*Steffi: For your pearl question-

Focus on rebuilding your statue, that will lead to the solution puzzle.

geniegamer June 1, 2008 1:55 AM

Sorry about the comment above. I tried to mark it with Spoiler tags but I guess I misunderstood. :(

[Edit: I've fixed them for you. Make sure your <spoiler> tags are all lowercase. :) -Jay]

misty02 June 1, 2008 4:18 AM

hey i am just having a moment here, and can't figure out how to gather food from the fruit tree or seeds whichever...

any ideas?


how do u earn more tech points to get things you need


Quick question: I have level 2 leadership, but how does the chief educate the children?


JAMIE - you accumulate tech points by researching, which takes time. Drag an adult to the large table in the alchemy lab (the building with the bamboo walls). Keep trying until it says the villager improved at researching.

You can also earn tech points by having children find collectibles.

Upgrading the Science technology (with tech points) allows you to earn tech points faster.


I could not solve puzzle 16. Pineapple hint from other person did not work:( Please help.


Hi, my chief has died of old age, but I have a few puzzles unsolved that I realise I needed him for, what happens? I have tried to re create another chief but it says the robes dont fit anyone else, any ideas?.....


Need food? Drag your chief to the food bin. The chief will grant you food!


I need help- I have all 3 trees in the orchard but they are empty. No time given when they might have fruit again- not sure if they ever will. How do I get more food?

tina cifaldo June 1, 2008 12:24 PM

I have level 2 of everything and still no berry bush for sharks...what now?


Ria: To educate the children,

you drag the chief to one of the children. Remember, you can only do this once a day.

A hint to those who don't like waiting,

you can change the time on your computer. For example, the game's hours are related to the hours passed on the computer. So, if it's 5:00pm and you change it to 6:00pm, one hour has passed in the game. Warning: you should not be advancing the time too much because your villagers may die of starvation or disease. I suggest you advance the time an hour and check on your villagers.

JAMIE: To accumulate tech points, Jay is right, pick up collectibles, the first time you get one you don't get any tech points, but the second time you can get the following amount of tech points:
Common collectible: 100 tech points
Uncommon collectible: 250 tech points
Rare collectible: 1500 tech points
To get the tablets,

you have to start clearing the rubble, at 2% they begin to come out.

Moreover, to train a healer,

drag a villager to the table in the clinic, it should say "Studying medicine".

To get the weather dance,

make sure the chief and the three other adept farmers are "dancing the weather dance", not "dancing poorly".

I hope I helped.


Emma: anyone can be a chief,

if you have any pregnant women, wait til they have their child and then drag the child to the robes. There is always going to be a chief.

mw: you can get food from the mushrooms,

perform the weather dance so they mushrooms would be abundant and you can get food by putting a villager (not a nursing mom) on the lift, however, the fruit the falls only gives 4 food.

tina cifaldo: you can only get the berry bush if you have level two on the magic faction.

it's located on the left of the lab.

To solve puzzle sixteen,

you will need to have solved Puzzles 13, 14, and 15. Once all three keys are in the door, the sun dial room will be revealed. Drop a villager on the sun dial until it reaches the position at the furthest left (there are three locations for the sun dial). When a beam of sunlight hits the sun dial, ghostly figures will appear in the room. Drop a villager on those ghosts and the mystery of the secret city will be revealed!

Isola girl June 1, 2008 1:25 PM

When I tried to do the weather dance it did not work. I put my chief, a master farmer and an adept farmer on the fire. They danced for a while then went of woring about food. I tried in five times and still no rain. Any ideas? They would really help.


I keep getting: No potion ready!
I have all of the alchemy and and 2nd level magic..
What's going on?!?!

tina cifaldo June 1, 2008 2:15 PM

oh...figures I would buy the wrong thing...thank you


how many people can you have per hut? i have 17 people and one hut and it says that i cant have anymore people for lack of space. why?

2darncute June 1, 2008 4:03 PM

@ emma: My chief died and I went through the rest of the tribe one by one to see who could wear the robe next ... and it was a 5-year-old child! FYI: a child chief can still pick up mushrooms and collectibles.

@ Isolagirl: you need the chief and three adept (or master) farmers for the rain dance.


I just wanted to let everyone know if they dont already know that children can collect herbs!! You don't have to pull anyone off their work to collect herbs because the children can do it!

YouKnow June 1, 2008 5:37 PM

Just thought I would share this potion:

Cactus, Cactus , Lotus = big health potion.


if anyone would like to know to solve the child prodigy award:

make the potion combanation of orchid, rose, and lotus. it will make anyone who drinks it sick, then you can just place a child to heal the adults. keep repeating and you will have a master doctor. when villagers are as children they are reffered to as apprentise. this also gets you the doctor is in award since it takes more than 30 people to become a master


thanks. we finally finished the 2nd hut. now we have 21 people. is it possible for someone over 50 to get pregnant????

Anonymous June 1, 2008 5:57 PM

Where do I find pieces of the Tablet?
I thought I saw pieces of them when my villagers were clearing the rubble... I tried to get a child to pick up the piece but they don't.

himomma June 1, 2008 6:03 PM

Where do I find the pieces of the tablet?

I thought I saw some while my villagers were clearing away the rubble but I can't get anyone to pick them up



we finished clearing the rubble but we don't have all of the tablet pieces. what do we do??


I appear to be almost done fixing the statue, it is up on the ramp, but noone will work on it anymore, I have a cheif, I have masters in everything, I'm completely upgraded. I've tried many, many times, but everyone just walks away, and does something else.
Any help hints, spoilers would be apreciated.
Thank you.

noel2conner June 1, 2008 6:44 PM

Hello everyone i am kind of new here. so i wanted to say hello before i asked my question.
Ok so i have heard that the tribal chief can make food...
So my question is how do i "use" the tribal chief to make the food? any help on this would be great.

Anonymous June 1, 2008 7:03 PM

Are there any sources of food other than the 3 trees and mushrooms? I lost an entire village of 24 because the trees were empty and there weren't enough mushrooms. There has to be another food source of some kind. I have my game set to easy.

Christina June 1, 2008 7:28 PM

I don't know if you already know this but there's another potion you can try that is not listed above.

use the orchid+cactus+lotus and it will make your villagers work faster

Christina June 1, 2008 7:30 PM

just found out that the only downside of this potion is that it won't work on ederly villagers


just drop your chief by the food bin then he/she will make the food


noel2conner - once per day (every 24 hours) you may drop the chief on top of the food storage hut. The chief will make food by magic.

noel2conner June 1, 2008 8:00 PM

thank you for your help on that issue.
i am still waiting for the diamond to show up in the fire pit.
I have had one fire and let it burn completely out and it has been two days since then and i can't get the diamond to show up at all so i want to ask if i should start another fire and wait till it burns out then hope it shows up after the second fire or should i still wait.
Thanks for any help.


always keep a fire going it helps your villagers survive, also the diamond can show up when the fire is burning too when the fire sparkles then the diamond is under it. another way to tell is drag a villager to where they would get a drink and if it says putting out fire then the diamond is there

Isolamasta June 1, 2008 8:16 PM

i didnt know if anyone knew this weird glitch but...

if you havent finished the shark puzzle, drag a child to the furthest top right corner of the screen. he will stand on water, and when he/she moves, they will fall in, and can't move! also, if you do this with an adult, they wont scream "sharks! eek!" they will swim back to land normally.

interseting, huh?


if anybosy wants to see your villagers do something funny put together this potion

tiger lily + cactus + rose


I have reviewed other walk-through sites and as this one is most informative, I have a question.

I have completed all puzzles except for 9, 13, 15 and 16. To proceed further I need mega tech points. It has been some time since I've needed builders so most of them are getting older and I'm afraid may die before I gain enough tech points to build something else. There is one more hut to build and my guess is I need level 3 restoration to build it, which I do not have. So I basically have nothing to build to train builders. Is there anything I'm missing that my villagers can work on?


I had my master scientist gather cactus, rose, and tiger lily for a potion and when she drank it her action was Blannesamagawa loomajoobamooga!! Could somebody please tell me what the potion did?


Hey, If you guys want to know how to get lots of food with only a little work from you, here it is:

Requirements: Tribal chief
pause the game (spacebar)and click on the menu button then click options. then set the fullscreen option to off. The game should now be a window. Then change your computer clock to one day ahead. then, going back to your game, click the done button then the play button. unpause the game(spacebar) and place your Tribe Chief on the food bin and he will make food. repeat. note: each time, make sure the game is on pause otherwise your tribe may die if there is little food, and you are on the menu screen, otherwise it will not work.


i cant find all the pieces for the lab what do i need


i cant find all the pieces for the lab what do i need


i cant find all the pieces to complete the lab and do i need to get


Aleah -

That particular recipe just makes them spout gibberish. If you check out the important potion recipes in the walkthrough above, you will find a spreadsheet with all 56 possible recipes and what they do.

Sasy -

The pieces for the lab are: a plain brown pot, a yellow and white pot, a red and white pot, a gray bowl with spoons, and a multi-colored stick-shaped item. Each of these items show up in a different place each time you play the game, and the stick is the hardest to spot.

bovineninja November 26, 2011 2:54 PM

Isolagirl: thanks for the tip on getting more food my tribe had 9 population and 0 food!! they were gonna die!! thanks sooooooo much :D


if you are running out of food here's a tip:

pause and every day come back and have chief grant food, keep it paused so nobody dies.


i got one gem and just two go! this website helps! i've used tis website for all of the virtual villagers! AWESOME website!!!


how do you save the game it makes me mad because i cant figure it out grr >:(

[The game auto-saves. There's nothing you must do to save your progress. -Jay]


i need help!!! my builders are pushing the statue and it said 24 hrs. then it said 19 hrs. then it switched to 39 hrs! is this common?


I found the stick by accident. I made the light & springy potion but couldnt get the gem, HELP


Where are the plants I need for potions,all of them?


can you help me with the tablet pieces?

although i've been clearing the rubble and i've got around eight, the rest of them are no longer appearing. i paused the game and returned to it again in the hope that if i cleared another percentage it would restart, but i'm almost at 100% and none have appeared for almost the last 60%.

also sorry for being over cautious with the spoiler tag.


Here's a pointer on getting more people into your tribe.

Have two or three women at least a trainee parent. Check beside the box "Parenting" and they'll become adept or higher. You'll also have more children.

This will help :)

anonymous January 25, 2012 9:29 PM

quick question: what is the 'pile of loose stones' used for? or is it just there for no reason?


I can't get my villagers to move the statue. What do I do?

Anon Ymous February 1, 2012 5:20 PM

I have a question. If you haven't cleared the rubble, don't read on so it's not spoiled.

Why does it say at the second part, when you enter the hole where the rubble is, why does it say if it's unbalanced, or betrayed, all will vanish (Or something like that)? Does the answer come at the end or will the elder really decide? Please respond!

Thank you for your time.


okay so i did something with the time to get my villagers back but it only made me lose almost all but my chief how do i get them back !!!!!, also when they were there they just wouldn't have babies anymore. HELPPPP PLEASE

Stephanie March 10, 2012 7:50 PM

Thanks for the help! It's really useful! I was just wondering, what's up with that clam floating in one of the tide pools close to the area where the sharks swim? Is it part of the game or is it just part of the scenery?
Well, thanks again!

Stephanie March 11, 2012 5:01 PM

HELP!! I bought Level 1 Nature faction expecting to also be able to buy level 2 but then I saw that level 2 was actually

50,000 points! I really need that 6th herb! I need to get rid of the sharks! I have no food and it's gonna take me FOREVER to earn that much points!

What do I do?!!? Please help me!!

Stephanie March 11, 2012 8:07 PM

I don't get it. I already finished Puzzle 3 but the research part of the lab is still in ruins! Do I have to do something else?

I have posted a few questions before, but I don't get any answers! I REALLY need help! Some of the questions are really important! Please! I'm desperate!

Jazz March 12, 2012 10:09 AM replied to Stephanie

Stephanie -

There is an extensive walkthrough posted above the comment. Check it out for more help because there are a lot of FAQs with answers.

Stephanie March 14, 2012 12:10 AM

Is it possible that an

"elderly" or 50+ year old villager

can have kids? Because I only have 11 villagers and most of them are male. And the females I DO have are all elderly and are probably going to die soon. My chief is young and has babies easily but its not enough. So.... ?

333richeous1999 March 22, 2012 10:05 AM

hi im new but i have a question. are my villagers supposed to die of old age at 60 and 70 and does it matter when its on fast

333richeous1999 March 22, 2012 10:15 AM

here is a love spoiler.

potion= rose+rose+rose
it makes people embrace

333richeous1999 March 22, 2012 11:00 AM

yes elderly villagers can reproduce

333richeous1999 March 22, 2012 5:53 PM


If you drop a villager on a hut they will fix it. And also collect collectables for tech points.


Pam, the clothes hut shows up when you get level 3 science


sorry. failed spoiler tags on the last 2. here it is Maria:

drop your villagers on the waterfall. if they get water, you're not ready for this puzzle. if they get a bowl of water to put on the fire, you're ready. once it's cooled down, a villager will take it to the door

[Please don't use "ur" as an abbreviation for "your" and "you're" while commenting here. Thank you. :) -Moderator]


i don't know what everyone is talking about with the waterfall and the gem. i have the gem but i don't see any waterfall. and when i try to build a fire over the gem, it keeps saying 'ouch! gem is too hot to touch'.


Kaylan -

On the left side of the village, just underneath the mountain with the mysterious door, there is a small waterfall that you will see villagers going to occasionally to wash their babies and the like. If you drop a villager on that waterfall they will use the water to cool off the diamond.


Help please I have no food source i do not have time to wait for another tree to grow or for my chief to be able to create magic food my food is at 0 and do not have time to get tech points to get nature faction 2

I am screwed


I also do not have children which means no collecting mushrooms


i have a problem i didnt make my villagers make babies and now i have 1 chief 1 man one woman who are all too old and then one little boy and one 13 yr old girl but i dont have any builders to do the statue and nothing is around to be built what do i do .. i only need puzzles #9,#12,#15,#16.


Where did your Potion Recipe Listing spreadsheet go? I can't seem to find it anymore. Please help.


It's still listed in the walkthrough under the heading "Important Potion Recipes", then under the spoiler "HUGE List of Potions"


Once I made the potion for Puzzle 11, hoe do I get a scientist to put it into a vial?


I apologize for the misspelling above. How do you get a scientist to put a potion into a vial in order to give it to the sharks? I can't seem to figure this out and complete not only Puzzle #11, but also provide a constant food source for my tribe. Please help.


Garrick Jurado -

You might want to check the walkthrough above the comments. There are puzzle solutions and a whole bunch of FAQs.


We've read thru all the walkthroughs, comments, and FAQ's, and apparently are still doing something wrong... We've made the potion correctly, but dom't know what to do before or after that to get the villagers to use it correctly. Please be more specific for those of us who seem more inept. Thank you so much. We love the game and don't want our villagers to die of starvation.

One other question for you. You mention pausing the game to have the children pick up the items multiple times using the space bar. Is there a trick to pausing the game for those of us who are using an iPad?


Brittany Bella Boo Azzarello -

What you are going to have to do is wait for that last girl to reach 18, then start repopulating your village. Once you have enough adults you can start dropping them on the huts to repair them, it helps build their building skills. Otherwise, you might have to start over.

Garrick and Karen Jurado -

Once they have made the potion, drop an adult on the cauldron and they should carry the potion out to the water to take care of the sharks.

RedJellyBean45 July 23, 2012 12:33 AM

I am in the middle of building my statue, I've built the scaffolding, have lots of builders and a chief and they have pushed it up next to the scaffolding however I can't seem to go any further in completing it??? The villagers just see it and walk through it. Could you please help?


I have the ipad version... what is section 3. i dont know where to place my villager to clear the leaves


Sharri Hall -

Have a look at #9 under Getting Started in the Walkthrough Guide above the comments.


i finished the lift but my villagers won't stay on it, it was raining too. i did it a number of times but i won't work


Kika Okoh -

Are you dropping them on the correct side of the lift? Has the lift already started rising when you place them on it? You have to drop them before it starts to lift, otherwise they won't stay.


okay mmm i am new but i was doing some puzzles and i couldn't make the tub every time it said 100 it send it to 1 please help and i will tell you a big and kind of awesome


okay first put your clock ahead by one day then easily just get the seed the bee hive don't harvest it though and then put your clock one the correct time and there it only works at the start but the next to seed you could do it when ever


my fire has gone out twice and no diamond! What am I doing wrong or what can I do to fix it?

mc.unicorn.whale March 27, 2013 8:20 PM

One of my villager's nursing time for their baby will not change, and I've been waiting for about an hour now. What do I do?


Angel Cuellar -

If the tub is resetting back to 1, you have a glitch in the game. You need to get a version that fixes the bug. Contact the vendor where you purchased the game for a fix. However, if you have been messing with the computer clock, setting it back and forth to make time pass, this could be interfering with the hot tub construction as well. Changing the time can cause glitches in the game.

JuliaPagan -

The fire needs to burn continuously for a couple of days before you let it go out and find the diamond. If the fire hasn't burned long enough, there will not be a diamond there.

mc.unicorn.whale -

Have you changed the computer time while the game was running? Messing with the computer clock can cause glitches in the game, like causing the trees not to produce more fruit, or "freezing" the aging process.


Epic amount of tech points earned by:

Set almost everyone (one healer, three farmers, and one female parent is not going to research) to research. If someone tries to leave the lab, drag them back. By tomorrow you will have, like, 4x the amount of points you normally had.

Hope it helped!

P.s: is the spoiler tag working?

natalia.martian May 29, 2014 7:54 AM

I have a crazy question. Does the game end by itself or you just keep on playing until you're sick of it? I have solved all puzzles except the last one (though the ghosts do appear, the puzzle does not activate - did anyone find a solution for that?). There are still some things I could do, but I'm starting to lose interest now that I have no more puzzles. I'm just curious if there's a big celebration at the end or it just goes on forever.


no duh i could do it

Henrypika45 October 6, 2014 7:21 PM replied to Jan

here's a hint to help w/ your food problem! thank u and proceed at ur own risk! (may only work for mobile ios aka ipad, iphone,etc.)

pause ur game. set the time 1 day forward. (nessesary) unpause ur game. set the time back to today. voila! 3k food beehive and 1k each tree! also a way to insta grow ur orchard without ur villagers dying! may not always work

dont ask me how that happens

Henrypika45 October 6, 2014 7:34 PM replied to Karen Jurado


remember that menu when you started your game for the first time? well there's a button on the bottom of the main screen and go to the options on the menu and tap on "Paused"
you're welcome!

Henrypika45 October 7, 2014 7:17 PM replied to Jan

To Jan...

So you have level 2 faction find that 6th herb and combine it with 2 orchid flowers. You'll get a shark solution and drop a ton of villagers in the ocean. they'll go fishing. but if you don't have enough villagers fishing you'll end up short handed on food. If you don't actually have level 2 faction search up my tip on page 26.


Hello, my statue was stuck at the top of the ramp. I had already restarted the game 3 times and by just plain dumb luck I was able to get the workers back pushing the statue. I play on my IPhone.

At the bottom of the ramp between the base of the statue and the ramp there is a leafy plant that has 3 orange tip leaves, starting with the first orange tip leaf closes to the ramp, drop your chief between the first and second leaf and he/she will go back to directing work. My builders went back on their own. But if one leaves just drop them in the same spot and they will go back to pushing statue.


When the tablets first started I didn't have any children to pick them up and missed a few of them. Now I have children and got several but the rest of them are not appearing anymore. It's been a few days of real time playing and none are appearing? looks as if they are not going to continue?


How do you complete puzzle 10 that is the only one I have left and I can't figure it out


I just want to say I really do appreciate these walkthroughs and strategy guides not just for this VV but for the other ones as well. I have found, however, that following the order of operations recommended here causes me to lose the game - my villagers all die - on easy mode on slow just while I am sleeping. In case this is so for anyone else, as well, I'd like to share the approach I've been using which seems to be working better for me. I will have to put it all in spoilers because I'd rather only mess with the spoiler tags once, lol.

My order of operations goes like this:
1. plant tree
2. find out who the chief is
3. make a fire
4. get chief to make magic food
5. calm the bees with smoke
6. assign all but one adult to research and have chief direct work in the lab
7. train the sole adult in building and farming until trainee level but don't let them ever complete putting away honey or clearing the leaves; as soon as the attempt is successful pick them up and make them drop it and do it again
8. switch out a lab person for the one that just got trained and train them the same way
9. once every adult is trainee in farming, research and building, put all but one back into the lab and the remaining one assigned to building the hut - that's right no actual farming/collecting of either fruit or honey - there should be arond 430-ish food in the bin after the magic food thing anyway so I choose to just save those resources because ...
10. first 2 tech purchases I do are faction 1 and faction 2, then restoration, alchemy, science and leader level 2. it takes a very long time to accumulate the 54K+ tech points for factions 1 and 2 and so I don't spend those on anything until I've got them
11. if the food bin hits 0 before 24 hours has passed and chief can make magic food again only then do I let one person do farming of the fruit tree and I interrupt if they head for the hive (they'll deplete it overnight anyway I know but my goal is to fill the food bin back up to about 200 quickly and the honey takes too long) I don't even switch the farmer to farming I already know they are at trainee level so I just leave them on research so they will gravitate to making more tech points when I'm not watching rather than depleting the food resources unnecessarily
12.overnight i switch out a lab person with the adept builder and let them either complete the first hut or I put them on clearing the leaves since I need 3 adept builders to fix the lift; I can get the 3rd one to adept next day and usually buy the 1st level faction as well which seems to affect the volume of food the hive and fruit tree produce
13.eyes on the prize I want the other two fruit trees and the sharks gone so my villagers can fish and i will work on all the remaining puzzles after I get that done
I've gotten to repairing the lift and even got a villager on there and he rose up and then I interfered and blew it; the animation was so slow I thought I had to help him get the seeds to fall instead he fell and it hasn't rained since - figures, lol

That is it for now but using this approach seems to be working so far. It's the furthest I've gotten without waking up to dead villagers and or 0 food available from any source besides mushrooms. I am an incidental mushroom/collectibles collector - I don't have patience to spend a lot of time searching for mushrooms with a child but if I see it on the screen sure why not grab it? :D I am not saying the instructions here don't work - only that they don't work for me because I am not on the game constantly - maybe about 3 times a day for +/- half an hour? I just wanted to share my experience in case it might come in handy for anyone else. Happy gaming, folks!

Again, I am really happy and grateful for these walkthroughs and I have to say I'm amazed by those who play these games successfully without these walkthroughs/hints/tips/spoilers - if left to my own devices I doubt I would have kept playing because my patience for exploring to figure things out for myself is just not there, lol. I can take others ideas and then tweak it to suit myself like I did this time but I'd never figure any of this out on my own.

~Krissy :)


Ha! I'm already eating some of my words in my previous post! *facepalm*

Unlike other parts of the Isola story, in this VV, training for farming adds the items to the bin as soon as the attempt is successful. I guess it's great that it saves time on the animations; don't have to let them go all the way to the bin, but it does dip into the food resource which I wanted to NOT do. Oh well. Despite only just figuring that out after 4 to 5 days of casual play, my villagers are not dead and we still have food in the bin (though hive is now empty and fruit tree, too). Current amount is 370-ish if that can last until tomorrow around this time so chief can make magic food again - then I'm golden. Otherwise I can only hope, that they are so busy making tech points that the tree/hive have time to replenish a bit.

~Krissy :)


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 66 - Retro with four games! After you find the ten monkeys in the chapter, look in the inventory. You will find a...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 65 with three games! As mentioned in the previous roundups, only odd-numbered episodes are featured since even-numbered are for Robin Vencel's patrons (the...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here! First we have two new cans from tomoLaSiDo and then two small rooms from isotronic. That's all for this...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to Mobile Monday! We have another beautiful game from Nicolet and it's a winter game as it should be. Tasuku Yahiro have released another of their...  ...

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