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Waiting for the Sun

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Kyhkyh_waitingforthesun_title.pngThe anticipation of springtime can be summed up in the title of TomaTea's newest escape, Waiting for the Sun. But we're not the only ones in need of sunlight after a winter, as you'll discover in this title. A shorter point-and-click experience in their long line of games, you are simply in one square room with only four walls to explore. The puzzles are clean, simple and logical with no leaps of logic. To help you along the way, a bright ball appears on the end of the cursor to indicate hotspots. For times when you find yourself needing more than just one weekday escape, this one will surely help keep you satisfied.

Play Waiting for the Sun

Walkthrough Guide

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Waiting for the Sun Walkthrough

General Info/Tips

  • The tip of the cursor will glow over hotspots, specifically, ones you have something to do in.

  • If you've completed what you need to in an area, the cursor will no longer glow, though you can still access it.

  • When examining a puzzle, the game will tell you if you haven't seen the necessary information to solve it yet.

  • There is only one ending and no easter eggs (that I could find, but let me know otherwise).

Main Walkthrough

Looking Around

Couch Wall

  • From the first screen facing the couch, look underneath it and collect the tray of plants.

  • Back up and now examine the bronze statue.

  • Collect the green tile on the shelf, then make note of the symbols below the statue.

  • Also make note of how the statue looks.

  • It appears that only the bottom half is complete.

  • Back up and examine the alarm clock.

  • Collect the green tile and make note of the time on the clock.

  • Back up and turn right.

Door Wall

  • Examine the lamp base.

  • Collect the green tile and make note of the screws in the base.

  • Back up and turn right.

Desk Wall

  • Examine this bronze statue.

  • Collect the green tile and make note of the symbols below the statue.

  • Also make note of how the statue looks.

  • It appers that only the top half is complete.

  • Back up and examine the box on the desk.

  • Make note of the nine spots and back up.

  • Turn right.

Window Wall

  • Examine below the middle window.

  • Make note of the four holes and back up.

  • Turn left and start solving puzzles!

Solving Puzzles

Opening the Cabinet Above the Desk

  • The cabinet requires a four letter code. Where have you seen a set of four symbols?

    • On the bronze statues.

    • But the symbols don't look like letters. Maybe there's a clue on the statues to help?

      • The two sets of symbols can be combined into letters.

      • The half of the statue that is complete/solid tells you which half of the letters the symbols are.

      • The half from the couch statue is the bottom half, the ones from the desk statue are the top half.

  • Enter the four letter code.

  • BOHO

  • Collect the watering can.

  • Make note of the equation at the bottom and the shapes and colors at the top.

  • Examine the left side of the hanger and make note of the screws.

  • Back up.

Opening the Upper Left Desk Drawer

  • This code requires a set of four colors.

  • Where have we seen these colors before?

    • In the cabinet above the desk.

    • Of all the colors below each shape, how do you know which one to use?

      • Look at the shapes themselves.

      • Count the sides of each shape and that tells you how many colors to count down.

  • Enter the color code.

  • red, yellow, blue, green

  • Collect the screwdriver, green tile and photo negative.

Opening the Lower left Desk Drawer

  • When you try to open the drawer, you're given two buttons to push. A sequence code?

  • Examine the photo negative (from the upper left desk drawer).

  • What looks odd on the negative?

    • There are notches on either side.

    • A sequence code perhaps?

  • Enter the left/right sequence.

  • L, L, R, R, L, L

  • Collect the flower card and green tile.

Opening the Upper Right Desk Drawer

  • This drawer is asking for a four number code.

  • Maybe there's something you have that you haven't fully examined?

    • The photo negative.

    • What do you usually do to negatives to examine them?

      • Hold them up to the light.

      • Back up and turn to the right.

      • Use the photo negative (from the upper left drawer) on the window.

      • Make note of the clock and 180°.

      • Where have you seen a clock before?

        • The alarm clock on the shelf above the couch.

        • Turn right and examine the clock.

        • How can you use the 180° clue on this?

          • Flip the time upside down to get the correct numbers.

          • Turn around back to the drawer.

  • Enter the correct number code.

  • 2581

  • Collect the green tile and handle.

Opening the Lower Right Desk Drawer

  • This drawer shows you a flower maze of sorts.

  • Where have you seen these flowers and colors before?

    • On the flower card (from the lower left drawer).

    • The card shows the order you have to press the flowers.

    • You start at the right arrow and end on the down arrow.

    • All the flowers must be used.

  • Enter the correct sequence.

  • From the right arrow:
    R, R, D, L, D
    D, R, U, R, D
    R, U, U, L, U
    R, R, R, D, L
    D, R, D, L

  • Collect the bracket and green tile.

Making the Flowers Grow

  • Open the cabinets above the desk.

  • Examine the bracket and use the screwdriver (from the upper left drawer) on the screws to collect them and the bracket.

  • You still need two more screws, where did you see some extras?

    • On the lamp.

    • Back up and turn left.

    • Examine the lamp base and use the screwdriver on the screws to collect them.

    • Now back up and turn around to face the windows.

    • Examine the brackets and use the screws (two from the cabinet, two from the lamp base) on them.

    • Use the brackets (one from the cabinet, one from the lower right drawer) on the holes.

    • Now use the screwdriver on the screws.

    • Back up and re-examine the brackets.

    • Use the tray of flowers (from under the couch) on the brackets and watch them grow.

    • They still need to be watered.

      • Now back up and turn left.

      • Examine the cabinet above the desk.

      • Use the handle (from the upper right drawer) on the spigot.

      • Now use the watering can (from the cabinet) below the spigot.

      • Turn the handle, then collect the full watering can.

      • Back up, turn right and examine the tray.

      • Use the full watering can on the plants.

      • Collect the green tile and make note of the flower color pattern.

Getting Out

  • Face the desk wall and examine the box on the desk.

  • Use the nine green tiles on the box.

    • Locations of the tiles:

      1. On the shelf by the bronze statue above the couch.

      2. By the alarm clock above the couch.

      3. By the lamp base near the door.

      4. By the bronze statue near the desk.

      5. In the upper left desk drawer.

      6. In the lower left desk drawer.

      7. In the upper right desk drawer.

      8. In the lower right desk drawer.

      9. On the flower tray after they've grown.

  • Change the colors of the tiles to match the flowers on the tray.

  • yellow, red, blue
    blue, yellow, red
    red, yellow, yellow

  • Collect the key.

  • It obviously isn't for the door, where have you seen a hole you could use it in?

  • The box by the alarm clock.

  • Use the turn key and collect the door key.

  • Now use the door key on the door and you're free! Congratulations!!!


https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlG3YGUIzsELPbBBoc3fqmUTWITqmvCMCk April 20, 2012 7:49 AM

Can you feel it now that spring has come,
That it's time to live in the scattered sun.


Shorter than the usual TomaTea games but very nice. The flower drawer had me wondering for a while.


Completely lost with colored asterisks. Any clue?


They foxed me for a bit too.


The cushions are not a clue. The only clue is the one in the drawer with the two buttons.


Keep clicking the flowers in a continuous line without going diagonally between each arrow.


A little clue:
Look in the cabinet

joulsauron April 20, 2012 10:57 AM

Out and quite easy, sometimes even in one puzzle I could solve it even without having seen all the necessary info, but it didn't let me until I got it, it was in:

upper right drawer, too obvious that it was the clock upside down as the numbers permitted that, but until I read the negative towards the window I could enter the code.


TomaTea is one of my favourite 3-4 developers, I love all their games. This one was great, too (although i had not a molecule of chance for the 4-color-code, that one seemed a bit unfair to me).

One issue: how come TomaTea, the golden standard for user-friendly games still won't include a save feature? I've had shockwave crash on their games a few times and I hate having to restart a game, even if I didn't lose much progress... The save feature is becoming a standard for escape games, why doesn't TomaTea embrace it? It's a really useful feature.


Carny Asada July 10, 2014 9:54 PM

Beautiful and fun. Every time I got stuck, I was able to think a little bit and get back on track -- the puzzles were really pretty logical. The four-color code did require some thinking!


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