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Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°25

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Weekday Escape RetroSlow down, no need to hurry, it's retro time!

The first game by Primera is still holidayish though the summer is over - but there is never enough of sun, sand and beaches. With Kamotokamotokamo you move indoors and must find a plastic model to get away. Then you suddenly turn into a gardener who is supposed to remove weeds and vermin from No1game's garden; unfortunately, things don't go as expected. You'd rather leave and see Funkyland's parlor and maybe refresh yourself with some of their healthy and yummy juices.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation

Primera locked you in the room just before you were to leave for the vacations! You have to solve several puzzles to open all the drawers and cabinets, collect the stuff vital for comfortable stay by the sea and accept the fact that everything you find immediately disappears from your inventory after the use, even though you might need it later. The last code is for exit door and then you are off to the sunny beach, without the towel, sunglasses or the sun cream...

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

A Little Slow 2
A Little Slow 2

Five years age we could play cute and pink Kamotokamotokamo's A Little Slow in WE N°17 (notice that the first part of amusing Fruit Kitchen series is there too) and now we can play the sequel, also very cute. You are locked in a room where is hidden a plastic model and an adhesive, and your goal is to get both - sadly, you don't get a chance to assemble it as it somehow builds itself at the end.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Find the Escape Men 29: The Fearful Weeding
Find the Escape Men 29: The Fearful Weeding

It's not fearful wedding (this we played few weeks ago in WE N°226) but weeding! Yet No1game's garden isn't fearful at all...at least before you start with your activities. How the garden seems after you finish is another thing and the word 'fearful' might be accurate...well you were told to catch ten green creatures and so you did. Nobody informed you how cunning they are!

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape the Fruit Juice Parlor
Escape the Fruit Juice Parlor

This is Funkyland's typical game and as all of their works has polished visuals, vivid music, good puzzles and Ms Frog. You find yourself in an empty fruit bar and to escape from here you need to crack several codes and make one special juice. While exploring the parlor click everywhere as some active spots aren't obvious and notice that you may go to the back area too, right from the beginning. Also notice, that all drinks they offer here contain apples and doesn't matter whether you want to be awaken, beautiful or detoxicated. The moral of this game is simple. Eat apples.

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


looking forward to the walkthroughs to these games. Thanks again for last weeks.


anyone? hope you can help.

thefinalboy September 13, 2019 12:21 AM

The first screen features a lamp you can switch on and a cabinet with four locked drawers. The exit door is on the second screen as well as a table with a Map and a cabinet with two locked doors.

Drawer One (upper-left)

The lock has four letters in a cross shape. Where have you seen this?

Look at the compass rose on the map. Open the drawer using the compass directions and get a pair of Sunglasses.

Drawer Two (lower-left)

There's something in the room that matches the color of these buttons.

Turn on the lamp and use the sunglasses. You'll see a three-digit number.


Get a Towel.

Left Cabinet Door

Notice the letters on the ToWeL.

Match the capitalization with the blue buttons on the door.

Get a Book.

Right Cabinet Door

The lock on this door has math symbols.

Open the book and do some simple math.

7 - 2 = 5
25 ÷ 5 = 5
3 x 2 = 6

Get a Camera and some rolled up Paper.

Drawer Three (upper-right)

Where have you seen these symbols?

The left side of the camera will give you the solution.


Get a Bottle of sunblock.

Drawer Four (lower-right)

You need four numbers for this.

The paper has four numbers, but they don't work.

Add the number on the bottle.


Get a Transparent Sheet.

Exit Door

You only have two items left.

Lay the transparent sheet over the map to get three letters.


thefinalboy September 13, 2019 12:23 AM replied to thefinalboy

Oops, sorry … that walkthrough is for Beach Vacation.


A Little Slow 2


Go to the left and open the top drawer under the table. Take the expandable stick inside.

Inspect the stick. Expand it by clicking on it.

Use the stick to obtain the pliers, hidden behind the closet.

Use the pliers to split the wires binding the closet handles. Now you can open the closet.

Bottom drawer and its three digit code

Take the stepping stool inside the closet.

Inspect the stool and open it. Take the panel inside.

Use the panel on the model castle keep. Some numbers should appear.

The code is 371 and open the bottom drawer under the table. Take the adhesive inside and note the clue in the drawer.

The middle drawer

Put the stepping stool under the robots. Now you should be able to look at every robot including those higher up.

Use the clue from the bottom drawer to open the middle drawer.

The clue tells you to look at the robots wielding drills and go from bottom to top. So the answer should be: right, left, right, left, left.

Open the middle drawer and take the memo. This is the clue to the final puzzle.

Puzzles and models

Take the coin near the sword-wielding robot in the second row (from top to bottom).

Inspect the cactus and find that the cabinet under the cactus is locked by a screw. Use the coin to remove the screw.

Use the clue on the memo to solve the puzzle.

Starting from the brown circle, paint the white grid brown according to the arrows.

(Since the puzzle does not return to the starting position after exiting, I must put it like this.) Answer: First make the three panels all show the shape of like the number 7. Then, click the middle panel 6 times (which will show the only shape with 9 squares colored). Finally, click the panel on the right 1 time.

Take the box of plastic model in the cabinet.

Click on the table. (If you ask why, you must have skipped the opening of the game, which explicitly says your mission is to find a box of model and adhesive, and assemble the model on a desk.)



thanks finalboy and pulsaris. cab;t wait for the last 2


anyone working on the last 2 yet?


anyone? looking forward to the last 2 walkthroughs.


guess not,huh?


If I have time, I'll do the Fruit Parlour walkthrough tomorrow. No promises though…

Find the Escape Men 29: The Fearful Weeding


Scene 1 (exit door):

From left to right: there's a bench, the dirty wall with the exit door and a flower bed with some colourful flowers. Behind the wall are some hills. You can't do much yet, but get some items:

  1. Someone green is running down the left side of the hills: Get escape man.

  2. Someone's hiding in the first row of flowers in the flowerbed: Get escape man.

  3. Click on bench: Get nutritional supplement for bonsai trees from under the bench. There's an escape man hiding on the right side of the bench – get it. Zoom out.

  4. There's a sickle (looks more like scythe) on the left side of the flowerbed. Get it.

Scene 2 (well):

From left to right: there's a well, a safe, a table with a bonsai tree, a cupboard and some grass. Behind the wall is a pole with a kite hanging on there.

  1. The kite has a familiar green pattern: Get escape man.

  2. Click on the well: look closely at the pump where the water's coming out – you can seems to be a hin tof green. Click on it and get escape man. Zoom out.

  3. Click on the safe: it's locked. You need a key. Zoom out.

  4. Click under the table and get a trigger.

  5. Click on the cupboard: you need a colourful 4 digit code. Zoom out.



The grass is quite long, maybe we should cut it down.

Use the sickle on grass

Get scissors.


The safe needs four digits: first a red one, than violet, than blue and than white. Where have you seen the colours you need for the digits? Check the flowerbed again.

Count the different coloured flowers: there are three red ones, five violet ones, two blue ones and four white ones:
3 5 2 4

Click on ENTER and get high pressure washer body from the left door. Click on right door. Get escape man. There's a grey box with an opening and some triangles showing up, down, left, right. We need something to open it.

Bonsai tree

Use the nutrional supplement on the bonsai tree. Phoar, that's definitely not a bonsai tree anymore. But what's that on the top of the tree?

Get escape man.

Since the growth spurt there's some kind of bean-like fruit hanging on the tree. You can't get it with your bare hands.

Use scissors on it and get mysterious beans.


You need a key to open it. Maybe some magic can help! Do we have something mysteríous?

Click on the beans in your inventory and use the scissors on it again. The brown bean is cut off. Hm, there's something inside. Click on the top of brown bean. Get key.

Use key on safe. There's a valve set on OPEN. Zoom out.


Is there something more to the well? Maybe we could find something inside if there wasn't so much water…

Go back to the safe and turn the valve on CLOSE. Return to the well. It's basin is very dry now, but still full of surprises. (Hm, in hindsight we could probably have waited to get the escape man from the pump's opening until we turned off the pump. Could have saved us some heavy eye squinting I guess… ;).

Get escape man and intermediate pipe.


It's time to clean the wall. We have everything we need now.

Open the trigger in your inventory and use the intermediate pipe on it. Now open the high pressure washer body in your inventory and use the trigger/intermediate pipe assembly on it. Voilà, we have now a fully functioning pressure washer (which is called "pikucher" – don't know that word…). Use it on the dirty wall.

Get number code.


Destruction time

It's time we blow something up. But what? And how can we do that?

Go to the well. Use green bean on pump's opening – the bean is stuck now. Go to the safe and turn valve on OPEN. Wow, what an explosion! Go back to well – the red pump's gone. What's that on the left side?

Get escape man. Click on pump (or what's left of it):

There's one mysterious bean left – get it.

Grey box from cupboard

Now that we have one single mysterious bean – does the shape remind you of something? Where have we seen it?

Go to the cupboard. Click on the right door. Use the bean on the grey box. The triangles are activated now, the top one is red. Looks like a compass, but we need a code. Remember the clean wall?


The writing on the wall is "N S N E": north, south, north, east. Click th triangles in this order:
top, down, top, right

Click ENTER and get the last escape man (they turn into a mysterious seed in your inventory). Get super nutrition cartridge.


Use the mysterious seed on the flowerbed. How to make it grow?

Open the pressure washer in your inventory and use the nutrition cartridge on it. Use the pressure washer on mysterious seed in flowerbed.

Oops, what have we created?

ESCAPE MEN (places)

  1. EM no 1: on the left side of the hill in Scene 1

  2. EM no 2: between the white & violet flower in the flowerbed in Scene 1

  3. EM no 3: on the right side of bench in Scene 1

  4. EM no 4: from kite in Scene 2

  5. EM no 5: from the well's pump in Scene 2

  6. EM no 6: from the cupboard in Scene 2

  7. EM no 7: from the bonsai tree in Scene 2

  8. EM no 8: from the well's basin in Scene 2

  9. EM no 9: next to the well after the well's pump has been destroyed in Scene 2

  10. EM no 10: from grey box in cupboard in Scene 2


You are in a Fruit Juice Parlor. There are 4 areas that you can visit freely out of 6 total. The 6 areas are:

The Display Case Area

Things of note are:

  • The check-out computer and scanner. Seems like it wants some kind of card inserted in slot.

  • Behind the display case, there is a 6x3 grid of shelving that contains fruit. Combined with the headings above, the shelves seem to form a chart. Note the names, numbers, and arrangement of fruit below each.

  • There is a locked recipe book on top of the display case.

The Kitchen Area
Accessible by clicking the recessed area to the left side of the display shelves in the display case area.

Accessible by clicking the recessed area to the left side of the display shelves in the display case area.

There is:

  • a gray dial-like thing in front of the apples.

  • a locked cabinet with 5 halved columns above a brown bar.

  • a pink printer of some sort on a shelf.

  • a keypad, presumably locking the door next to it. The door goes to the storage room. The word Detox is at the top and it appears to want a 5 digit code.

You can also notice

some of the fruit on the bookshelf within the storage room through the door.

The Sidebar Counter Area
To the left of the display case area.

There is:

  • a slide lock that opens up and shows a need for batteries on the door to the Entryway.

  • a row of 5 jars of varying heights.

  • a set of 6 collections of jar tags that are color-coded and named corresponding to the headings above the 6x3 shelf of fruit behind the display case.You can pick up one jar tag at a time.

The Seating/Table Area
To the right of the display case area.

A few things to notice

  • Note the arrangement of tables. You can zoom in on each round table and the set of 3 square tables in the back.

  • Each table is numbered

  • There is a device on table 3 with 6 lights on top and 3 apple buttons.

    Did you note that there was apples in each of the 6 columns of fruit in the display shelves?

    M T T M B M

    Upon opening, you receive a


  • On the wall behind the set of 3 square tables, there is a square panel to the left of two flower arrangements. Does the arrangement of the buttons look familiar? Note that the buttons change color.

    combine the number of the tables with the numbers on the display chart and correlate the colors used on the jar tags with the names on the display chart.

    Clock-wise from upper-left square: green red brown yellow purple blue

    Your reward is the panel!

    look at the back and find the battery compartment.

  • You can observe an item of some sort on the wagon but it seems to be in another room/behind glass.

  • If you have solved the panel, you will note...

  • ...that the 3 plant frames have lowered. Search...

    the right plant frame and pick up a fruit juice parlor coin.

The Entryway [locked/blocked initially]
Accessible through the door in the Sidebar Counter Area.

Once you have found the

two batteries

you can:

  • insert found batteries into slide lock, back up in order to open door, and actually enter the entryway.

  • note that the end exit door is here!

  • pick up a

    special juice card

    on the frog's tray.

Before exploring the last area... lets revisit...

  • The kitchen -


    the coin

    on the gray dial in front of apples. Your reward? The dial! Look at the back to find

    a key

  • The Display Case -

    • Use

      the key

      on the locked recipe book. Reward?

      power on card


      a clue - 4x4 grid

    • Insert

      the power on card

      into the check-out computer. Now it wants

      a jar tag

      for the scanner?

      Note that scanning the jar tag produces the heading name and a seemingly 4 digit number code.

      You can also scan

      the special juice card. It will want you to pick out 4 fruits....

  • If you didn't have

    the detox jar tag,

    revisit the Sidebar Counter, pick one up, and

    scan it with the check-out computer scanner. Note the number.

  • Precede to the Kitchen Area -

    Enter the 5 digit code that was discovered in the step before into the door keypad. Remember

    that the heading name corresponds to a number as well...which means the code is:


You can now enter...

The Storage Room [locked/blocked initially]
Accessible through the door in the Kitchen Area.

You can:

  • Note the 4x4 bookshelf containing an assortment of fruit. Remember the

    clue from the locked recipe book?

  • Pick up the OK button on the wagon.

Now that we have accessed all 6 areas we can revisit...

  • The Kitchen -


    the OK button

    on the

    locked cabinet

    and enter code.

    the heights of the jars from the sidebar counter?

    T S S T T

    Pick up

    3 jars

    as your reward.

  • The Display Case -


    special juice card

    at the Check-out computer. Remember

    the Recipe book clue and the 4x4 bookshelf of fruit? No?

    Green apple, blue grapes, green textured melon, pinapple

    Pick up

    3 blank jar tags

    as your reward.

  • The Kitchen -

    place the

    3 blank jar tags

    on the

    back feedtray of the printer,

    then you

    press print,


    pick up 3 printed jar tags.

  • The Display Case (yet again? if you can't guess where this is going...) -


    the 3 printed jar tags

    at the check-out computer scanner for a clue OR simply...

    put the 3 tags on the 3 jars.

  • The Entryway -


    the 3 labeled jars

    on the tray that the frog is holding. You will be rewarded with

    the fruit juice parlor key.

  • Finally, use

    the fruit juice parlor key


    door next to frog statue

    and escape!


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