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Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°27

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Weekday Escape RetroHi, it's retro time - four games from the past are here!

All games featured this week contain some Japanese, but don't let yourself distracted by that, you don't need to understand. They are all easily playable without any Japanese knowledge. Puxupo locked you in a short lane - good new is that the key is hidden somewhere around, on the same side of the door with you, just find it. Yona Yona wants you to open several boxes before they let you go and in Jan's Room's game you are supposed to open several doors. Suzunari takes you to their cinema and you can look forward to a great evening.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape 13
Escape 13

By mistake you turned your steps to the blind alley and before you could turn back the door shut close behind you. You are locked in again, by Puxupo this time, and your dog stayed outside. The alley is narrow, short and not smelling good, probably, but seems that there is a way how to escape it - carefully explore the the place (garbage cans too, I'm sorry) and try to use things you find in creative way.

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape from a Room with Seven Boxes
Escape from a Room with Seven Boxes

Yona Yona's game is very classical and simple. Basically you need to open seven boxes from the cabinet to escape. Also find few items and use them at the right places - notice, that the six cards with Japanese text can be easily ignored. Owner of the room is (obviously) very fond of matryoshka dolls and doesn't keep them nested - but there is a reason for that - they are special. Will you discover their secret?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, two endings.

P.S. Here are Matryoshka and Matryoshka (New Edition) by Kotorinosu - they both worth (re)playing. Highly recommended.

Jan's Room 3
Jan's Room 3

Jan's Room's room seems quite small for a regular escape - well it doesn't just 'seem', it is - but there is more. The game consists of a set of rooms which follow one after the other one without return option - luckily, dead end isn't possible. If you forget to pick up some item the game doesn't let you leave the particular room. Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Here is 40x Escape by Bart Bonte, and here 3 Doors by Mygames888 (sadly, seems that this is their only accesible game for pc at the moment).

The Last Day of Cinema: Additional Chapter - Key
The Last Day of Cinema: Additional Chapter - Key

Welcome in Suzunari's cinema! You've bought popcorn or something already, right? Good. Sit down then in one of those blue velvet seats - anywhere, the cinema is empty tonight - and wait until the curtains fully open. Today they show really special film, an interactive one - yes there were few attempts earlier but they turned up to be too costly - and so this is an exclusive chance for you. Shh. Lights are turning down. The film begins. Enjoy!

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv November 20, 2019 5:23 PM

these games this week seem cool.

paulmashtv November 22, 2019 6:35 PM

these must be good games. taking a while on the walkthroughs hehe


These are all short games (except maybe Suzunari's), but I got a bit distracted while writing.

Escape 13

Title translation: Return Home: Between the Buildings


You start off in a tight space with cracked concrete walls. There's a locked door and part of a sign with an arrow bouncing up and down near it.

But before you get carried away, notice that the wall has a small gap under it, and you can look through it to find a drink can on the other side.

Click that bouncing arrow to take a look at the red signboard for Escape Pharmacy (as you learn from the title screen, all the buildings and their occupants are escape-themed). There seems to be something hidden on the wall behind. (And it's hard to tell from this screen, but if you examine the previous screen closely you'll realize that the sign has become dislodged from the hook on the right and is leaning against it.)

Back out and turn right. The air-conditioning unit here has a tube sticking out from under it, leaking a bit of water onto the floor.

Turn right to find an empty space with a torn scrap of paper on the floor. You can see the corner of something on the right.

Look up to find an open window with a mop hanging out of it.

Back out and turn right. The thing you saw before was a crate of "equipment" with four colored digit buttons on its lock, but the "unused, telephone number:" label on it has been partially torn off. Next to it are some trash bags, and the blue trash can contains another bag with a PET bottle on it.


Use the clue from the scrap of paper to unlock the crate.

The clue on the paper matches the format of the telephone number on the sign, with red, blue, yellow, green representing the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th digits.

Those digits form the code 2589, so enter that into the crate to unlock it. (The scrap now appears on the label, repairing it.) Inside, you find a small box and a water pistol.

Examining that box, you find that it has a blue scratch card (with the Escape Pharmacy logo) in its lid, and also has a four-digit lock.


Fill the bottle on the tube extending from the air-con, then load it into the water pistol.

Use it to shoot water at the hanging mop, which tips out of the window and lands on the ground where you can pick it up.


Use the mop on the sign to put it back, revealing the clue that was hidden behind.

Also use the mop to retrieve the empty can beyond the wall.


Examine the can and click the pull tab on top to remove it from the can.

Then use it on the scratch card to reveal the clue.


Use the clues from the scratch card and the sign to unlock the box you picked up.

The boxes on the card have 2, 4, 3, 1 pills, but the clue behind the sign tells you that each pill represents 2, so that their total values are 4, 8, 6, 2.

Enter 4862 into the box and open it to find the door key.

Use the key to unlock the door and escape! (Just like last time, the end screen comes with endless applause and a cute barking dog.)

Escape from a Room with Seven Boxes

You were too eager to visit your friend's new place, but it turns out to be an escape room!


(Most objects only have one description, so if you click multiple times on the same spot and the text changes you're probably clicking on nothing interesting.)

The door has slammed shut behind you, leaving you staring at the locked red door.

Turn right to find a locked door with a slot above its handle. The plant pot beside it has an unusual heap of soil.

Turn right to find some shelves, a total of seven compartments holding seven boxes:

  • Light blue has holes in the lid, shaped like two touching circles.

  • Gray is unlocked and contains a light blue box inside, which is also unlocked and contains a green box inside, which is also unlocked but is empty.

  • Pink has a giant keyhole.

  • White is unlocked and contains a piece of brown paper with holes.

  • Green has three missing panels of different shapes.

  • Orange has three color buttons.

  • Red has three digit buttons and three shapes appearing in a lighter shade on the lid.

On top of those shelves, there's a Matryoshka doll that you can't seem to open, a box of tissue paper (you can only take one because that's all you need) and a note (#5) that covers a picture of plants.

Examining the note item shows you that there are a total of 6 to collect. However, I won't translate them until later.

Turn right to find a picture full of colored digits. Underneath it is another note (#1) and a chair.


Face the number picture and examine the paper with holes to look through it.

Then use what you see to unlock the orange box.

The numbers visible through the star-shaped, circle, square holes form the code 834.

Enter that into the box and open it to find a card key.

Slot / Exploration 2

Use the card key on the blue door to unlock it, and enter.

The coat rack has a hanger and a piano-themed bag that you can't do anything with, while the shelf above has several items you can't reach.

Turn right. The couch here has some fluffy cushions, but the red one on the right is unusually hard. On the side table, a doll stands beside a plate with donuts. After eating both chocolate donuts, pick up the note (#3) beside them.

Look under the couch to find another note (#6).

Turn around to find the doorway back. There's a lamp on the left but when you try to turn it on the circle panel comes off from the string!

Turn right to find a television screen that's turned off. It sits, together with another doll, on a cupboard with two drawers and two doors. The left door seems stuck but the right door is unlocked and contains a note (#2). The top drawer is empty but the bottom contains a flower piece.


Turn right once more to face the shelf, and then place the chair under it.

Now you can climb up to reach the potted plant with a note (#4) attached to it, yet another doll, and a pink tree thing with a Humpty Dumpty strap decoration hanging from it.


Place the strap onto the light blue box, which opens to reveal a pair of scissors.


Use the scissors on the red couch cushion to cut a hole in it and get a small shovel.

Zoom in on the plant pot beside the blue door, and use the shovel on the dirt mound to unearth a soiled triangle panel.


Use the tissue to clean up the triangular panel.

Then place all three (clean) panels into the green box and open it to find a remote control.

Use the remote control to turn on the TV, which shows a clue with squares.


Use the clues from the TV and gray box to unlock the orange box.

The squares represent the nested boxes, of which the smallest, largest, medium-sized ones are green, gray, light blue.

Click the buttons 1, 4, 5 times, then open the box to find a flower key.

Use this key to unlock the pink box, which contains a note/card with a clue on it.

Normal End

The last clue has the shape of a doll, with the marked circle being the center of the bowtie.

So click the center of the bowtie of the doll above the gray box, which makes it shine beams out of its eyes.

Follow those beams to the other room, where they land on a doll that's squinting.

Click the center of the bowtie on that doll, which opens up. Take the star key.

Then use the key to unlock the door and leave!

Your friend apologizes for locking you in suddenly, and explains that it was just a little test and you were the first to arrive. It calms you down a little.

(The end screen includes some comments about how the game was meant to showcase different kinds of boxes.)


(Since there's no save function, if you've completed the normal ending you still have to play through the whole game.)

There are a total of six notes:

  1. (Under painting) These five stylish girls are sisters.

  2. (In cupboard) The first girl worries about her younger sisters, and keeps an eye on them from a distance.

  3. (Near plate) The second girl loves eating and relaxing. [or maybe it says she likes flavorful things?]

  4. (On plant) The third girl is carefree and likes being surrounded by nature.

  5. (On small picture) The fourth girl is a prankster who always gets everybody in trouble.

  6. (Under couch) The fifth girl is a spoilt child who's loved by everyone.

While it's not a great clue, perhaps you can learn something from them.

Happy End

You've only seen four dolls so far, as confirmed on the Normal End screen.

But the notes tell you that a fifth one is hiding or hidden somewhere.

After you've activated the doll above the gray box, open the left cupboard door under the TV, which contains the fifth doll.

(You can push the button on this doll to turn off the beams. As for the others: the plant girl contains acorns and the donut girl contains candy.)

Once you've collected the star key from the doll near the TV, use it to unlock the door and leave.

This time, your friend gives you the doll as a souvenir and also offers you the shiny doll, but you try to convince her to keep it.

(The end screen includes comments on the dolls and the storyline.)


small issue with Seven Boxes

I did the stuff for the Happy End, and when the game ended it said "Normal End" huh?


Jan's Room 3 is a short little game, but some of the clues may not be totally obvious. Here's a walkthrough, have fun!

Jan's Room 3

First Room:

There is a locked door. The lock is controlled by 4 blue switches.
On the wall, there are four pictures with coloured rectangles.
Two notes, one with a pair of glasses, one with a pair of shoes, lie on two pedestals. Pick them up.

Open the door using the picture clue.

A diagram above the switches tells you that the pictures hold the clue. (The notes you picked up won't help with this door.)

Look closely at the pictures. One of them is different.

And only that one can possibly help with the switches.

Remember the switches are blue!

The clue is the picture on the far left. It has an extra mark at the top, and it is the only one with blue squares that can be matched to the switches.

Set the switches: up, down, down, up.

Second Room:

You find another locked door with a symbol lock. The symbols can be set to circle, square, triangle, hexagon.
Pick up two more notes from the pedestals. They show a handbag and a hat.
On the balustrade, there is a diagram, obviously a clue for some puzzle.
Move left to find a sign with the word "Water" and an arrow, pointing down. Below it are 4 closed panels.
Move right twice. Here, you find 4 grids on the wall with symbols in them. Below them is a console in which 4 numbers can be entered.

Solve the grid puzzle using the diagram.

The diagram tells you to read the following symbols from left to right: x \ /.
It also tells you to follow a Z shape.

In each of the four grids on the wall, you can see the same symbols as on the diagram, in different positions.

Apply the instructions to each grid, starting with x and moving on to \ and /.

If there is more than one x, start with the one that sits higher.

If there are more than three symbols in a grid, circle through them: x \ / x \ / ...

This way, you will find a number in each grid.

Top left panel: top - down: 1,
Bottom left panel: center left - up - right - down: 7,
Top left panel: center left - up - right - down: 7,
Bottom right panel: top left - right - down - left - up: 0.

Use the last clue on the diagram to arrange the numbers.

It tells you to read the numbers following a Z-shaped path: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

The solution is 1770. Upon entering it, you hear a sound. The panels to the left of the door, below the "Water" sign, are now open.

Unlock the door by solving the "Water" puzzle.

From left to right, the panels now show: the sea, clouds, a mountain, a river.

Also, the bolts on each panel are the same shapes as those on the door panel: hexagon, square, circle, triangle.

But that order won't work with the door. We have to find a different order.

You could ask yourself: What do clouds, or a mountain, have to do with water?

Also, remember the arrow on the "Water" sign". It does more than just point to the panels below it.

The sign tells you to follow "Water" from top to bottom.

That means, the way of water. Water follows a cycle, of course, but the arrow tells you to start at the highest point and then move down.

So start with the clouds...

follow the water to a mountain, where it rains down...

then runs into a river...

and finally to the sea.

That gives you the correct order of the symbols:

Square, circle, triangle, hexagon. Enter that into the door panel to unlock the next room.

Third Room:

Ahead, there is another locked door, with a number panel.
To your left is a locked cupboard.
To your right is a panel with three round buttons that can be pushed.
On the carpet are five round tiles.

Solve the button puzzle to open the cupboard.

Does the panel with the buttons remind you of something?

The texture of the panel and the buttons resembles the carpet and the tiles.

So what could the arrangement of the tiles mean?

Follow the tiles from where you came in to the locked door, and note their positions.

Centre, left, centre, right, centre.

Push the buttons in that order. The cupboard will open.

Unlock the door solving the cupboard puzzle.

In the cupboard, there is a woman's silhouette, labelled "Woman", with an arrow pointing down.

You have one clue left! Or rather, four.

The four notes you picked up earlier. Have you looked at them closely?

Examine them and click on them. They each have a number on the flip side.

Remember the arrow pointing from top to bottom.

Hat, glasses, handbag, shoes. Which gives you the order: 6, 3, 2, 5. Enter that into the door panel.

Fourth Room:

There is not even a door here! Only the word "START" written on the wall.
To the left and to the right is - nothing.
On the floor is another diagram.

What could the triangles on the diagram mean?

There is nothing to match them - or is there?

There is, indeed. Look again!

The red direction arrows you click to move around. So just think of the triangles as arrows to follow.

Start at "Start"!

Then move: left, right, right, left, right, left, right, right.

Now you will easily see what the square and the circle mean!

Touch the square panel, push the button - and you made it!



Have you picked up the tiny doll from the TV cupboard? It's not enough to open the cupboard - you need to take the tiny doll. Also, you look inside the other dolls (except for the one with the key) without taking the tiny one first.
Hope that helps!

Nina November 23, 2019 3:55 PM replied to Nina

Typing error - I meant to say:

... you cannot look inside the other dolls (except for the one with the key) without taking the tiny one first.

paulmashtv November 23, 2019 5:39 PM

Thanks Nina. very good walkthrough.


By the way, these are the hints that come with Jan's Room 3.

The description says that this game is inspired by "Japanese style", and you should think about passwords in terms of mental "association".

Highlight the text beneath the game to find hints for each room.

First room:

The password matches some thing(s) in the room.

Second room:

The first password is "shoji".

For the second password, start associating from "water".

Third room:

The first password matches some thing(s) in the room.

For the second password, start associating from "female".

Fourth room:

There's "only one" of some thing(s) in the room.


Let's see if I can fix the title. Maybe like this?

Last Day of the Cinema ("Key" Additional Chapter)

This escape game series is a collaboration, and all its games have characters and objects in common. There's too much story for me to follow (and I couldn't complete the first game anyway) so I won't try too hard at translation.

(Note: If you're trying to solve the puzzles on your own, pen and paper are strongly recommended.)


It's the last day hearing this projector run. You've always wanted to be a hero like on the silver screen, but at least you managed to bring deep emotions to the few people who came in to watch.

There are no more viewers from this small town, and the projector just plays to an empty room, as the last few screenings go by. You're about to close the shutters when an old lady shows up. She's from out of town!

The movie she wants to watch is a rare film produced long ago by young people from the town, and so it's still somewhere in the cinema. You just have to find it.


You start off facing the exit door, a poster of Chaplin, and a shredder which you can open up to find some paper shreds. Playing around with the poster, you find that the letters glow when clicked.

Turn left to face two doors. You can't enter the left one (projector room) until you find the film, and you can't enter the right one (reception room) because it's locked. There are also two stacks of books and you can move one aside to take a closer look at the other.

Turn left to find a poster of (Johnny) Depp, as well as some cardboard boxes. Move the boxes aside to find a stack of books.

The poster doesn't seem to have a gimmick, but if you look carefully or click everywhere you'll find a 100-yen coin hidden at the bottom left after you zoom in.

Turn left to face a picture of Monroe where "Marilyn" is upside-down. You can't rotate the picture to fix it, but you can tilt it slightly by clicking the corners. On the left, there's a filing cabinet with a three-letter lock on the top drawer and stacks of books in the other two. On the right, there's a printer/scanner, whose bottom drawer contains a cutter knife and whose right panel is fastened with a screw.

The books in the drawers aren't tied together, and when you zoom in and click on those in the bottom drawer you find a spade piece hidden under the top book.

Pick up the heart piece hidden on Monroe's picture.

Turn left to the first screen and go through the door to exit the office. There's a vending machine in this corridor (but you're not thirsty) and a stack of books next to it.


Place the coin into the coin slot of the vending machine (just below the Coffee can when you zoom in).

The only thing you can buy is the question mark, which turns out to be a screwdriver.


Back in the room, use the screwdriver on the printer's right panel, and pull out a grid hint from it.


Use the clue from the grid to unlock the top drawer.

The grid has numbers at the top of each column and left of each row.

So, for example, the intersection of (column) 4 and (row) 9 is T.

The three clues on the drawer give you the code TDL, so enter that into the drawer and open it to find a wooden box with four buttons and card suit-shaped holes.


Examine the paper shreds and drag them together to form a clue. (And try to write it down, because the puzzle resets when you back out.)

Use that clue to unlock Monroe's picture.

The finished clue reads WEENMEN, but of course the W is an upside-down M, and the N is an upside-down… N.

Those letters (possibly inverted) appear at the corners of the poster, so click the
⌝⌟⌟ ⌜⌞⌟ ⌜
corners. The poster slides aside to reveal a blue box with a three-digit lock, a smudge on the front, and weird markings on the top.


Zoom in on the rightmost cardboard box (after you've moved them all) and use the box cutter on its right side to open it. Inside, you find a piece of cleaning cloth.


Use the cloth to clean up the blue box, then use the revealed clue to unlock the box.

The thick blue lines on top of the box seem to read L=1, but the thin blue lines tell you that what you're actually counting are right angles.

To be more specific, you should be counting the right angles between the black lines on the box. Simple corners have 1, T-junctions count for 2, and if there was a full crossing it would be 4.

The total number of such angles for each black digit is 6, 3, 4. Enter that into the box and open it to find a club piece and a word clue.


Use the clue from the box to unlock the Chaplin painting.

Click the LPANCHI letters on the painting, and something magical happens to reveal a golden key in it.


Use the key to unlock the door to the reception room.

Inside, you see more piles of books around the couches, as well as a huge picture promoting Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit in the picture is surrounded by four playing cards.

The bottom-left playing card looks like a 7 of Diamonds, but the middle one is actually a diamond piece you can take.


Place all four card suit pieces onto the wooden box, turning each button red. The buttons now cycle through different colors.

Use the remaining clues from the rooms to unlock the box.

The colors available on the buttons match those on the books, of which there are a total of eight stacks.

The spade, heart, diamond, club suits are associated, via the Alice picture, with the numbers 3, 5, 6, 1, and the colors which appear that many times among all the books are pink, (dark) green, gray, cyan.

Click the buttons 2, 4, 6, 7 times, and then open the box to find the reel of film.

Select the film and leave through the door to the projection room.


Finally, the old lady got to watch the film, which showed somebody winding a clock to turn back time. She tells you that she watched the film when she was young, and then cried and wound her clock so strongly that it broke.

After laughing a bit, she says it made her treasure every day as she grew, and she thanks you for giving her the chance to watch the film again at the end of it all.

The touching lesson from this last visitor and the film stuck with you. It's time to live your life, leaving the cinema behind.

The last day of the cinema was also the last day for the old lady.


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