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Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°35

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Weekday Escape RetroHi, we are going retro this week!

Vitamin Hana locks you in a gym and wants you to use it. After you escape from here (several kilograms lighter) you find yourself in Yona Yona's cute room with strong retro vibe, and then move to Yomino Kagura's place with more demanding puzzles. The last comes Carmel Games's adventure where you're supposed to help CrazyDad to enjoy his vacation, a little bit at least.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical

Vitamin Hana apparently thinks that their players' BMI isn't normal (don't take it personally!) - and you end up locked in their gym until you do something about it. Lower it, preferably. But thatt's not all! They think your brain needs a workout, too, none of the machines in the gym is funcional and your goal is to figure our how to get them to work, and use them after that. It's pure magic! Several kilograms down in several minutes! Fantastic!

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Strange Room
Strange Room

Very classical and Yona Yona's room offers two endings, but one exit only. There isn't much to say about it except that it's adorable, just one note - when putting the three digit code into the cabinet door, you have to back up and click the handle to open it.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, two endings.

Escape from a Room with Many Devices
Escape from a Room with Many Devices

One of the last Yomino Kagura's escape rooms is full of strange devices, and also full of codes to be cracked. Devs want you to use your brain in rather unusual ways - puzzles aren't so much difficult as they are cunning...can you get the key from exit door?
For comparation, below you find one of their early works - during those years of creating games they've developed their skills indeed.

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending

P.S. Here is Carpet Room Escape. The difference is three years and more than fifty games between those two.

Crazy Vacation
Crazy Vacation

Carmel Games sent CrazyDad for a vacation but I'm not sure whether he's thankful for the choice of the hotel...his room is no good and hotel staff can't change it. To get some sleep, CrazyDad needs to do something about the neon lights shining into his window...break it? Get some blinds? Find a sleep mask? Switch it off? It's up to you to find the way!

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv September 2, 2020 6:29 PM

can't wait for these.


Let's get physical!

Don't skip the clues for these puzzles, or some of the later clues won't show up.


Oh no! You're locked in a gym! And pasted on the door is a form asking you for some details. The bicycle here has its power cable disconnected from the wall, which has a screw panel.

Turn right to find some measuring equipment and a set of six lockers. It should be quite clear how they work, so I'm not going to describe all of them.

Turn right to find more exercise equipment. The screens on each have locks.


The only clue lying around is the

weighing scale, which has both the words weight and Height on it.

That's a clue for the

three-letter locker.

As the form tells you, weight is measured in kg and height in m, so the code is

You find a set of markers!

After measuring your height, you can write your name (Vitamin Hana) and height onto the form, but the weight is a bit too embarrassing.

(I'm pretty sure it's actually a normal weight, but let's go ahead with the game.)


Use the clue from the


to unlock the treadmill:

Blue Red Yellow
(3 2 4 clicks)

Then (back out and) click the treadmill to run on it to get an arrow clue.

Also, you just lost some weight, but the scale seems to want you to go below zero.

For the bottom-right locker:

The arrow has segments pointing

Take a screwdriver.

For the top-right locker:

The weighing scale gives you the code

Take the power plug.


Unscrew the wall panel to remove it, and attach the power plug and plug it in.

Click the bike to cycle on it! It helpfully counts the calories for you. Enter that code

into the bottom-left locker:

and take a folded note with shapes.

You also lost some weight, and the scale now shows a grid of numbers.


Use the clues you just got from the

folded note and weighing scale

to unlock the screen of the elliptical trainer:

Rotating the scale clue until the numbers are upright, you find that the symbols indicated by the numbers are
UFO Heart Lamp
(2 1 4 clicks)

Back out and click the machine to use it. The screen now tells you what to do with your clue.

Also, your weight is now even lower.

As shown by the last machine, you can now use the markers to color in the note.

This gives you the clue for the top-left locker:

Yellow-blue: Bear
Red-yellow: Star
Blue-Red: Heart
(3 5 1 clicks)

Inside, there's a scroll telling you how to interpret your BMI.


Use the markers to fill in the form, including your BMI which appears at the bottom.

What does it mean?

Compare the numbers a bit… you're normal!

For the middle right locker, enter

Take the red key, use it to unlock the door, and leave!

Strange Room

(Escape from the incredible room)

You were reading a book in your room, then suddenly you were in a completely unfamiliar room! The door is locked so you'll need to find some way to escape!


The floor in front of the locked door is unusual. Under the heptagonal mirror, a trash bin has a clue on its bottom.

Turn right. The bookshelf has several books, with a clue on the black one, and also a wrapped present and a three-digit lock. To its right, a checkerboard has a star marked in a corner.

Beside the bookshelf, you find a screwdriver.

Turn right. The wall has three framed star pictures, and the table has a cake next to the flower vase and cup of water.

Under the table, you find a playing card figurine and a clue on the wall:

"When two people travel the stars, the doors of time will open."

Turn right. The window is dirty and the plant pot beneath it has a clue. The cabinet on the right displays a pocket watch and a black cat, and the bottom compartment has a keyhole.

Under the plant pot, there's a cutter knife.

Behind the cabinet, there's a handkerchief.

Clean / Numbers

Dip the handkerchief in the water and use it to clean up the window.

Then use the clues

from the bin, pot, window, book and pictures

to unlock the bottom compartment of the bookshelf:

Matching the colors on the pictures to the symbols in the book and then to the numbers on the objects, you get the code

Open it up to find a capsule machine.


Use the knife to unwrap the present and find a fork.

Use that to eat the cake, and you'll find a coin inside.

Put that in the machine to get a red capsule.

Open that capsule with the screwdriver to find a red key.

Use that key to unlock the bottom of the cabinet to reveal a string.

Pull it!

The cat opens up and you can take a black playing card figurine from it.


Use the clues from the


to solve the chessboard puzzle:

Putting the clues from both figurines together, you find that you need to count 4 up and 3 across.

Click the square in the fourth row from the bottom and third column from the left.

Take a green key from the


and use it to unlock the door.

Normal End

Push the CLOSE button to end the game!

You're back in your own room. Looks like it was all a dream.

It's late already, time to go back to sleep!

Happy End

Replay the game until you unlock the door. Don't push the button!

You'll notice that the door has smashed the mirror. Look in the bin beneath to find a coin among the glass.

Place the coin into the capsule machine, take the blue capsule, and open it with the screwdriver!

This gets you a Humpty Dumpty accessory.

Now you can push the CLOSE button to leave.

You're back in your own room. Looks like it was a dream… but the Humpty Dumpty shows you it's not! You keep it until you can go back there.

Escape from a Room with Many Devices


You see a locked door, a light switch that's covered with a screw panel, and a tilty picture with math on it. Let's ignore the thing on the left for now.

Turn right to face a circle and triangle made out of glass, each with colored numbered books in them. There's a box with three black buttons.

Turn right to face a square made out of glass around a pair of locked doors. There's a wall clock above with colored balls.

Turn right to face a framed picture clue. The box under it has a box whose buttons don't seem to be active, as well as a three-digit box with two colored dots. In the corner is a CLOCK box with three arrow buttons.

Clock / Three buttons

You start off with two usable clues:

The wall clock and the framed picture.

For the CLOCK box:

You have CLOCK text in blue along with two > signs.

Reading the blue balls on the clock from left to right (or from highest to lowest numerical value) you find that they are on the

Take a key.

For the three-button box:

The digits from 1 to 6 appear next to the letters

Take a note.

Three digits

Use the key to unlock the square compartment. Inside, you find more books and a three-digit box.

Use the clue from the note to unlock the box:

The box starts at 000.

Set it to 189, and then to 431.

The box shows you a clue with colored circles and roman numerals. Use that clue to unlock the box under the framed picture clue:

The positions of the dots indicate that the blue circle represents two digits, which means you have to interpret IV as I and V.

The roman numerals represent the digits

Take a screwdriver.


Unscrew the panel over the light switch, and push it.

All you can do in the dark is read the clue that appears on the tilty picture.

Use that clue to unlock the picture:

You need to use the corners of the picture to represent 100, 101 and 111 in that order.

Click the corners to form the expression
100 + 1 + 10

Inside, you find a box with three color buttons labeled with numbered shapes.

Use the clues from

the books

to unlock the box you just found:

The first book in the circle, second in the triangle and third in the square are:
Blue Yellow Green
(2 1 3 clicks)

Take the card key.


Insert the card key into the card key box to activate it, then use the clue

from the card key
(which you can get back when you back out)

to unlock it:

The card has seven squares, of which only three are white.

This suggests that you should look for seven letters to pick out three from.

The first, middle, last letters of CARD KEY give you the code

Take a (normal) key, unlock the door and leave!


Thanks KK. looking forward to the last one.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr September 24, 2020 8:23 PM replied to paulmashtv

Here it is!

Crazy Vacation

The blinking lights next door are ruining Crazydad's vacation!



The receptionist isn't helpful at all. At least the book has a coin hidden on the 5/5 page. The escape plan on the wall behind is a real mess, but the safe has a much more orderly grid of buttons.

Go up the stairs to your room. In addition to the red lights through the window, you can look at the gramophone missing a record and the safe having a three-button lock.

Go back (left) to the front desk and left to the pool, which is… leaking. Someone has helpfully left a screwdriver in a bear trap.


Go right twice. There are three doors here, and you can look up at your window. You might find another hotspot:

the wire under the burger sign.

Go into the burger shop, Belly Maker. The cashier is even less helpful than both of the previous guys. The switch box is blocked with a large cobweb. And there's wine bottles next to the bin!

Go back to the street and into the arcade. One of the machines is broken and the other needs a coin.

Use it to clear out the cobwebs

Pay to play

Put the coin into the right arcade machine, which is just a (randomized) memory game.

Your prize is a ticket! Actually, give that ticket to the man at the counter to get your real prize: a record.

Return to your room and put the record on the player, which spits out a red note.

Oh, the horror! It's math!


Use the clue from the

red note

to unlock the safe in your room.

Working out the equations from top down, you find that:
Apple = 10
Bananas = 4
Coconuts = 2

And since the last line has only one coconut instead of two, the code is 150.

You get a corkscrew!

Open and shut

Use the corkscrew to open the wine bottles in the burger place. You keep the cork.

Use that to seal up the hotel pool. Your reward is a stick.

Use it to trigger the bear trap near the pool. Now you can pick up the screwdriver.

Use that to unscrew the panel of the left arcade machine, revealing a dice puzzle.

Something different

For the arcade puzzle, you'll need to make each row and column contain each number once. Green squares can't be changed — those are clues!


For this puzzle, you can start at the bottom right and fill in the white squares counterclockwise around the edge.

For example: the bottom-right square has [1] and [3] in the same row, and [4] in the same column, so it must be 2. The square above that now has [2] and [4] in its column and [3] in its row, so it must be 1.

After filling the edge, use the same logic to fill the center squares.


The squares should show the following numbers of dots.
1 2 4 3
2 1 3 4
3 4 2 1
4 3 1 2

You don't get to play anything else. Just take a stack of 1000 tickets from the machine!

Trade the tickets in for an axe, and then swing it at the wire outside the burger place.


Use the clue from

the evacuation plan

to unlock the safe at the hotel front desk:

There is a path through the maze of doorways and ladders from bottom right to top left:
11 10 09 --
-- 07 08 --
-- 06 03 02
-- 05 04 01

Make those eleven buttons green! (In any order.)

You find a duster.

Use it to remove the cobwebs from the power box in the burger store.

Pull the lever to shut off the power. Problem solved!


I did not open all the lockers, and I'm out! LOL! The first locker I tried my luck and it opened! Something on BMI but I don't have a clue. I opened two other lockers, after I gave up I read some spoilers. I got the electric plug but couldn't think of how to make the machine works. Back to the lockers side and I tried with another locker, I was shocked to see a key inside! That's how I end the game! Anyone has taken the short cut out? LOL!


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