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Weekday Escape N°13

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Weekday Escape

elleLet's make this short and sweet: this week's collection of escape games are precisely that. Which isn't all that uncommon for games of this genre. What makes a game about being trapped, frantically searching about for the means to get free, go so well with oodles of sweetness and sugary coatings? Is it the juxtaposition? Something in the personalities of escape aficionados that coaxes it out? Or is it that all these qualities are equally alluring? Like the irresistible pull of a cute face or a scrumptious candy, when you're in the mood for something gentle and light, the following three games should hit your figurative sweet tooth just right.

Candy Rooms #4: Rose SweetCandy Rooms #4: Rose Sweet - Oh, FunkyLand, you get me right where it counts: a sweet game of hide and seek along with a smattering of puzzles to tease my brain, all set inside an inviting pink room to make me feel pretty. Here the goal is to find five pieces of candy hidden in the scene or obscured by puzzles to earn your door key. The premise is simple and the game is equally snack-sized, although not altogether without substance; it's just that, with only one true puzzle and an easily solved code, escape comes too quick. Think five candies are not filling enough on their own? Then go back to indulge in #2: May Green Casual and #3: Scarlet Casual as well.

Choco Escape 3Choco Escape 3 - There isn't a lot to say about this chocolate-themed escape from Twinkle, which is light on challenges and short on actual panache. But there is a Willy Wonka abundance of chocolate, a pop culture reference and a wink of festive fun to fill the gaps. The only places you can really be thrown off is a pixel hunt for a needed key and the non-English lettering on a cake. It's true, the puzzles are too straight-forward to offer much challenge to the regular escape fan yet it's compelling all the same to complete this mini escape, especially if shared with someone else. Who can win the gold and open the door first?

Canola Flower Room EscapeCanola Flower Room Escape - Although the sweet yellow flower by which the game gets its title is innocent enough, the other English-from-Japanese translation of the plant's name is not as sensitive. Looking past the unintended controversy, Yuri certainly has the hang of things when it comes to taking something cute and yellow and making a pleasant escape game. Although hopes that an adorable chick will turn up aren't realized 'til the end, and an easily overlooked clue might stump you right off, the puzzles are light and enjoyable, the setting is serenely pastel, and sweet success is still as satisfying as ever.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for hints or help out the other players with your clues and walkthroughs in the comments below.


need flower help on Canola Flower Room Escape

phdavoid March 5, 2014 1:08 PM

The first two were nice 5 min games, but totally flummoxed on the canola flower room game.

What I know/have:

got cresent shaped piece, put in flower on cupboard.
I can see that you push the 4 peddles and button in middle, but dont know the order.
I can see the clue of the read flowers on shelf: 1,2,3,4
Can see that it might apply to flower buttons but pushing the buttons in order indicated not helpful

I see the left/right lock on the cupboard with the down arrow, but dont see a clue to go with it.

So really I know nothing.... hoping posting will stimulate the brain.

jaybo33 March 5, 2014 1:16 PM

each petal, 15-10-5-20-15? nope!

phdavoid March 5, 2014 1:17 PM

thanks elle

got the left/right

but still dumb on flower petals

even combining the two clues by starting on lower right and moving counterclockwise and pushing each petal the number of times 1,2,3,4 as indicated by the red flowers

phdavoid March 5, 2014 1:23 PM

Ok got the petals

dont 'count the petals" use the 1234, numbers, but you have to repeat the 3 for some reason. I guess the arrow does point back at it.. solution 3,2,1,4,3 starting lower right.


Hint on the flower petals:

Go back to the start.

jaybo33 March 5, 2014 1:28 PM

i swear i did that to no avail, worked this time. Maybe had to zoom our. Grrrr! Thanks

baileydonk March 5, 2014 1:34 PM

Flowers: Feeling really stupid, here.

Push petals in order? I figured out the two clues, and therefore the numbers and the order, but what do the numbers have to do with the flower petals? How do you know which petal = which number?


For the flower petals:

count the number of flowers on each shelf. Press the appropriate button that many times

kdausman March 5, 2014 2:26 PM

Having trouble with the pixel hunt on number 2.

kdausman March 5, 2014 5:09 PM

Thanks, elle!


Unlike everyone else, I got stuck on the first game and had to brute-force the swing puzzle. Got through the other two games without any difficulty.


Konrad, I had the same problem as you. I think this is how it goes:

The button at the button of the swing puzzle is labelled 9. Click it nine times, and then the pictogram swingers swing into the positions you need for the knobs. (At least I kept clicking around on it and about nine clicks in, the pictograms switched to the answer position.)


This is Support-y, but on-topic.

If you guys wanna expand the Weekend Escape pixel art without losing the detail, I believe you can change the type of expansion, at least in Photoshop. I don't recall if it's Bi-linear but it could be Nearest Neighbor. Then double the size. It will expand to larger than you need, I think. Reducing it from there may still make it look better than blowing it up without preserving that squared-up look.

This is good for screenshots too. I think the mini-button for Nitrome's Dog House is still nearly unrecognizable without using this.

bearharry March 6, 2014 1:16 PM

Code of the could box is behind the window


Couldn't find a specific thread for it, so I'm wondering if anyone in this thread has finished Scarlet Casual, linked to above -- I'm completely stuck after having found and used the

scissors and pull-string.


@Baby boo,

On Scarlet Casual, what are you still missing? If you've used the

scissors and cord,

then you should have the green round candy the frog is holding. That was the last one I needed, so I'm not sure where you're stuck at this point.

Supermusic March 6, 2014 9:07 PM

I got the right/left puzzle on canola flower by random guesses, but I don't understand why-- where did that sequence come from?

Also, now I've got the combination box thing, but I have no idea where to find the combination. Help?

bearharry March 6, 2014 9:28 PM


don't think about poker, think about alphabet


the right left puzzle is by the line on the wall in the background
The code of combination box you need to wait behind on the window scene.


@bearharry: Ah! That's a sneaky one. Thanks!

@bavnah: When I posted originally, my total progress was

found the lollipop, the blue wrapped candy, and the purple wrapped candy; then found the scissors on the desk, cut the cord and found the place to put it. Also found that a four-digit and a four-color code would be needed.

After following bearharry's clue, now I've

found the magnet, used it to get the coin, and used that to get the gumball. I guess the last candy I need is the frog's, but he's not giving it up.

Still working on it, between bouts of stuff that I'm, like, supposed to be doing. Hopefully my next post will be "Got it!" ^_^


Oh. Well, duh. Got it. I think it's perhaps a little bit unfair that

the pull-cord is the only hold-and-drag item. I clicked all over that stupid thing and thought I had to do something else to activate it.

Oh well. Finished it anyway.


Though of course after saying that I looked again at the 'how-to' page and it is mentioned, fair 'n' square. So I'm just having a dumb all around. :P


This is the solution to the left-right buttons inside the left door of the cabinet.


but I don't see how the flowers on the wall follow this sequence.


@ Scaper

It's not the flowers that you need to look at.

Look at the stripes.

In the corner of the room, look at the stripes from top to bottom.


OK. Now I see it.

The corner line marks the center line and the flowers are on the left or the right of it. It goes:
a flower on 2 stripes on the left,
a flower on 2 stripes on the right,
a flower on 1 stripe on the left, then a flower on 1 stripe on the right.

Thanks ltt!


Tried Canola Flower Escape again. Subtle hints are too subtle for me so for those trying to solve the flower petal puzzle:

Click on the lower right petal 3 times. Click on the upper right petal two times. Click on the upper left petal once. Click on the lower left petal four times. Click on the lower right petal three times. Then click on the center button.
Then the cabinet door will open.

That's it. You start from the lower right petal and move counter clock-wise around the flower.


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