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Weekday Escape N°116

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Weekday Escape

DoraRise and shine, my little escaperinos! Wednesday has finally shone its smiling face upon us, banishing the drudgery of Monday and the resignation of Tuesday, and what better way to make your week a little faster than to find yourself trapped in implausible locations and scenarios? This week! Vitamin Hana was you to get pumped, but no weights are required. Esklavos's puppy has a broken airplane and a bone to pick with a mythological beast. And Tototo Room may have you trapped, but that doesn't mean it has to be within four walls.

Button Escape 34Button Escape 34 - Tototo Room is giving you a taste of the great outdoors, where you'll need to find eleven buttons scattered throughout the area and click them in order to open the gate to freedom. The area you're trapped in actually has several buildings to explore, making this one of Tototo Room's bigger and more elaborate games, though you may find yourself going in circles a little before you figure out how to navigate. Of course, any game that requires a pizza as a crucial piece of its mechanics is automatically alright by me...

Pump it Up!Pump it Up! - Put away your sweatbands and your '80s playlists, folks. Vitamin Hana isn't after you to get "swole" here. In fact, this room is almost suspiciously barren, though once you start exploring, you'll realize there's more than meets the eye. There is, unfortunately, an instance of a puzzle clue given that can be very hard to read even if you don't have difficulty distinguishing colours, so make sure you pay close attention to your surroundings and items if you wind up getting stuck or going in circles!

Stains and the YetiStains and the Yeti - Esklavos's questionably named pup is back, and this time things are a little frosty. You'll need to travel to a few different locations, but first, you'll need to repair your plane. If you get stuck, you may want to try using some of the tools you'll find in ways that aren't immediately intuitive or indicated. Just pretend you're role playing as me, trying to fix something in your house without an instruction manual and beset by an unwillingness to actually go get the proper instruments. (Panicked phone call to father-in-law about geyser of water in bathroom or destroyed kitchen sink optional.)

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Pump it Up! Walkthrough:

Look in the coffee cup and take the


Go to your left and take the next


After picking that up take the

rectangular red thing

and click on it to turn it into a


Also take the

bread sitting on the plate

Go back to the right and insert the

red circle into the hole and pick it up again

Read it to see the word

tea backwards

Go to your left and

enter the word in the top cabinet

A drawer will open up and reveal

a pouch of coffee beans for you to take and a red flower with numbers
on it.

To translate the flower - correspond the numbers on it to the flower picture on the wall. That gives us a code: Yellow-Orange-Purple

Insert the

code in the bottom drawer to unlock it and find a bottle of water and one more balloon

Now you will want to

examine the water bottle to remove the cap then fill the coffee maker back to your right.

You will now need to

circle the room once until there is steam rising out of the coffee pot.

Now take

pick up the coffee pot and pour your coffee beans into the mug sitting on the table.

Once the

cup is full, place the bread in the warm coffee and circle the room once. Look in the coffee cup again to see the bread has been toasted and a number has been revealed.

Enter the

number from the bread on the cabinet below to get an air pump. Use it to fill the ballons which will reveal numbers and diagrams hidden on them.

Go to your right once then

check the box on the ground for a safe-like combination lock. If you haven't guessed, the numbers and diagrams on the balloons tell us what order and which way to turn the dial in. Do that, and you will reveal a part for the door.

Take the

part and connect it to the door. Then use the air pump to unlock it. Now you can leave.



Stains and the Yeti outline walkthrough

1. The Hills.

Pick up:

map, stick, arrow.

Use signpost clues to get:

pliers, worm;

use these to get:

screwdriver, feather.

Use screwdriver to

open engine compartment, use

signpost clue and pliers to fix it.

2. The Clouds.

Put the feather on the map to go to The Clouds. The clue for the bird wings is

near the plane's wing. Get a crystal, use it to go to Two Peaks.

3. Two Peaks. Pick up:

shovel, arrow.


Use the shovel to get the hammer

(from The Hills)

and go visit The Inventor.

5. The Inventor. Pick up:

flask, knife, spyglass, arrow.


Go back to

The Clouds, use the knife to get the string

(trailing under the plane),

and fill the flask

(from the condensation trailing off the plane's tail).



string, stick, and arrows.

Use them and the spyglass

in Two Peaks to open the three locks

(shoot the bright star-thingies).

Get a mushroom

(from the chest).



The Inventor, and use the

crowbar to get a banana and the fangs.


the banana and the water

to get another mushroom.


Refill the flask (see step 6), then use the fangs to visit The Yeti. Pick up

the key,

then use

the water

to get another mushroom.


Go back to The Inventor to get the last mushroom using

the key,

then back to

The Yeti to get the key you really wanted,

and you're out.


Regarding Button Escape 34 - Tototo Room:

How to ignite...

After you put the wood into the pizza oven, you notice that you still have some wood sticks left.

The thing between the sink and the pizza oven. Hmmmm.

Put a piece of wood into that thing. [Has the word fire on it.]

Ta da!


Regarding Button Escape 34 - Tototo Room:


I didn't read the sign!

Silly me.


Pump it Up! Criticism

I don't appreciate having to put glasses on to see something. The numbers on the flower in the drawer were imperceptible to those of us who are not 20/20 eyesight. Otherwise, I enjoyed the game, as I have for a couple of years.


In Stains and the Yeti...

How do you use both the bow-and-arrows and the spyglass to shoot the sparkly things in the mountains? When I use the spyglass to see the sparkly targets, I can't grab the bow/arrows to shoot them. Shooting at the mountains without the spyglass doesn't work. And, I can't combine the spyglass with the bow/arrows.

I'm stumped.

Coffeeteamix February 25, 2016 12:03 PM replied to Thorzdad

@ Thoizdad: I had the same question for the longest time. This is how I ended up doing it:

while in the spyglass zoomed in view, put down the spyglass, then try to pick up the bows and arrows. You should be able to stay in the zoomed in view while holding bows and arrows instead.


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