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Weekday Escape N°125

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Weekday Escape

DoraGooooooooooooood morning, you bright, beautiful, bushy-tailed person, you! A new day has dawned on the internets. The kilobytes are chirping. The servers are singing. And the online comments are... well, the less said about those the better. Except here, of course! This week! no1game's little green men are off on vacation, but what we get is still pretty strange. Primera gives you a widdle bed to rest your widdle head. And Esklavos wants you to save the world from a global flooding, but you'll need to do some finagling to pull it off.

Fly the SkyFly the Sky - The title of Primera's escape game might lead you to believe it holds daring dogfights against Don Kargnage, or perhaps a clandestine and romantic nighttime soar with Superman... instead you've got a room with a crib and what are possibly the world's most over-the-top child security locks. Go figure! There's no changing cursor to help you click your way to puzzle solutions, but clean design, bright colours, and the cutest little mobile means you probably won't need it anyway.

The Aviator EscapeThe Aviator Escape - I hope you have your goggles and your dashing silk scarf, because Esklavos is going to send you skyward to stop a mad scientist from "flooding the planet", which basically makes this The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker AU. Like most recent Esklavos games, you'll gain a map to hop around to different locations, but you'll need to activate it first by solving a few puzzles to open them up, which is probably exactly how they do things in the Air Force.

Marble EscapeMarble Escape - Be warned that this one is... odd. There are no little green men to be found in this challenge from no1game, but that doesn't mean it's not still weird. In the beginning, all you've got is a wall. Eventually? Still more walls, and a door if you're lucky. This one might take some finagling since it sadly feels a little lucky, but click around a whole bunch and you'll stumble into something sooner or later. Or maybe you won't. I can't tell. I've been here so long. What's it like on the outside? Do we still have cheese-crust stuffed pizza? Is Crowley still on Supernatural? TELL ME THE IMPORTANT THINGS.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Esklavos link is still to Rabbits and Magic.


Rabbits and Magic was Weekday Escape 124 as well as today's 125. just fyi


I think the Esklavos link should be http://www.esklavos.com/escape/the_aviator_escape/.


Hints for Marble Escape.


The inventory is not empty.

Marble 1

See those shades of blue?

Marble 2
No hint needed.

Marble 3

Where does the game area end?

Marble 4

The walls have secrets.

Marble 5

Stay and look.

Marble 6

What has been placed can be removed.

Marble 7

Or smashed.

Marble 8

Halt! Hammerzeit!

Marble 9

Be reckless.

Marble 10

Keep it up!


Stuck on Primera. I'm down to two locks - one with fruit, one with a 4-digit number - and a suspicious patch on the floor. I have a chair I can't put down or examine, and the contents of the three other cabinets, two of which are lit.



It is astoundingly unobvious, but

There are hotspots at the very feet of the cot

Oniya April 27, 2016 1:33 PM replied to Michael Cugley

Astoundingly. And not what I'd think of using

an Exacto knife



Aviator was excellent


Primera's game was cute (though I couldn't have solved it without the helpful clue from Oniya) ...
Esklavos is great, as always ...
and I could NOT figure out Marble Escape (despite Viktor's nice walkthrough) ...
And as always, thanks to DORA for the mid-week pick-me-up!!

ameregamer April 28, 2016 4:23 AM

Hint-throughs are awesome, and that's a particularly good one (thanks Viktor!); but here's an explicit walkthrough for Marble Escape for anyone who wants one, or as a last resort after checking the hints, however you want to roll. No shaming from this corner.


There are scene-changing bars in inventory slot 1. Use them on the wall and you can move.

Note that your goal is to obtain 10 marbles, and you must do this in a specific order; the next one will only appear after the previous one is found. So no jumping around, alas.

Marble 1

Click the O in ABOUT ITEM.

Marble 2

Put Marble 1 in the machine in the pink cabinet. Go back. Marble 2 will have appeared in the gap below. Add it as well (no leaving marbles cluttering up your inventory here).

Marble 3

Check the copyright notice at the bottom of the screen.

Marble 4

Go one screen right from the pink cabinet. Click and drag the panel.

Marble 5

Shows up in a previously nonexistent panel in the white marble machine.

Marble 6

Two screens right from the pink cabinet, marble on the floor will be obvious. Dog-eared corner of the view-changing bars in the top left, not so obvious. Click and drag (I found it let me let go somewhere near the right wall).

Marble 7

Same marble problem one screen to the right of the cabinet. Grab the hammer and use it on the bottom right to smash the bar.

Marble 8

Check your hammer. It wasn't bejeweled before.

Marble 9

Someone patched up your hammer job. Smash the world's shell, for the revolution of the world. Or the bar for a marble, you get my drift.

Marble 10

Aw *#$*, the Utena reference was a bad idea, I summoned a Prince. Well, as Utena taught us, hit that little creep until he goes down. Okay, that wasn't the main moral, but I'd say it's certainly a valid takeaway.


Marble escape is a tricky one. You have to think way outside the box in some interesting ways to solve some of those puzzles, and at least one had me resorting to patient pixel-searching to find it, but it made for a fun change from the usual codes and locks.


I liked Marble Escape.
It was a nice change from the number code puzzles and even better for me, I solved it!

nicholauscjj April 28, 2016 3:17 PM

The Aviator Escape

Note: All places are marked with bold letter. I'm too lazy to put spoiler each time you move from place to place.

The Plane

  • You may observe the area before you proceed.

    1. The blue head statue

    2. The orange square attatched to the plane

    3. The shiny thing under the sea

    4. The blue flower on the bottom-left of the screen

    5. The missing valve pipe

    6. The crate with weird keyhole

    7. The resting plank beside the crate

    8. The string kited to the plane

    9. The dirt pile

  • Click on the orange square on the plane (Map).

  • Check the sign beside the valve (it's on the bottom-right of the screen). Note the number order. Also, note that there's a magnet, but you can't take it.

  • Click the blue head statue and assign the bubble to the correct place. Any kind of placement is okay as long the sum of each circle is the same order as the number on the sign.

    The large bubble's value is 15
    The medium bubble's value is 10
    The small bubble's value is 5

  • As you done, a wild platform emerges. Take the spiral stone.

  • Open the map by clicking it and put the spiral stone above 'The Guru'.

The Guru

  • You may observe the area before you proceed.

    1. The grey bird on the sign

    2. The Guru

    3. The cane

    4. The hammer

    5. The fly

    6. The knife

    7. The vase with soil in it

    8. The clogged pipe

  • Take the hammer, the fly, and the knife.

  • Talk to the guru. He needs a pair of boots.

  • Use the knife on the cane.

  • Go back to 'The Plane' via the map.

  • Use the knife on the string kited to the plane

  • Feed the carnivorous blue flower with a fly. Retrieve the boots.

  • Now you have a hammer. Check the sign and pull off the nail to get magnet.

  • Combine the magnet with the string to get tied magnet. Combine it with cane to get fishing pole.

  • Use your newly-crafted fishing pole to the shiny thing in the sea to get blue key.

  • Go back to 'The Guru'.

  • Give guru the boots. He will give you a crowbar.

  • Use the blue key on the locked chest. Get the valve.

  • Back to 'The Plane', use the valve on the pipe. Turn it on and get water.

  • Back again to 'The Guru', use the water on the vase. Retrieve the leaf.

  • Use the leaf on the map to access 'The Ark'.

The Ark

  • You may observe the area before you proceed.

    1. The weird angry emoji carving on the stone

    2. The big bird

    3. The squirrel

    4. The rabbit

    5. The wiggly worm

    6. Another resting plank

    7. The barrel

  • Talk to the animals. Each one wants something.

  • Open the barrel using the crowbar, obtain the carrot.

  • Feed the rabbit with carrot. He will say something. Note it.

  • Get the wiggly worm and click on the angry emoji carve (turns out it is a key).

  • Look at the resting plank. Note the dot pattern.

  • Now go to 'The Plane'.

  • Use your key on the crate to get plunger.

  • Using your dot pattern you noted, click on the resting plank and highlight the hexagon.

    You should not have any problem with it, but then again...
    Let's assume that each hexagon possess a number. From top-left is 1 and down zig-zag to the bottom-right is 16.
    The highlighted hexagon is 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

    If you are doing it right, close the pop-up and get the acorn.

  • Proceed to 'The Guru'.

  • Feed the bird with worm. It will fly away afterwards. Sad face.

  • Use the plunger and clog the pipe. Retrieve the sea shell.

  • Now back to 'The Ark'.

  • Give big bird the sea shell, note what it says.

  • Give squirrel the acorn, note what it says.

  • Also, a wild magnifying glass appears. Take it.

  • Talk to the little bird and note what it says.

  • Use the magnifying glass on the map and proceed to 'Scientist'.


  • You may observe the area before you proceed.

    1. The Scientist

    2. The machine

    3. The shovel

  • It is unecessary but you can talk to the scientist.

  • Retrieve the shovel.

  • Go to 'The Plane'

  • Use the shovel on the dirt pile. Get the lever.

  • Go back to 'Scientist'.

  • Now click on the machine. A pop up will appear. Using the note you made (well, if you did), arrange the number to its position.

    If you didn't note it

    1A - 2C
    3B - 4F
    5D - 6G
    7E - 8H

    If you do it correctly, the machine will be charged.

  • Put the lever on the machine.

  • Pull the lever.

  • Poof. The scientist is gone. Take the key.

  • Use the key on the map ('Escape') to end the game.

I'm sorry for my bad English.

Also, Marble Escape's concept is truly amazing. Not my kind, though, but still.

Night Stryke April 28, 2016 4:04 PM

Trying to get marble 4, but

whenever I release the mouse button, the panel pops back over the marble.

I assume from the other posts on the game that this isn't supposed to be happening, and it's making it impossible to get.

ShadowWolfSBI April 28, 2016 5:57 PM replied to Night Stryke

I'd had that problem as well, initially.

I solved it by dragging the panel over to the floor section, which seems to be enough to make it vanish.

Hope that helps.

nicholauscjj April 29, 2016 11:52 PM

Now for Primera

Not a big fan of this guy but oh well
Colorblind-friendly yay (probably you should take a look at the doll ear answer).

I'm too lazy to make wall of spoilers.

  1. Take the chair.

  2. Look at the picture of houses. Click on the little gordyn. Note the green symbol on each house.

  3. Turn around (any way shows the same place, use the house code on the second row cabinet.

    The houses you see has different symbol. The gordyn shows the important thing - the house height. So, order the house from short to tall, and the symbol order should be

    equal sign, square, two horizontal lines, rectangle

    If you do it right, you'll get a cutter.

  4. Use the cutter on the baby beed foot (bottom-left, rope).

  5. Take the bed.

  6. Take the candies, note the fruits in order.

  7. Back to the cabinet and insert the code (bottom row cabinet). The code is

    Grape, Cherry, Orange

  8. It's not that hard, and you will get a screwdriver.

  9. Look at the hanged dolls. Note the ear shape and its color.

  10. Now click on the top row cabinet, and input the code properly.

    Remember, the color order is not the same as the hanged doll.

    Bunny-ear shape, half-circle shape, teardrop shape, pointy shape.

    Do it right and you will get a lighter.

  11. The lighter should have a yellowish edge on its right, click and note the picture, from top to bottom

  12. Click on the cabinet, right door, and input the code.

    Sailboat, bus, plane

    Get the burner inside it.

  13. Go back to the main door, unscrew the floor/carpet (?).

  14. Take the ropes, look at their shape.

  15. Open the door using code provided by the ropes.


    Click the door to open it.

  16. After you get out, use the chair under the yellow thing, right side of the tree.

  17. Get the hot air balloon parachute.

  18. Now, to compose the hot air balloon, put the bed on the provided area marked with four holes.

  19. Examine (About Item) the burner and use the lighter.

  20. Examine the parachute, use the burner, followed by the ropes.

  21. Use the composed hot air balloon to the bed.

  22. Click on the bed to end the game.


Hello, Dora, and all the staff.

My name is Angela, I'm Brazilian. Your site has given me joy and relief from stress at work for almost ten years now. I am saddened by the news, but as I believe changes sometimes are blessings in disguise, I wish you all great success in everything you do righ now. I wish you all love, health and joy in whatever you decide to do. Thank you Dora, for all those fun Wednesdays. Thank you Jeff and the staff for keeping the site so great all these years.
Kisses from Brazil,



Oh Primera. I think that's the first time I escaped a room by

making it out the door, then for some reason constructing a hot air balloon from a crib, a camp stove and some rope that was conveniently in the shape of a number code.

JudyJetson May 20, 2016 1:14 AM

As there is no comment accessibility on the blog post announcement at the top of the home page feed, I want to comment here with Angela that I am also saddened by the news, and I'm going to miss you guys. Thanks for all the years of fun reviews and scouring the online gaming world to bring the best games all together for easy access. Thanks for facilitating a civil, fun, positive gaming community. And also, thanks a million for all the fabulous introductions. I'm an escape addict, going on over a decade now, and I've met so many of my favorite escape game designers through Jayisgames. Even though I can't check here any more, I have a list of designers' sites to check thanks to you, that I didn't have before you.

And I will be checking back here occasionally. Mostly for nostalia's sake. But also, just in case. :)

Bon voyage. Until we meet again.


I might have missed it but it didn't appear obvious in the "this is the end" post, was it due to financial reasons? Was the opportunity for users to donate researched? I noticed a popup suggesting a donation a minute ago when I visited for the first time since the site ceased updating but can't seem to get it to come back.


Disregard I found the Patreon info, clearly a POP moment. ;)


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