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Weekday Escape N°128

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Weekday EscapeAnother weekday escape means three more escape games selections lined up for you to enjoy, already sorted out so you only get the best. Here you'll get games from Chokochai, TomoLaSiDo and Vitamin Hana.

Three cats Escape from the balconyThree cats Escape from the balcony - Choko-Chai is back with his 3 pesky cats. This time the trouble they're in is pretty immediate. They were caught napping and have been locked outside on the balcony. Can you help them escape? Just be sure to pick English unless you happen to read Japanese when the game starts. Oh and it has one of my very favorite things--a volume adjustment. The Save feature comes in handy when you want to see both endings without playing through from the start twice. This game is clever and fun. The puzzles have a certain internal logic and the cats really steal the show. Sorting out when to 'ask for help' from them is a puzzle in itself. The animations are adorable in game and both endings. The whole thing just made me smile to look at. If you've played any of the Three Cats games you already know this goes by pretty fast. I think of it as a little sweet treat.

Escape Challenge 9Escape Challenge 9 - With very little to work with can you assemble the key and leave this little apartment? Even in such a small, sparsely furnished space, there are plenty of clues hidden. There are also some rather clever puzzles to solve. The most important thing is to pay close attention to detail. With every object having been put in intentionally it's safe to assume that very few things can be overlooked. The colors are soft and easy on the eyes, the transitions are generally smooth and the music is a not unpleasant piano piece. Overall it's an enjoyable exercise in logic and problem solving.

Go for a drive!Go for a drive! - You want to use your car for a drive. But it's not so easy... Using shapes, colors, objects, letters, and numbers the array of puzzles is astounding. As with so many games, once you find the right clue the others just seem to fall into place but until then you're shoveling uphill. Still, however it looks at first, there is a clue for every puzzle. With just a little thought and a bit of effort you'll be splashing in puddles before you know it.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


nelliel123 July 7, 2016 7:52 AM

Oh I feel so lonely here! Come on everyone, join me in escaping!

nelliel123 July 7, 2016 8:33 AM

Oh well, it seems I didn't need you, I've finished all three. You've taught me independence JIG! Not sure I was ready for it.

Patreon Donator operagypsy July 7, 2016 9:30 AM

Choko chai keeps crashing; 3 times in quick succession, and I'd barely got started each time. In fact, it crashed earlier each time. I give up for the moment... sadly!


Stuck on Three Cats; things I've found but haven't used up yet are:

tape; red, orange, green, blue, and purple golf balls; a working flashlight (used to see inside the tube by the railing, but still active); and a bar. I'm pretty sure I need to get the yellow golf ball out of the tube next, but I can't figure out how to do so. Attempts to combine the tape and bar into a long sticky thing have so far proved futile.

Any hints?

Westside gamer July 7, 2016 1:36 PM replied to Vinca

Hey Vinca,
I tried to write this as hints instead of just giving an answer because I'm not sure if you wanted to figure it out for yourself (some people do) so if you just want the answer click the last spoiler tag. Hopefully this helps

you are indeed missing an object in order to get the yellow ball

try looking on the wall with the doors

there is one door that zooms in on the tv

there is an item that is sort of hidden in plain sight

there is a suction cup on the window of the door


I am super stuck

I have

red blue and purple golf balls. A green rod with a suction cup on the end and two batteries.

I have poked around and clicked the cats all over the shop and can't find anything :(


Westside, thank you so much! It's always the little things that get you, isn't it? =)

Kellie, it sounds like you

still need to open the bottom cabinet, which needs a 4 digit code.

Look at the left side of the cabinet for a hint.

O x O

Do you happen to have a pair of numbers that came from circles to multiply?

There are a lot of circles that make up the railing of the balcony, have you looked at both sides?



Getting started on "Escape Challenge 9" was tough.

Pay attention to the colours of the tic tac toe game.

After that, it flowed pretty smoothly.


Oops, I meant "Go for a drive" in my previous comment.


Just a comment on the review of Escape Challenge 9: "the music is a not unpleasant piano piece" - it is, in fact, Chopin's Nocturne no 2, which is reasonably well-known. (That is not to say that it is something everybody in the world should be expected to know, but in the review itself it might be nice to have that info.)


Thanks Dixie, for taking the trouble to post this! Great fun.


tomoLaSiDo Escape Challenge 9: just 'cause none of the non-video walkthroughs I found were really anywhere near complete, here's my attempt.

View 1 (table and two chairs)

It only gives one inventory spot to items from

the pencil cup, and you can only get them in the order it decrees: carrot stick, carrot stick, green spoon-like thingy. You need the green thingy; feed the carrot sticks to the rabbit to free up the inventory spot.

Key sections 1 and 2 out of 6:

on chair, behind rabbit.

View 2 (turn left: small chest near shrub in corner)

There's a two-digit color+number clue in the top drawer.

Key section 3 of 6:

by shrub.

View 3 (turn left: large chest and stool)

Get the daikon radish

near the stool.

Use the green thingy on

the thing on the stool to see a three-digit green code. Apply it to the middle drawer to get key section 4 of 6.

Use the two-digit code

from view 2 on the bottom drawer to get carrot 1 of 3 and key section 5 of 6.

(You can change the digits by clicking on them, and you can change their colors by clicking on the buttons. I was stuck for a long time because I didn't realize the first part of this.)

View 4 (turn left: radish picture)

Get the white stick

from the floor.

Apply the

radish to the picture three times to get a three-digit white code.

View 3 again

Use the

three-digit white code on the top drawer to get key section 6 of 6.

Look at

the sides of the chest with the drawers open to get a sequence of colors. (You can only open one drawer at a time, annoyingly.)

View 2 again

Use the sequence on the bottom drawer of the small chest to get a second carrot.


To get the third carrot, in the radish picture view, click one of the dark hallways, then click the round grate on the inside wall. Push the carrot to the other side with the white stick, then go around to the other hallway to get it out of the round grate on that side.

Extra adventure

Go all the way down the left-hand hallway to see the toilet. Click the toilet to see an arrow. Follow the arrows (click all the way at the indicated edge of the screen, in the blue navigation bar that appears) to see some interesting graffiti on the wall.

Once you have all six parts of the key, you can go out the door at the end of the right-hand hallway.


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