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Weekday Escape N°149

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Weekday EscapeForget your troubles, it's time to play, new Weekday Escape's here to brighten your day!

Today we start with cute (and a bit strange) Twinkle' s game. After we escape from warm summer rain with a little help from a frog and a snail, Vitamin Hana takes us fishing. One fish is enough and catching it doesn't take long. So much for brain warm-up, our minds are ready and prepared for more puzzles in Riddle Escape´s room.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Rain Escape 5Rain Escape 5

It's not clear whether it really rains inside Twinkle's cute room or whether it's just wall paint. But the room feels wet somehow and a snail and a frog and a hydrangea shrub seem happy though they are closed inside. The game is fluent and relaxing with only a little bit of pixelhunting. One hotspot is well hidden but not hopelessly and I'm sure you find it! It's interestingly still the same hotspot as in their previous games...

The cursor is not changing, no save button, two endings.

Catch a Fish!Catch a Fish!

Seems that Vitamin Hana is running out of fluffy and/or cute animals. We were freeing dogs, monkeys, cats, parrots, pigs recently and now - fish. Well, we are not freeing but catching in a new enjoyable game with good puzzles and harmonic colors, as is Vitamin Hana's standard. No more words needed, go! The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Riddle Room 5Riddle Room 5

Familiar feeling in this room is not coincidence. Only three weeks ago, in WE N°147 we played great Clock Escape and earlier this year, in WE N°137 another excellent game, Orbit Escape. This game is not so long but as good as both these. So, you are locked in a room with brick walls covered by brick wallpaper or paint, there is a sofa, a moving picture, locked cupboards...and puzzles to be solved. One hotspot is difficult to find, so good observation certainly helps!
The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

This game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Rain Escape 5

The rain may be calming, but you'd rather enjoy it outside of this room. So gather your clues and arrange an escape.


You start off facing a large door. A box to its left has three raindrop-shaped holes, and an umbrella in the holder to the right opens up to a colorful pattern with six letters.

Turn left. There's a slot for a lever next to a hole in the wall. There's also a frog and an input box that lets you type a password.

Turn left. There's a bouquet of seven blue and purple flowers with a snail on the lower-right flower. There's also a picture of flowers on the wall, and it shifts a little when clicked.

Turn left. A cupboard on the left has two locked doors. The top one requires a key and the bottom one requires a three-digit code. There's also a red flag on the floor and a white blob/slime with blue and purple buttons.

That's a lot of clues, but perhaps you should search a little more...

On the same screen with the slime, click on the left edge of the cupboard to find a note with a picture of a snail and seven circles.


Use the snail on the note to leave a mucous trail on it, then use the clue from that to press the buttons on the slime in the correct order.

The trail goes counterclockwise from the top circle to the bottom, then through the middle and lower-right circle.

The corresponding flowers are blue, blue, blue, purple, purple, blue.

So click the LLLRRL buttons. The slime opens its mouth to let you have a gold key, and a rainbow sprouts out of its head.


Use the gold key on the top cupboard door to open it and get a lever (handle).


Place the lever on the slot and pull it. The curtains(?) beside it open up, revealing six sun/rain dolls (teruteru bōzu) with different colored bowties and numbers and mathematical operators on their front.


Use the clues from the dolls to unlock the lower cupboard door.

75×3+4=229, so enter 229 in the door, then open it and get a pink drop.


Use the red flag on the frog, and it swings the flag around in many directions.

Use that clue to unlock the flower photo.

The flag positions are LL UL LL LR UR LL UR.

So click the ⌞⌜⌞⌟⌝ ⌞⌝ corners of the photo frame.

The frame slides aside and you can take a blue drop.


Use the sequence of colors on the rainbow (or the bowties) to put the letters on the umbrella in order, then use that code to unlock the input box.

Hint: each of the letters faces inward, so that's not a letter U.

Orange Red Yellow Green Blue Purple = s e a s o n.

Type season into the box, then click OK to open it and get a green drop. There's also a clue on the door with three colored ovals.


Use the clue with three colored ovals to place the colored drops in the box beside the exit door.

The ovals are blue, pink and green, so place the blue, pink and green drops (1st, 3rd, 2nd drops in the inventory) in the slots.

The door opens up and you can click on it to escape.

kdausman July 5, 2017 3:10 PM

The image for "Catch a Fish" appears to be incorrect.


Thanks as always kk. Can't wait for the other 2.


on catch a fish, it seems to be a screenshot from an earlier game.

kdausman July 5, 2017 3:53 PM

Catch a Fish walkthrough


We start facing Onii Lake. We can see some fish in the lake, three hills in the distance with a white flag on the center one, and a blue box that takes a three color code. We can zoom in on the sign and on the sun.

Turning right, we see some bushes (one brown which we can zoom in on), a locked red backpack that takes a code of letters in a two by three grid, and a two-doored cabinet, where the left door takes a 3-component code of zeros with different numbers of lines through it, and the right takes a four-component code of shapes.

Turning left twice reveals a shop that has a green "Sale" flag above it, and a two-drawered cabinet. The top drawer takes a slider code where each can be set to left, middle, or right. The bottom takes a four-digit numeric code written under the word "FISH". On top of the cabinet we have the clue E=4, O=1, and V=2. The shop keeper tells us that whatever he is selling costs 1050 yen.

The FISH Drawer

The clue on top of the brown cabinet applies here.

The shapes of the letters are the key.

How many strokes does it take to write each letter?

F=3, I=1, S=1, H=3
Opening the drawer rewards us with a pair of binoculars.

The Backpack

Where can you use the binoculars?

The flag is too far away to see. Try the binoculars on it.

You see FISH written three times with two letters in black for each.

The black letters give the code for the backpack.


We are rewarded with a 1000 yen bill.

The door with the zeros

The door requires three zeros, but with different numbers of dashes through them. Where else do you see three zeros?

On the 1000 yen bill. But there are no slashes.

Notice that the bill also has a circle on it that looks like a watermark.

How do you see watermarks more clearly?

You hold them up to the light.

Holding the bill up to the sun reveals that the order of dashes is two, three, and one. Using that code on the door rewards you with a pair of pruning shears.


Where can you use the pruning shears?

The discolored bush. This reveals a 50 yen coin that you can take. You now have enough money to purchase a fishing rod.

The door with the shapes

The fishing rod doesn't yet have a hook, but that doesn't make it completely useless.

What can you now reach that you couldn't reach before?

The SALE sign, which you can now turn to reveal a code.

The code is square, right-triangle, trapezoid, and eight. Putting that code in to the right-most door rewards you with a saw.

Property damage

Where can you use the saw?

The ONII LAKE sign.

Great, you now have a sign. What do you do with it?

You aren't done sawing yet.

Saw the sign again to get a sign that says, "ON".

Where can that fit?

On the front of the shop.

The sign is now a button, which reveals a series of dots on the shopkeeper's shirt.

The code is middle, left, right, right, middle.

Enter that code on the remaining drawer to get a trowel.

The Blue Box

This box requires a three-color code. Where have you seen three colors?

The trowel.

Red, blue, yellow. Entering this code rewards you with a fishhook, which can be added to the fishing pole.


Clearly we need to dig up some bait, but where can we dig? Nowhere seems to work.

Notice that the shopkeeper has left his shop, and you now notice that he only has one boot. We probably need to find that.

What is the cliche about fishing?

Go fishing without bait.

Turn left or right and then come back. Click on the rod and you get the shopkeeper's boot. You can also take the rod again.

Give the boot to the shopkeeper, and he shows you a map of where to dig.

The remaining steps should be pretty straightforward.

Dig in front of the signpost. Pick up a worm. Put the worm on the fishhook. Go fishing. Turn left or right and then come back. Click the rod. Collect your fish. Hooray!

kdausman July 5, 2017 4:45 PM

Riddle Room 5 Walkthrough


You start facing the way out. To the left is a short cabinet, and to the right is a couch. Click on either of those turns you to face the side walls, so I'll talk about those there. Turn right.

You see a couch with a picture over it, and a table. You can lift the couch cushions, under which you find an unsharpened pencil. You can zoom in on the picture, but can't do anything with it yet. On the table is a tea tin, a blank sheet of paper, and a box with a moon on it that takes a three letter code. Turn right.

The only new item here is a tall cabinet, which turns you to face the right. So, turn right. The tall cabinet has a top and bottom portion. The top part is tied shut. The bottom part takes a three color code. The picture over the short cabinet can be momentarily moved down to reveal a heart or up to reveal a diamond. The box on top of the short cabinet depicts a star, and takes a three digit numeric code. The left-hand cabinet doors are locked with a key, and the right-hand doors seem locked, but you don't see a mechanism.

The moon box

The picture over the couch seems relevant.

Notice that the top figure is four moons, all rotated.

Which moon matches the one on the box?

The lower-left.

Notice that the other symbols have the same symmetry as the four-moon symbol.

If you look at the lower left quarter of each symbol, you can make out a letter.


Enter that code in the box to get a box cutter.

The star box

What can you do with the box cutter?

Cut the string that ties shut the upper portion of the tall cabinet.

A set of five books is revealed that are numbered from one to five, and each has a geometric shape (circle, square, triangle, horizontal line, and vertical line).

What else can you use the box cutter for?

Sharpening the pencil.

Where can you use the pencil?

The blank sheet of paper.

A star (referencing the star box) and three other symbols are revealed. From left to right they are a circle, a square with a vertical line, and a triangle with a horizontal line.

Using the code from the books and the shapes from the paper, determine the code for the star box.

Circle = 1
Square with vertical line = 2+5 = 7
Triangle with horizontal line = 3+4 = 7

Enter the code in the star box to get a key.

The heart/diamond picture

The key works in the locked left-hand portion of the short cabinet. This reveals a series of hearts and diamonds, and a flag. From left to right the sequence is heart, diamond, heart, heart, diamond, diamond.

Clearly, the picture needs to be moved sequentially to reveal the hearts and diamonds as shown by this code.

But it doesn't seem to work.

What is the flag for?

It looks kind of like an arrow.

Pointing from right to left.

The code goes backwards. Diamond, diamond, heart, heart, diamond, heart.

It works! Revealing a hidden alcove that contains six votive candles (four large and two small) and a coin, which you can take.

Pixel hunting 1

What can the coin be used for?

Opening the tea tin, which reveals a blue handle.

But what goes with the handle?

Go back to the flag.

Notice that there is some kind of long thin object behind the flag.

The second half of a screwdriver, when combined with the handle!

Where can we use a screwdriver?

The moon picture.

This reveals a light switch. But when we turn off the lights, we can't seem to do anything.

Pixel hunting 2

Go back to the flag again.

Click all over the place.

On the right-hand side is a pair of screws.

Unscrew them to unlock the right-hand cabinet.

In the right-hand cabinet you find a book. Inside it there is a top-down Polaroid of the room with the word "Dark" written on it (which you can take) and a diagram of circles, one blue, with an arrow running counter-clockwise.

The Dark

Go back to the light switch and turn out the lights.

Notice the photograph.

There is a glow-in-the-dark spot in the middle of the top of the picture.

Turning the lights back on, we can identify that spot as the floor next to the short cabinet.

The color code

Going to the spot on the floor, we find a panel locked with a notched circle.

The screwdriver doesn't work.

But the coin does. This reveals a lock that looks identical to the color code lock on the tall cabinet, with the word "HINT" written next to it.

Unlike the lock on the cabinet, clicking these squares stops changing their colors after a few clicks.

The code revealed is blue, yellow, green.

And lo, that code opens the lower portion of the tall cabinet. We get a box of matches and find a box with two circular buttons, one large and one small.

The final box

Where have we seen large and small circles?

The votives.

Go back to the candles and light them with the matches.

Notice that one of them burns blue.

Remember the sequence of circles starting with a blue one in the book?

Starting with the blue votive and moving counterclockwise, we get the code for the final box.

Small, large, large, large, small, large.

Entering that code in the box gives us a key. And the key lets us out the front door. Congratulations! You get kittens!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr July 5, 2017 5:36 PM replied to kdausman

By the way, the "Pixel hunting 2" hotspot is a gimmick shared with the original Riddle Room,

just that the screws are on the other side.

The reasoning you're supposed to follow is that there's no way to unlock that cupboard from the front, so it has to be reached from the side!


on catch a fish,

I turned then turned back but I still can't get the boot

Please help.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr July 5, 2017 5:58 PM replied to Paul

@Paul: I think you specifically need to have viewed

the shopkeeper missing a boot on the left screen (he comes out after you unlock the drawer with sliders and leave the screen)

so try left and then right instead.



I dd everything up to that point especially unlocking the slider door.


ok I figured it out. sorry.


thabnjs for the 2 walkthroughs kdausman. I hope you'll do more in the future :)

squawky July 5, 2017 10:36 PM

Rain Escape 5 - "Perfect End"

Open the door using the panel and the three drops, but don't go through (use the helpful walkthrough above for that part!).
Look around the room again for something that has changed.

Ah! The numbers on the sun/rain dolls have changed. Repeat the same thing you did with the original clue...

Solve the math problem to get a 3 digit number, use in the lower cabinet.

82 x 2 + 9 = 173

Once you have the extra item, exit the room...

barbara July 8, 2017 8:08 AM

Riddle Room 5, Pixel hunting 2

I think I must have clicked on every pixel around that flag. Turns out I had made a fundamental mistake with the "Go back to the flag again" instruction.

Don't completely zoom in on the flag. Just open the cupboard.

Then, clicking anywhere to the right of the flag will show the screws.


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