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Weekday Escape N°157

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Weekday EscapeYour Weekday Escape, your relax and your escape from everyday routine is here!

MayMay's game is full of puzzles, but there is no reward for solving them, they let you repair and paint your wall only. Tired from painting all you want is to get home and have some rest, but alas, Vitamin Hana has changed the entry door code! And Neat Escape locked you on a balcony in peaceful sunny day, not to sunbathe or admire a view, but to escape.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Paint Your Wall EscapePaint Your Wall Escape

Games by MayMay usually have similar setting, one wall filled with various safes, cases or boxes, coded door and behind the door another wall and another door and so on. This one isn't an exception. Your goal is to paint your wall ruined by strong claws...no, this is not horror game, you don't have any monster at home, the culprit of deep scratches is revealed later (with innocent eyes wide opened). But before you sort out the damage, there are codes and puzzles waiting for you! Don't forget to check items in your inventory, they change after you use them, sometimes.
The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Going Home 2Going Home 2

Last time when you tried to get home with Vitamin Hana was one and a half years ago in Weekday Escape 115. Today you are in front of your house again. House is the same, no surprise, the flower and the post box are the same too, only your grandmother retired and her small shop is gone. Or, maybe, that old lady who run the shop befriended you and moved into your home. Who knows. However, there is shish kebab vendor now in the alley and he is part of the conspiracy apparently, you have to get him few items in exchange for some hints. Will you get home?

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape from the VerandaEscape from the Veranda

Neat Escape's friend locked you outside his flat, on a balcony, and you wish to get away from here, naturally. Curtains are drawn, doors closed and nobody answers your knocking and your cry for help. You have to help yourself. Soon you find some tools (seems that complete tool set was spent for the game) and escape from the balcony...but the game is not so short, there is more to do before you can leave and get some reward eventually.
At the beginning you can switch the language to English. The cursor is not changing, save button, two endings.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Paint Your Wall

Yes, MayMay is making you do tedious work again. Thankfully, only one wall needs repainting.

Exploration 1

This is going to be easy, there's even a palette on the wall! Oh wait, you can't take it. But it has a clue with different-colored paint splats with much smaller dots in different colors. Under the palette is a four-letter safe marked with an M on top.

On the other side of the room, there are two locked cupboards, with colored digits on colored backgrounds and with a grid of rounded/elongated/halved shapes. The door to this room is locked and needs a three-color code.


Use the clue from the colors on the palette to unlock the door to the next room.

The splats with 1, 2, 3 circular spots above them are green, blue, yellow in color.

So enter that in the lock by clicking the buttons 5, 3, 2 times, then open the door to the next room.

Exploration 2

Oh no, the wall is all scratched up and the scraps are on the floor! To the left of the wall damage, the wall cupboard has two doors locked with three- and four-digit codes, and under that an unlocked cupboard holds a roller tray without any paint in it. The door to this room is locked and needs a code with three arrows in different directions.


Use the clue from the scratched wall to unlock the left wall cupboard.

The three scratched patches have 5, 3, 7 vertical lines on them.

So enter 537 to unlock the cupboard and get a magnifying glass from inside.


Use the magnifying glass on the small dots of the palette to get some weird number/word clues.

Then use that clue to unlock the top cupboard in the first room.

The small dots spell out a dark red "red" with a 2 instead of its first letter, a yellow "yellow" but starting with a 4, and a blue "blue" that starts with a 3.

So enter Red 2, Yellow 4, Blue 3 (1, 5, 3 clicks) to unlock the cupboard and get a piece of sandpaper from inside.


Use the sandpaper on the scratched wall, and now it's smooth.

And so is the sandpaper. In the process, the "SAND PAPER" text has lost most of its ink, leaving some parts in black.

So use that clue to unlock the right wall cupboard in the second room.

The remaining black ink reads 5417, so enter that in the cupboard to find a paint roller with a motivational slogan.


Use the clue from the paint roller to unlock the bottom cupboard in the first room.

The shaded counters in e, u, p, n form semicircle shapes, with the last three elongated.

So enter that in the grid by clicking the buttons 2, 4, 5, 3 times, then open the cupboard to find a vacuum cleaner.


Use the vacuum on the debris under the damaged wall, and pick up the pet collar left behind.

It has a key attached to it, with something inscribed in tiny writing.

Use the magnifying glass to read the writing: three letters separated by slashes over three numbers separated by dots. The middle letter and number are highlighted.

M is for

Use the clue from the key on the collar to unlock the left safe in the first room.

The letters and numbers describe a date: year, followed by month, followed by day.

On the key, M is above the number 6, which represents the 6th month, which is June.

So enter JUNE in the safe to open it and get a tin of paint.


Open the paint tin and pour it out onto the tray, then dip the roller in the tray and apply to the wall.

A pretty clue with birds appears on the wall.


Use the clue from the painted wall to unlock the second door.

(Hint: Follow the beaks.)

The birds point towards the upper-left, right, lower-left.

So click the buttons 7, 2, 5 times, then unlock the door to the next room.

Exploration 3

Behind the screen on the left is a small spotted cat. Next to it, two safes on the floor are locked, and need a key and a four-digit code respectively. The door to this room is also locked.


Use your collar on the left safe to unlock it. Inside, there's a glass tank with holes in the glass and a weight readout in the lower-right.


Place the cat in the tank, and its weight shows up on the display.

So use that to open up the right safe.

Enter 2579 in the safe, then open it to find a key inside.

Then use the key on the last door to escape.


Going Home 2

Garbage bin on the right

The sign above the cook gives

the names of the drinks in the drink machine

Put the first letter of each drink left to right

Water, Orange, Cola, Melon

Get a trowel. Use the trowel

on the plant.

Get coals and a clue with three X's,

black, red, blue

Give the coals to the cook. Now he wants matches.

Red mailbox above the knapsack

Look at the drink machine again.

At the X's below each drink.

The red X is below the orange Orange, the blue X is below the black Cola, the black X is below the green Melon.

Set the colours on the mailbox in the order of the 3-X clue which was black, red, blue.

Green, Orange, Black. (5, 1, 3 clicks)

Get 150 Yen.

Put it in the drink machine. Click on the water. Take your change (30 Yen)

Get a key.

Unlock the drawer beside the cook.

Get matches. Give the matches to the cook. Now he wants a fan.

The garbage bin on the left

Look more closely at the cook.

There's a clue on his hand. down 1, up 2, right 3, left 2.

Click those arrows that many times on the garbage bin.

Get a fan. Give the fan to the cook. Walk around a bit, and look at the cook again.

Box to the left of the garbage bins

Follow the clue on the fan.

Get a bottle opener. Open the water.


Use the trowel on the plant.

Use the water on the plant.

Walk around a bit.


Use the clue from the plant.

3 1 8

Get a hammer.

40 Yen

The cook wants 40 Yen. We only have 30.

Look at the water bottle.

Get the 10 Yen coin out

with the hammer.

Get a kebab.

The gate

Eat the kebab.

Use the shapes remaining on the kebab stick to solve the puzzle on the gate.

Diagonal-round-side-up, oblong-horizontal, diagonal-round-side-down, oblong-horizontal.



Going Home 2

What a difference a year makes! Looks like you have to figure out your door code all over again, this time with the help of some tasty treats.


You start off facing the front gate of your house, locked with a padlock which requires a code with some circle slices. This time, the entrance is a lot cleaner, and there aren't any items to pick up, even if you search the potted plant. The red mailbox from last time now uses a simple three-color lock, and your red backpack on the ground has a three-digit lock.

Turn around to find the lamppost… completely gone! Instead, there's a kebab (or yakitori/kushiyaki?) stand, but the owner doesn't even have any charcoal. Trying to ignore his lack of professionalism, you look at the table beside the stand with a locked drawer, and then at the sign that lists some tasty drinks under a red arrow!

That red arrow points toward the alley, so walk into it to find a vending machine. Unfortunately, the drinks are all sold out except for water, and you still have to pay ¥120 for it. Next to it, two garbage bins are locked, one needing a directional code and another needing a four-letter code. Next to that, there's a lime-green box with a grid of nine buttons, the lower-left one marked with a black dot.


Use the clue from the drinks in the vending machine to unlock the four-letter bin.

From left to right, the drinks are blue, orange, black and green, or in other words…

Water, Orange juice, Cola and Melon soda.

Enter WOCM into the lock, then open up the lid to find a small shovel.


Use the shovel to dig up the potted plant and the soil it's in.

Under the soil is a pile of charcoal that also hides three Xs in different colors.

Sold out

Use the clue from the vending machine (again) and the plant pot to unlock the red mailbox.

The black, red and blue Xs appear under the green, orange and black drinks.

So enter those colors (5, 1, 3 clicks) into the lock, and open the box to get 150 yen in coins.


Use the money on (the coin slot of) the vending machine, and then click on the water (or its button) to buy a bottle of water.

Then pull the lever to get your 30 yen in change.

Behind that, there was a key!


Use the key on the table beside the kebab stand, and unlock it to find a matchbox inside.


Give the kebab man your charcoal, then click on him again to find that he needs matches. (Of course.) So give him the matches.

The last thing he needs is some time to get the fire going.

So back out and turn around twice. Just when you thought the meat was done, he raises a hand/glove to stop you from gobbling it down, revealing some arrow signs in the process. Click on him again, and he asks for a fan.


Use the clue from the cook's hand to unlock the left garbage bin.

From top to bottom, the down arrow is followed by two up arrows, three right arrows and two left arrows.

So enter that in the bin by clicking the UDDLLLRR buttons on the lock, then open the lid to get a folded fan.

So unfold the fan and give it to the kebab guy, then turn around twice to find him shrouded in smoke.

Take the soot-covered fan back from him, and click on him to buy the meat… oh no, you're 10 yen short!


Use the clue from the soot on the fan to unlock the grid box.

The soot forms an N-shaped path in the middle of the fan (with a dot at the lower left).

So click the lower-left, left, top-left, middle, lower-right, right, top-right buttons.

Then open the box to get a bottle opener.


Use the bottle opener to open your water bottle. But you somehow get the feeling that you shouldn't drink, because you need the water for something else.

Go back to the potted plant, which is wilting in the sun right before your eyes.

Replant it with a shovel and drizzle the water over. Oh? There was 10 yen in the bottle all along, but it's stuck inside.


Turn around twice and the plant is well and green again, except for some light markings on the leaves.

So use that to unlock your backpack.

From top to bottom, the markings on the leaves read 318.

So enter that in the lock, and open the bag to get a hammer.


Use your hammer to smash the bottle and add its 10 yen coin to the others.

Then use all 40 yen to buy a skewer, and click on it (thrice) to eat. So delicious it makes you drop everything else!


Use the clue from the finished skewer to unlock your gate.

Click the buttons 3, 4, 2, 4 times to match the shapes of the remaining meat pieces.

Then open the gate to return home.


The link for Escape from the Veranda takes me to a general Neat Escape page only.

Here is the link that works for me (without the /1 at the end):



To clarify Rodement's comment: it's the image link which has the wrong url (and image). The text link is the correct one.

Escape from the Veranda

Compared to the previous Neat Escapes, this one may seem a little claustrophobic. But that doesn't mean it's short, since there's more to your friend's "veranda" than immediately apparent.


(Note that in this game, "turn around" and "back out" both involve clicking the bottom of the screen. There's no other way to turn.)

You start off facing a trapdoor (with no handle) in the ground and a wooden stool next to a red door with an unlocked box. Inside the box, there's a screwdriver trapped behind a metal bar and a grid of wires. A cavity in the wall holds a three-digit box, but the digits are roman numerals in different colors.

Turn around to find another red door with two balls in front, one of which is a beach ball with roman numerals printed all over. In front of the door, there's some iron bars where a window should be, and white curtains behind them. On this screen, there's a lawnchair next to a white panel that slides aside to reveal a crack in the wall, and two small slots in the floor.

Zoom in on both the top and the bottom of the chair.

Behind the top cushion, there's a pair of pliers.

Under the bottom cushion, there's a clue with a cyan arrow through a grid of squares…

…and a lighter rectangle under the grid that indicates a hidden panel held down by a screw.


Use the pliers you got from the lawnchair to free the screwdriver from the wire box.


Use the screwdriver on the hidden panel at the base of the lawnchair to remove it and find a candle.


Use the clue from the beach ball to unlock the box in the wall cavity.

The red, yellow, blue panels on the beach ball hold the IX, IV and III numbers.

So click the buttons 8, 3, 2 times, then open the box to get a small crowbar.


Use the crowbar to lift up the trapdoor and reveal the ladder down.

Exploration 2

At the base of the ladder is a small table with a six-letter safe. Back out to find two sliding glass doors with green curtains behind them.

After opening up the right door, pull back the curtain too to find a small handle which opens a drawer which has a white lever in front of a grid of nine letters.

Turn around to find three more identical pairs of doors, and then an OPEN panel with two plain buttons, and then another trapdoor down with a small gap in the middle.


Use the clues from both grids of nine squares to unlock the six-letter safe.

Six of the letters, taken in order of the arrow in the lawnchair clue, spell out REFORM.

So enter that into the box and open it to get a hammer.


Use the clues from the glass doors to press the buttons on the panel in the correct order.

From left to right (according to the arrow), the doors which are unlocked (and thus slidable) are on the left, right, right, right, left sides.

So click the LRRRL buttons, and the panel rises up to reveal a hidden compartment with a wrench in it.

Say, those bricks behind the wrench look really tiny and out of place. Push them aside to find a red PUSH button behind.

Then push that, and the trapdoor opens and you can go down.

Exploration 3

There's yet another hole in the wall down here with a four-digit safe, as well as two planters on the right with a box of matches hidden between them. The sliding doors on this screen have yellow curtains behind them.

Turn around to find another pair of sliding doors (and curtains), and a box in the cavity next to it fastened shut by a hexagonal bolt, and another safe in the wall on the other side which needs a key to unlock. At the end, a pair of doors the same height as the railing are marked by a green exit sign on the floor.


Use the wrench to remove the bolt and open its box. Inside, there's a single candle holder.


Use the candle from the lawnchair on the holder, and light it with the matches from the planters.


Go all the way back up and use the hammer on the hidden wall beside the lawnchair. Inside, there's a single sheet of paper.


Go all the way back down and use the paper on the candle flame to char it and get a four-digit clue.

Then use that to open the four-digit safe on the same floor.

Enter 6539 to open the box and get a pink key.


Use the pink key to unlock the safe nearest to the exit door.

Inside, an empty compartment is tiled in sparkling white, with two vertical slots in the wall.


So use the lever you got on it, and pull the lever down to retract the iron bars upstairs.

So climb all the way back up, and pull the white curtains aside to find a three-color safe with buttons arranged vertically.


Use the color clues throughout the game to unlock the three-color safe.

The curtains behind the sliding doors on the top, middle and bottom floors are red, green, and yellow.

So click the buttons 1, 6, 3 times to unlock the safe and get a blue key.

Way out

Save your game, then unlock the last door with the blue key to find a ladder leading down to ground level.

So click on (the top of) it to escape. But your friend's nowhere in sight. Time to try for a better ending!

Other way

Load your game (which puts you all the way at the top). This time, after unlocking the last door, click on (or just above) the exit sign to zoom in.

The ladder is held down by more hexagonal bolts, so use the wrench to remove them and pick up the ladder.

Then bring the ladder all the way back up again and use it on the rectangular slots next to the lawnchair.

Then click it to climb up and escape. Enjoy your rooftop lunch (which looks more like breakfast) and the scenic view.

Patreon Crew Jeff October 5, 2017 2:43 PM replied to Rodement

ok fixed :)


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