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Weekday Escape N°161

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Weekday EscapeAnd now for something completely positive! New Weekday escape is here!

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. Days are shorter, darker and colder, and Mother Nature's voice from deep inside of us whispers: "Get energy supplies, now! Winter is treacherous and you, humans, fragile and vulnerable! Eat, eat as much possible!" Okay then. Here we go!
With Vitamin Hana you have to find all ingredients for preparation of good noodle dish. Then you find yourself locked in Detarame Factory's house with Mr. Penguin, who vehemently insists you make a dessert for him. Only after that you can leave, but somehow you end up in a kitchen again! There is no food (yet), you just have to figure out how to open the door and Neat Escape lets you go shopping for dinner then.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Noodle TimeNoodle Time

Vitamin Hana locked you in completely empty small noodle bar with inactive vending machine, broken maybe, and empty kitchen where are all cupboards coded, even the fridge. No staff, no customers, and no noodles. Only you and your desire for freedom and for something edible. You won't stay there for long, don't worry, some clues are in plain sight and solutions of puzzles are not difficult. Just ideal game for short relax!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Penpen HousePenpen House

Mr. Penguin doesn't want to let you out in Detarame Factory's cute game, firmly holds the key from exit door and all you hear from him is "Penpen! Penpen!". He obviously wants something (his housekeeper has a day off, probably). A bit childish behaviour, if you ask me, but what can you do? So look around the house and hopefuly you'll find out how to please the holder of the key and maybe you'll please yourself too - you can play with the Tamagotchi for a while!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape from the Kitchen - RemakeEscape from the Kitchen - Remake

Pleasant piano music sound around in Neat Escape's new kitchen and everything is so clean and polished that you can almost smell cleaning products. Whole bottle or two must have been used to get such a gloss, I would say! Cupboards are almost empty, you should do some shopping, if only you could leave the kitchen. The door is locked and the key must be somewhere inside - can you find it?

The cursor is not changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


I'm stuck on Noodle Time. I have

a knife, chopped onions, and a bowl of soup.

It seems like the only things left to solve are

the red door, which wont let me even look at the keypad and the fridge. I can't find any clues for the fridge.

I can still

look at the vending machine, so I wonder if the clue is there somewhere.


Ok I got impatient and looked it up.

I was right about the vending machine still being a clue.

It's the wires...

in the order at the spot they are taped together.


Noodle Time walkthrough

The safe beside the vending machine

Notice the pattern above the red stools in the first room.

heart, star, bear

Get a knife.

What to cut with the knife

The panel beside the coin slot of the vending machine.

Get a 100 coin

The cupboard under the cutting board in the kitchen

Use the colours from the broken wires on the vending machine.

Going down the left-hand side, blue (2 clicks), green (3 clicks), orange (1 click)

Going down the right-hand side, orange (1 click), blue (2 clicks), green (3 clicks)

Get a pot and some green onions.

Some work in the kitchen

Chop the green onions on the cutting board.

Take the chopped green onions.

Fill the pot with water at the sink and put it on the stove.

Turn on the stove.

Three numbers for the safe beside the stools

Step away from the pot and then look at it again. It has the three numbers.

Get some tape.

What to do with the tape.

Mend the wires on the vending machine.

Vending machine game

Put the coin in the slot. A game appears at the top.

Click on the panels in the order that will make two continuous lines, first red, then green.

1 4 6
3 5 2

Get a noodle soup packet.

The cupboard under the stovet

Cut it open with the knife.

A card appears with I O L E in red.

We don't need 4 letters, we need four numbers.

Notice the red arrow pointing down. Turn the card upside-down, giving

3 7 0 1

Get a bowl.

The fridge

It needs 3 vertical colours.

Look at the wires on the vending machine.

In the order they are on top of each other at the crossing point.

blue (5 clicks), orange (2 clicks), green (1 click)

Get an egg and some ham.

Make some soup

Put the noodles into the pot.

Wait a while, then take the pot.

Cut the egg on the cutting board.

Put the noodle soup into the bowl.

Pour in the noodles from the pot, add the hame, egg, and chopped green onions to the bowl.

Open the door

Match the pictures to the order, left to right, of the additions in the bowl.

2 slices of ham, chopped green onions, egg in two pieces.



Escape from the Kitchen - Remake

Zoom in on the stove

Click on the yellow switch at the bottom left and turn it on. Back out. Note the numbers, and note the pattern of the rings.

Zoom in on the cupboards above the sink

There's a 2x2 puzzle locking the left cupboard and a frying pan in the right cupboard.

Go right by clicking on the door

Click on the square on the floor, and click on it again. Get a spanner.

Go back and turn around.

Click on the four red dots and notice the pattern of the arms.

Click on the front edge of the table. Get a fork.

Click on the chairs.

The left chairs look like two numbers, and the right chairs look like two numbers.

3 9
6 8

Back to the kitchen. Solve the 2x2 puzzle above the sink.

Use the numbers from the chairs.

I don't know what clue I missed (maybe the way the chairs and table are mirrored on the floor?), but the pattern of the numbers on the puzzle are rotated from the way they are on the chairs.

8 6
9 3

Get a hex key, called "Parts" by the game.

Back to the dining room. Click to the left of the window and solve the red-dot puzzle. Get a bolt.

Click to the right of the window and solve the number puzzle.

The numbers aren't in the same order as they were on the stove. You have to pay attention to the pattern of the rings on the stove.

Get a nipper.

Back to the kitchen. Zoom in on the cupboard under the sink. Use the nipper to cut the cord.

In the left side of the cupboard, there's a device that needs a screwdriver. The device has a tube with a ball at the bottom. In the right side, there's a box with a 4-something puzzle.

Actually, the box isn't a puzzle. The four squares are just decoration, I guess. The box can be opened with one of the things we have.

Use the fork to pry open the box. Get a utility knife.

Go to the square on the floor below the door.

Attach the hex key to the circle. Add the bolt. Use the spanner to tighten the bolt. Turn the key.

What happened?

It apparently enabled the tap to turn on. Fill up the frying pan.

Go to the device under the sink. Pour the water into the tube. Get a ball. (Looks like the screwdriver isn't needed after all ...)

Use the utility knife to cut the ball.

Get a key. Escape!


finally they fixed this login issue. Anyway, thanks for the walkthroughs. I can't wait until PenPen House walkthrough :)


anyone got penpen one yet?

EclecticPlatypus November 14, 2017 12:53 PM replied to Paul

I'm stuck on the 2x2 puzzle.

There's a clue on the "Detaramechi" electronic pet, with 4 buttons, food, love, music, sun. And there's a 2x2 picture with corresponding pictures of food and love and music and sunglasses. But the 2x2 puzzle needs 5 entries"

Where are you stuck?

EclecticPlatypus November 14, 2017 1:42 PM

PenPen Walkthrough! (To tide you over until people who are better at it make one, because I really suck at the level of detail this requires)

red 1 click, blue 4 clicks, yellow 2 clicks

Full Walkthrough

Looking around
First screen: panel on the wall with screws, 4 of clubs, star=800, picture of shaved ice with red syrup, plant bolted to a shelf, and Penpen with a key and an awesome hat

Second screen:
Picture of 4 pictures, open window with curtain tied back, plant on a shelf, large urn, aquarium, table with shaved ice machine, electronic pet, some books, and a yellow box.


First take note of the card and the star then take that panel off

there's a magnet behind the second plant

which you can combine with the string from the curtain

and dip into that urn to get a screwdriver

Turn off the light and look around

diamond=7 and pick up the sparkly thing

Light back on and

open the curtain to see club*diamond+ star

HALF a star

do the math


Get ice block shave it in the shaved ice maker

Bolted Plant

Use the little flower coin as a screwdriver


The book on table has a color clue.

Red, Blue, Yellow

Detaramechi Electronic pet

Flip it over, there's a reset button how to push it?

You still have the magnet

everything else vanished once used

maybe you need to use it again?

back to the urn! and get a safety pin

Four buttons appear

onigiri, heart, musical notes, sunshine

this reminds me of something

the picture on the wall!

Drawer of the Table

2x2 grid

like the picture on the wall

but it needs 5 entries, time to get more clues

back to the light switch

turn it off again

look around

the curtain is closed this time right?

the squid is sparkly!

squid legs light up

2x2 grid answer

3 | 2,4
5 | 1

Yellow Box

Letters on the syrup bottle

ICE get a spoon

Penpen himself!

He's put a picture on his fridge

cut the top off the syrup and drizzle it on the shaved ice add the spoon


can't get the end

it says the yellow box spells ICE but when I type it in the box won't open



Thanks for the walkthrough, EclecticPlatypus. Nicely done. A lot of detail indeed. I started one while I was trying to do the escape, but I got stuck escaping.

About the sparkly thing on the floor

The curtains have to be open. I still had them closed from when I looked at the clue, so I could only see

the shiny ball in the aquarium.

I also got stuck on the 2x2 puzzle.

Silly me. I expected it to make an "unlocking" sound when I clicked the squares correctly. I didn't realize I had to click on the 5-button panel after I had clicked the squares.


Paul, I found that the 3-letter puzzle wouldn't open until

I had put the red syrup on the shaved ice.

EclecticPlatypus November 15, 2017 8:48 AM replied to barbara

Barbara, that means a lot coming from you, thank you!


In the PenPen game, I did not understand the explanation for the 2X2 grid.
What worked for me was:

Lower Right, Upper Right, Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left.



Subtle changes in this game, so the walk through doesn't quite match the current game.

The 4 button table requires 4 choices based on the picture on the wall instead of 5. The gadget that displays 4 different items in the upper right hand corner when you press the 4 buttons. I don't know if the buttons have an order. When I press L to R, I get an oval shape, heart, music note, and sun.

Based on the order of the the picture;
3 1
4 2
should work but it doesn't.

I found this page as a reference link from Weekday Escape 306.


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