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Weekday Escape N°165 - Christmas Special

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Weekday EscapeHi everybody, this is Christmas Special Weekday Escape!

Five games are waiting for you - newer or older, shorter or longer, and each includes Christmas tree or present (or Santa) and fun! 10 Color Dots has locked you in a room, and how you escape it is up to you - there are three possible ways. Then comes Christmas party in a bar with Aries Escape (Libertechno), followed by another party with Neat Escape in his friend's villa. But enough of serious business. Esklavos' games has never been ordinary and neither is this one - you must escape magical forest where elves live and trees grow glowing leaves. Finally comes very special Minoto's game!

Have a good time and enjoy!

White Christmas
White Christmas

Short, sweet, colorful and typical Christmasy game by 10 Color Dots is completely mute though its name suggests suitable backing song (in case you can stand it, of course). Setting is very simple, just one almost bare room with fireplace and not melting snowman. Only few items can be found here and you can use them differently - there are three endings and notice, that in the one in which you leave with Christmas present is the endscreen also active, so you can do something more with your pink box!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, three endings.

Aries Escape No. 22: X'mas 2016
Aries Escape No. 22: X'mas 2016

It's time for annual Christmas party and you are invited with Aries Escape (Libertechno) to Bar Aries. It's the same bar where was the party in 2015 (Aries Escape No. 21: X'mas 2015) and nothing has changed here - the same Christmas tree, the same Lego Santa - only puzzles are completely different. Before you start, don't forget to switch your game to English and remember, clues are everywhere around the room and they are cunning, be patient, the first try is often wrong. A bit terrifying torzo in lower right corner is you!

The cursor is changing, save button, two endings.

Neat Christmas Escape
Neat Christmas Escape

Neat Escape's friend invited you to Christmas Party in his house, but after you enter - clack! The main door is shut, Christmas tree lights are off and nobody is here. What does it mean? Maybe they talked about New Year's Eve Party? Well, whichever party they meant, you are trapped inside somebody else's house now and you have to find your way out. Look around carefully, because navigation is a bit clumsy and you may easily overlook some area. Search the villa and you will find useful items soon - you wouldn't believe where some people keep their axes!
Notice, that one key fits two locks and after the use disappears from your inventory. The game forks in this moment, so don't forget about the save button.

The cursor is not changing, save button, two endings.

Magic Christmas Escape
Magic Christmas Escape

You find yourself in Esklavos' foggy blue forest and before the ancient portal opens you have to fulfill some tasks. Apart from usual like finding a ring, you need to fill empty boxes under the huge tree with four elven dolls for children and so - oh. Look at the dolls closely! Is it...? Gogor, Gofin, Pumpus, Lumiena, is that you? (viz. WE - RE N°9) What happened?! Did Santa...oh no, he wouldn't, he couldn't! No, no, they are toys only. Santa's helpers were told to make four beautiful dolls and they made copies of themselves! Stubborn as a mule they are, little helpers. Well, I hope children will like such a dolls...

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Santa Hair
Santa Hair

Surreal Minoto was introduced here on JiG eight years ago with point and click game Beard of Santa. This is another episode from Santa's private life and fits in this WE very well!
Remember to check each item you find, description is poetic, charming and important too, because as Dora once wrote, "when Minoto is in charge, you know Captain Logic is not steering our tugboat". Exactly. Things you find often miraculously change in your inventory to something completely different.

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

And here are few recommended games from JiG archives: Neutral's games Christmas Escape 3 and Christmas Escape Toy, Snowing by 58works, Christmas of the Mazy Forrest by Chokochai.

For more try tags: Christmas or Xmas or Holiday or Seasonal!

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Hmm, I got to the ending with the pink box in White Christmas, but I couldn't do anything with it. >_


The game may seem simple and unpolished, but it's well worth a play for its bonus ending!

White Christmas

Why would you want to escape when you can sit by the fire and hum your own tunes?


You start off facing a fireplace with a tiny metal rod to the left. Examining the rod with About Item, you realize that it looks like a screwdriver tip.

Turn left to find a locked door with a wreath on it, and then zoom in on the Christmas tree to find a key that's tied tightly to it, as well as a candle ornament that you can pick up… and then examine to find a faint line across the middle, and then click on just above the line to get some sort of holder with a small round hole.

Turn left to find a snowman (fake, of course) with a glove you can borrow, and a cupboard, both doors of which are locked by a single three-digit lock.

Turn left to find an empty table and a window looking out onto the snow. But if you look closely at the window, (the snow stops and) you'll notice that it's screwed shut by a small metal plate in the middle.


Assemble the screwdriver by using the tip (metal rod) on the handle (bottom half of candle), and then use it to unscrew the metal plate and open the window.

As the cold breeze rushes in, you notice a thick layer of snow on the outside windowsill, too cold to handle.


Use your glove to clear the snow off the windowsill and find a three-digit code written underneath. You shape the snow into a snowball.

So enter that code (374) in the cupboard, and click the small button next to the last digit to unlock it.

Open the left door to find a pair of scissors, then open the right door to find a slice of cake.


Use the scissors to cut the key off the tree.

Cake End

Use the key on the door lock, then open the door and leave with the cake.

Snow End

Replay the game, and just unlock the cupboard with its code (374). Take only the scissors and cut the key from the tree, then unlock the door and leave empty-handed.

Present End

Replay the game properly up until you get every item. You should be left with the cake, key and snowball.

Use the snowball on the fireplace to put out the fire. Now it's too cold! I guess you could eat this cake.

Place the cake on the table. Now to look for a fork… maybe the snowman could help.

No fork. Turn back to the cake, and it's gone!

The dirty footprints lead to the fireplace, where the cake-taker has left a present for you!

So take it, then unlock the door and leave with the present.

Your end screen looks a little different from the other two, with no other text than "Merry Christmas", and it has some changing cursor hotspots. That's because you can continue for a…

Bonus End

On the end screen with a present, click the star on the tree to zoom in, and pick up a box cutter from it.

Then back out and carefully select the cutter in the lower right, then use it to open the present. What's in the box?

It's an apology card with a piece of cloth you can use to clear up the footprints!


loved the first game, although it was short. Can't wait for the other 4.


Aries Escape No. 22: X'mas 2016

Anyone wish it was 2016 all over again? No?

(Change the language to English before you start.)


The game throws you right into the bar with no introduction and nothing but a stylish red-and-black dress. Bar Aries is almost exactly as you left it last Christmas (in 2015), with some very minor improvements to the decor. For starters, there are now colorful garlands over the windows, and each table has its own pastel color top.

The umbrella holder now hides a light blue compartment which you need to pry open. Check each table to the right. The light green one has a coin on the back of the napkin holder. The lilac (pinkish) one has a four-digit safe. The yellow one also has a napkin holder that you can examine, and if you turn that around you'll find a clue with a letter R on a spade suit.

Turn right to examine the blue table, which has a device labeled "Fortune" with a coin slot and four unlit displays. Next to the table, there's a slot machine and a pinball machine, each requiring a coin to operate.

Remembering your previous experience here, you look to the left side of the slot machine by clicking the arrow that appears when you zoom in, and find a clue with a letter E on a heart suit.

(I managed to glitch out the game and get stuck here, so you probably shouldn't stare at this clue for too long.)

Turn right to face the Christmas tree with various colorful bauble ornaments. Zoom in on it, and then zoom in on the safe on the wall behind, which has four buttons marked with triangles, and a wire running out of the bottom. You can also examine the bar counter, which has a blocky Santa figurine holding a coin, a stack of three plates(?) in the middle which hides another coin, and a three-digit box next to a pile of presents, where each digit is outlined in a different color.

Turn right so you can examine the calendar behind the bar, which has an interesting clue printed on it. Click the calendar to lift it up and find a safe with a keypad. On the wall to the right of the calendar, there's a locker with four colored buttons, and then there's the exit door. Zooming in on the door, you can take a closer look at the doorknob, but you can also take a closer look at the wreath hanging on it: click just above the bottom of the wreath to read a tiny clue with a 0 on a diamond suit.


You could spend a coin on the slot machine, but it always gives you the same outcome (a loss) and returns your coin.

So let's use it somewhere more productive.


Place a coin in the Fortune box, which displays triangles pointing in different directions.

The obvious place to use the code doesn't work, so you'll have to look elsewhere.


Spend a coin on the pinball machine (that table design looks a little familiar!) and its lights on the top screen flash on.

Unfortunately, you don't get to play it or collect your massive bonus score, since its circuits are full of ERRORS.

Magic Number

Enter the bonus score (7263995) into the safe behind the calendar. (The digits don't fit, classic!)

Then press the E button to open the safe, which gives you access to a small compartment with key A in it.

Four digits

Use the clue from the calendar to unlock the box on the pink table.

The rectangles with holes above the day labels are just extremely expanded digits which read 3689 (imagine those digits as represented on a seven-segment display, and note which of the upper and lower counters (holes) are connected to the left and right sides).

So enter 3689 in the box and open it to find a folded Memo A, which equates the letter S to a club suit.


Use a coin to pry open the compartment behind the umbrellas. (Of course, you get to keep the coin.)

Inside, there's a safe with four buttons marked with card suits.

Four suits

Use the clues around the room to unlock the card suit safe.

The suit clues are:
E=Heart (slot machine side)
R=Spade (napkin holder back)
0=Diamond (door wreath)
S=Club (memo A)

which means that the ERRORS on the pinball machine are actually the ♥♠♠♦♠♣ club suits.

So click the 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 1st buttons on the safe, then open it to get a cigarette lighter. (Unlike the previous Christmas, this lighter doesn't work on the candles.)

Three digits

The digits on the box next to the presents are colored blue, yellow, red. What else in this room comes in those three colors?

The ornaments on the tree come in those colors, and there are 3 blue balls, 6 yellow balls and 5 red balls.

So enter 365 in the box, then open it and get Memo B. Wait, it's completely blank!


Examine the lighter and turn it on, then use it on Memo B, which remains unburnt except for a charred arrow clue.


Use the clue from Memo B to unlock the safe behind the Christmas tree.

The arrow bends around and points in the →↓←↑← directions.

So click the RDLUL buttons on the safe, and open it to find a power socket and a keyhole underneath a red light.

Power up

Use key A in the keyhole to turn on the power to the Christmas tree, whose star is now flashing.

So zoom in on the star to see the variety of colors it has.

Four colors

Use the clue from the star on the tree to unlock the locker.

The star flashes (in between intervals of white) blue, green, red, yellow, blue, red, green, blue.

So click the 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th buttons on the locker, then open it.

Inside, you find a compartment with some sort of flathead screw, and a locked drawer at the bottom.


Use your trusty coin to unscrew the compartment in the locker. Inside, there's a pink box whose buttons cycle through various shapes.


Use the clue from the Fortune box to unlock this shape safe.

Enter ▽◁△▷ in the safe by adjusting the symbols 3D 1U 3U 1D times. Then open it to get key B.

Normal End

Use key B on the main door to unlock it. Save your game, and then leave through the door.

On the end screen, you get a simple Merry Christmas greeting, and a view of the back of your dress.

Happy End

Load your save, and look again at the one puzzle you haven't solved.

The light beneath the slot machine is flashing, so click the pedestal that the slot machine is on to zoom in on it, then click the shutter on the pedestal to raise it.

Inside, there's a safe with four buttons that cycle through various colors. But they're not arranged in a straight line.

They're arranged in an L-shape, just like the tables. So the buttons should be
Pink(3) Yellow(5) Blue(6)

Click the buttons that many times, then click OK and they all reset to white, and a switch is uncovered under them. So flip the switch from red to green, which puts it in PPAP mode. You know what that means.

Use your coin on the slot machine, and pull the lever to line up the pen, pineapple, apple, pen symbols.

The machine rewards you with key C.

So use key C to unlock the bottom drawer in the locker, and open it to find a present — a sexy dress!

(You can save the game here to easily access both endings.)

Put on the sexy dress (you can click the torso next to the save icon to examine your own body, and use the sexy dress on it to change), then leave through the door for a slightly sexier end with more text and some cake.


Thanks for that walkthrough KK. Regarding the 2nd ending, at least for me

you said to save the game the game then get the ending then reload. After that when I go to the slot machine as stated, I got no flashing light. I put the coin in and didnlt spin and saved again and reloaded and the light did flash. Perhaps you have to dio that before it happens. maybe i'm wrong though.


can't wait for the remaining 3walkthroughs :)


Neat Christmas Escape

You can't have a nice Christmas party without exploring every last room of your friend's house in an attempt to escape.

(Change your language to English before you start, and don't forget that the save button is in the Config menu.)


The first screen has stairs that go up, but let's not do that yet. Look in the Christmas tree pot to find a present. You can't unwrap it, but you can remove the ribbon from it.

You can turn around to face the main door, but of course, it's locked.

Move forward toward the white couches that face a television set. Search beneath the couch cushions to find a box of matches, and examine the framed pictures on the right wall, which have two Christmasy photos in sepia colors with digits hidden in their backgrounds. On the coffee table, there's a four-digit safe marked PM24. Look beneath the TV to find a remote control with both batteries intact, but it doesn't work on the TV. Finally, click on the fireplace in the distance to find a reddish turkey and no logs.

From the couch screen, click on the kitchen counter to zoom in on it. Here, there's a box with four colored buttons, a tray with an empty plate and wine, and an interesting door in the background.

So click on that door, and it opens into a tiny room with a locked metal door on the left through which sunlight filters. (Back out once and) click to the right of that metal door to find another door that opens into the toilet.

The toilet is quite ordinary, though you can open the lid for some reason. Looking above it, you find a shelf with five extra rolls of paper, and a locked box with six buttons arranged in a rectangular grid, each cycling through nine symbols when clicked.

Back out thrice to the kitchen screen, then click the shaded wall to the left for a shortcut to the first screen. Now climb the stairs to face a potted plant under a minimalistic picture. The corridor here continues to both sides.

So carry on to the right, where a single sunflower sits on a shelf with firewood. The door here is locked.

So back out and go left instead. A door on the right is locked by a panel with four buttons which have letters in three colors. Click the corridor at the left, which ends at another potted plant and another door which opens into another toilet.

This upstairs toilet has six different ornaments on its shelf, and more toilet paper above that on both sides of a photo of a wrapped present. Clicking the photo, you find that it opens up into a small hidden compartment, and the wooden box inside has a square hole in its top.


Use the clue from the upstairs toilet to unlock the box in the downstairs one.

The ornaments on the shelf are
Stocking(4) Sleigh(8) CandyCane(7)
Bell(5) Tree(1) Present(2)

so click the buttons on the safe that many times to open it and find an axe.


Examine the firewood and use the axe to chop it up.

Then place the wood in the fireplace and light it with the matches.

The chicken will take a while to roast, so move on to the next puzzle.


Use the ribbon from the present in the box in the upstairs toilet, and a drawer opens up to let you take a utility knife.


Use the knife to unwrap the present, which turns out to be a shovel.


Use the shovel on the dirt in the Christmas tree pot to uncover a red button labeled PUSH.

So push the button to light up the Christmas tree for a short while.


Use the clue from the lit Christmas tree to unlock the box on the kitchen counter.

The tree lights up in green, red, blue, yellow, red, then blue.

So click the 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 4th, 3rd, 1st buttons on the box, then open it to get a red key.

Unlock 1

Use the red key on the metal door downstairs. It opens up into a bathroom with a nice mountain view, a television screen on the left wall and a two-button safe opposite it on the right wall.


Use the clue from the pictures above the couch to unlock the safe in the bathroom.

The digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 appear on the RLLLRR photos.

So click those buttons to open the safe. Inside, there's a golden toy heart and another locked safe.


Use the remote on the TV in the bathroom, and it shows a Christmas scene with a time in the top-right corner.


Use the clue from the bathroom TV to unlock the box in front of the couch.

03:48PM would be 15:48 in 24-hour format.

So enter 1548 in the box, and open it to get a pink key.

Unlock 2

Use the pink key to unlock the upstairs door, which leads into the bedroom.

It has a fairly large bed with three pillows that hide nothing. You can pull the covers back to find a wooden stick. On the left side table is a device with a miniature red sleigh. On the right, a cupboard with two drawers has stacks of clothes and a pair of arrows painted on top, and you can open each drawer to find a very shallow imprint on its bottom.


Go back to the fireplace to find a nicely cooked roast chicken.

So serve it on the empty plate, and the tray opens up to let you take a flashlight.


Move the batteries out of the remote control and into the flashlight. Now you have something to search around with!

…But all the places you've looked are well-lit.

Is there somewhere you haven't looked yet, because you haven't been able to until just now?

Click on the back of the fireplace to look up and see something perched on a very high ledge.

So use your stick to retrieve the golden toy star.


Place both toys in the drawers in the upstairs bedroom.

Then open the safe on top to get a blue key.

Normal End

Save your game, then use the blue key on the main door to escape.

You get a beautiful view as you walk back alone through the park at night.

Happy End

Load your game, and go back to the downstairs bathroom, and use your blue key on the safe-within-a-safe to open it and get a toy Santa figurine. (This locks you out of the first ending.)

Bring the Santa back up to the bedroom, and use him on the sleigh, which lights up with the text "Merry Christmas!" in various colors.

So use that clue to unlock the last door.

The letters which are cyan, green, yellow, yellow on the sleigh device spell out TREE.

So enter that in the door panel and open it to end the game. You get a nice dinner with your friends at the Christmas party.

Cyberjar88 December 21, 2017 8:38 PM

I'm not getting a game when I click on the White Christmas link. All I get is a YouTube video.

Cyberjar88 December 21, 2017 8:39 PM replied to Cyberjar88

Power of Posting. Had to click on the skip button at the top right of the page.


Thanks again KK.


can't wait for the last 2 :)


Sometimes you don't really want a Christmas party with your escape, just a little time close to nature. Esklavos has you covered!

Magic Christmas Escape

Creepy forest, spooky creepy forest, festive spooky creepy forest…


An elf finds you in the great forest and tells you to meet the great tree to escape. Click him again, and he asks you to search for a ring. But first, you need to pick up an arrow from the bird's perch on the left, and check out the yellow tulip held fast to the ground below, and examine the sign in the lower-left and the puzzle on the right involving ten different-colored stones arranged in a circle.

Move right to a screen where an archery target has an arrow lodged in it, and an old tree snores at you. Also note the flower with a lock on the left which looks like an elven chest, and the pedestal on the right which looks like an elven gemstone base.

Move right to an impressive great tree which seems to hide an ancient portal. In front of it are four identical empty gift boxes with magically hovering lids, and a sign on the left informs you that you need "four elven dolls for children". Read the other clues on the sign, and pick up the arrow hidden beneath.

Move right to find a female elf who likes flowers. Pick up the 2 arrows on the left and right trees, as well as the key and ring on the stalk that supports a candle. Also untie the rope around the lower side of that stalk.

Game of Threes

Use the clue from the elven present sign to solve the puzzle with ten stones.

Colorblind help:

The stones on the sign have red, red, red, red, white, green, blue, gray, yellow, black dots.

The stones in the puzzle have (clockwise from top) black, white, red, red, red, yellow, green, blue, red, gray dots.

You might remember a similar puzzle from Robot Nest Escape (WE N°134). Each pair of stones will connect when they're close enough, and the sign says that all four red stones should have three connections each, the white stone should have one connection and the black three connections, and the others two connections each.

So arrange all four red stones in one corner so that they only connect only to each other. (They should all have the number 3 above them.)

Then place all the other stones except white in a smaller circle so each displays the number 2, and then connect white only to black.

When the puzzle is solved, some text shows up to inform you that a mechanism has activated and placed a Pumpus doll on the rock.


Use the black key to unlock the elven chest (flower) and take a blue gem from inside.

Then click it again to take a machete.

And again to take 2 elven cards.


Place the gem on its base, and click it to bring up a wheel of symbols.

So use the clue from the present sign to unlock the gem.

The symbols on the present sign are the 12th, 9th, 4th, 11th, 13th clockwise from the top (the 1st being the top).

So click those symbols in order, and a Gofin doll jumps out.


Use the machete to get the flower on the first screen, and bring it to the elf on the last, who rewards you with another 2 elven cards.

Then use the machete on the brown branch extending from the right stalk (where you took the key), to get a flexible rod.

Nice Shot

Combine the rod with the rope to get a bow, then combine that with all five arrows to form bow and arrows.

Use it on the target board with some help from another clue.

The sign on the first screen mentioned the number 45.231.

So click the 4, 5, 2, 3, 1 rings in that order, and a Gogor doll pops out.

(If you mess up, just click the board again to pick up all the arrows.)


Give the ring to the elf on the first screen, who rewards you with 2 elven cards.


There's nothing else you can do with the items that you have, so send off some of the dolls first.

As you place the Gofin doll in a gift box, a bell hangs from the sky.

Ring a Bell

Use the bell on the sleeping tree to wake it up.

He's bored already, so give him his full deck of six cards.

He wants you to play a game of memory in which you have to click the lower row of cards in the order indicated by the upper row, which disappears after a short while.

The order is randomized each time, so you have to beat him with skill, luck, or cunning (just take a well-timed screenshot!).

And when you do, your prize is a Lumiena doll.


Place all your remaining dolls in the gift boxes, and the great tree sparkles with light.

So click on it to leave through its portal!


again thanks KK. Can't wait for the last one


This last walkthrough is awfully alliterative at parts to parallel peculiar puzzles.

Santa Hair

Santa's hair has turned naughty again, and it's up to this team of three animals to save Christmas.

Probe (Exploration)

A bouncy white car is held up by three cars in the road, overlooked by an empty tripod and bird's nest up on the tree. Pick up the trim scissors from the lower left of the grass.

Move right to find a pink unbloomed flower surrounded by four eggs that you can hatch and unhatch. A little bonsai tree sits on a table in the open.

Move right to find Santa sleeping on a hammock next to his favorite Weekly Engine Maker (collect issues to complete a thing!) and a clogged tap that makes water spew out of a pipe nearby. The monkey doesn't care because he's happy taking pictures in his inflatable raft.

Move right to find four windows and three chairs, a crab seated, a crime scene, a colored stack of blocks. You can see a book somewhere in there, but you're not authorized to access that content.


Shear the bonsai down to form a hammer-shaped katamari, or leaf clump.


Then hammer the daruma tower down.

That last block didn't fly far, because it's a roll of waterproof tape.


Tape up the leaky pipe, and the water forces out a red lamp.


So attach the beacon to the white car, and the other cars make way for it.

Follow it to the next screen where a fox policeman comes out of the car.


Use the policeman to retrieve the other issue of Weekly Engine Maker behind the caution tape.


Open up the magazines to get 2 machine parts.

Then combine them to get an engine with propeller.


Propel the boat out to sea leaving the monkey and camera on the beach.


Place the camera on the tripod to takes a photograph of the bird's nest.


Following the photo clue, click the left and right eggs to hatch them.

Then click the flower, which blooms to give you an alarm clock.


Use the alarm clock to wake Santa.


Lift Santa's hat to find that his beautiful bushy beard is accompanied by an atrocious afro gone awry.

Give him to the crab for a pincer haircut. Clear!


Thanks kk. As always you are a cool guy for providing these walkthroughs for us. Also,i'm still seeing occasional spam posts from the idiot. someone needs to ban this guy, Thanks.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr December 23, 2017 3:59 PM replied to Paul

@Paul: Thank you too for all the comments and feedback. Don't worry too much about the spam, since JIG is usually quite good at removing it.

To everyone reading the comments and walkthroughs: have a merry Christmas!


Yay, a Minoto game! I missed the semi-regular Minoto games that appeared in Link Dump Friday. Ages ago, I tried to find more games at the Minoto site, but I couldn't find any of these brilliantly silly ones.

Thanks to kktkkr for all the great walkthroughs. This Minoto game was the only one in this set that I didn't need at least one hint for.

Happy New Year to everyone at JIG.

Patreon Crew Jeff January 2, 2018 9:28 AM replied to barbara

Thank you Barbara, happy new year to you and everyone.


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