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Weekday Escape N°191

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Weekday EscapeWelcome! After a week it's Escape Wednesday again!

This week you start in Flatsan's small and cosy room; however, escape isn't as simple as expected. With No1game you set out for deserted island and turns out that someone actually lives there - ten green guys - but they are hiding in very unlikely places. You are allowed to return to civilisation only after you catch all of them. Neat Escape promises a reward for escaping - fantastic! Getting paid for fun! Where do I sign up?

Have a good time and enjoy!


Flatsan locked you in a room without any totem pole in sight - just a pencil holder's resembles one (also the picture says something about poles). So, why the game's title? Lets leave it for now and look around, there are few closets waiting to be opened and suspicious blinds...and few easily findable hints too. Whether you figure out the solution(s) from them is another thing - can you?

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Find the Escape-Men 191: Summer Vacation
Find the Escape-Men 191: Summer Vacation

During your vacations in southern islands you decide to take a tour with travel agency EM Tours - and it's escape challenge! They take you to uninhabited island and your goal is to find ten little green men scattered around the place. As in all No1game, you can switch to English at the starting screen. Check carefully everything you find, and you'd better do that twice or thrice. Remember, that items which can't be used anymore turn inactive. And one important note - the green men can be used too...

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Prize Money ATM
Prize Money ATM

Game by Neat Escape is another challenge - an email offering a reward for successful escape from ATM has arrived and being in debt, you don't hesitate, quickly grab your wallet and run there. They close you inside typical bank vestibule - some potted flowers, marble floor and ATM machine, of course - which is adapted for escaping, so start right now to get your reward (seems like a fat one)! One puzzle requires to input kanji but don't worry - it takes just a bit of observation to find solution. The endings differ a lot and both worth playing, so save button comes in handy.

The cursor is not changing, save button, two endings (good and bad).

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


ShadowWolfSBI August 16, 2018 5:10 PM

Screenshot for the third game appears to be from one of last weeks games.

Going to try to work on these, see if I can figure any of them out on my own.


I just saw the solution to Prize Money ATM.
If this were a real escape, I would rather break the glass out of the door than go through the last part of this escape.



Look out for them.


You start off facing a clear glass display of cocktail glasses, some upright and some hanging inverted. On the right, there's a tall locker which needs a key to open, and a red chair which you can move aside to find a wall panel fastened by screws.

Turn right. (The locker seems shorter on this screen.) On the windowsill, there's a folded paper screen with stars on it and a pencil holder in front, and clicking both reveals a crumpled picture behind. There's also a four-digit safe with reddish triangles marked on it. Under the window, there's a device with six lightbulbs that can be pushed to the bottom or top of a horizontal board, and they light up when moved. There's also a rectangular panel on the ground. In the right corner, there's a green safe with up and down arrow buttons.

Turn right to face shutters that run from the ceiling to the floor. You can zoom in and click six of them. There's also a small rectangular panel on the right that you can't do anything with.

Turn right to face some books on a cupboard with a four-letter lock. Picking up the third book from the left, you find that it's actually a box with a corkscrew inside. On the wall above, there's a plaque with a grid of colored rectangles, some a darker shade than others, and a pink display (tablet?) with a slot on the side, showing a picture of "memorial poles" with some roman numerals at its lower left.

Up and Down

Use the clue from the wineglasses to unlock the green safe.

From left to right (as indicated in the display case) the glasses form triangles pointing in the UDDUDUD directions.

So push those buttons on the safe, and open it to find a screwdriver.


Use the screwdriver to remove the wall panel behind the chair. Inside, there's a carved face with an interesting pattern on its teeth.


Use the clue from the face in the wall panel to unlock the lightbulb device.

The teeth tell you that all the lights need to be pushed, and only the 1st and 5th ones should be up.

So click the bulbs 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1 times, and then push the OK button, which opens up so you can take a battery.


Use the rectangle clue from the wall above the bookshelf to solve a puzzle with the shutter.

The bottom rows of the clue are faded out leaving the top six, which corresponds to the top six flaps of the shutter which you see when you zoom in.

As in the previous clue, the arrow tells you to read it from left to right, which means that you need to click the 5th, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 6th, 5th flaps from the top in that order.

Once you have it correct, a key falls out.

Use the key to open the locker. Inside, there's a remote control and an arrow that draws your attention to a colored square clue on the bottom of the shelf.


Place the battery in the remote, flip it back to the front, and then use it on the wall panel beside the shutter (as hinted by the crumpled picture clue).

The shutter opens up to reveal four small totem poles (which you can't do anything with yet) on a console with two drawers. The left drawer has a wooden board with a red arrow clue, and the right one has three buttons that flash red. On the left, there's another small panel on the wall, but it appears to be locked. On the right, a hanging plant pot holds a scroll which just reads "Totem Poles", but there's another clue on it.


Use the clue from the left drawer to unlock the right one.

The arrow in the clue passes through the UR UL LR UR UL LR UR corners, and the corresponding corners of the clue in the locker have red colored squares in the 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 3rd positions (from the left).

So push the buttons in that order, then open the drawer and take the magnetic card.


Place the card in the Memorial Poles display, and some of its letters (and roman numerals) turn blue. Only the letters R, I, A, P, S remain yellow.

So use that clues there and on the scroll (which has the same background picture) to unlock the cupboard doors beneath.

Hint 1: Four of the letters on the scroll clue correspond to the roman numeral I, i.e. they're supposed to be yellow. Which ones?

Hint 2: What do the roman numerals have to do with the puzzle?

The letter colors are consistent, in the sense that whenever a letter repeats it's the same color.

But in fact whenever a letter repeats, it's blue! The colors of the roman numerals I/II mark the letters that appear once/twice in "Memorial Poles".

So the code you need is formed from the letters in "Totem Poles" that only appear once.

Enter MPLS in the cupboard door, open it, and pick up a bottle of wine.


Uncork the wine bottle with the corkscrew, and pour it into the wine glasses, which show four digits.

So use that clue to unlock the safe on the windowsill.

The triangles on the safe match the shapes of the wineglasses, except for the last one which points up instead of down.

So you need to rotate the fourth digit in the code, making it read 7329.

Enter that in the safe and open it to find another key.

Use this key to unlock the wall panel to the left of the totem poles. Now (you have no choice but to) press the switch.

The totem poles open their mouths, and you can now click the buttons below to rotate them.


Use the clue from the folded paper on the windowsill to solve the totem pole puzzle.

The rear side of each totem pole has stars in the top left and bottom right. In order to make them match the positions on the clue, you need to make them face up (away), right, down, left.

So push the buttons 2, 3, 0, 1 times, and then push OK. The panel under the window opens, so look in it to find a rope ladder leading out!


Find the Escape-Men 191: Summer Vacation

Even on holiday, you're escaping! EM Tours challenges you to escape an empty island away from your hotel. You've done this over a hundred times by now, so you'll surely beat the rest of the tour group!


You're dropped off onto a pier with a clear view of the horizon all the way up to the edges of your screen. Zoom in on the left post, and a rake promptly floats by.

Turn right. The beach is empty except for a pair of rocks on the left which have unusually flat top surfaces.

Turn right. Now you're looking at a fire pit covered in lots of wooden blocks.

Turn right. Five palm trees grow really tall, and there are some rocks between the second and third ones (from the left). You also notice that the second right one has a fishing rod hidden on its trunk. You can remove the bobber from the rod, examine it, push the top part eight times to open it up, and take an Escape-Man from inside. And yes, you can reattach it to the fishing rod.

You can also click the near end of the rod to find another Escape-Man there.

Turn right. Looks like this island's not all sand! Across the river, you see a field of grass. Clicking the top left lets you change angle to look at a hot pepper dangling from a tree.

(Back out and) turn right. Now you're really in the grass. Click it to pick up a bunch of grass, and that reveals a cucumber that was growing there. Also pick up the Escape-Man hidden on a stem near the top right.

Turn right. You're on a beach again, and there's a tasty-looking watermelon next to a wooden bat on a blue mat.


This is a perfect opportunity to do some watermelon splitting!

But when you pick up the bat and swing, the watermelon dodges every single attack.

You need to be faster, much faster, so fast that you swing precisely where the melon's going to dodge, even before it moves.

With your fantastic skills of anticipation, swing the bat at the right, left, top, bottom edges of the mat.

The watermelon just moves into your hits, but instead of splitting in half it just bleeds and swells a little. No problem, as you can still click it to get an Escape-Man.


Place the grass on the flat-topped stones, and "wait".

In this case, that means you should go through all the screens by turning right (or left), before examining the grass again.

It's dried up into hay!


Having failed at cooling down with a watermelon, you spot a second chance: what if you could get one of the coconuts on the palm trees to drop?

You can only reach the coconuts with the fishing rod, but nothing happens when you prod them.

Hint: the clue for this puzzle is on the screen.

The number of visible fronds on the trees are (from left to right) 2, 5, 3, 4, 1.

So use the rod on the rightmost, leftmost, middle, second right, second left trees, and the coconut falls onto the rocks and cracks open to reveal yet another Escape-Man.


Use the rod in the sea on the first screen (remember to reattach the bobber!) and click it once the bobber dips to reel in your catch: a griddle.

You still have the rod, which is the game telling you there's more fishing to be done. Maybe if you used some bait…

Attach the cucumber to the hook of the fishing rod, and use it in the river. This time, you catch a kappa who turns out to be an Escape-Man.

But wait, there's more! Attach an Escape-Man to the hook, and use it on the first screen to get a fish.

Then tap the fish to make it spit out the Escape-Man you used.

After reclaiming your Escape-Man, tap the fish a few more times to make it spit out another Escape-Man.

The fish is now grayed out. Good fishing!


Use the rake on sand in the middle of the second screen (where the flat-topped rocks are), unearthing a green seashell.

After taking the seashell, rake that same area again to find a locked box with four food buttons.

Tap the rake to clean its sand off and find an Escape-Man stuck to one of its prongs.


Place the hay in the fire pit and add the griddle on top. Next up, you need to start a fire.

Use the Escape-Men on the hot pepper. Now the first one breathes fire.

So use them on the fire pit to light it.

Place your seashell on the grill, and "wait".

The seashell opens up, so click the green pearl in the middle which is actually an Escape-Man.


Oh no, you're all out of green objects to click! Maybe you should look around a bit more.

While you look around/"wait" for things to happen, you notice that the grill is now covered in food!

So you decide to get back at them by eating it all up. Well, most of it, since you're not a monster.


Use the clue from the remaining food to unlock the box in the sand.

You've graciously left uneaten one piece of meat (?), two radish slices, three small carrots and four peppers.

So push the buttons 3U 1D 3D 1U to show those ingredients, then open the box to find the last Escape-Man.


The chime informs you that you now have all 10 Escape-Men:

  1. In bobber

  2. On fishing rod end

  3. On stem on grass screen

  4. From watermelon

  5. From coconut

  6. From river

  7. From fish

  8. On rake (after digging)

  9. In seashell

  10. In box

They transform into a tour guide, who congratulates you on being the first customer to succeed!

The tour guide helps you escape from the island on this raft… it seems to be taking a while? Does she even know the way back?

Perhaps this wasn't the best idea.


I believe smashing the door would get you a Very Bad End, if there were one.

Prize Money ATM

Everybody wants a chance to escape from debt. In this game, it's as simple as escaping an ATM!


(The tutorial screen reminds you that items can be used on each other.)

You start the game with a wallet in your inventory, which you can riffle through to find your driver's license and a coin.

The bright red Thanks stripe on the wall makes you wonder a little, but let's get to examining the ATM. The ATM screen is off and a card slot on the right is labelled "ATM Power". Four small glowing red lights highlight a locked glass case in the top right. Moving both potted plants aside, you find a padlock for the bin on the left and a smaller compartment on the right fastened by a screw.

Turn around to face the locked glass door. On the left, there's a shelf high out of reach, but perhaps the metal rails on the wall can help you. There's also a locked compartment that needs a key. On the right, there's a TV screen (turned off) on top of a locked cupboard.


Use the coin to unscrew the compartment in the lower right of the ATM. Inside, there's some clockwork that doesn't move.


Insert your driver's license in the power slot. After you remove it, you find that the screen is now on!

Click through the Welcome screen and then on the Q1 button to find a question asking for your name.


Copy your name off your driver's license.

Each blank on screen cycles through the kanji for the numbers 1 to 10 (with 1 being the initial horizontal line), and it so happens that your name is formed from the kanji for 9, 10, 9, 6, 3, 4.

So click the buttons 8, 9, 8, 5, 2, 3 times to match the license, then push the button to make the machine dispense a metal key.

You'll notice that one of the lights on the right has turned green.

A new Q2 button appears on the screen, and that question asks for your birthday.

Unlock (silver)

Use the metal key to unlock the padlock behind the left potted plant.

Pull out the trash bin and look in it to find a crank handle.


Copy your birthday off your driver's license…?

The prompt asks you to enter it in DYM format, which means you need to place the numbers in the order Day (24), Year (1985), Month (12).

Enter 24198512 and push the button to make the machine dispense a red key.

Another light turns green, and Q3 appears on screen. There's no hint for it, just five red digits.

Unlock (red)

Use the red key to unlock the cupboard to the right of the door.

Inside, there's two shelves of small flower pots. Moving them around, you find another locked compartment in the lower right and an electrical socket in the top left, with a plug dangling from a wire beside it.

So plug it back in, and the screen now shows some information: (click through) slices of red symbols.


Use the clue from the information screen to answer Q3.

Mentally reassemble the slices vertically in reverse order to form five digits: 75418.

Enter that and push OK to make the machine dispense a yellow key.

Another light turns green, but this time, no new questions appear.

Unlock (yellow)

Use the yellow key to unlock the compartment to the left of the door, then turn the handle there to lower the shelf. Pick up the can of lubricating spray.


Attach the handle to the gear in the lower right compartment. For some reason, you can't turn it.

Use the spray can to lubricate the gears. Now you can turn the handle. Your prize money appears in the glass case!

Also, Q4 is now available on the ATM. It has just six buttons with a clue reading Z→A.


Use a clue from the room to answer Q4.

The six buttons correspond to the six letters of Thanks, and the clue on the puzzle tells you to push them in reverse alphabetical order: Tsnkha.

Push the 1st, 6th, 4th, 5th, 2nd, 3rd buttons, which turns the last lamp green and opens the glass case. Get the reward envelope!

Looking in the envelope, you find a blue key and a stack of 10000 yen notes. Save your game.

Bad End

Use the blue key to unlock the glass door, and leave with your reward.

It was a trap all along! The debt collectors rob you and take all your prize money.


Use the blue key to unlock the compartment behind the flower pots (in the cupboard). Push the big red button inside.

The sound brings your attention to the ATM screen, which now has a button marked EXIT. It's also a question with a grid of nine buttons. Where's the clue for it?

Look at the information screen to find a letter grid clue marked EXIT.


Use the clue from the information screen to solve the last ATM puzzle.

The red square in the grid is on the left, while only the right middle button of the puzzle turns red when pressed. This means that you need to rotate the grid clue by 180° to find the correct buttons on the puzzle.

After rotation, the E, X, I, T letters are on the top middle, bottom left, bottom right, top right squares of the grid.

So push those buttons, and a trapdoor opens up near the door. Climb down!

Exploration 2

It's very dark in here, but if you turn around and open the switch panel on the right wall, you can turn on the lights.

Backing out of the panel, you face a gate with a drain passing through it, and two lamp posts on the sides. Pushing the buttons on the tops of those lamps makes them change color to red and blue. The ladder back up is on the left side.

You can zoom in on the bottom of the ladder to find bolts there.

Turn around again. The drain just continues to the next room.

Click the middle of the screen to move forward. A doorway on the right is bricked in. The drain forks off and leads under the wall, with the side path passing under a water wheel. Just beyond the fork, there's notches on the drain walls that you can click to zoom in on. There are two shelves on the wall, the top one bolted down and the bottom one holding a box with three color-changing buttons arranged in a triangular pattern.


Use the clues from the lighting to unlock the box on the lower shelf.

(After you push the buttons) the lights on the top, left and right of the gate are white, red and blue.

So click those buttons 2, 5, 1 times, then open the box to find a spanner.


Use the spanner to remove the top shelf, then use that board in the notches to block the drain flow.

The water diverts to the water wheel, which opens up the brick wall.

So go through that doorway to enter a dimly-lit brick room with light shining in from a hole in the ceiling. Looking up through the hole, you see a grate and an iron bar attached near the top.

Good End

Use the spanner to remove the bolts on the bottom of the ladder, then click the ladder to pick it up.

Use the ladder on the iron bar, and climb up to escape! With your prize safely in hand, you can enjoy a delicious lunch without worry.


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